Obama LIED About Benghazi Attacks. Proof Is In

“Three days before United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice went on those five Sunday talk shows and blamed the attack on the Benghazi consolate on some internet video, White House staffers knew that the attack was terrorist related. But because they were two months out from an election, and because Obama had been using the phrase “bin Ladin is dead and al Qaeda is on the run”, they didn’t want it to appear that it was terrorist related. They lied.

White House Assistant to the President, Ben Rhodes sent an email detailing his prepping of Rice that was sent to David Plouffe, as well as Jay Carney, the presidential spokesperson. That’s about as far up the chain of command as you need to go before you realize Hillary knew about it ahead of time, and so did Bobo. Both of them lied. Rhodes said that in his prepping Rice, one of his goals was to underscore “that these protests are rooted in an internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

The goal was to make Obama look good and to allow him to keep talking about the terror attack as something other than his poor policy choices. This had the makings of a PR move from the word go. And you’d better believe that the election may not have had a different outcome, but could have, had this actually come out when it should have, which was two months before we went to the polls.

Talk about a smoking gun! This is tantamount to John Dean’s testimony that brought down Richard Nixon in Watergate. If the Democrats in congress don’t start calling for resignations of all of those officials involved, there’s something rotten in Washington. We just don’t allow this type of politicized crap to happen. If Obama doesn’t come out and fire Plouffe, Rhodes, Carney, and everybody else that had that email (including Susan Rice, who’s now Bobo’s National Security Advisor), he should be impeached. It’s that important of a charge.

As far as Hillary’s chances for running for president are concerned…I think she just had her answer given to her as to whether or not she should run for office. She’s a private citizen now, but she was neck deep in thisThe crap when it happened, and needs to be denied ever running for public office anywhere again. That was just plain wrong!

There can be no Democrat anywhere in government that can turn a blind eye to this. This administration has continuously lied to the American people over and over again. About Benghazi, about the IRS scandal, about the Justice Department scandals, about the State Department scandals, about Obamacare. I’m beginning to wonder if they’ve EVER told the truth about anything?! Obama certainly can have no credability after this news broke. Lame Duck? Nope. Try Dead Duck!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Liberals Are All For “It” until “It” Is About Them

Media Matters is a liberal group that likes to throw grenades at conservative groups over, just about anything they can. Oh, they’re one of the first (along with moveon.org) to attack the right on any issue they feel is going to be contrary to the liberal way of life.

Until it hits home. I’ve seen this time and time again. The city of Detroit is all for unions and unionization, until they have to file bankruptcy and tell the AFSCME members that they are going to lose their pensions (which was held up in court). And of couse, it happened with Media Matters. This liberal group thought itself pretty much a union backer…until it was faced with a union vote within it’s own walls. Then what happened? They fought like hell, and hired what the union SEIU (about as liberal and violent as one can get) said was a “bunch of fancy lawyers” to press their case.

Let me ask the stupid question nobody wants to ask. Why is it that liberals are all hugging and Kumbayah with each other until one of them gets in another one of their way? Then they bare the teeth and fight like hell. The unions are currently fighting Obama because of the Keystone XL Pipeline. There are several other instances where you’ve got one liberal group fighting another liberal group because they clash over their issues. Happens all the time.

This is going to be the actual downfall of liberalism if we live long enough. These are idiots. They like to portray themselves as “progressive” and “educated” and “well-meaning”. They’re not. They’re actually pretty stupid because they can’t see the forest for the trees. Do you mean to tell me that Obama actually thought the unions wouldn’t be upset if he sat on Keystone XL Pipeline? Really? With about 40,000 UNION jobs at stake, and billions of dollars sitting there? How dumb are these guys?  You see this all the time. One liberal group gets angry at another liberal group for not backing them (or even opposing them) in their effort to express their particular liberal agenda. Whether it’s gays, or abortion, or helping the poor, or education control, or unions, they don’t like it when their own turf gets gored. And it always does.

\I’m not saying conservatives are all that different. I’m just saying I’m enjoying watching this bloodbath. Yes, the Teaparty folks are fighting with the mainstream RINO Republicans over where the party should be headed. Yes, the RINO’s are out of step and out of touch with today’s thinking. But the pendulum swings both ways. And that’s the way it’s swinging now.

That’s why Mary Landreau, and Mark Baggich, and the other Democratic Senators that are about to have their ass handed to them in the November elections are screaming at Obama over his signature healthcare legislation. Because they are fighting for their very existance. And he’s not about to turn his back on the only thing he’s accomplished as president. You’re going to see a lot of this “in-fighting” over the next 6 months or so. A lot of it on both sides of the aisle. I have no clue which side will win out. If the GOP is able to elect six more senators from the Democrat’s side, they’ll take controll of the Senate, and make Harry Reid as useless as Nancy Pelosi is. And will Obama care? Nope. Not as long as his healthcare law stays intact. That’s politics. Dirty, slimy politics. Played Washington style…and that’s just the way these people like it.

Carry on world, you’re dismissed

GOP Determined To Screw Up This Year’s Mid-Terms!

Let’s be honest. The Republican Party had this year’s mid-term elections in the bag. They had the House to almost a veto-proof majority, and they looked like a shoo-in to take over the Senate and send Harry Reid packing. That was before this past week. What the hell happened?

I tell you what happened. What happened is the GOP leadership and other members decided to start screaming about their own party, and complaining to the press and the public about other factions within their party. What happened is what always seems to happen to the GOP. They have defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

OK. Before I get ahead of myself, let’s look at a couple of stories that will illustrate the insanity of this party, and why they not only will screw themselves out of the Senate this fall, but probably become an afterthought in politics. First off, you’ve got John Boehner, speaker of the house, addressing a Rotary meeting in Ohio. In it he complains that he can’t get his members to tackle immigration reform. They complain “it’s too hard”, and “Don’t make me do this!”. Well John, there’s a reason they’re bitching. It’s because you’re coming up with a stupid idea. Stop trying to be Obama’s friend for a minute and start thinking like the politician you’re supposed to be. You don’t need to tackle immigration reform this year. If you do, as I’ve said before, you’re just giving Harry Reid a victory. Why would you do that? That’s just plain stupid…and you’re a friggin’ idiot if you attempt it. You’re close to winning the Senate, and sending that bag of bones back to Searchlight, NV with his tail between his legs, and you…the highest ranking Republican in the land, don’t want to do it. You’re a wimp, John Boehner. A plain wimp. I talk of Obama not having manhood (and I did it before the NY Times picked up on it), but I think you are right there with him. You both belong in the Castration Hall of Fame.

OK. Before I blow a gasket on that idiot, let’s move on to round two. What would you say the number one issue that the GOP has to run on this November would be? Would you think it would be the lack of the American public’s acceptance of Obamacare? If you said “yes”, you get to go to the head of the class. So, why would you want to go out and say something stupid like, “Obamacare is here to stay”? That’s just what Cathy McMorris Rodgers has said. She’s a member of the house from Eastern Washington State, and she kicked off her campaign with that stupid statement. My God, woman! What kind of idiot are you? She said that because 600,000 Washington residents have acquired new health care plans through the state exchanges. Think about that for a minute. The federal government could only muster 7 million people (most of whom it’s now being reported haven’t made their first payment). That means the state of Washington, has accounted for more than 10, and maybe as much as 20% of everyone that has signed up. Do you believe that? I don’t. Not for a Walla Walla minute.

And even if it were true, which I sincerely doubt, why would a Republican member of the House of Representatives deflate her party’s chances by taking away the number one argument for voting against a Democrat this fall? It’s stupidity to the nth degree. Cathy, you ought to resign congress right now, go home and bake some chocolate chip cookies. You’re not qualified to be in congress.

I’m getting more and more disgusted at the Republicans in power. They are literally TRYING to keep the Dems in office. But then, we know, that they’ve always done that. They have a great ideological message, but fall flat on their faces when they try to actually run government. This time, they’re not even waiting for that.

I always thought Ted Cruz was a bit of a windbag. I put him in the same boat as Rand Paul. Nice guys whom I agree with a little bit on some stuff, but a bit too much of a whack-job to be elected to anything of importance. Now I hear Boehner and McMorris-Rodgers out there bloviating, and I can’t believe what I’m hearing. They both ought to be drummed out of the GOP for being so stupid.

It’s time this party either wakes up, fights for the Constitution and what it stands for, or lay down and let’s all put our hands out and become a cradle to grave socialist country. That’s basically what this is boiling down to. When Boehner and McMorris-Rodgers come up with such crazy, insane, idiotic, STUPID comments as I’ve heard, we conservatives don’t deserve to be in power. Not with them as our leaders.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Immigration Reform This Year? Don’t Bet On It!

Barack Obama wants to see comprehensive immigration reform, primarily because he’s been telling Latino voters for six years that was one of his greatest priorities. He’s lied to them every single year as nothing gets done. Harry Reid, majority leader in the senate has said he wants to see comprehensive immigration reform sooner rather than later. He should. He’s got a large Latino population in Nevada that re-elected him two years ago. And John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House says HE wants to see comprehensive immigration reform this year. In fact, he’s been saying it since January. Guess what? You’re NOT going to see comprehensive immigration reform anytime soon.

Why? Because the rank and file Republicans in the House don’t want to tackle that issue. There’s no reason to tackle that issue. All that tackling that issue will do is give Obama and Reid a much needed victory heading into November’s mid-term elections. And if you think for a second that the GOP caving on immigration reform and allowing illegal aliens to stay in this country BEFORE getting real border lock downs in Arizon, Texas, New Mexico and California, you’ve taken one too many trips to Denver recently!

Fact of the matter is, if immigration reform is passed this year, the GOP will get absolutely no credit for doing it. There is no way the GOP wants to hand a victory to the Democrats to laud over them when they don’t have to. And right now, the Democrats don’t have anything to laud over the Republicans. So passing this bill now is stupid from a GOP standpoint. And that should have John Boehner worried.

The Cincinnati Republican is a shoo-in for re-election, that’s not the issue. He’s NOT a shoo-in for winning the Speaker’s job next term. That, many conservatives feel is a good thing (Boehner is far from conservative). What’s disturbing is that Eric Cantor, the majority whip from Virginia is right there to pick up the slack and he wants the job so bad he can taste it. Thing is, if you think Boehner isn’t conservative enough, wait till you see Cantor! This guy could crawl into bed with Obama and no one would notice.

When Rich Iott, a supermarket magnet from my hometown of Toledo, Ohio was running against Marcy Kaptur four years ago, it came out that Rich had taken part in “military re-inactment” exercises. Eric Cantor, without knowing facts from his rear end, excoriated Iott for it. I don’t know if Cantor knows Rich Iott or not, but I do. I used to do a talk show with him. He’s one of the most upstanding, conservative, and righteous people you’d ever want to meet. And Marcy Kaptur is probably the most liberal member in congress. She ran against Dennis Kucinich two years ago when their seats got combined due to population loss. She ran to the LEFT of Kucinich… and won.

Sorry John, but it’s time to either announce you’re a Rino and switch parties, or get on the GOP bandwagon and start takin a more conservative view at life. At least if you want to keep the job as speaker past the end of this year!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obamacare May NOT Be Big Issue This Fall!

Believe it or not, with all the talk of the failure of Obamacare and how 70% of the public is against it and 55% of the people would vote for a candidate who’s against it, it may just be a secondary issue this November in the mid-terms. The big issue? It could just be the guy that shepparded it through the US Senate, Harry Reid.

The move is already afoot both inside and outside the beltway to make Harry Reid the bad guy this election cycle, and if you think about it, it makes all the sense in the world. Running against Bobo Obama doesn’t mean anything because he’s still going to be the president at the end of the day. But if you run on the “Fire Harry Reid” platform, you can actually do it. If the GOP picks up six seats in the Senate this November, they could fire Reid and turn over the majority leader position to one of their own. That would be a HUGE victory for the GOP. In fact, it would probably be the largest victory they could hope to achieve this year.

The GOP should save the Obama is a failure stuff until 2016. IF Hillary gets into the race (and there are several reasons why she shouldn’t although her ego will probably make her do it), THAT is the time to tie Hillary to Obama. She was his Secretary of State, and a damn fine failure of one at that. That is the time you bring out, “Do you really want four more years of zero growth, high unemployment, feckless leadership, scandal after scandal, and mistake after mistake?” And that’s what you run on. That’s the same thing Obama did against McCain in 2008. He ran against George W. Bush. But it’s going to take a candidate with balls to throw some hard shots at Hillary. You can’t prance around and try to be all nice. She sure as hell isn’t going to be.

So, let’s make Obamacare a secondary issue, unless the GOP can come up with a really popular solution to fixing or repealing or replacing Obamacare between now and then…and with like 50 legislative days left on the calendar, that’s not going to happen. Bring up Obamacare, sure. But tie it to Harry Reid. Make him the bad guy in the black hat. And tell America, it’s time to fire his ass as majority leader!

Carry on world, you’re dismissed!

Holder Better Be Careful With Druggie Releases!

Eric Holder, the criminal masquarading as Attorney General of this country, has decided that he’s going to unilaterally make it possible for drug offenders that are in prison to get out early. Oh, there are a few hurdles to jump over (six of them), but most of the 216,000 inmates in jail in this country for drug offenses may qualify. If they do, they’re going to be on the streets in the next year or so. And that could prove to be a tough pill to swallow for Holder, and his boss, Bobo Obama.

Does anyone happen to remember Willie Horton? No, I’m not talking about the left fielder for the Detroit Tigers when the won the World Series back in 1968. I’m talking about the convicted killer in Massachusetts that was given a weekend furlough by then governor Michael Dukakis. Horton got out for the weekend, and killed somebody else. That furlough cost Dukakis the election (OK…that and the stupid video of Dukakis driving around in a tank to show the world he wasn’t totally anti-military). Stupid things happen to stupid people who pull stupid stunts. Holder needs to take notice of that last sentence.

I know he’s thinking that all of the blacks in jail are there because of a racist society. I know he’s thinking he’s going to score points with the left if he gets his brothers out of jail, who’s only offense was dealing in a little nose candy. I know he’s making a big mistake. All it’s going to take is one or two people out of a hundred thousand to do something stupid, like kill somebody in a drive-by shooting, or rape somebody, or you name it, and Holder, Bobo, the whole Democratic party is going to be looking as stupid as Michael Dukakis when that Willie Horton ad ran back in 1988 basically ruining his chances against George H.W. Bush.

See, the Dems don’t think of these things. They’re pretty short-sighted when it comes to this. They’re all Kumbayah when they’re doing it, but when it falls apart, they’re looking the other way trying to find someone to blame. Same thing happened when the banks failed in 2008. The Democrats, led by Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd wanted to give the poor and down-trodden a shot at owning their own home. So they got a law passed that basically forced the banks to loan money to people that couldn’t afford to pay it back. The banks followed the law, the people defaulted on the loans, and the banks foreclosed. And you had the foreclosure crisis we’re almost out of six years later. All because Dems wanted to ‘do something nice” for some folks.

Well, that’s the Democrats problem. If they thought things through, and led with their minds instead of their hearts, they’d actually be a pretty good party. Too bad that’s not going to happen. You want to give everybody health insurance, so you throw the whole industry in a tizzy to get health insurance for less than a million people that didn’t have it before. You want to help out your bretheran (which I have no problem with), and reunite them with their families, because all they did was sell drugs, well, shoot, what can be the harm in that?
They don’t think things through very well. And it will bite them in the ass again. Not in time for 2014 mid-terms, but in time for Princess Hillary’s coronation to the throne. I say, if you’re dumb enough to be that stupid, you deserve what you get.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why The SCOTUS Decision Was Right!

I couldn’t believe my ears the other day when I heard the Supreme Court actually voted 6-2 (Elena Kagan had to recuse herself because she was Solicitor General on a case involving this), to allow voters to actually pass laws by voting for them!?! The case involved a Michigan law in which the voters in Michigan voted to make it illegal to use affirmative action (race and gender) in awarding jobs and admission to schools. Of course, a federal appellate court, trying to legislate from the bench as they always like to do, decided that was a no-no, and struck it down. That lead to the Supreme Court Decision.

Here’s why SCOTUS was right in what they did. It has nothing to do with affirmative action. It has nothing to do with racism (other than Sonia Sotomayor’s rambling, incoherent, yet “passionate” cries). It had everything to do with giving you and me the power as citizens of the states we live in the right to run our lives the way we want. How many times have you seen California (it always seems to start there) pass a law making gay marriage illegal, or taking away the necessity to educate illegal aliens or give them food stamps or whatever the hell else they’re passing in the land of fruits and nuts, only to have it turned down by an activist court. That’s wrong!

We have the right to choose how we’re going to live. So, if California wants to say that marriage is between a man and a woman, that’s the law in Cali. If Wisconsin says that teachers unions don’t have the right to negotiate, then that’s the law in Wisconsin. If Arizona decides that employers can be fined 10 billion dollars if they hire illegal aliens, then that’s the law in Arizona. THAT is why the Supreme Court is right on this issue. And Justice Kennedy was right as well in writing the majority opinion. It isn’t addressing affirmative action. It’s addressing states rights. Much different issue!

When it comes to affirmative action, yes, slavery was wrong and needed to be corrected. But slavery ended 150 years ago. That’s enough time for correction. Everybody that was effected by slavery is dead. Everybody that was a slave owner is dead. It’s time to get on with life people! Affirmative action isn’t something that should be in the Constitution, or be written into federal law forever and a day. Charles Krauthammer is right when he says if they had done the abortion issue like this, we wouldn’t be having fights over abortion today. Some states would legalize it, some states wouldn’t. That’s the way it is. And if you’re looking for an abortion, go to a state that wants to legalize it. Same thing. If you want to get rid of slavery and the ills from slavery, then get rid of the ills of slavery. But you’re not going to do it by making it easier for blacks (and I don’t know how women and other minorities got into this thing) to get jobs or get admission to colleges.

Columnist Juan Williams was on Special Report the day of the ruling and was saying “we need to protect the individual”. What he meant was, “we need to protect blacks from whites (who are the majority)”. Wrong. We need to treat everybody equally, and I don’t know many that will disagree with that. But we don’t need special treatment for ANYBODY! Blacks don’t need special treatment to get to college. Are you saying Clarence Thomas wasn’t smart enough to get into a law school on his own? Are you saying Thurgood Marshall couldn’t have found a law school that would accept him? That Barack…..well, that one isn’t a good example.

The thing to take away from this decision is going to have a far reaching impact on how states and voter referendums in states are treated from this point forward. No longer are activist judges going to be allowed to strike down a law, just because they don’t like it or it doesn’t fit their liberal feelings. We are free at last, free at last, God almighty, we’re free at last!

And with that…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!