Will Obama Ever Learn?

Last week at a news conference in Toluca, Mexico, Bobo Obama reached out to the Russians, the Syrians, the Ukranians, the Venezuelans, and pretty much anybody else that would listen. His message? Can’t everybody just get along?

He was at the North American Leader’s Conference with Mexico and Canada. He was getting slapped around pretty good by both countries because, like his foreign policies, he can’t seem to come to a decision on the XL Pipeline project that has been sitting in his In Box for the past five years.

Let’s see, Bobo has said that he and Russian president Vladamir Putin don’t always agree and have had disagreements when they talk on the phone. He said that the Ukraine shouldn’t take harsh measures with the people that are protesting, or there will be consequences.  He asked the Venezuelans to release the opposition party leader that has been in charge of that country’s protests, before turning himself in to police for arrest. He is letting John Kerry do his best when it comes to Syria, but everybody has seen that Obama has leet Assad cross yet another “red line” when it comes to turning over chemical weapons. Wow. What a week! What a press conference! What a joke of a leader!

Make no mistake about it. Vladamir Putin would eat Barack Obama for breakfast before going out to wrestle a grizzly bear. And I really don’t think he’d break a sweat. Obama has never shown leadership ability, but he’s also never shown that he actually posesses a spine. He backs down every chance he gets. He puts off decisions that need to be made, he lets others (mostly congress) do his dirty work for him, and then blames them when it turns out to be the wrong thing to do. I’m trying to think of one foreign policy action that Obama has initiated, that hasn’t resulted in failure, and I can’t. Even his 2012 much repeated election stump speech, “bin Ladin is dead and al Qaeda is on the run” isn’t true. al Qaeda is as strong as ever. So is the Taliban. And both are laughing at him. But I guess they should. He is after all, Bobo the Clown. And we have a tendency to laugh at clowns.

My question is, when is this guy going to learn that at some point you have to have action to back up your rhetoric. Oh, he’s really good on the campaign trail, with a bunch of SEIU supporters standing behind him nodding and cheering. But put him in the real world against people like Bashar al Assad or Vladamir Putin and he looks like a clown in the headlghts. He talks a good game, which is what got him elected in the first place. The problem is, as most Americans (even the ones that voted for him) agree, they see it as all talk.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m conservative to a fault, but there have been Democratic presidents that I’ve thought were good. I though Harry Truman did a good job. I didn’t like his domestic agenda, but I give the guy all the credit in the world for making tough decisions. What do you think Obama would do if faced with dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan? Any chance in hell he would have done it? My guess is, we would have pulled out of World War II as soon as he could have…just like he turned tail and ran in Iraq, just like he’s about to turn tail and run in Afghanistan. No, my friends. Harry Truman was an American hero. Barack Obama is a coward.

So, as we get further and further along with the world events turning to mud and protests going awry, I can only pray that someone somewhere has the guts and the courage to stand up to the leaders of these countries to do the right thing. And by that I mean action. I don’t mean a European style boycott of Ukranian underwear, or sanctions that don’t mean a thing.

Speaking of sanctions, can you now understand why it is the House and Senate wanted to pass that law that put sanctions back into place if Iran went back on their agreement with Obama? I think they’re right to do and probably in light of all of the other hot spots around the globe that Obama can’t handle, maybe they should still pass it while they can, so it’ll sit on Obama’s desk like everything else he’s waffled on. The man is a joke. Thank God we’ve only got less than three more years of him.

Maybe he can get a job in Chicago as a community organizer?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Think I Was Kidding About Your Pension, IRA, or 401K?

A while back, I posted a blog that dealt with the only real solution to the debt crisis in the United States. It had to do with our beloved president coming out with “MyIRA”, which was basically a savings plan for retirement that invested not in stocks and mutual funds, but in the US Government (now THAT sounds like a sound investment strategy!). I took it to the next logical “Obama step”, which is that it makes “MyIRA” mandatory for everybody in the country and your 401k, your pension, your IRA would automatically be transferred to the US Treasury. In exchange, you become a share holder in the US Government (aren’t we already?). And then, when you get ready to retire, the US government would go ahead and send you a check every month to live on (um….Social Security….hello???).

Well, I got a few emails from readers of the blog on that one. They derided me because they said it would never happen. The backlash would be too enormous, and we’d end up over-throwing the government. Probably. But that’s not how we’re viewed in Washington, remember? We’re sheep…and sheep like to get sheered as Gordon Gekko once said. Time to update you and think again.

One of the many blogs I read is Reclaim Our Republic. I highly recommend it to everyone. Very well thought out, very well written, and very much on the money. It’s a scary blog because it really does lay it all on the line. It’s got more facts and figures than I have here, and less “musings”, but it is certainly worth your time to follow it! Here’s a post from last week:

EU Eyes Confiscation of Personal Savings, Pension Plans February 18, 2014  by  William F. Jasper

As we have warned, governments and central banks all over the world are getting ready to plunder savings accounts and pensions to fund ongoing spending binges and mounting debts.

Reuters news service reported an ominous story on February 12 indicating that authorities in the European Union may soon be resorting to the “Polish option” of nationalizing pension funds to pay for national debt obligations, as well as to fund continued out-of-control government spending.

According to the Reuters report:

The savings of the European Union’s 500 million citizens could be used to fund long-term investments to boost the economy and help plug the gap left by banks since the financial crisis, an EU document says….

“The economic and financial crisis has impaired the ability of the financial sector to channel funds to the real economy, in particular long-term investment,” said the document, seen by Reuters.

The Commission will ask the bloc’s insurance watchdog in the second half of this year for advice on a possible draft law “to mobilize more personal pension savings for long-term financing”, the document said….

So, to those folks that liked to bash me on this, Reuters would beg to differ the question. It’s coming to Europe, and we’re about 10 years behind them in terms of financial ruin. So, get your IRA’s, your 401k’s, and your pensions put someplace safe where the feds can’t touch them. Maybe the mattress IS the best place for your money after all?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Americans DO Have A Way Around Congress/Obama!

Yup. You’ve probably read it if you’ve read the Constitution. It’s the one article in there that gives both parties fits because they are not excited to see the status quo upset. But Article V of the US Constitution basically gives the states the right to call a “Constitutional Convention” that would and could re-write the constitution, or any part of it as they saw fit. And as I write this, ten  states have already begun the arduous process of signing on to okaying a convention.

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Virginia have already filed either the COS application or pre-filed the application in their legislature. Georgia has actually passed it’s Senate. Now…this isn’t something that’s going to be held next week. 75% of the states need to jump on board. By my calculator’s figures, that’s 38 states, so there’s a ways to go. But if it happens, it could very well spell an end to Washington as we know it.

People like Glenn Beck have been talking about this for years, and I don’t think (I could be wrong) he’s for it. He’s cautioned in the past that you have to be careful because if you go this route, you open up the entire constitution for change, and it may not fall the way you want it to fall. I think that’s wrong. I think there are two types of conventions. The first would indeed open it up to everything’s on the table to be changed. The second one is a lot more focused and deals only with the specific issue(s) that are called for in the convention declaration.

Imagine that. What are some of the things I would change? Gee…I’m glad you asked. I’d change Congress so you could only serve a total of 6 years. You’d be termed out after that time. 2 terms as a Senator, 6 terms as a Representative. And once you’ve served, you, your staff, anybody involved in the day to day running of your office would be banned for life for ever taking any compensation as a lobbyist. Too many of our elected officials and their staffs end up staying on in DC to lobby. Dump that right now! And Congress gets to meet for a total of 120 days a year. If you don’t get your work done in the 120 days, you don’t get paid, and you are all asked to leave office, not able to run for re-election. Want to end gridlock? That’ll do it.

What else? Well, I would lower Congress’ pay. You are to receive $10,000 per year for the time in office. You get no franking privileges, you get no special perks, you have to follow all of the laws that you pass for the rest of the country retroactively, and you have no pension (you won’t need one if you’re only serving six years). Also, if you’re on a government pension, we’d have to means-test you to see if you actually needed the money. If you have a net worth of more than $500,000, you get no pension. You don’t need it.

I would pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. If the US doesn’t have the money, it doesn’t spend it. Period. That means if you’ve blown the budget on infrastructure for the year, or given it to special perks in a congressman’s district, and we have to go to war, you better either raise taxes, or get the money back somehow. Time to start living within a budget like we all have to.

If the president of the US violates the constitution as defined and interpreted by the Supreme Court, he/she is to face impeachment charges immediately. If they are to win that impeachment, but are called up on it again, and are found by the Supreme Court to have violated the constitution for a second time in 8 years, you don’t have a say in the matter, you are expelled and new elections are to be held the following November.

Federal Judges are no longer appointed for life, but for a 10 year term and that term cannot be renewed.

That’s a good start anyway. If we need more…we can have a new Constitutional Convention in a few years. In the meantime, I suggest you go to the following website and look up what’s going on. Go to www.conventionofstates.com and you can sign up as a volunteer, see what’s going on, catch up on the latest news and be a part of history.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Liberalism Won’t Work

Sorry progessives. It’s just not your day. I know you feel in your heart that it’s kind to help fellow human beings in trouble. It’s important to love Mother Gaia, It’s not right that some people have an easier life than others. I know you feel bad that the United States has been blessed with good tidings for centuries and there are other countries out there that struggle. There are fish and trees, and animals and birds that are going extinct, and we sit buy and do nothing about it. How you feel guilty about having that abortion 25 years ago, and are doing anything you can to make it okay in your own mind, so you fight for “a woman’s right to choose”. I understand. But you’re wrong.

Liberalism, in the most strict sense of the word doesn’t work. It never has. Every time liberalism has been tried on the face of the earth, it’s failed. I beg of you to point to one shining example, some beacon on the hill where there is a liberal policy that has been in effect for a number of years, and continues to work, fiscally, physically, mentally, emotionally. You can’t. Not here, not anywhere. It’s because it’s failed every time it’s been tried.

And the problem of liberalism in this country is, it’s a mish-mash of different organizations that have very different views on different issues. Unions, feminists, gays, blacks, the poor, etc. Unions back better union work rules that favor them, but they have to go along with abortion, even if they don’t care about it. Gays want to have the right to be married, but they don’t necessarily think the poor should get their money in a fiscal redistribution scheme. Feminists want to be equal to men in every way, but….oh, wait….didn’t we fight this battle already? And we’re starting to see what happens when these groups run into each other. Look at the XL Keystone Pipeline. Environmentalists hate it. They don’t hate the actual program per se. They hate the fact that it could lead to an expanded use of fossil fuel, which they detest. No, if it’s not wind, solar, bio-fuel, etc. they’re against it. But now, they’re running headlong into the liberal unions, who have seen their membership numbers crash and burn like the Hindenburg. They, of course, want it to go through because it could mean 40,000 jobs for them. New members would have to be brought on board, and the long-term impact would be worth billions of dollars. Fight it out gang….fight it out.

I’m not surprised it’s crashing and burning at this point in time. You’ve got a president in the White House that’s the most liberal since and probably including FDR. The only difference is, FDR knew how to make decisions. Apparently, they didn’t teach that while community organizing in Chicago. And Saul Alinsky’s books may have been great for radicals, but he was assuming you already knew how to lead people. No…liberalism is fading fast.

When three-quarters of the people that voted for Obama now regret it, what kind of impact do you think that’s going to have on November’s election? What kind of impact do you think that’s going to have in 2016 when we choose Bobo’s successor? My hunch is, they are going to want to change parties and put the GOP in the White House, unless the GOP nominates a totally bumbling fool. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of bumbling fools out there for the GOP…Bob Dole and John McCain come to mind as two recent examples. But my hunch is, that after a while, people in this country want to change the drapes. They want to paint the walls a new color. They look for a new sofa. They want a new type of president. That’s how Jimmy Carter became president. That’s how Ronald Reagan became president. That’s how Bill Clinton became president, and yes…that’s how Barrack Obama became president. Happens a lot on both sides of the aisle.

Liberalism, in the short argument won’t work because there’s too many issues involved, and not enough money to fix all of the problems. They say that taxing the rich is going to fix it, but taxing the rich won’t even get us out of debt, even if we don’t spend another penny. What have we gotten for all that debt? Bloated infrastructure in DC that nobody likes. A congress that is so divided they can’t even pass a budget without huge fanfare? And a president that can’t make a decision on anything. Not enough money, too many people with “favored issue status”. That’s why liberalism won’t work.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Life Which IS The Obama Failure

Barrack Obama is a failure. I’m sorry to say that. Unlike Rush Limbaugh, I never want a president to fail, because I feel it means we’ve failed as a nation. I mean, we’re the ones that put whomever into office in the first place, so we’ve got no one to blame but ourselves for the mess we’re in.

Actually, that statement isn’t really true. We’ve got a lot of people to blame. We’ve got unions to blame, because even as Obama was courting their vote, and they were working hard to get him elected, he was screwing them. Environmentalists who supported him were getting screwed. Blacks have gotten screwed because they’ve fallen deeper into poverty than ever before. Teachers have gotten screwed because they’ve unionized, and their unions have jumped into the liberal pockets looking for power. Our kids have paid the price through the “dumbing down of America”, which test scores show actually has happened. And most of all, low-information voters, people that don’t know enough to vote their own minds and feelings. They’re trying to make it through the day. Uneducated, poor, not ready for life, these people felt Obama was going to give them “Obama money” to get new kitchens, and new cars, and fancy hair-dos. Nope. They are part of the problem too.

And why have we failed? According to a new Economist/YouGov.com survey, 71% of you (I’m saying you…because I didn’t) that voted for Obama to be re-elected now regret voting for him, including 55% of Democrats. Wow. That number is absolutely staggering. Over half of the people in his own party that voted for him, now regret it?

Well, what has he done? He’s made the EPA into the Gestapo. He’s turned a mad-man loose in the Justice Department. He’s illegally tried to stuff the National Labor Relations Board with extremely pro-union people (and failed) through his recess appointments, that weren’t really recess appointments because Congress was technically still in session. He’s turned his back on the rest of the world, choosing to “lead from behind” as opposed to being a man and leading period. Every single time he’s had a tough decision to make, he kicks the can down the road past the next election. That’s why the XL Pipeline project still is sitting on his desk. The Secretary of State’s office has okayed the deal five times. And still he sits on it. Why? He can’t piss off the environmentalist tree-hugging wacko’s again. Not before November. Not if he wants any chance at holding on to the Senate. So he waffles, he wavers, he wants to look at options. Look at Syria. Same thing. Assad is going after the rebel troops, much of whom now are terrorists holding class in warfare in that country to train new jihadists. And Bobo Obama, needs “options” to decide whether they’ve again crossed his imaginary red line.

Now he’s threatening the Ukraine with sanctions if they use force against protesters in their country. Guess what? They don’t care because they see what he’s done in Egypt, in Israel, in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in England, in every other country in the world. He’s made threats and because he’s got no balls, he has not carried out one threat to date. Not one. Why should the mighty and powerful Ukraine be scared of the little mouse that roared? Answer: They’re not.

So 71% of the people that voted for this sorry excuse of a person now regrets it. Too bad the constitution doesn’t allow for a recall vote. Too bad these 71% of Obama’s votes fell for his sweet-talk and smile and his hope and change. Too bad they were too busy not listening in school to see the real difference an education makes. Too bad they thought they were going to get Obama Money. I guess the joke’s on us!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Fed Communications Commission Steps In Dog Doo-Doo

To anyone in radio, the FCC, the Federal Communciations Commission strikes fear into every manager and broadcaster of any TV or radio station in the country. Why? Simple. They are the guys (and gals) that allow those stations to keep or lose their license. Ask any General Manager of a broadcast facility what their number one job is, and they’ll tell you it’s to “protect the license”.

So, what the hell is the FCC doing now? Can you believe they’re putting forth a study whereby they’re thinking of going into newsrooms of radio and televisions stations and asking such stupid and insane questions as “How do you decide what stories get covered and what stories don’t?”, and ” Who makes the decision as to which stories get covered?”. They say that they’re trying to figure out if there is media bias (like they can’t figure that out by turning on their TV’s?

The FCC is way out of line on this one. The one thing that needs to remain free of government control is the press. I don’t give a rat’s ass if they press is liberal, conservative or from Venus. You keep government out of the newsroom. What do you think would have happened if the FCC would have stormed into the Washington Post and demanded that Ben Bradlee tell them how he is deciding to cover Watergate (ok….bad example since newspapers are exempt and not covered by the FCC, but you get the idea).

No, the FCC has taken Obama mania to a whole new level. And it probably will cost them in terms of financing and budget. Congress is already up in arms about it. Thirty some members of the House have sent the FCC Commissioners a letter telling them to back off of this insane idea. And it is insane. it’s just as insane as the Justice Department going after the Associated Press, or James Rosen of Fox News because they’re trying to figure out where leaks are coming from. If they’re too stupid (and they are in the two cases sited) to figure out for themselves where the leaks are coming from, they don’t deserve to know. And if the FCC is trying to control the news or the media, they’d better be ready for an all out war. Freedom of the press is critical to this country’s freedom. You’ve already got mainstream media (the TV networks, and big city liberal newspapers) in the progressives’ back pocket. Why go after anyone to see if what they’re covering is biassed?

Here’s what they’re really doing. They are taking a first step to control what is said on talk radio. It’s the one medium that liberals have failed at everytime they’ve tried it. Go ahead. Name me one successful liberal talk show host on the radio. And don’t say Alan Colmbs. He’s a huge failure. You can’t. Air America failed because it was a bunch of loony birds screaming and ranting, and making ridiculous, unfounded claims. And the FCC is going to try and control this for Bobo and his boys. Ain’t gonna work folks. Watch the fireworks if they try. My guess is, they get their hands slapped on this big time, and probably have any funding that was allocated for this study cut before it gets started.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So What’s Going On With Syria?

Ask the White House what they’re doing about the civil war in Syria, and the response is that we’re getting the chemical weapons out of there, and we’re exploring options as to what to do as far as the war is concerned.

Well, truth be told, Jay Carney even acknowledges Syria has blown through deadlines without turning over chemical weapons to the U.S. And Russia continues to arm their ally, even though they were the ones that brokered the deal. As far as the war is concerned, here’s the problem…140,000 people have died in this civil war. The Obama administration has set so many “red lines” that if Syria crossed, there would be hell to pay, and they’ve crossed it, and Obama is so weak, so impetent, so inane at foreign policy, he doesn’t even know what to do. He doesn’t want to have to attack Syria, because he dispises the military. He doesn’t want the al Qaeda terrorists that are fighting the government to get the upper hand, because they’re training foreign terrorists, who are then shipping that terrorism back home, wherever that is.

Fact be told, Bobo Obama doesn’t have any crediibility at all anymore when it comes to foreign policy. He’s not a world leader, and it’s looking more and more like he’s a weak leader even at home. So, when our president decides to go out and make this a “red line” if you don’t turn over chemical weapons, a piddly-ass country like Syria laughs at us. Well, they laugh at Obama, because nobody believes a word he says.

It’s a different thing if you’re Vladimr Putin. You don’t trust him because he does what he wants, not what he tells you. But he’s powerful enough that he can crush you if you irk him. Obama couldn’t kill a spider if it got into the White House. He’s more of a panty waste than a president and that’s why Syria matters. It’s not what they’re doing, it’s what Obama isn’t doing that matters.

So, overall, where do we go? Obama is content to let Putin run the show, and try and focus on ruining the domestic coal industry. He has no interest in foreign policy and it shows. They’ve mis-read the rest of the world, they’ve mis-read our friends and enemies, and it’s cost the US the crediibility on the world stage worse than Obama’s loss of credibility on the domestic stage because of Obamacare.

Carry one world…you’re dismissed!