Shinseki Quits. But Problem Is Still At VA Hospitals!

In case you missed the big story of the week….and no, it was Bobo Obama’s “big” speech to the cadets at West Point, which turned out to be a yawn fest for those in attendance as well as the media, and hell, might as well throw the rest of us in there as well. No, the big story was Eric Shinseki finally calling it quits in one of the least surprising moves in a LONG time!

Shinseki was being besieged by an ever increasing number of people in his own party to call it a career. First it was US Senate candidates trying to unseat Republicans. Next it was members of the Senate and House that were in tight races and didn’t want to be caught backing the wrong horse through the clubhouse turn. Finally, the rest of the party jumped on board. Funny thing. Nothing has changed at VA.

Nor will it until the REAL honcho in this mess, Bobo himself, decides to institute changes. But see, that’s not going to happen. In his resignation to Bobo, Shinseki said the VA needed new leadership and he doesn’t want to be a distraction. Bobo agreed saying, “We don’t have time for distractions. We need to fix the problem”.

Now wait a minute. Didn’t Obama know about the problems at VA BEFORE he took office? Why, all of a sudden after five and a half years in office doesn’t he have time for distractions? He hasn’t done a damn thing to fix the problem to date. What’s the big rush? And if you’re going to use the same logic, can’t you apply the same thinking to any of the other 14 scandals his White House is currently slogging through? Does Bobo have time for distractions with the IRS Scandal? How about the Justice Department scandals involving the Associated Press, and Fox News’ James Rosen? What about Benghazi? Hell, Obama has CAUSED more distractions for Benghazi than he’s tried to fix. And all it’s gotten him is terrible approval numbers, a loss of credibility, and the whole country thinking that Hillary Clinton isn’t a leader (which by the way is true).

So where do we go from here? Well, to fix the problems, the Senate needs to pass a House bill that gives the VA Secretary power to fire people found to be cooking the books, and incompetent. As long as Harry Reid is in there, that won’t happen because Harry Reid isn’t a leader and doesn’t want to take a stand on anything against the party-line. He’s a hack. In order to fix the problems, Obama needs to nominate a leader. That’s something he hasn’t done in his tenure as president. Name one cabinet member that has been a leader in the true sense of the word. You can’t because he hasn’t. And the reason he hasn’t is because he doesn’t know what a leader is. He’s not a leader, and doesn’t know the skill sets to look for. He looks for political operatives that need a payback of some sort.

What needs to be done, is someone, anyone needs to go in to the VA and clean house. They need to investigate hospital by hospital. Those found to have longer wait times than they have said in their reports are to be fired. In fact, close the whole hospital down and give the veterans the opportunity to use private hospitals outside the VA system for whatever they need. The government is great at writing checks. Let me write the checks.

We’ve seen how poorly the government functions when you have to have a mega-bureaucracy to run something. I’m not saying that running a hospital is an easy task. But I’m saying it’s being done in the private sector without any problems. Why not let those folks run it, and the federal government can write the checks for it. Hospitals that are found to be defrauding or over-charging the government will lose their license, and the hospital administrator and the doctors involved will be jailed. Period. THAT is how to get around this problem. The VA Hospitals that are running well (and I’m sure that there are some somewhere), don’t have to worry. They can keep doing what they’re doing. But you notify ALL VA personnel right now that effective immediately, and for the foreseeable future, there will be no raises, and no bonuses coming their way. Done.

That is how to fix this mess. And I did it in less than 1000 words. Obama can certainly do it in two years. Oh….but he’s gotta have some balls to do it…and we know about the cajones problem, don’t we?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


First Shinseki…then Carney…It’s Comedy & Chaos At White House!

I had to smile early this morning (my time) when I awoke, went on my daily 3 mile walk, came back in and turned on the computer to see that Eric Shinseki had resigned on the very day I predicted he would. How can somebody 2340 miles from the White House predict almost to the minute a resignation? Pure luck.

So, how was it that after the Benghazi memo came out that was responsible for the Select Committee to be appointed by John Boehner in the House, and Jay Carney’s name was on the email, we all knew he lied, and we all knew he had no credibility as he tried to do his little lap-dog Pinocchio dance at the podium, I said he was going to be leaving soon. Little did I know it would be on the heels of Shinseki’s leaving.

It stands to reason that Carney would leave as quickly as he could. Look, the White House is in turmoil. It’s falling apart faster than Bobo and his crew can even analyze what’s going on. And with Carney stuck in the middle having to spin it all with a positive story for the president, it’s certainly understandable that he just ran out of lies. Some people are good at lying (like Bobo), Jay was one of those guys that had a little white ring around his mouth when he told a lie. Everyone immediately knew it  was a lie. It just caught up with him.

Josh Earnest was named to replace Carney at the podium and will be “in transition mode” over the next month or so. Earnest will be going on Bobo’s trip to Europe with him next week, a trip Carney most certainly would have taken.

I’ve been hard on Jay Carney here, and with good reason. I don’t care who you are and I don’t care what position you’re in. If you tell me a lie, you’re scum. That’s what happened to Jay Carney. He lied. And I think it was eating him up inside that he kept seeing he was going to have to keep lying for the next two years. When the press picks up you’re lying to them, they feel like junkyard dogs sniffing meat. And they go after you with a veracity that is second to none. People that are probably more liberal than Carney attacked him like you couldn’t believe. And they should of. It’s their job to get at the truth.

I don’t apologize for what I’ve said to Carney. I thought he was always a mediocre reporter when he worked for Time magazine. He was a mediocre press secretary. He’s got that “just turned 21” look that probably gets him carded every time he goes in to buy a bottle of wine. And I won’t apologize to John Earnest for the things I’m sure I’ll say about him if he decides to follow in Carney’s footsteps and lie to the world as well.

Granted, being press secretary is a tough job. Especially when you’ve got to make someone as inept as Barack Obama look good. And everybody is snickering in front of you. You couldn’t ask more of Carney than Bobo did…and it ended up costing Carney his soul…and his job.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Want To Know What Obamacare Will Look Like? Look At VA Hospitals

Our federal government is really good at doing certain things. They print money really well. We’ve got the world’s best military….just not the best commander in chief that knows how to use them. They pass all sorts of “protection” laws designed to keep us from getting hurt by ourselves. And they think they’re pretty good at dishing out services. They’re not.

A simple look at the VA Hospital mess should tell you that. Well, welcome to the world of Obamacare. That is exactly what our healthcare system is going to look like in a couple of years if Obamacare is to survive. Do you really want 2 year waits to see a doctor? Is it really optimal healthcare to have to drive three counties over to find a hospital that’s on the plan you’re on? Probably not, but that’s what you’re going to have to deal with in order to deal with the list of things Obamacare mandates are covered. Things like contraception (even if you’ve passed menopause). Things like breast exams (even if you’re a guy…of course, guys DO get breast cancer too). And of course, your deductable goes through the roof to keep the monthly cost of insurance somewhat low (though that’s a misnomer!). It’s not uncommon to see deductables of 1000% higher than 2013’s, and co-pays that have gone up at least 200%. That’s what insurance companies have done in order to keep costs down.

Bring in the other big thing that Obama swore would never happen (another lie…thanks Bobo!). Rationing. You don’t think you’re going to have to deal with rationing of healthcare? Think again. You’re going to. Just like veterans are dealing with it. You’re going to be seeing sub-par doctors and hospitals and wait a lot longer than you’re used to before you get in. And as I said in an earlier blog, if you happen to be poor, and go to the emergency room now for treatment of an ailment, you’re going to really see some increases, becuase even if you don’t have insurance, they’re going to charge you what you’d normally pay as a co-pay, usually $250 per visit.

So how’s all that “Hope and Change” working out for you now? Not too good! Pretty much, we’ve traded a system that was working just ok, give it a B- maybe, to one that’s going to piss off everybody, even those that didn’t have healthcare before, because now they can’t even go to the hospital in their own hometown when they need emergency services. When their kid is sick at 3am, they have to drive 60 miles to find a hospital on their plan. Not a lot of fun!

Think this program is going to be around a lot longer? Somehow I think it’ll be around longer than anyone likes. It’ll be around longer than you want it to be. And congress will only change it with a lot of kicking and screaming. But you need to tell your congressman and senator this summer when they’re home, ithe government sucks when it comes to giving out services. Just write the check and put everybody on a voucher system. That’ll work a hell of a lot better!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It’s Been A Bad Year For Obama…And It Just Keeps Getting Worse!

Poor Barack Obama. I’ts been a really bad year. After all, his signature healthcare scam, uh, I mean bill, has been roundly criticized and panned by everybody, and almost six months after it “officially” started, it’s still got 70% of the people hating it. He’s gone through so many scandals, I actually have to write them down to figure them all out (Is anything being done with Fast & Furious anymore?). He has apparently lost his manhood, as world leaders think he’s a joke, and he can’t seem to get his Secretary of State on track regardless who is in the driver’s seat. Now comes the VA Hospital Scandal, and it’s apparently systemic problems, that Obama and VA head Eric Shinseki knew about before they took office, but have failed to do a damn thing about (except talk….he’s GOOD at talking!).

They laughed at his explanation of his foreign policy at West Point earlier this week. They’ve mocked and derided him on fiscal policy. He says he’s got a phone and a pen and he can issue executive orders since even his own party in congress is turning against him, but that’s falling short too. Ooops. One more faux pas. His vaunted “throw more money at the weak economy” scam apparently has caught up to him. This economy that was just barely chugging along after the vaunted recession that ended in 2009, apparently is ready to kick up his heels again…and Bobo has no one to blame this one one. George W. Bush is in Crawford, Texas, and hasn’t touched the economy in five and a half years. Nope. This one is all Bobo’s. And he knows it. He has no one to blame this one on but himself.

I can’t stress how much I value the importance of good leadership. I don’t care if you are talking about a manager in a grocery store, or the president of a major corporation, or even a country. If you have good leadership, they always seem to find a way to get things done. If you don’t, you flounder. Why is it that General Managers and owners of major league baseball teams don’t fire the players? They fire the manager. They bring in the right guy, who’s a good leader, and bam! The same team that looked like the Bad News Bears are suddenly beating the Yankees in the playoffs. Same thing here.

And the problem is, we’ve got a bad leader. He can’t hide that fact, because it’s his job to lead. Day in and day out, when you don’t know how to lead, and you’ve never HAD to lead, and it’s not in your skill set to lead, you don’t get good results. That’s why John Kerry would have made a terrible president. No leadership skills. That’s why regardless who would have won between Obama and McCain, we would have been in trouble. Senators are not executives. They don’t have the “leading” skill set. Need an example? Look at Harry Reid. Not a leader. Can’t work with others. Mitt Romney would have been a much better president than Obama this term only because he IS a leader. So, when we look forward to 2016, keep that in mind. Hillary Clinton does not have that skill set. That doesn’t make her a bad person per se. It means she can’t lead people. Bill on the other hand, had executive leadership skills as Governor of Arkansas. And, he’s been one of the best presidents the Democrats have put up in decades….probably going back to Truman.

No, I think the troubles are going to keep compounding for Barack Obama. And if the GOP is smart, they’ll run against Obama, not just in 2014, but in 2016 as well. And when Hillary says she’s not Obama, look her dead in the eye and say, “you’ve proven to the world you’re not a leader. Benghazi. Russia. Need I really say more?”

Carry on world…you’re dismissed

“Are We EVER Going To Stop This?”…Well….Yeah!

I had to feel terrible this past weekend for the father of one of the girls gunned down in California. I mean, I can’t begin to imagine the absolute horror and devastation I would feel if something like that would have happened to one of my kids. And I watched in anguish as one of the fathers addressed a crowd….one of the many vigils that took place after another senseless mass shooting took place. The father screamed to the crowd that we have to stop living like this. We can’t keep this up. Are we EVER going to stop this? The answer is, of course we are.

I think that’s where the father and I would end our agreement. The kid that was identified as the son of one of the directors of the Hunger Games movies, is allegedly the one behind the slayings, all because he couldn’t get a “beautiful girlfriend”. The problem here isn’t, I’m afraid what the Democrats have or will be screaming, more gun control. The kid bought his weapons and over 500 rounds of ammo legally in California. No, gun control isn’t the answer. The answer is society.

See, in Switzerland, every adult by law, must keep a gun in the house. Yet, you don’t hear about this type of thing going on over there, do you? There are many societies around the world where you have guns all over the place, yet no gun violence. Here in this country, about 30% of us actually own guns, but we can’t go a week it seems without senseless mass shootings. The reason? Our society has been poisoned.

We glorify killing in movies, TV shows, and video games. Rap stars make millions talking about cop killings. Over time, and I’m not pointing the finger at one movie, or one video game, or one song, this stuff has a way of changing the way you think about things. You no longer value life as someone in a country that doesn’t have this stuff would. So, it takes on little value, and you don’t care. If you feel that someone disrespected you….you drive by their house, and plug it with bullets. If you feel bullies have taken advantage of you at school, you take guns to school and take the law into your own hands. Because in your mind, killing is equal to solving the problem.

So who do we blame for this? It’s gotta be all of us. Me too. I mean, I watch NCIS Los Angeles, where they can’t go an episode without killing fifteen people. I play Call of Duty, where the whole name of the game is to kill as many people as you can. I have seen The Hunger Games…at least the first two movies. Jennifer Lawrence is great as Katniss Everdeen. And I’ve read all three of the books. The last one is the bloodiest and goriest of any of them. It’s us. Are we EVER going to stop this? Yes, but we have to realize that we’re the ones doing it.

It’s not the NRA, it’s not the Republicans, it’s not the second amendment. It’s us. Our society has to change. And until we collectively get it through our heads that glorifying all of the killing is wrong and is the leading cause of this, we’re going to keep seeing all of this violence. The Democrats have passed all sorts of gun control laws all over the country. They’ve done it to the point that in a lot of situations, they’ve overstepped the constitution. Hasn’t solved a problem. If you want to get a gun in this country, you can. And unfortunately for Bobo Obama, he can’t change this, as much as he’d like to take the guns out of people’s hands.

No, it’s us….it’s not everything else. And since kids are the most easily swayed members of our society, they’re the ones that get desensitized to it first. Parents have stopped teaching their kids the ten commandments, because they’ve stopped believing in them. They’ve stopped disciplining their kids because they believe Princess Hillary’s book that it takes a village. It doesn’t take a village. Hillary was way off base. It takes a mother and a father who are there and who care.

I don’t know this director guy from a hole in the ground, but I can bet you one thing. He’s all wrapped up in his work, and he didn’t take the time to throw a ball with his son. I bet he never volunteered to coach his soccer team, or take him to a Dodger’s game. I bet he never gave him the sex talk, instead, opting for the schools to do it for him. He was too busy becoming a Hollywood Director. Now, I don’t know this, I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but that’s my feelings (and after all, that’s what this blog is, it’s about my feelings). I’m not chastising the guy for it. He’s chasing his dream. Isn’t that what everyone in this country is supposed to do? We’ve gotta change if we want to see the senseless violence end.

And it won’t be easy. Too much of our history is tied up in it. The fight for independence, the civil war, the old west, all had killing and violence at the center of it. It’s the way we’ve learned to live throughout our history. Are we EVER going to stop this? Well, yeah, only if we’re ALL willing to change. Only if we’re all willing to go back to church, to spend more time with our families, to teach our kids the difference between right and wrong. Only then are senseless killings going to stop and can we live in peace. Didn’t expect this one did you?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

West Point Speech Professorial…But Where’s The Beef?

President Obama made the trip up the Hudson River to West Point Wednesday to address the country’s oldest military academy. It was billed as a “major foreign policy speech” designed to give a glimpse as to where Obama wanted to take America in his last couple of years in office. It turned out to be a boring professorial rant from your old college history professor that should have retired several years ago.

There really wasn’t anything new with Obama’s speech. He didn’t outline any new, breaking policy on Syria. He basically said that we aren’t going to be able to solve the world’s problems with boots on the ground (which I don’t think anyone could disagree with), and he doesn’t want America to become isolationist (again…nobody is asking for that). I think he missed the main point though. What reporters, the cadets, the military, the public at large were all waiting for was him to outline a LEADERSHIP position that he would undertake. He’s been huge a “leading from behind”, which isn’t leading at all….it’s called following.

Obama doesn’t seem to understand what leadership is all about. You can’t get up in front of a microphone and make threats to a foreign government, and then not follow through and expect that it won’t have consequences. Of course it will. And Obama has done just that for years. In fact, he hasn’t led from the front at all during his presidency. He hasn’t led at all. His lack of leadership has been so tantamount that even the Washington Post, second only the the New York Times in terms of it’s liberal agenda, wrote a scathing editorial that basically said when Obama has taken the lead (which isn’t much), he’s been consistent. Consistently wrong. Amen!

It’s too late in the game to have this guy turn the tables on his feckless foreign policy. Nobody in this country wants him to send troops anythwere, and it’s about the only thing he can do to show he’s a leader of sorts. He can’t talk a good game because he has no more credibility. And world leaders all have lost respect for him. I think they still respect the United States, but they don’t respect our current leader.

So what are we to do? I think he’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he cannot lead. The debate is over. The science is in. Period. Obama is not a leader. He’s not interested in foreign policy, he isn’t good at it, and he hasn’t surrounded himself with people at the State Department that have been any good at it either. Clinton was an absolute failure, and John Kerry, though he wanted this job more than the presidency, he’s been terrible at it. The State Department hasn’t had a victory of any kind that they can wave in front of our faces since Obama took office. He can’t blame George W. Bush on this account. This is all Obama’s doing. And we’re the ones that are going to have to clean up his mess!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

IG’s Report Shows VA Worse Than Thought. Shinseki MUST Go NOW!

I wouldn’t want to be Eric Shinseki today. The beleaguered head of the Veterans’ Affairs came under fire when people started dying because his hospitals couldn’t see them quick enough. But, true to form, Bobo Obama decided he was going to give Shinseki the benefit of the doubt and wait for the report. Well, that report is in, and it ain’t pretty. In fact, it’s worse than anyone thought.

1700 veterans in Phoenix alone were lost in the system or forgotten. They said the average wait time to see a doctor was 24 days (I don’t think that’s anywhere NEAR good enough). Actually, it was closer to 115. That’s falsifying documents and someone should be going to jail on that one! The acting Inspector General for Veterans Affairs said that inappropriate scheduling practices are systemic throughout.

Republicans from Arizona’s John McCain and Jeff Flake on down have called for Shinseki to resign, and McCain went so far to say, if Shinseki won’t resign, Obama needs to fire him. Doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of wiggle room there!

Bobo, for the record, was showing righteous indignation, calling the report, “extremely troubling”. And what did the guy at the top of the VA have to say about it? He said he reviewed the interim report and the findings were reprehensible to him and his Department, and to all Veterans. Really? That’s all Shinseki had to say? He finds the fact 1700 veterans at ONE FACILITY got lost in the system reprehensible? If he expects to keep his job past Friday, I want to know what drugs he’s on, because they have to be pretty damn good. Certainly better than his veterans are getting!

Part of the problem is Shinseki doesn’t respond when his congressional committees want answers to questions. He has stonewalled congress from day one. And I think the rope is getting a little tight around his neck. To date, 24 VA Hospitals across the country have been found to have deplorable conditions.

OK…so Shinseki has to go. NOW. That’s a given. Then what? First and foremost, the VA needs to appoint someone that’s not a loyal Democrat like Shinseki. They need to appoint a pissed as hell General that will get things done. Second, they need to make public that effective immediately, until they get this mess at the hospitals cleaned up, veterans are going to receive vouchers to go to private practice physicians and private hospitals to receive treatment. And if it costs these people every cent of their budget for the rest of the year, so be it. Fire the administrators to start with. I know there are at least 24 of them that should be out of a job quicker than Shinseki. As for the others in those hospitals, I would come up with a top to bottom review of every person working in every hospital. If you have been found to be lacking in any area, you’re gone. Period. No grace period, nothing. You’re done and you’re out of there…and until this gets taken care of no VA Hosptial or anyone in the VA will receive any bonus of any kind. Period. I would say it’s going to take at least five years to get everything squared away, so no one gets a bonus for that time. Then, when it’s all cleaned up, we take a look at it and decide, do we become a social security administration and write checks to veterans to get their medical cares taken care of outside of the VA system, or do we try to become a service provider? Frankly, government doesn’t work very well as a service provider, but they’re really good at writing checks.

Oh…and those of you that are anxious to see how Obamacare is going to play out? You’re getting a first hand look!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!