So How Big Of A Deal IS Immigration?

Living on the southern border with Mexico, just a scant two hour ride away, we have a tendency here in the desert to view immigration reform as probably a little more serious than others say, in Minnesota, or Kansas. Not that there’s anything wrong with folks in those states, or there’s anything wrong with us, but we feel it a little closer to home.

Having said that, it hit me when I came across a Gallup Poll recently that was taken at the beginning of March on how important each political party actually thought Immigration Reform was. Interestingly enough, it was more important that I thought the rest of the country would say it is. The GOP obviously feels it more important than the Dems with 79% of the Republicans feeling it was “very important”. Democrats feeling that way is what surprised me. 48% of them felt that way…but I’m sure for other reasons.

Democrats are always looking for the votes. That’s their religion so to speak, and it shows…so for half of their party to believe that Immigration Reform is “very important” tells me that they feel if they don’t get the 11 million illegals in this country turned into citizens and get them voting, what they saw at the polls in November could become more and more a regular thing. And trust me, Democrats out of power are a fun group to watch, but you don’t want to be around them. They are bat-crazy nuts!

So, we’ve got probably somewhere in the 60 percentile the number of people that want to see Immigration Reform take place. Knowing (because they say so…though there is no real proof) that the left is the smartest voting bloc on the planet, I can only surmise that they must realize that with the GOP controlling both the House, and Senate, and the White House, and soon controlling once again the Supreme Court, that the Immigration Reform that comes out of Washington is not going to be exactly what the left was hoping for. And yet, 48% of Democrats still think it’s very important. That’s telling.

The overall feel is that we need to do something to protect our borders. Any country in the world should feel that way. Hell, Mexico changed their entire immigration system because they were totally out of whack with what they were telling us they wanted us to do. They wanted the United States to accept all of their people totally unchecked so they could send money back to Mexico. But if you tried to get into Mexico illegally, you’d be thrown in jail. Well, that doesn’t happen anymore. They realized that when the US said we’d start using the Mexican law as a guide to what we should do with illegals. Now, you get a slap on the wrist and a bottle of Tequila, maybe a few pesos, and shown the nearest border.

Look, we need Immigration Reform, and the sooner the better. We need it for our own safety and protection. We don’t live in 19th Century America any longer, where the Europeans are wanting to come here for a better life. We live in 21st Century America where there is a Holy War going on with Extremist Islam and they want to wipe us off the map. To not employ better immigration standards is not only fool-hardy, it’s downright idiotic. And I’d proffer that anyone that thought differently should be checked for their true intentions!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Scores Win At Baden-Baden

The G-20 Summit at Baden-Baden seems to have been a victory for the Trump Administration early on. The whole argument going in was whether Trump and Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin were going to be able to convince our economic allies to do away with a very protectionist attitude when it comes to international trade.

And while the US team didn’t get everything they wanted in the two-day summit, such as an explicit statement in the communique that stated the G-20 would work at making sure “trade is fair”, it did impress the group to the point where they decided not to push protectionism any longer.

It may have had something to do with Donald Trump’s meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel the day before the summit started. Trump told Merkel that the United States had been treated “very, very unfairly” when it came to trade agreements in the past, and that needed to change.

What we are seeing in this agreement is probably very telling as to what the Trump Administration is going to be doing on other fronts as well. The US didn’t hit a grand slam home run, but came away with a win. As Trump had mentioned on the campaign trail several times, and was evident in this negotiation, he looks at trying to take everything from the table at first, and when the other side balks, they begin the negotiations, and eventually get to what he feels is “the art of the deal”. It IS the negotiations that is Donald Trump’s strength, and always has been. And that was on display in Germany during the G-20.

Going forward, are we going to expect the same type of negotiations when it comes to other things that may not be done with a friendly crowd? Are we going to negotiate with the Russians, or the Iranians in the same manner? Are we going to negotiate our way into and out of problems in foreign policy with the same adept manner which was displayed here? Or, are we going to follow Trump’s predecessor who never heard the word “negotiation” and never did it. Basically Bobo Obama gave away the store, the candy, the lot it was on, and most of the street without asking for anything in return, so long as he could say to anyone that would listen that it was good for America. Obviously, in most foreign policy situations, not only did America not believe it, the world didn’t believe it either.

Whether or not Donald Trump will be able to be as successful in negotiating foreign treaties and trade deals internationally as he was real estate deals in New York, Nevada, and Florida remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure…he’s off to a better start than the guy he replaced!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Did Politics Catch Up To Howard Schultz?

Howard Schultz, the 63 year old CEO of Starbucks, who’s been at the helm of the coffee giant twice, is stepping down.

Schultz oversaw the growth of the world’s largest coffee company from its inception in 1992 to 2000, and then again in 2008 after profits crashed (along with pretty much everybody else’s) until it’s horrendous downturn this year. It’s unclear why he’s leaving at this particular point in time, some say he’s determined to run for political office, others say it’s because of his controversial remarks dealing with hiring “10,000 refugees” in the wake of Donald Trump’s travel bans that caused the departure. Any way you look at it, since the beginning of the year, Starbucks has been on a downward slide.

Most of the people that understand this stuff better than I, are pointing to the 10,000 refugee remark. They wonder why the uber-lib didn’t offer 10,000 jobs to returning veterans instead, as several other noble-minded companies have done. Instead, he has continued on a leftist bent that has struck a chord with a lot of eco-minded folks, and lately has upset about half of his base, some of whom have refused to purchase their morning java from a company that is so politically motivated.

You can’t argue with success though, and Schultz has built a company from nothing to a multi-billion dollar giant throughout his 17 years at the helm. Oh, there was some growth between 2000 and 2008, when Schultz had stepped away, but that was basically wiped out in the crash of 2008. But as happens with so many, if you stay too long in a position, you risk losing it all if you make a wrong move. Whether Schultz was forced out because of his political stances, or whether he is looking for a different path, like politics to pursue, is something we will have to wait for up the road.

The future for Starbucks isn’t as crystal clear as it once was. Analysts are quick to point out that it may not be because of Schultz and his leadership, but it will be interesting to watch and see what happens to the coffee juggernaut without Schultz at the helm, and the country moving more to the right. It made sense that with an uber-liberal socialist in the White House, the country would be more apt to accept the liberal stances of the company. Now with a much more moderate president, and congress, and soon Supreme Court, will the country be as accepting to a company whose views are rather out of step with mainstream America? Only time will tell.

And whether we will hear from Howard Schultz again, or whether he slips to that rocking chair on his front porch is a question only time will answer as well!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So Why Are 30 Countries Doing This?

I had to chortle yesterday when I read this. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat representative from Texas, has come out and it was reported in The Hill that 30 countries have refused to accept people FROM their countries that have illegally entered the United States, and are being deported…NOT because of the fact that they broke US Federal Law by coming here…but because of all of the other crimes they have committed SINCE coming here.

And I have to wonder why.

Why is it that 30 countries (basically 15% of all countries on earth!), would refuse to accept their own citizens back into their country when being deported from the US? Any liberal want to try and tackle that one? Is it that they are so involved in trying to help their people achieve the Great American Dream that they figure if they “just say no” they will help them live better? Or is it that they don’t want to deal with the people that are the scum of the earth, many of whom apparently fled their country to escape prosecution there, and have ended up here (illegally), and continued their crime spree here?

Here is where Representative Cuellar and I agree totally. Under US law, we can (and should) withhold issuing visas to any country that refuses to accept criminals being deported back to their home country. Yet, we are not enforcing that law, and are continuing to issue visas to all 30 countries that are violating that law. Cuellar is asking why we aren’t enforcing that law, and I’m 100% asking the same thing. If we are really getting serious (finally!) about immigration, and letting the scum of the earth into our country to perpetrate more crimes, as many have been doing, then why are we trying to deport them, while not stopping visas to ALL from that country until they accept the criminal back? It’s a question that deserves an answer…and yet, none of the 30 countries involved are willing to give an answer.

So, what do we do? Well, we should start by yanking the visa applications from anyone from those countries that want to come here until the country decides they will accept the deportee back. That IS after all our law. We do NOT (regardless what addle-minded snowflake judges think) have to allow anyone that is deemed to pose a threat to national security into this country. Oh, I know the left would love nothing better than to open the doors, and let all the world’s terrorists in, but that just demonstrates how totally off-base they are in the 21st century. That may have worked in 1600, but certainly doesn’t today, and some of the smarter ones know it.

Congratulations to Representative Cuellar, a Democrat, and a pretty liberal Democrat from what I can see, for exposing this heinous act of our federal government. We need to stop issuing visas to these 30 countries NOW, and withhold them until they start accepting their deportees back. Either that or send the deportees to some deserted desert island somewhere in the pacific. Is the one Gilligan and the Skipper were on still out there?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Need Proof The Left Is Out Of Control?

I’ve said it many times before, but it certainly bears repeating…you can always tell a fake party by it’s true intentions. Let’s take the liberal look at things. Here is a group that likes to believe they are “more intelligent” than the rest of the world (hence, the name “progressive”), and yet, they refuse to look at facts that show that they are wrong. Here’s the proof:

While just 16% of Republicans (according to a Gallup Poll) believe that one of the biggest problems facing us today is “Global Climate Warming Change”, the number for Democrats is 68%. That means 2/3 of snowflakes believe the crap being spread…either that or they’ve bought in to the argument for the sake of giving up more freedoms, more control, more money, and more power to governments. There IS a problem in their logic.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been caught, by my count, 6 times over the past two years lying about data they’ve collected because it didn’t show “global warming” to be happening in some instances, or happening as much as they had told the world. Scientists all over the world have recanted their earlier testimony that this was a HUGE human problem, stating that while the world may indeed be cooling or warming, humans aren’t the main reason why and human reaction to it won’t change what’s going on. It’s a cyclical thing.

Hmmm…does that sound familiar? It should. It’s been exactly what I’ve been saying for years.

What I find interesting is that the left, these monsters of intelligence, can’t come up with a better lie than what they’ve chosen to give us regarding “climate change”. Of course climates change…it’s what they do (to quote a certain insurance company’s current ad campaign). But it doesn’t mean that WE have anything to do about it, or that we CAN do anything about it! The left seems to conveniently leave that part of it out of their little equation. Maybe they just think we’re too addle-minded to pick up on it?

The only people that are buying into this myth are the people on the left. That tells me that the people prone to be lacking intelligence are the very same people that are perpetrating this hoax. Folks, there MAY be global warming. But you know what? You aren’t the cause. I have asked at least six times over the past year for ANY liberal out there that believes in this Chicken Little Story to answer this question: If humans are the cause of this warming or cooling or change, or whatever you call it, how in hell did the Ice Age happen without us, and how in hell did the Ice Age end without us?

I’ve talked to “scientists”, liberals, academia, and politicians. No one has been able to answer that question. But how did we ever warm back up without people in SUV’s taking Jimmy to soccer practice, and Al Gore flying all over the world in a private jet? That’s when I get the deer in the headlights look.

Don’t buy into this global warming myth. IF it’s happening (and science doesn’t even know that for sure…because they’ve tainted all of the data), we ain’t the cause. It’s just another liberal attempt to wrestle more of your money, your freedoms, and your power away from you and give it to them…just like Obamacare was supposed to do.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Federal Judge Oversteps Bounds

See…this is exactly what gets me about the judicial branch of government. Their job is to hear cases, use the law to decide which side is right and leave it like that. Unfortunately, snowflake judges have somewhere in the past decided that they didn’t like that job duty. Somehow they feel they should not only have the ability to interpret the constitution(s) of their state and federal systems, but also, if they don’t like what those documents say, they should have the right to somehow change their meaning, change their direction, change what they say. I believe they call it “a living, breathing document”.

Let’s be clear. The constitution of a state or a federal government is not a “living and breathing document”. You cannot watch it take a breath. It is not alive. And hence, it’s a fallacy. Let me give you the latest of a liberal judge totally going off the rails.

You’ve heard of these two Executive Orders that Donald Trump has issued on travel bans from certain countries, right? These are permissible under the law, as Sean Spicer said from the podium at his White House Briefing on Thursday. He read the entire law giving ANY president (yes…Obama had the right to do it too) the right to temporarily suspend travel to and from another country for national security. Yet this federal judge in Maryland, who apparently got his appointment out of a box of Lucky Charms, has decided not only that the EO was illegal, but that it should go the other way. So, he’s ordering the President of the United States to increase the number of refugees to 100,000.

Let me repeat that. This numb-nut judge is ORDERING the President of the United States to INCREASE the number of refugees coming into this country to 100,000 per year.

So, in essence what this idiot is doing is telling the president that HE, not congress, and not the president, has the authority to set immigration standards. HE, not congress, has the sole authority to demand from the President of the United States to enact HIS legislation…without being elected to any position, without winning any vote of the people. He’s just unilaterally decided this. Hmmm…that kind of seems like an abuse of power that calls for an impeachment, wouldn’t you say?

Liberal snowflake judges need to learn once and for all what their job is. They are not to legislate from the bench. They aren’t to write new laws to fit their addle-minded, antiquated, passe positions that have never, EVER worked in any society in the history of the world. And maybe, what needs to happen is that the congress needs to wake these fools up and impeach a few of them. Let them know that if they aren’t going to do the job they were appointed to do, they won’t be doing any job for the federal government. It’s time someone stood up to them. They are NOT all powerful. No person in government is (though Dems LOVE to believe they are).

I believe we should call on congress to impeach all of these idiots and do in now! Healthcare and immigration reform can wait.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Melting Snowflakes?

Donald Trump unveiled a $1.5 Trillion budget yesterday, and as predictable, the snowflakes on Capitol Hill melted. Not just a little…they went ballistic. Now, I won’t say that their comments weren’t valid, because according to their belief system they were. I AM saying that Trump is on the right road to what a government SHOULD be…which is nothing like what the snowflakes WANT it to be.

The budget basically cuts a lot of domestic social spending in favor of the military and a down payment on “the wall”…the border wall between Mexico and the US. The “down payment” is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 Billion over the next year with $2.6 billion over the year in 2018. This will not achieve a total wall, and no, I didn’t see where Mexico was going to pay for it. But for Trump, it was going to accomplished.

Let’s be real here, shall we? The US budget should be based on what the taxes bring in, minus the expenditures the government makes. It SHOULD be a zero-sum, meaning that what you bring in, you spend. Not more, not less. Unfortunately that’s not the way the Democrats like to work. They think they should be able to spend a ton of money and not worry about the consequences. Sorry, I worry about the consequences.

Trump is projecting an increase in military spending, which is needed after Obama decimated the military and asked them to do more with nothing. We have so much that needs fixed in our military, Obama should be brought up on treason charges because of it! Second, we need to cut back somewhere. Obama wanted so much to go to his union buddies and those that supported him, he was oblivious to the actual numbers and what it was doing to the actual federal debt. That’s why his federal debt doubled, and he now holds the record for the largest federal debt increase in US history. What a Bozo!

Trump is getting back to a more business-like approach. Yes, it’s going to piss off the Dems because they think nothing of raising the federal debt, or the amount of spending, as long as they can “buy” voters. Trump is more realistic with this, and that’s very much needed and a good thing. He approaches it like a businessman and there isn’t a Dem out there, regardless of how liberal they are that can argue with a balanced budget! He hasn’t touched Social Security. He hasn’t touched Medicare or Medicaid. So bring it on, Snowflakes…your lame argument about “the poor” being hurt because of this budget is wrong in so many ways.

Are there cuts in social programs? Damn right there are. There should be. Why, after all, should I help fund a redistribution of wealth? No…I don’t buy that. I earned what I earned. I help who I want to help in terms of charity and I don’t want the government telling me whom I should help! I probably give more to charity than any of the Snowflakes do, so get off my case!

And that is that when it comes to the budget. Accept it. Deal with it, and if you don’t like, you should have voted in November. If not, you lost, be a grown up and deal with it, just like I had to do over the last eight years…your whining is getting very annoying!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!