Is This The Best The Snowflakes Can Do?

I’m sitting out here amid the cacti blooms (which is beautiful but stinks by the way!), and I can’t help but wonder that all of the negative fake protests, fake Hollywood screams, and fake news on CNN isn’t going anywhere. Oh, it’s a nice plan…throw a bunch of BS at the American public, and if they hear it long enough, they’ll start believing it. Isn’t that an old Bill Clinton playbook idea?

The problem is that the American public isn’t really buying it. Let’s look at the facts, shall we? More people are looking for work than did in the previous administration. Yes, the unemployment numbers went up a couple of ticks, but it’s only because the number of people in the job market, vs. on the sidelines went up. Let’s look at the stock market. It’s setting new record highs since Trump was elected. The economy has picked up. In fact, the economy has picked up so much that FED chair Janet Yellen has told congress that the FED would start raising interest rates this year. That was something they couldn’t do under the previous administration because the economy was so weak, Obama needed all the help he could get.

More people are trusting congress. In fact, more people, according to a recent Gallup poll, trust congress than the left-wing media! CNN is in the toilet because of their fake news. Oh, I know, I read the piece that they are wearing the fake news thing as a badge of honor…where did that get Bill Clinton? And the ratings for CNN have dropped by 22% since November. That’s never a good sign!

More people think Donald Trump is more truthful than the media (especially the left-wing snowflakes!). Now, Trump only has 53%, which isn’t great, but it’s a lot better than the 37% he had when he was running. And CNN and MSNBC are in the 20’s! Journalism has hit an all-time low because of their biased coverage.

The point here is that I don’t think the left’s idea of consistently bashing Trump for four years is going to work. They really needed to select better spokespeople in congress to do the bashing if they wanted to get something across. I mean, Chuck “forehead” Schumer is terrible at it, and Nancy Pelosi isn’t even from this planet. Both need to be replaced by someone younger, more energetic, and much better spoken!

Somehow though, the left feels that if they continue to slam Trump long enough, it will get them the Senate in 2018, which is going to be a long-shot even under the best of situations. The Democrats are going to be defending 25 Senate seats. The Republicans are going to be defending 8. And all Donald Trump has to do is repeal Obamacare (which he SAYS is coming this year), give a tax break or two to the middle class, start work on immigration reform, and get Neil Gorsuch seated on the Supreme Court, and he can probably take 10 of the Democrat seats. That would mean the GOP would control 62 seats in the Senate, and that is a filibuster-proof majority.

Sorry Snowflakes. All the screaming in the world isn’t going to work. Best you try to work with the GOP before you become the antiquated party of the 20th century…if that hasn’t already happened!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

“Washington Prom” In Peril

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a tradition that goes back to 1921. It’s been held every year since and is a chance for the media that covers the White House happenings to get together with the President and enjoy an evening of frivolity. It’s also a chance for the President to try his hand at comedy. Some have done a great job (it WAS one of Obama’s shining moments in the White House!), while others (like Richard Nixon) have struggled mightily.

This year, the event known as the “Washington Prom” because it gives the press a chance to wear their finery and show off their new duds purchased just for the occasion, is in peril of not having a host. No comedian has shown an interest in hosting the event this year, and strangely enough, Donald Trump isn’t really excited about going, even though it’s on his official calendar. The press, also isn’t really excited about it because of all of the accusations of them using “fake news” by the White House. So where does it stand and why? Well let’s look, shall we?

Donald Trump called out the press often and rather severely during the presidential campaign. He has not had kind words for those he felt were berating him, or treating him less than what he felt was fair (which was, in all honesty agreeing with him). He was quick to throw a lot of the reporters under the bus and even went so far as to pull the press credentials of a few news organizations because of the way they covered the campaign. He hasn’t let up since he moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue either.

What’s worse for the press is America seems to be buying into the whole “fake news” thing, and can see the media bias as a bad thing. Donald Trump is now viewed as more truthful than the press by almost 10%! That’s a HUGE turnaround from when he was inaugurated and had an “honesty quotient” of only 42%! Today it stands at 48.7%. Meanwhile, the media is only seen as truthful by 39.4%.

So if you have a press corps that isn’t interested in attending the Correspondents’ Dinner, a President that doesn’t want to go, and comedians who usually host the roast that don’t want to do it, the looming question is, why in the world would anyone want to continue the tradition? The even bigger question is, does America really care if it goes forward or not? I know I’m one person that could care less. Granted, everyone should be able to have an event or two every year that they are able to blow off a little steam, but frankly, the press has brought this on themselves. They have turned an honorable profession into that of a sleazy whore whose only interests are making more money, and lambasting political views they don’t agree with. That isn’t a profession…that’s a smear job.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

See What Happens When The GOP Takes Over?

I’m not much of a fan of absolutes. There are indeed more than 50 shades of grey, and I’m not talking about a sleazy book. I’m talking about truths, right and wrong, and morals. There are very few things that are so cut in stone that they are always right or always wrong. But it seemed a year or two ago, one of the absolutes was the Congress was universally hated and despised.

Well, most people still feel that way, but put a Republican in the White House and things begin to change. Case in point is a survey by the Gallup Organization. A year ago 19% of Americans gave Congress a positive approval rating. This year that number is 28%. I do remember at one time it was as low as 8%. They were more despised than AIDS for crying out loud!

So, what has changed over the last year. The Snowflake party picked up a couple of seats in the Senate and a couple of seats in the House. Other than that, the only thing that changed was the occupant in the White House. That and the fact that the Congress, while still controlled by one party, is now controlled by the party that owns the Executive Branch. Is that what America wants? A cohesive government? Could it be that we folks out here across the fruited plains are tired of the whining and complaining that seems to be a requirement to get elected to that big Capitol building in DC? My hunch is it is.

While the Snowflakes will scream and complain that it’s happening while they have a turn at complaining, they have to be aware of the fact that they caused most of the complaining the last eight years. How did they manage to do that? The accomplished that feat by invoking the nuclear option on nominations other than Supreme Court picks. They did that by not passing a budget the entire six years that they held the Senate. They did that by quickly losing the House after the Obamacare rollout. They made an awful lot of really silly mistakes over the past eight years, and didn’t want to include the GOP minority in any of their decision making. And as always happens, the wheel comes full circle and they find themselves on the outs (actually, the wheel would only turn 180 degrees for that to happen!)

Congress is more popular because Americans saw it doing less and less “the people’s business”, and more and more the business of something they didn’t believe in. And if you don’t believe that’s the case, then tell me why in the world America saw fit to boot the Snowflakes from both houses of Congress? There is one simple reason, and one absolute truth (and yes…this IS an absolute). If you don’t do the will of the people, you will be defeated. That’s what cost them the House in 2010. That’s what cost them the Senate in 2014. That’s what cost them the White House in 2016. And they never seem to learn!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Bye Bye Regulations!

Bobo Obama’s staff worked long into the night leading up to their departure from the White House in order to stuff as many new federal regulations onto the books as they could. Apparently, it’s not going to matter. According to the 1994 “Congressional Review Act”, those agencies had to send a report on their new regulations to congress for their approval. Once congress received the report, they had 60 days to decide whether or not to allow the regulation to take place.

The problem was, the Obama administration was in such a rush to try and jam as many liberal ideas through they forgot to send those reports to congress, and the 60 day clock never started. So now all the Trump administration needs to do is send the report, and the Republican led congress has 60 days to dismantle pretty much all of the regulations that Obama’s folks put into place in the waning hours of their administration.

And, to add insult to injury, apparently out either spite or incompetence, Bobo’s people “forgot” to send reports on most of the regulations that they had imposed over the course of the last eight years. That means that pretty much every single regulation that Obama enacted without the approval of congress is subject to being dismantled. And the Obama snowflakes are in mourning over it.

They realize now that everything they worked so hard to accomplish, everything that they thought was going to hamstring the Trump administration into living with liberal policies is going to be thrown away like beer bottles after the Super Bowl. Congress is eager to get a look at all of the these regulations that have never submitted reports, and the vast majority of them are likely to end up on the scrap heap.

Something along these lines would seem to be poetic justice. If you try to pull a fast one, you ought to feel the sting when it comes back to bite you in the tush. And in this case, there are eight years of stinging rebukes that are going to be unleashed. That means that it will give the Screamin’ Meanies on the left in congress plenty to cry about over the next four years, and it will prove what I’ve said here all along…the Obama presidency is going to be an asterisk in the pages of history, except to document the multitude of failures it racked up. The lesson for both parties should be clear and heeded. If you try to pull a fast one, and the opposition party gets elected, you are going to find that most of what you did is going to be wiped out.

In this age of partisan divide, it is exceptionally clear to anyone living in the clean air of the desert that the party in power, holding both the Executive and Legislative branches, are going to be able to rule, and are not going to be able to be over-turned. Add to that if the party in control decides to pull an FDR and pack the courts, and get a few Supreme Court nominations, they will basically control politics and the government for well into the next generation. In this case, Snowflakes controlled congress for only two years. And the power of the executive order pen looks as if it was filled with disappearing ink!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hey Snowflakes…Look What YOUR Immigration Policy Will Lead To!

Snowflakes of the world unite! Your immigration policy of flooding our country with refugees and immigrants of dubious status is having an effect that your kind certainly didn’t count on. Around the world, where the policy has been, let’s say, a lot more liberal in allowing immigrants and refugees from the Middle East in, the findings are starting to show up…and it’s not good.

In fact, the Debutante of the Left Wing Ball, Germany’s Angela Merkel is now doing the unthinkable. She’s quietly set aside 90 million Euros of taxpayer money to actually pay immigrants that have recently entered her country under her generous open-door policy, to leave the country voluntarily. Apparently, the snowflake idea of being “humanitarians before being prudent” isn’t working out too well in Europe.

Well, I hate to be the one to say I told you so, but… It just so happens Germany has been hit with a spate of refugee attacks, including the recent beheading of a woman by an Muslim extremist. This latest attack has turned the country even more against their once popular Merkel and now she’s actually losing in the latest polls to her political rival. How the wheels have turned in such a short period of time!

And America should take note. Because of the snowflakes’ desire to open our borders and be “truly Christian” without giving a whit to our security is starting to backfire in this country as well. That even as Donald Trump figures out ways to get around the 9th Circus in San Francisco, and their ban on his immigration from seven countries in the Middle East and Africa, obviously ignoring federal law.

What has happened in Europe will happen in America. And don’t give me the argument that it won’t. I have gone on record as stating that the judges on the 9th Circus should be held criminally liable for the first terror attack on anyone in this country from any refugee that enters the country because of their decision to lift the travel ban. They are implicit in their guilt in that case, and they should be punished. Judges should not write laws from the bench because of their political persuasion (and that goes for conservative judges as well). Their job is to weigh the issue against the law and make a fair determination, not twist and re-write the constitution to suit their addle-minded needs and thoughts. The mere fact that a judge would consider doing such a thing is grounds for impeachment, and the Justice Department should move to have those judges removed immediately!

As far as where this country’s immigration and refugee policy is going, the law is clear, the decision is easy. Unless and until a comprehensive vetting process is compiled and put into place, one that determines who we are letting into this country and why, and what their motives are, those people should not be allowed to come in. The protection of our nation comes before being “humane” in the eyes of the world. Look what it’s brought the world that thought they were being nice!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The “N-Word” For Journalists

Chris Cuomo is the new co-host of “New Day” on CNN, and he isn’t off to a very good start. As you know, CNN isn’t the most fair and balanced news network out there. In fact, most would say they are probably one of the most biased and left-leaning. Some of the comments that have been made on that network would tank most journalism schools around the country.

So Cuomo said after Donald Trump again accused CNN of airing “fake news” that saying that was the equivalent of using “the N-Word” for journalists. Oops. Let’s examine, shall we?

First of all, having been in the media, I can tell you Chris Cuomo, in fact most of the talking heads you see on the news channels are NOT journalists. They are news readers. That’s all they do. Very few of them do actual journalistic work anymore. Second, Chris, CNN has been accused, as has I think every single news network out there of falsifying or at the very least, slanting the news to fit their political leanings…and all but one lean to the left. Well, if you count the internet there are a couple more, like Drudge and Brietbart that most assuredly lean right. And CNN has had more than its fair share of instances where it has been caught leaning so far left that it defied the meaning of the word “objectivity”.

CNN has been found guilty of fake news so often that to question that fact isn’t even relevant. But to liken it to “the N-Word”? Really? He had to apologize for it. That’s pretty offensive. Now, it SHOULD be offensive to be called fake news to journalists. Instead, they seem to wear it as a badge of honor, kind of like Bill Clinton did with impeachment. I mean, the only thing a journalist has to hang his or her hat on is their credibility, and when you lose that, you’re nothing more than some idiot writing down notes. That is really what CNN has become. It’s a reason why according to Rasmussen, Congress actually has higher approval ratings than the media does these days…you can’t trust anything the media says.

I find that to be a huge shame that the media would play with the one thing…the ONLY thing that they have in their arsenal that decides whether or not they are believable with what they are saying…their credibility. Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, Chet Huntley, and David Brinkley all have to be turning over in their graves. Every single one of those guys were objective and credible. And every single one of those guys were as liberal as anyone on TV or on the internet today. But they knew that their objectivity meant their credibility, and you never caught on what was their own feelings and what was the story they reported on. They kept it separate. Today, that trait is lost to the ages, and the media will never get it back.

So we are left with a bunch of talking head snowflakes that ooze their brand of liberalism all over the airwaves without concern of what is truthful and what is right. It’s a shame really, and we have the journalism schools like Missouri, Northwestern, and Syracuse to thank for it. When you put liberals in charge, the first thing that goes out the window is the truth. It’s the only way liberalism survives.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Eco-Terrorists Found Lying All This Time!

Remember Al Gore and his “Inconvenient Truth”? It won an Oscar. It won a Nobel Prize. It won a lot of accolades from the left. Remember the Paris Accords? We signed it because Bobo Obama wanted to make sure we Americans understood that Global Climate Warming Change was the most important thing out there. It was more important than terrorism. It was more important than immigration reform. It was more important than his 276 executive orders that he signed while in office.

It was all a big lie.

It turns out the whole reason for the Paris Accords meeting in the first place was because of a thing called The Paris Agreement. It was a document that said over the past 15 years there has been no slowdown in global warming. It was fudged. NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the world’s foremost authority on climate, lied about their numbers. A whistleblower has come forward with proof that the NOAA has lied about climate change from the beginning, hoping to get the world to stop producing carbon (which is impossible…we all exhale carbon dioxide every time we breathe).

It’s what those of us known as “deniers” by the left have said all along. Yes, there could be climate change because that IS what climate does after all…but there is no proof that man is causing it, or that man is making it worse…that is other than the faulty data being provided by NOAA and other governmental agencies who saw this as a way to get the world to pay more taxes… and that’s what the Paris Accord did…or tried to do.

I’ve said for years right here that this whole thing was a hoax and people like Bobo Obama and Al Gore that backed it were totally lying to the American people. It’s now been proven. Our first clue should have come 17 years ago when New York and Miami were supposed to fall into the ocean because of all of the rising seas caused by melting ice caps. It hasn’t happened. In fact, at the north pole, the ice cap actually GREW by the size of the state of Alaska. That doesn’t seem like global warming to me!

What is just as interesting is the scientific community got on board with the fraud. Why? Because governments write grants to fund their research. Without them getting on board, they’d get no grant money, and they’d be black balled. That means they effectively have ruined their careers. Several scientists over the past decade have come forward and recanted their testimony that all of this global warming stuff was just hooey, but few listened. Now, the proof is out there, and the Daily Mail has been reporting on it.

So what happened? NOAA went and took buoy readings, known as “Version 4”, which is normal. However, the readings were shown to be lower than NOAA wanted, and so they were “adjusted upward” to show that global warming hadn’t slowed, when in fact it had. The “adjusting” of the temperatures breached all known scientific rules. And it caused the famous Pausebuster Paper, which decried that global warming was still here and getting worse to be timed to be released around the 2015 Paris Accords. Had that not been released with the flawed data, the Paris Accords may never have happened.

This of course, occurred after the 2009 “Climategate” email scandal that showed the scientific community had colluded in changing their data.

So, it’s all a scam. It’s all a hoax. It’s all been discredited now. There is no climate change (at least that is man-made). There is no global warming that is caused by taking your son to his soccer games in your SUV. It’s just Al Gore, Bobo Obama, and the liberal left trying to foist more money out of you in a global wealth redistribution program. Aren’t you glad there are those of us who see things for what they are? Lesson learned? Never trust a liberal. They’ll tell you only what they want you to hear!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!