Which GOP Candidate Can Do The Job (This Week)?

So, the GOP is scrambling, much like they did four years ago, for a candidate that is going to take the White House. There’s one huge difference. This year’s field is pretty much a quality field. Last time around, we had a bunch of wannabees in the GOP camp that couldn’t and didn’t ever have a chance of winning. I think this year is different.

Leading the way so far are five contenders. Rand Paul, the libertarian firebrand from Kentucky, who probably will die out once people realize he has no foreign policy ideas; Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas Governor and Fox News talk show host, who’s always in the running early, but doesn’t have the legs to finish; New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, who seems to have emerged from his George Washington Bridge scandal unscathed is doing well; Ted Cruz, the upstart first-term senator from Texas who certainly will make debates interesting; and…are you ready? former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, brother to W. and son to H.W.

Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush are the three that have the best chance (at this point in time) to beat Princess Hillary if it were to come to that, but if you follow this blog, you know my feelings on that. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have staying power, is one of the most divisive people in politics, and doesn’t know how to close a campaign out.

Among the “also-rans” in the poll, which was conducted about two weeks ago by WPA Opinion Research, were Florida senator Marco Rubio and 2012 VP nominee Paul Ryan of Wisconsin with 6% of the vote; current Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with 5%; Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and former Pennsylvania senator, Rick Santorum with 3%. Paul and Huckabee had 13% of the vote, Bush had 11%, Christie and Cruz tallied 9%.

So what does this mean? Nothing. Way too early to tell. Besides, we’re two years out from the primaries. All it takes (as Christie learned) is for a staffer to screw up and you’re screwed. I expect this to play leap-frog for a couple of years before we get a candidate… and I don’t expect Rand Paul or Mike Huckabee to be at the top. Paul has done a lot to improve his image, but as I said, there’s no foreign policy there…and you need one in the 21st century. Huckabee has been around too long without producing. It’s almost as if he’s become the 21st century’s Alf Landon. Time to hang it up Mike!

I think that Christie is a little too moderate to win. Haven’t we seen what happens when moderate Republicans run for president? Just look at John McCain and Mitt Romney. Look back at Bob Dole! The last moderate GOP president we had (OK…you’re going to throw George HW Bush at me…I know), was Richard Nixon. That turned out well. No, we need a conservative. That eliminates Christie. So, now we’re face with Cruz or Bush among the front runners. Cruz will die out like the firecracker he is. Bush, I don’t see just because it’ll give the Clinton’s too much of the “Royal Family” thing to throw at him. So, we’re dipping down to the Rubio, Ryan portion. And either of them would be good choices. Both are conservative, yet sensible. Jindal isn’t well enough known, and while I like Scott Walker, I don’t know if he’s even interested. Santorum? Nope. He’s a loser, and demonstrated he couldn’t close it out four years ago. Count him out.

Should be a fun ride.

Carry one world…you’re dismissed!


More Problems for Obamacare (Who’da Thunk It?)

Who would have belived that after 38 changes and delays to Obamacare, there are actually more problems out there for Bobo’s signiture legislation? Yup…after the AP came out with results of their latest poll showing that only 26% of Americans support this POS, can you believe that there is something afoot that could actually implode this “landmark legislation”?

Actually, it’s not the Hobby Lobby case that was argued in front of the Supreme Court this week. It’s not Pope Francis chastizing Bobo for making his church buy contraceptions and even providing the Plan B pill, which many believe induce an abortion, all of which the Catholic Church doesn’t go for. No, my friends. It’s actually going to be the fact that 34 states have decided not to run their own exchanges, but opted to let the federal government run theirs. Here is the problem. The way Obamacare is written, it’s clear that it states only the states may provide a subsidy to people that qualify. So, for the 34 states that are opting to let the federal government do the work for them, they aren’t letting the states do it, so it violates Obamacare’s own law. It is before a court right now, and two of the three judges listening to the case have screamed bloody murder about this clause. If they decide to disallow the subsidies for these 34 states, all hell is going to break loose, and Obamacare will in essence, become a dying star.

Now, having said all that, my crystal ball doesn’t work 100% of the time, but wouldn’t it be neat if the one thing Obama insisted on (the subsidies to the poor) to make this plan work and equal the playing field is the same thing that costs him his beloved healthcare bill? You know damn well if that were to happen, it’d have to go back to Congress to get “fixed”. But somehow I doubt the GOP in the house of representatives would be anxious to tackle this issue right about now. In fact, I don’t think anything less than Obama giving up the keys to the White House AND the Naval Observatory and he and Smilin’ Joe retiring a few years early would be enough to get the GOP to go along with it. As we used to say…he’s got a better chance of seeing Jesus.

The judges, by the way, called this the “worst law ever written”, “stupid”, and “totally unconstitutional” when it came to this provision. I wonder what Obama would say in his next state of the union speech if that were to sink his healthcare plan? He’d of course, scream bloody murder. But it would be really fun to have that happen, wouldn’t it?

Of course, then I wouldn’t have much to blog about. Oh well.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obamacare Faces Worst Public Support Yet

While Bobo Obama, the world’s second most famous clown is busy jetting around Europe, getting lectured by the Pope and his staff over Bobo’s signature legacy healthcare legislation, the Associated Press has released a poll that shows Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were about as wrong as you can get about Obamacare. The poll showed only 26% support nationwide for these clowns’ legislation.

That doesn’t bode well for the eleven Democrats up for election in the Senate this fall. Even their top strategist is telling the candidates looking to retain their seat to back away from Obamacare like it was the plague and run against it, telling people it was flawed from the beginning, and it needs fixing. Well, if it was flawed from the beginning, are we as a nation going to blame the people that voted against it? No. We’re going to blame the people that voted for it….like these eleven brain-dead morons.

I really expect Nancy Pelosi to win re-election because her district doesn’t have anyone in it with an IQ over 65. And Harry Reid isn’t up for re-election after he stole his bid two years  ago. So, those two really don’t have anything to worry about. Who does however, are the people that voted for it, and bought into Bobo’s promise the world would love them for it. It’s been five years, and they are hated.

The only good news for Bobo in the AP poll, showed 70% expected at least some of the Obamacare law to remain in effect. And there are parts of the law that, quite honestly, ARE good. The doing away with pre-existing conditions, while boosting everyone’s premiums to the roof, is good. Having to prove to a healthcare company that you haven’t had any condition for three years is a real bitch. I know, I’ve had to do it. But the mandates, the regulations, the taxes, the “you must buy insurance”, that’s all gotta go.

And go it probably will. These eleven senators that are destined to fall on their swords, have already proposed legislation in the senate that would effectively change Obamacare. It would raise the minimum number of workers needed before you have to provide healthcare from 50 to 100. It would allow people to buy insurance across state lines. And there are a myriad of other ideas that will be changed.

Is Obamacare here to stay? Most people think so. However, I don’t think the stink is going to wear off, and it will be the GOP’s call to action, much like protecting abortion is for the Dems. The GOP won’t rest until it’s repealed…and they’re going to fight until they get it repealed.

And who are the bad guys in all of this? Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Bobo Obama. I think history has already written their obituary!

And with that I say,

Carry on world, you’re dismissed!

NLRB Approves Northwestern Football Players Right To Unionize!

Is it a surprise to any of you that the National Labor Relations Board has given the Northwestern Wildcats football team the right to unionize and has basically called them employees of the university? I mean, what IS the role of the NLRB after all? With Obama in the White House, it’s been to unionize as many businesses as possible. What better place to unionize than a business that effects billions of dollars of income, and has never had a union?

There’s one big surprise to all of this that the union-happy idiots at the NLRB forgets to take into account. Northwestern plays football in the NCAA. In fact, every major college football team is a member of the NCAA. And what does the NCAA say about paying athletes? You can give them scholarships, but that’s where the “payment” part ends. Remember all the crap universities get when they violate that rule? They get slapped with probation; they get denied Top 25 status; they’re ineligible to play in their conference’s championship game; and they’re not eligible to participate in bowl games (which this year starts the playoff scenario). Oh, and most of the time, they end up losing scholarships (which is the form of payment the NCAA does approve).

So, if these big, beefy football players who attend Northwestern decide they want to press this issue, and the University and the NCAA want to fight it, it’s a really simple thing to do. The NCAA requires that all of it’s institutions not pay their athletes with anything more than scholarships, or free education. If the players want to press the issue, then all the NCAA has to do is deny Northwestern membership in it’s organization because they’re violating the rules. They can stop any other member organization from playing Northwestern, which means they’ll end up playing teams like Grand Valley State and Hillsdale College (members of the NAIA, not the NCAA). And Northwestern’s players probably wouldn’t enjoy the amount of money the school would bring in from those teams visiting. There wouldn’t be enough people in the stands to generate income for the other sports that football usually underwrites, like baseball, and track and field, and wrestling, and women’s basketball, and swimming and diving, and gymnastics….you know all of the sports that lose money? I guess the NLRB forgot about the way college athletics are structured!

So, Northwestern Wildcats….go ahead and unionize. Go ahead and seek payment other than scholarships for your services. Go ahead and see how well you like playing against fourth-tier schools. See how much you’re worth then. In fact, see how many top-tier players your school’s football coach would be able to attract. And count on one hand the number of people in the stands to watch you beat up on some junior college from southern Illinois! Geesh. I thought people that went to Northwestern were smart. Obviously, that doesn’t extend to the football team.

And with that…

Carry on world….you’re dismissed.

Why Obamacare Is Failing

So, we’re less than a week away from the “official” kickoff of Obamacare….I mean, it’s the REAL start because it’s the deadline for signing up. Unless Herr Sebelius decides to move the goalposts again, which is certainly possible. So, what all is going to happen next? Let me share with you.

First of all, Obama, Sebelius, and Smilin’ Joe Biden are going to come out next Monday and proclaim Obamacare a success. Nancy Pelosi will probably be there as a has-been that had a part in this. Harry Reid too. They’ll say that millions of Americans who didn’t have healthcare before, now have it, and the system had some glitches, but as it moves forward, people are going to embrace it, and come to love it, and everyone will sing Kumbi Ya.

But here’s what’s REALLY going to happen….aside from the dog and pony show they’re writing at the White House. Hispanics are livid over Obamacare. They feel that it’s a backdoor way to get them “into the system” and “on the grid”. They’re afraid illegals are going to be signing up and having to face deportation charges up the road. Hmmm. This doesn’t sound too much like a group that backed Obama so heavily in 2012, does it? Sounds to me more like a group that feels they’re going to get booted out of the country if they try and sign up. Is that really what’s going to happen? No. But try telling them that.

You’re also NOT going to see a bunch of senators and representatives up for re-election trying to back Obamacare and trying to defend it. What you WILL see, are a group of people that voted for it (all Democrats, who know the world is pissed at them), admit that the law has some mistakes, and they need to try and fix it, before everyone gets upset. Besides, it could be worse, you could be falling into the hands of those greedy corporate insurance companies who’ve been taking you for granted for years and years. Celinda Lake, one of the top Democratic strategists in the country have warned anyone that will listen to run away from Obamacare, and promise a fix. Jump on the side of the people that are against it. Kinda like what Mary Landrieux is doing down in Louisiana. She’s running ads touting how bad Obamacare is, even though she voted for it. Of course, she knows, even the last name of Landrieux probably won’t save her this time around. Speaking of which, the guy that predicted every single state in 2012’s presidential race correctly, has said the Dems will lose the Senate by losing 6 seats in November. Say “bye bye” Harry Reid!

The Supreme Court has another shot at doing some damage with Obamacare, as they were hearing arguments in the case involving Hobby Lobby yesterday. My early prediction? They didn’t have the balls to overturn this law when they should have (thank you John Roberts), and they’re not going to start now.

Overall, Obamacare has been a millstone around the necks of the Democratic Party. It will continue to weigh heavily around their necks until this thing is canned, or totally overhauled, and I don’t see it happening anytime before 2016. If the GOP wins the senate in November, and the White House in 2016, expect to see a major overhaul with healthcare…one that is much more friendly to the consumer and much less dependent on the government to oversee the day to day operations.

In the meantime, we can only hope that Obama has a “Scrooge moment” where he wakes up from seeing the three ghosts of Obamacare past, present and future, and looks out the window and proclaims it a Merry Christmas! And then again, pigs COULD fly!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


It’s Time To Get A Life People!

It’s time that we stop all this nonsense about people being “offended” over the most trivial and stupid things. Let me repost the first paragraph from an article from The Daily Caller yesterday:

Media Matters, the website of choice for Fox News haters everywhere, attacked the cable news network on Monday for using the term “homosexual” in its programming — advancing the peculiar argument that the scientific term has a “pejorative connotation.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/03/24/media-matters-inexplicably-attacks-fox-news-for-using-the-term-homosexual/#ixzz2wzVKdfWR

Really? Have we as a society really sunk so low that we can’t call it what it is? What are we going to call a loaf of bread now? Personally, I think “loaf” is hateful and pejorative. “Loaf” means not to work. So, when are we going to drop that from our lexicon?

I’ve about had it with all of these liberal do-gooder types who can’t stand to offend anyone for anything. About the only word I refuse to use because I DO find it pejorative is the “N word”. And that’s out of respect for blacks. Homosexual? Nope. That’s what they are. That’s what they’ll be called. I can think of about 20 other words a lot worse to call homosexuals than that!

It all goes back to this “can’t we all just get along” mentality that the left likes to foist upon us. Somebody gets upset because somebody called them something they didn’t like, so they try and start some movement to make that word something obscene. I think it’s time the sensible people in this country stand up and take back our English! If someone is black, call them black. There’s nothing disrespectful about that term. If they’re Mexican, call them Mexican. Nothing disrespectful about that. If they’re homosexual, call them that. Again, nothing disrespectful about that. How many “African Americans” aren’t from Africa? How many “Latinos and Latinas” aren’t from Latin America? Not their family, but them. You don’t call me a German-American do you? Of course not. I’ve never been called that! My grandmother was never called an “English-American”. So, get with it, and lose this crap.

I get so damn tired of people not able to cope with meaningless gibberish. There was a woman in my town that actually wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper complaining that the paper, while covering a story, referred to the Democratic Party as the Democrat Party, and she was outraged. It’s one of the few times I wrote to the editors. I told her, with all the crap going on in the world today, if that was the biggest thing she had to complain about, she needed to get a life. Which then started this whole thread (not that I intended to do that). I don’t care what you call yourselves. But for God’s sakes, don’t change my speech. And don’t tell me it’s pejorative to call homosexuals homosexual! That’s a piece of crap from a far left-wing, do-nothing piece of shit. What’s the pejorative there? Wrong. It’s “far left-wing”.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

I Told You So!

So, the demand for Obamacare is SO high right now, the administration’s website can’t handle all of the people clamoring to sign up. That’s according to Bobo. So, of course, they want to accommodate everyone so they don’t get penalized, so they’re going to EXTEND THE DEADLINE! Yup…you heard right. The gang that couldn’t shoot straight is going to extend the deadline by two weeks for you to notify them that you couldn’t buy healthcare insurance through their precious exchanges. They haven’t said how long they’d extend the actual deadline for signing up, but if you don’t have Obamacare, and for some reason only known to God, you want it, but you don’t want it now, you have about 2 1/2 weeks to notify HHS that you couldn’t sign up, and you need an extension.

What’s REALLY happening? Nobody is signing up. They’re getting wind that nobody is paying. The numbers are really bad, and are going to make this look like a terrible mistake. So they’re going to extend the deadline until they get the numbers that they want. That still isn’t going to get more people to pay….just sign up so they can back out later.

And I hate to say I told you so, but I did. Long time ago. Kathleen Sebelius, who by now realizes, she’s not in Kansas anymore, has been clicking her heels together saying “There’s no place like home” for about five months. She testified before Congress that there wouldn’t be any extension of deadlines, past March 31st. But she forgot the number one rule of the Obama Administration. Say what you want, but Bobo can change the rules, the laws, the constitution at will. He is the leader supreme….for now.

So, the deadline isn’t the real deadline. The employer mandate isn’t the real employer mandate. The individual mandate isn’t the real individual mandate, and the religious objections be damned. Oh…and we’re moving the goalposts again. In fact, we’ve got the goalposts loaded on a truck and it’s speeding down the highway at 75 miles an hour.

IF the GOP takes over the Senate in November, the first thing they should do, is let Obama know that there will be NO funding for HHS or Obamacare until he reverts Obamacare back to the bill that was passed by Congress. The only problem with that is that the bill is laden with a bunch of things like (“as will be determined by the Health & Human Services Secretary”). But still, the bill that’s in effect today is far from the bill that was passed in 2010.

I wonder in his heart of hearts if Obama realizes the deep crap he’s in? Or if he really cares? My guess is no and no.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!