And The Winner Was…

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton squared off in the first of three scheduled debates. Did we really learn anything we didn’t know before hand? And did the candidates do what they “had to do” in order to solidify their chances? Let’s find out, shall we?

DONALD TRUMP: Trump had to show up, not make a fool of himself, and act “presidential”. Did he do that? No. I mean, yes…he showed up. But he was the Donald Trump that took on Jeb Bush in the primaries. He was loud and boisterous. He was interrupting. And as far as acting “presidential”, I’d say he failed there. Trump was served up many softballs he could have hit out of the park, and he whiffed on several occasions. Oh, he called Clinton out on her terrible performance as Secretary of State, but he never drove it home. He missed completely making her a part of the Obama administration, even though he tied her to Syria and the Iran deal. He could have (and should have done so much more). Instead, he sounded like the second grader that took 20 minutes of math time to explain to the teacher why he was late to school that day. If you haven’t been following the current events over the past three months, you probably heard a guy speaking in headlines. He COULD have hit a home run and put Clinton away last night. But, as most of the pundits I heard said, he survived. He hit a few singles, and that was good enough. I gave him a C.

HILLARY CLINTON: Clinton came into this needing to do two things. Start to earn back the trust that 72% of the American public says she doesn’t have, and to open up and be “human” and not robotic and a policy wonk. She failed on both accounts. Did she look presidential? Yes. Did she score points against Trump? Yes. She had a chance to put the whole email scandal thing behind her. Instead of coming clean with the 18 months of lies, she basically said, “I made a mistake. I regret it and I accept the responsibility of it. Would I do it differently? Of course.” Well, Hillary, that’s not what the American people are looking for. They want to hear you admit that you sent and received classified documents and that you know you broke the law in doing so. They want to hear you say you put the national security at risk by using a home-brew server. You didn’t do that. So you aren’t going to gain the trust you needed. As far as getting to know the “real Hillary” (these are things her campaign said she needed to do…not me), she again failed. I’ve seen Disney animatronics at Epcot Center that had more life in them than she had last night. She was a policy wonk who loved to delve into the weeds and details of policy, but she didn’t convince anyone that wasn’t already voting for her to do so. She got a B from me.

LESTER HOLT: This guy was supposed to be moderator-supreme. And while he did let the two candidates debate each other and go back and forth quite a bit, there were many times that it seemed he let the debate get away from him. Oh, it was entertaining. I don’t know as if we learned much, but it was entertaining. But there really weren’t any hard questions for Hillary either. He asked one question, with no follow up on email. Where were the questions on Benghazi? Where were the questions on Pay to Play? Where were the questions on Syria or Egypt? Where were the questions from Lester on Iran? And how come we didn’t hear anything on the Clinton Foundation? We heard about Donald’s taxes…where was the Clinton Foundation stuff? Sorry Lester. I had heard earlier in the day you were going to favor Clinton in this one, and you did. You were the big loser of the night. I give you a D.

Overall, if you went in a Clinton supporter, this morning you’re still a Clinton supporter. If you went in a Trump supporter, you’re still a Trump supporter. And if you were one of the six people that were undecided…you’re still probably undecided. If that weren’t enough…I didn’t pop enough popcorn!

Oh…just in case you were wondering…Time had Trump winning the debate in their poll 54-46%. Over at CNBC, they had Trump winning the debate 66-34%, while at Drudge, he had Trump winning the debate 82-17%. And what about film maker, Michael Moore? He came out on Twitter after the debate and said Trump won hands down. Somehow, I didn’t see it that way. Maybe I need to spend another 90 minutes looking at the DVR!

Michael Moore ✔ @MMFlint
Pro-Hillary gloaters doing end-zone dance again when still on 50-yd line. U MUST get it in your head TRUMP IS GONNA WIN and act accordingly!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is This Debate REALLY Necessary?

OK, so I’ve laid in for a rather large bucket of unpopped popcorn. I bought a train car load of butter. I’ve got enough salt to restock the underground cave where Johnny Carson’s old “Tonight Show” tapes are stored. I have not one, but two bottles of Cabernet chilling in the wine fridge, and I’m ready for the debate tonight. Oh, yeah…I told my wife NOT to say anything while the candidates are talking (I hate that). There is only one question in my mind…

Does any of this really matter?

The answer to that is probably not. Oh, I know the pundits are saying how important this is. These are the same guys and gals that said Donald Trump was a joke of a candidate and wouldn’t be a threat to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Here’s the thing clear and simple. You and I are going to watch to see if Trump tears into Hillary, and if Hillary tears into Trump. You and I are going to watch to see if a) Hillary has another coughing fit (which would doom her candidacy), and b) does she fall off of the step stool she’s asked for so she’s the same height as Trump (she won’t).

Other than that, this is going to be a very mundane debate. Hillary will go off on policy rants and Trump won’t give you specifics on any of his plans. Hillary will accuse Trump of being unfit for service because of Trump University and the donation to the Florida Attorney General. Trump will accuse Hillary of being unfit for…well, he could fill the whole debate with that one, couldn’t he? In the end, neither will probably make a huge mistake that would cost them the election. In fact, these debates rarely do cost people elections. I can think of a total of three debates in the entire 59 years I’ve been alive that have.

The first was John F. Kennedy beating Richard Nixon in 1960 because Nixon sweated like a pig and Kennedy looked tanned and rested. The second was how Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter with “Well, there you go again!”, and Jimmy Carter relying on his daughter Amy to give him foreign policy advice. The third was 2000 when Al Gore smirked and huffed his way through their first debate. He never recovered from that.

That’s it. Other than an occasional gaffe on both sides, debates are pretty meaningless. And in this cycle, they really don’t mean anything. I mean, is there really more than six people in the country who haven’t really decided who they are for IF they’ve decided that they are indeed going to vote? I know a LOT of people from both sides who are going to sit this one out. It seems, more are from Hillary’s camp than Trump’s camp, but nobody is really uncommitted at this point. OK…may some unemployed factory worker in Moose Jaw, South Dakota. Other than that, everybody pretty well has their minds made up. The only thing that may slightly change anything in this debate is a slight momentum shift. Trump has it going his way right now, and IF (and that’s a huge if) Hillary can throw him off balance enough, she can stem that tide a little bit. If not, the momentum still continues Trump’s way.

Where did I put that big bowl for the popcorn???

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

An Interesting Take On Hillary’s Health

I finally have been able to find a credible source that understands head injuries and can talk in layman’s terms about why Hillary Clinton may be having some weird health problems. It all stems from her 2012 fall, when she suffered a concussion and apparently had a stroke (at least that’s what this doctor believes). You don’t have to take my word for it either. You can go to The Hill, and read all about it. And yes, for the liberals out there, The Hill is FAR from being a right-wing rag…after all, it employs AB Stoddard among others, and is left of center!

The doctor in question is Dr. John Coppedge, MD, FACS, who is a general surgeon from Texas. He said that Hillary’s problem is telling because of the fact that her eyes aren’t in sync. That, he believes, stems from damage to her sixth cranial nerve which was caused by the transverse sinus thrombosis that she suffered after her fall. OK, so what’s so telling about all of this, and why should we care?

Well, the fact of the matter is, that folks that suffer from transverse sinus thrombosis apparently have a blood clot at the base of their brain that limits blood flow. What this means is that they typically have balance issues, sight problems (double vision in a lot of cases), and increased pressure that causes extremely painful headaches. It also can cause intermittent loss of consciousness which could explain her stumble at the 9/11 ceremony in New York when she fell getting into the van. The medical term for all of this intermittent lateral rectus palsy.

So, we can now understand (without trying to be flip or sarcastic) why medically, Hillary is off the campaign trail so much. Yes, she’s on Coumadin, but that does nothing for the actually blood clot that is in the brain. That only prevents further clots from forming because it’s a blood thinner.

The question now becomes, that IF this doctor is right (and he admits that he hasn’t examined Clinton, but thinks that some independent neurologist probably should), does that mean she cannot perform her duties as president? We’ve seen some very incapacitated presidents in the past, some, like Ronald Reagan who was known to have the early stages of Alzheimer’s in his second term, were wildly successful. That question, I will leave to you, the voter. But now at least, you’ve received what I think would be termed a medical explanation from a qualified physician and surgeon. The rest is up to Hillary to once again, come clean and let America know what the real problem is…but apparently it’s a lot deeper than a mild case of pneumonia!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hillary Wants To Know Why…

So Hillary Clinton was in Orlando, Florida the other day. She was addressing the Laborers’ International Union of America in Las Vegas via a web connection, and she ticked off the list of things that she has done in her career, which included raising the minimum wage, being pro-union, and pro-collective bargaining. She followed that up with a question: “Why aren’t I beating Donald Trump by 50 points?” Fair enough, Hillary. Let me help you on that one.

1. You are a convicted pathological liar. America doesn’t trust you, because they can’t believe what you say. This isn’t something you can change by November 8th either. It’s something you’ve culled since your time in Arkansas. It’s really a devastating character trait and is probably the number one reason why you’re not beating Trump by 50 points.
2. You are a terrible candidate. I know you won the Democrats’ primary…but you basically had to put Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in your back pocket to do it. When you really look at things, you were beaten badly by an old man from Vermont who nobody has ever taken seriously until this year. Oh, you won the primaries and caucuses, but it was all you could do to eke out a win. You’re really a terrible candidate on the stump. You make an awful lot of mistakes, and then you lie your way out of them. Not a smart move.
3. You spend way too much time trying to demonize Trump, and no time on what you really want to do for America. Oh, you’ve had a speech here or there on policy, but it really isn’t much. Your staff has told you the way to make yourself seem more presidential is to make Trump seem less presidential. That leads to a “lesser of two evils” scenario, and that’s never a good thing, nor is it usually the right thing to do.
4. You don’t know how to excite your base. This is also a huge problem for you. Because you need the black vote, and you need the Hispanic vote, and you need the Democrats to come out for you. Independents and Republicans look very much like they are breaking for Trump this election, and your base isn’t excited about you or your prospects. Oh, they think you are going to win, but they aren’t excited about the prospect, and they don’t want to participate. Millennials aren’t coming around to you, and neither really is the GOP (at least, they aren’t deserting Donald Trump like you hoped they would).
5. You have no coat-tails. A good presidential candidate has coat-tails and can bring down-ticket folks a win as well. You don’t seem to have that. The Democrats have already conceded that they won’t win the House of Representatives back this year, though back in January they were very hopeful of that happening. They’re still HOPING that they can at least get a tie in the Senate, but that’s looking worse and worse for them as well. Three of the four seats Democrats have targeted are already being written off as re-elections for the Republicans. That means you won’t be winning Congress back even if you do win. That’s another reason you’re not leading by 50 points.
6. You haven’t learned the lesson that this isn’t a conventional year. Normally, he (or she) that raises the most money wins. But this isn’t normally. This is Donald Trump spending fifty times less than you spend in Florida and staying even with you because he gets free press any time he wants. You pay for every second of it. Not a smart thing to do!

There you go, Hillary. Six simple reasons why you’re not up by 50 points. And while it’s a good question (and even better answers), I think you should go back to debate prep. Something tells me you’re going to need it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hillary Spending $50 Million/Month To Stay Even?

There is no denying that when it comes to raising money, the Clintons are champs. And when it comes to spending money on themselves, that appears to be the case as well. So, will somebody please explain to me why it is, if Hillary Clinton is SO great a choice, why she is outspending Donald Trump 52 to 1 and isn’t pulling away? I thought money was the lifeblood of politics?!

Hillary Clinton spent $50 million last month, and actually LOST ground to Trump. There is a reason. Hillary is running what everybody would say is a “traditional” presidential campaign. Raise a ton of cash, and spend it millions at a time on ad buys in key battleground states, while setting up offices on every street corner. Trump meanwhile has taken on a different stance. He has been relying on, and getting for the most part, free media coverage wherever and whenever he wants it. He has spent 52 times less than Hillary Clinton has, and yet has picked up ground on her in the past month. How is that possible?

Well, it’s possible simply by her being a lousy candidate. Her speeches are screeching ramblings with very little meaning and even less policy. Her health issues haven’t helped, and while I don’t wish bad health on anybody, she certainly has taken a hit in the polls because of it. And Donald Trump for the past month, with the lone exception of his birther comment about Obama, has played it very close to the vest and very presidential, while Hillary has not. Add to the fact that as I showed the other day, Hillary is playing to rooms that are 2/3 empty, and the crowds are standing three deep, while Trump is going to larger venues and filling them, and you have to wonder. Now, I will say, Bernie Sanders out drew Hillary in the primary, and where did it get him? So it’s not about crowd size…it’s about voter turnout. But Trump has been surging in the polls while Hillary has been off the campaign trail more than she’s been on in the past few weeks.

It will, as I’ve said all along, come down to the debates, and the first one will probably be the most important. It’s being said it will smash the record for the most watched debate in history. And the person that will be able to connect with the “disconnected voter” the most is the one that’s going to get the biggest bounce from it. Hillary and her team are meeting to figure out how to get under Trump’s skin, and Trump is looking for a bottle of cough syrup to toss at her when she starts hacking. It will be an interesting evening, and it will change some peoples’ minds regardless. I don’t have a clue who will come out the winner, but I will say this. Both sides will claim victory immediately afterward unless one of them collapses on stage. It’s always that way. The media will be in an orgasmic frenzy to claim Hillary won, but again, it’s who the voters see as the person that connected with them the best. We won’t know that for a few days after the debate.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obamacare Death Watch

Yeah, I’ve written about this before. The basic premise is that the Democrats knew well ahead of the passage of the “Affordable Care Act” (don’t you love how they name bills that are totally opposite of what they turn out to be?), they figured Obamacare would die on the vine and the government couldn’t let those millions of poor people suffer, so they’d swoop in and save them “with a public option” (read that as socialized medicine…single payer). And that appears to be exactly what’s happening.

Obamacare is in a world of hurt right now. The state of Wyoming has one insurer for the entire state. That’s a take it or leave it proposition. And others are soon going to follow. The problem is the insurance companies are losing billions because of the arcane and insane rules of this law. Now, I’ve said before, and for my liberal friends, I’ll say again, there are precisely two good things that came out of Obamacare. First is the doing away with “pre-existing conditions” which was always stupid, and the second was, because Obamacare forced many employers to do away with a LOT of workers so they could fall under the minimum workforce necessary to qualify for Obamacare, those 26 and under who lost their jobs and had to move back home with mom and dad would still qualify under their plan. Other than that? It’s been a total waste of a trillion dollars, all to cover two million people who didn’t have healthcare before this whole thing started.

So, the Dems are all up in arms about having a public option added to Obamacare. They say it will spur competition, and lower costs. What spurs competition is a competitive industry. Obamacare takes that away. It’s impossible to make a profit for these companies offering insurance, so please somebody explain to me how they are going to be making more of a profit if the costs of insurance come down? Somehow that seems, well, so Nancy Pelosi to me!

And when it comes right down to making these changes, you’re going to find that the Congress is going to have something to say about this. And it appears that the GOP will at least be holding on to the House, and the latest numbers I saw show they’ll be holding the Senate as well. That means that even with a Clinton win, she will have to get single payer coverage through a Republican Congress. Somehow I don’t think the Republicans are that stupid. No, I think the best option for Obamacare at this point is to repeal it and maybe start again. But I still contend that for the two million that it really helps, they ought to just buy those folks a policy for life. It would be a lot cheaper, and those folks would actually get medical care, not just insurance.

It’s just another Democrat ploy to gain more control of your life and more control of the money. And by the way…after seeing how well the US government runs healthcare by watching the Veterans Administration debacle, do you REALLY want to get your healthcare from Uncle Sam? Me neither!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hillary’s Temple U. Speech Very Telling!

So Hillary Clinton made a visit to Temple University on Monday. She was out trying to court Millennials. I didn’t see the speech, but I read it, and I have to tell you, here is a woman that is not a happy camper right now. She told the 1/3 filled room of about 130 students that she “knows that you’ve got questions about me, I get that. But you have to get out and vote for me or otherwise, you’re going to end up with Donald Trump as your president!” By the way…there are 37,788 students enrolled at Temple. Only 130 of them wanted to show up at her rally…here’s a picture:hillary-small-crowd-768x576

Hillary also didn’t do a lot to sway the kids’ views that she has health issues. She spoke from a three-step stage and had to get help getting up and down the stairs. She looks like a 90 year old when she climbs stairs. And those images are burned in the minds of not only those kids, but also Americans (and foreigners) that are watching this race very closely.

Let’s compare and contrast (as my 9 year old granddaughter likes to say) the two in this arena. Donald Trump bounces into a room. Hillary strides in with people helping her on either side. While Bobo Obama bounds up the stairs when he speaks on her behalf, Hillary needs help getting up the stairs, one step at a time. Trump also bounds up the stairs. Now, I know that walking up a flight of stairs is not a qualification of becoming president…hell FDR couldn’t even begin to do it, but in today’s campaign, with all of the media fixated on Hillary’s health (or lack of it), it’s a very telling sign.

Hillary also told the kids that she was depressed about how the campaign was going and that she wanted to get her message across but she needed them to register to vote and to vote for her first. Huh? That sounds like it’s taken out of Nancy Pelosi’s “we have to pass the bill to see what’s in the bill” line. You have to register to vote and vote for me in order for me to tell you who I am? Hmm…seems to lack a certain punch, don’t you think?

I really honestly believe that it has hit Hillary in the past week that she could and maybe will lose this election. She has very little confidence in her voice except when she’s attacking Donald Trump. She doesn’t talk about her policies and what she wants to do for the country. She doesn’t talk about why she wants to be president. She only talks about her being the only option to Trump. That strategy doesn’t usually work very well…but hey…we’re in a year when a lot of things that usually work very well don’t work very well. But her sinking poll numbers would seem to indicate otherwise.

Want to hear even more troubling news for the Democrats? Donald Trump is doing better with Hispanics than Mitt Romney did in 2012. Yeah, I was surprised to hear that too! Obama beat Romney with Hispanics 71-24%, a 47 point advantage. Clinton is beating Trump 65-30%, a 35 point advantage. Now, granted 12 points is not going to give Trump the election, but it does give the Democrats a LOT of cause to worry; especially after the comments about immigration, “the wall”, and making Mexico pay for the wall.

Overall, I think Hillary did get one thing right on Monday. She SHOULD be depressed over this campaign. She’s been terrible at it and there are no signs she’s going to be any better by election day!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!