My Christmas Musings…

In the spirit of Christmas, I’m going to give you my holiday musings for this year. Actually, I’m doing it today, because I’ve got golf games scheduled Monday and Tuesday, Christmas is Wednesday and we all know nothing gets done between the holidays.

 I wish to hell that the liberal left would get a life. They are the ones that wanted this “politically correct” lifestyle, and yet, they’re the first ones to go crying like a baby when someone upsets them. Folks, nowhere in the Constitution does it guarantee you the right to never get upset over what someone else said. Get over it. You can’t on one hand have people write books on how to kill George W. Bush and not complain about that, but yet, anytime Bobo Obama gets criticized, you howl at the moon it’s racist. Doesn’t work that way. PC isn’t a lifestyle. It’s a lame liberal attempt to appease everybody. You’re going to get mad in life. Deal with it.

 I think gridlock in DC is a good thing and I hope it continues. I would think it the worst thing out there if the GOP took control of the Senate and House in 2014 by margins that would override Obama’s vetoes. Give me a government that can’t get anything done and I’ll give you a government that can’t screw anything up. Yes, that even includes, not being able to do a damn thing about Obamacare. Let that puppy screw the libs for as long as possible without bankrupting the country (which it will do).

 Either extra-marital affairs, and “sexting” people by elected officials is punishable by removal from office or it isn’t. New York did the right thing in kicking Anthony Weiner’s can to the curb along with Elliot Spitzer this past election day. It’s sad it took San Diego as long as it did to get rid of their sorry excuse for a mayor. Look, when you think about the great politicians of this country….the people that made this country great…I don’t think any of them had their pants around their ankles. No, not Kennedy or Clinton (they weren’t “great”). If you can’t lead a pristine life, do us all a favor and get the hell out of office. GOP or Dems. It falls both ways.

 I worry that America is losing it’s heroes. Where are they coming from anymore? You can’t look to baseball, like I did when I was a kid. Al Kalines don’t grow on trees. And these days, do you really want your kid looking up to Barry Bonds and people taking steroids? Lance Armstrong? Any number of players from the NBA? Tiger Woods? You can’t look at Hollywood. They’re more screwed up than the sports world. And what politician would you say is “heroic” in this day and age. Either side of the aisle. Obama? Boehner? Certainly not Pelosi or Harry Reid. We no longer have an astronaut program where kids can look up to them as heroes. And business leaders are having a hard enough time just staying out of jail. OK….that leaves nameless firefighters and policemen. We need someone to step up and become a national hero. I can’t think of one person worthy of that title right nowl.

I spent a good deal of time with my grandkids in the past month. And I worry about their future. What will this country be like when they are my age? Are we as a society declining, because it sure feels like it. It’s no longer “morning in America” when you can’t trust the president, and you know you’re being spied on everytime you answer the phone. I pray something straightens itself out on this front and we somehow re-claim the greatness we had not too long ago.

 I also pray that we come together as a family, as a God-fearing nation, and as a community. Remember how when you were growing up, if you mis-behaved in the grocery store, and you’re neighbor caught you, either they punished you, or they called your mom? Not anymore. Instead, we anonymously call Child Services to do the dirty work for us, because we don’t want to get sued.

 But the one thing I really hope. Regardless of your political affiliation, regardless or whether you agree with anything I say or not, I hope and pray that you and your family have a very happy, healthy, and Holy Christmas. Please remember that the reason we celebrate Christmas isn’t to boost WalMart’s fourth quarter earnings. It’s because over 2,000 years ago, a child was born in a manger. That child crammed more into 33 years of life than any of us could in a 100 lifetimes. We celebrate Christmas to mark the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Never forget that. And Merry Christmas!