Don’t Think GOP Can Blow Their Leadership Opportunity? Just Wait!

I have always felt that the Republican party had the high ground on the ideas on how to run government. The problem is that when they’re given the chance to lead they always manage to screw it up. It’s like the boss who has great ideas on how the business should be run, but hates dealing with people. Same thing.

Take for instance Bobo Obama’s latest illegal move…the one to make five million illegal immigrents welcome to stay in the country by virtue of green cards. Now, everybody knows that Bobo can’t do this. He knows he can’t do this. But he’s taken the position that until someone tells him he can’t do it (like the Supreme Court), he can do anything he wants. It’s called pushing the envelope and it’s done all the time. Hell, my kids used to do it to their mom and me.

So, the GOP campaigned in all of those senate races to fight Obama’s executive orders and do what they could to either defund, repeal, or replace Obamacare. And here comes the house, ready to collapse and cave in on Obama’s wishes just to make sure they don’t shut the government down.

Let’s get one thing straight. You put a bill in front of Obama. He vetoes it. HE has shut the government down not you. And so what if you DO get the blame? You got the blame in 2012 for shutting down the government…it didn’t hurt a damn thing. You won by a manslide in 2014. So obviously, the public forgives and forgets.

No, the GOP can’t cave on this one. They’re about to blow their biggest chance at leading since 1980. They can’t cave even before they take over the senate. That sends the wrong message to your base, and to the rest of the party…and to the rest of the people. Stay true to your promises. Stay true to your beliefs. Don’t cave to Obama on anything anymore. YOU are the ones in charge.

Hell, Harry Reid says that he’d be ok with a budget that funded the government through September, except for DHS (Department of Homeland Security), and fund them through March. If you don’t like the way they’re┬áhandling immigration through Obama’s executive orders, don’t fund them past that date. Shut them down, not the government. And the senate majority leader says he’s ok with that. That’s what you pass….and that’s how you deal with it. Wait until you’re in power to tackle the issue fully.

John Boehner needs to get his act together and quickly. He has a huge majority coming in starting in January. To piss it away on a deal that gives you nothing is ludicrous. YOU have the power, John. For God’s sakes, don’t be scared to use it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!