Liberals Going Ballistic Over SCOTUS Decisions!

You know, I could imagine Obama being upset losing the Hobby Lobby case. Hell, I can even imagine that Kathleen Sebelius is upset. But I never anticipated all of these wacked out liberals that are absolutely freaking out over this decision. They’re all over Twitter asking the question, “So apparently religious freedom tops a woman’s right to choose?” Uh…..yeah?! I don’t think I recall seeing “a woman’s right to choose” listed anywhere in the constitution. If  I’m wrong, I’m sure somebody will tell me.

See, liberals face one problem here. When they think that something is amiss, they make it a “right” for that person or people to achieve whatever it is that they perceive to be an injustice. For instance, when abortion was illegal, they said  women have a right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. It’s their right to do with their bodies as they like. Or, regardless of your ability to pay, you should have a right to health care. It should be provided for you if you can’t afford it, because we can’t stand by and watch helplessly as people die for lack of health care. Therein lies the major flaw with liberalism. They make something larger than life, when it’s really not. And they’re really good at it.

Take the Hobby Lobby case. Yes, a “closely-held” corporation can now decide that because of their religious beliefs, they are not going to provide contraception to women (or men). In this case, the religious freedom we are granted in the first amendment to the constitution tops the “right of women to choose”, which isn’t given any standing, anywhere, except in the minds of liberals. In other words… the right to choose is a nice phrase, but it doesn’t count when it comes to things that matter. It’s not a “right”. Neither is healthcare a “right”. Neither do you have any “rights” when you travel on an airplane and get stuck on the tarmack for 5 hours because of weather or mechanical breakdowns. “Rights”, as defined in our constitution are not granted by man to other men (or women). They are God-given rights that are bestowed upon mankind by the creator. Which is to say that ALL people, not just Americans get those rights. You should have the rights bestowed to you in the constitution, but you don’t have the right to make up more rights. You don’t have the right to say, become a millionaire, or get a free college education, or own a home. Those are not rights. There’s nothing in the constitution that says those are.

Which leads me to my main point. Liberals are losing badly on a lot of fronts right now because they’ve stretched the bounds of “rights”. They’ve gotten way out on the left-fringe. That’s partly because of the president, who’s really far out there. But it’s also because that’s the way the pendulum swings. And we’ve swung very far left this time. Know what the reaction to that is going to be? Somewhere up the road…not saying 2014 or 2016, we’re going to swing really far to the right. And the angst that the conservatives are feeling right now, will feel great then. The euphoria that the left has been feeling for the past five and a half years, will come to a screeching halt. It’s just the way the universe stays in balance.

So, we’ve started to see that swing to the right in a couple of cases settled by the Supreme Court. It’s only been a couple of cases, and in the overall gist of things, they’re relatively minor decisions. Yes, the folks at Hobby Lobby are thrilled. Yes, unions are in a funk because they’ve got to figure out how to get people to pay their collective bargaining portion of their dues. But the bigger issues out there haven’t swung right (yet?).

Here in the desert, it’s more of a land of sanity, than the craziness going on in DC. Am I happy with today’s rulings? Sure. Do I think it signals a change in politics in this country? Dunno. It might be the beginning of it, but there’s a long way to go. Will Obama lose sleep over this one? Hope so. He looks like he’s been sleeping too much lately. Overall, if you’re conservative, yes, do a little “happy dance”, and get on with life. If you’re liberal, don’t jump off the Golden Gate just yet. At least wait until they have the nets installed!

Carry on world, you’re dismissed!


It’s Gonna Be A Bad Day For Obama

You ever have that feeling when you get up some Monday morning that you’d have been better suited to just have stayed in bed? I think that’s the way Barack Obama must feel today. The beleaguered and embattled “commander-in-chief” hasn’t been fairing too well lately. His poll numbers have looked like the temperature in International Fall, MN in January. He can’t get Congress to do a damn thing he wants (of course, he hasn’t tried), and now it seems the Supreme Court is piling on! Yep, I don’t think the country would mind Bobo, if you just went back to bed, pulled the covers over your head, and dreamt of Saul Alinsky all day. In fact, that’s probably what you should do!

The Supreme Court, which slapped Obama with a 9-0 defeat last week (including two Obama appointees!) over his illegal appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, decided to do a double-slap today. First they told him that no…unions can’t force home health care workers to pay the “collective bargaining” part of their union dues. Workers have been able to opt out of the political contribution portion of their dues for years, but now, because of a suit filed by some home health care workers in Obama’s home state of Illinois, if you don’t want to pay the collective bargaining portion of your dues, you don’t have to.

Now, in essence, what this is going to do is make the United States a “right to work state”. Yes, unions will still be able to exist, and it wasn’t a total victory for the non-union folks out there, but basically speaking, it’s going to slap all public and private sector unions and really reduce the amount of money they have in their already hungry coffers. Union membership has been dwindling for decades, because quite frankly, we’ve out grown the need for unions in this country. You don’t have employers throwing 15 hour days at people any more…and denying them basic human rights. And what it’s led to is the over-reaching of unions over the past two decades. Unions that couldn’t get more money out of companies, municipalities, states, or the federal government, opted to negotiate for better retirement benefits instead, and they got them. The problem is, places like Detroit now can’t afford to pay them, and they’re screwed. Or at least their members are. I’m waiting for the first union member to sue the union for retirement benefits the union said they’d get, but can’t because there was no clause in the agreement of what to do if the city went bankrupt. And you know it’s coming.

Anyway, if that weren’t bad enough, about a half hour later (it takes some time to read these opinions), the Supreme Court came out with the second half of their double-slap. They basically sided with Hobby Lobby that Health & Human Services went too far (again?!) in telling closely held corporations that they had to subscribe to the Obamacare mandate of paying for abortions and birth control, even if it was against the corporation’s religious beliefs. The court basically said, if GM or some huge corporation came out with this argument they’d be denied, but the small corporations that are held by a private family, can certainly be within their First Amendment rights to deny contraception coverage.

Mark my words. This is the start of the unraveling of Obamacare. There are already several lawsuits winding their way through the system that will in effect, slap the entire law down and render it useless. The most promising one is where the three panel judges all agreed that Obamacare was a terribly written law at best, and more likely was totally unconstitutional because of the changes Obama has made to it without going through Congress. When that one gets to the high court, watch the sparks fly. And I don’t think that after the raft of crap John Roberts caught over calling Obamacare a tax, he’s going to be siding with the president anytime soon!

Both cases were 5-4 decisions, and yes…Roberts was in the majority on both issues.

So, you’ll excuse Bobo if he’s a little under the weather today. Or he calls in sick. Or he decides that instead of coffee, he’s going to opt for a triple scotch on the rocks. It hasn’t been a good day so far for him!

Hillary Below 50% Approval…Blames It On The Book

If Hillary Clinton decides to run for president…and IF Hillary Clinton loses either the primaries or the general election in 2016, she CAN claim one thing. She’ll be the first favored candidate in history to lose because of a book. Well, that’s the story you get from the Clinton camp anyway.

Hillary Clinton left the Secretary of State position in December of 2012, just after Obama’s re-election. Her approval rating back then was something like 70%….pretty good. Certainly higher than Obama’s. In January of this year, after some gaffes, and fumbles, her approval had slipped to 54%. Still not bad (anything better than 50% is viewed as runnable), and still a LOT better than Obama’s 41%. Well, then came the book tour, and the slip ups. Yeah, there was the “We were dead broke when we left the White House” remark. Then the walk back to that remark. Then the walk back to the walk back. And so on and so forth. And all the while, Hillary felt in her heart of hearts that she was the nominee. It’s been hers for the asking. Not so fast princess!

On the Republican side of things, Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, and the brother to George W. Bush, and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul seem to be increasing their hold on conservative voters. And yes, they still trail Clinton by a little bit, but not by nearly as much as before. Clinton now leads Bush 47 to 35 percent. Considering she’s not even getting 50% of the vote, that’s pretty amazing. Considering she’s not announced….that’s even more amazing. She would beat the Libertarian, Rand Paul 48-36% and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, 48-33%. What’s astonishing, is she once led Bush by 18 points. She led Paul by 21 points, and she once led Christie 52-29% (that’s 23% for those of us that are mathematically challenged!).

Hillary has this problem of peaking too early. Happens a lot with politicians. They’ll have a huge lead early, and then get nipped at the wire by some surging candidate. It’s also easy to see why it happens. Besides the fact her husband seems to think she’s the most qualified presidential candidate in history, Hillary Clinton has three things going against her.

First, she’s not well liked by at least half the people. Let’s face it, she’s not a likeable figure, unlike her husband. You could pull up a bar stool and spend a few hours with Bill and be in great company. You’d love the guy regardless how much you hated his politics. That’s an art. Hillary can’t hide the disdain for the GOP and conservatives from her personality. It’s part of who she is. Why is it that she had her best approval ratings when you didn’t see her that much? Why is it that when you see a lot of her, her numbers fall? Here’s an interesting test between now and next January. When you don’t see her on TV, are her numbers going up? If so, she’s a lousy candidate! People aren’t tuned in to her message. They’re tuned out of her personality. And that’s death in politics.

Secondly, she’s not a politician. I don’t know where we came up with the idea that a former first lady has any sense what-so-ever about politics. I love watching politics and dissecting the good moves from the mistakes. My wife could care less. Just because I know a lot about it, doesn’t mean she picks it up through osmosis…even if she were into it. Hillary just isn’t a politician. Just like I’m not a Catholic Priest. Doesn’t make either of us a bad person. Just means we’re not suited for those particular jobs…even if we wanted them. Hillary doesn’t have a “sense” about her. Her timing is off. She doesn’t do things according to what should be done politically. She makes stupid gaffes and mistakes. At that level, she can’t get away with it. Maybe if she ran for governor of a small state somewhere, they’d be able to over look it and elect her. It happened in Minnesota with Jesse Ventura, right? And in California with Schwartzenegger. But I don’t think she’s got the good to pull it off at this level.

Finally, regardless what her husband says, she hasn’t accomplished anything. She took on one issue when she was first lady (healthcare), and failed miserably. They put her on the back bench for two years after that crashed and burned. She ran for Senator from New York, and won based on her celebrity. What did she do once she was in the Senate? Not a damn thing. Never authored a bill, co-sponsored a few, but that doesn’t mean much, and wasn’t a leader or a force. As Secretary of State, she traveled almost as far as Condoleezza Rice, but didn’t accomplish anything. In fact, she’s going to be forever known as the Secretary of State that screwed up the “Russian Re-Set” (remember…with the Office Depot button?), and the total abortion that was Benghazi. She’s the one that was responsible for four deaths including her own Ambassador to Libya.

No…Hillary’s slide to below 50% isn’t the end….it’s just the start. But it’s something I predicted a LONG time ago. The more you see of her, the less you like her. And that’s not a qualify most Americans want in their president!

Carry on world….you’re dismissed!

The Border Mess? Don’t Blame The GOP This Time

I’m amazed at how the GOP can be so right when it comes to ideology, and then screw everything up operationally. I mean, seriously, this is a group that doesn’t do that well when they’re running the government, but they’ve got all the right ideas on HOW to do it. So I guess it bothers me a little bit to see Obama and the minions like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid try and pin the mess on the border to the GOP’s insistence not to pass the Senate’s version of the Immigration Reform Bill. Why should they?

First of all, that bill is like nothing but adding millions of people to the voter rolls of the Democratic Party. It’s a blatant and brazen attempt to make the GOP a non-party. Not that I fault the Dems for trying. You always want to kick an opponent when you’re down. The problem is, they make no apologies for it. And it’s that attitude (along with the fact they’re on the wrong side of pretty much every issue), that pisses me off.

Take immigration. I live in Arizona. No, I don’t live anywhere near the border. I feel for the people in Yuma and Nogales. They deal with illegals crossing over all day every day. And you couldn’t pay me enough to be a border patrol agent. I’d be fired in a week, ’cause I’d be shooting everything moving in the desert at night. But this crap Obama is trying to foist on the Republicans about them needing to pass immigration reform is just plain wrong. And it’s not even a veiled attempt. It’s stupid. Does he really think the American people are that dumb? OK….you may have a point. We elected him twice. We may be.

Point is , if Obama is such a “great leader” (he’s not), and lover of all people south of the border, where’s his bill? Why doesn’t he work across the aisle to get something passed? Marco Rubio was all set to pass immigration reform. So were a bunch of others. And what happened? Obama screwed it up. It had to be his way or the highway. You don’t win too many negotiation sessions with that attitude. But that’s the Obama way. Fact of the matter is simple. Obama is NOT a great leader. In fact, he’s not a leader at all. He’s a choir boy that sings off key. He’s a man/child. He wants to gain his mom’s support and love by being as liberal as she was. That’s the psychological aspect of it all. And he fails every chance he gets because he’s just a scared little boy. The manhood problems that came up during that Asia trip a few months back? Dead-nuts on. Who runs the Obama Household? Michelle. Manhood problems there too.

Look, what’s happening on our border is indefensible. And Obama can do something about it today. He just doesn’t have the guts to do it because then he’s going to be turning his back on the Latino immigrants legal and otherwise that voted for him, and that he promised to do something for. At the end of the day, Bobo has to do something with these children crossing the border unaccompanied. And screaming and blaming the GOP isn’t going to help those kids. What are YOU going to do about MISTER president?

Carry on Bobo…you’re dismissed (I wish!)!

Obama White House More Dysfunctional Than First Thought!

It’s weird. I live 2,430 miles from the front gates at the White House. That’s a long way. Yet, as I read Ed Klein’s new book, “Blood Feud”, I can’t help but wonder how I’ve nailed Barack Obama’s incompetence so completely! Here’s a guy that is the most feckless leader our country has ever seen. I’ve detailed how he can’t make a decision, and Klein relates in his book exactly the same thing. You wonder why after 2 years of the Syrian Civil War, Obama is now waffling on arming the rebels? Hell, it takes this guy an hour in the morning to decide what tie he’s going to wear.

His wife isn’t a lot of help, either. Michelle Obama sees herself as a grand diva awaiting her grand entrance at a concert, while she sees her husband….just the guy who holds down the highest elected office in the world, as a roadie in the warm up band. And you wonder why Bobo is the way he is?

Bobo’s biggest problem though is Valerie Jarrett. Oh, she gives him the stroking he needs and helps play the role that Obama’s mother abandoned several years ago. But she’s just as bad of a leader as Obama is. She’s extremely jealous of who gets in to see the president and for how long, and she always makes sure she has the last word with him on any topic. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad normally. Every president has had an advisor that they’re close to. But Jarrett has no experience in any of this stuff what-so-ever. And, I’ve never heard of another advisor that actually moved into the White House, and dines with the first couple every night! There’s something a little strange about that. Jarrett apparently plays Michelle off of Bobo, and vice versa so that when they fight (which is a lot more often than I think anyone had guessed), she’s the one that plays patch-up artist with both of them. How convenient!

My God. This is worse than the soap opera my wife watches every day. Obama is painted as this egotistical, maniacal, fanatical socialist that can’t wait to throw the traditional American government to the wolves by any means possible, yet the way Klein describes him, you’d think he was a five year old kid looking for a hug from mommy.

And when you get to Hillary and Bill Clinton’s role in the book, you understand that they’re worse off psychologically than Obama is. I can get the fact he’s searching for acceptance. Hillary’s living in a fantasy world, thinking that “The Clinton Brand” is invincible and unbeatable in 2016. She’s got her inauguration speech written already! I’m sure she’s got her cabinet picked and the first hundred days laid out. And Bill is placating her, by telling the world she could be the most experienced presidential candidate in history? Yup! What experience Bill? She’s done nothing in the executive ranks. She failed miserably at State Department. She failed miserably at HillaryCare. She failed as a lawyer. Hell, she even got fired for lying when she sat on a Congressman’s staff back when she was fresh out of school, working on Richard Nixon’s Watergate trial. She’s unscrupulous, incredibly poor with judgment, an extremely egotistical bitch, and a terrible politician with no passion for the job. It would take an army of Vienna trained psychologists years to wade through her issues.

All I can say is, 2016 is going to be really fun to watch. I’d especially like it if Michelle Obama decided to throw her hat into the ring and run against Hillary! Now THAT would be a real hoot! Can you imagine the cat fight that would create?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

If You Don’t Like What I’m Doing…Get Something Done!

BARACK OBAMA: You notice that he (John Boehner) didn’t specifically say what exactly he was objecting to. I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something while they’re doing nothing.

And that is Barack Obama’s excuse for abusing his power. After getting a 9-0 slap down by the Supreme Court yesterday….including not one, but TWO of his own appointees…Obama still is delusional enough to think that he’s “got do something” if Congress doesn’t act.

The problem is, Congress HAS acted. As of this morning, there are 290 bills sitting in the United States Senate. They’ve been passed by the House. All they need is an up or down vote and if it’s passed, send it on to Bobo for his signature. What’s the hold up? Can’t be the GOP led House, because they’ve already passed the friggin’ bills. Gotta be that dinosaur Harry Reid. Reid doesn’t like the bills, because they are too conservative for his pea-sized brain. So, he sits on the bills. And meanwhile, Obama, knowing full well what the hold up is on the bills, decides to chide the Republicans for not doing anything. How many bills has the Senate passed this session? Sixteen. Sixteen stinking laws. And a quarter of them had to do with the budget and the debt limit. So there have been 306 bills presented to Harry Reid, and he’s acted on 5.2% of them. And that’s the reason for Bobo’s insistence of violating the constitution?

Meanwhile, let’s look at our Great Decision Maker. How long has it take him to decide on the Keystone XL Pipeline? And of course, now, he’s throwing it to the next president to decide. How long did it take him to decide on what to do in Egypt? In Syria? In Afghanistan? How long did it take him to even RESPOND to the shoestring bomber on Christmas a few years back? Five days? How long did it take him to appoint an Ambassador-At-Large for International Religious Freedom? Don’t know? That’s because he hasn’t. Answer is 5 1/2 years and counting. And he’s in a hurry to get things done? Hey, Bobo…seems to me you’ve got plenty on your plate to decide on. The problem is, you don’t make decisions. It took you weeks to fire Eric Shinsecki from his post at VA. It took you over four years go get rid of Kathleen Sebelius at HHS. And you’re asking CONGRESS to get moving? WAKE UP Dude. Time to take a look at your in-box!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Supreme Court: “Obama Violated His Powers”. What Else Is New?

It’s a rare occurrence when the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) hands down a 9-0 decision. That said, it underscores the audacity of the Obama Administration’s decision to try appointing through “recess appointments” three members of the National Labor Relations Board. The high court squashed Obama’s use of recess appointments in that case because, technically, the Senate was in session.

I think this is a pre-cursor of things to come for Bobo. There are more cases before the court dealing with Obama’s use of Executive Orders, and I have this sneaking suspicion that he’s going to get tagged in at least one of them. Now, as with the NLRB case, the people that were put on the board illegally, apparently don’t have to come off, and it leaves in question whether or not any decisions they made will stand. But, if the decisions are rescinded, then think about this for a minute. What happens if Bobo gets slapped for abuse of power by the court with his executive orders for changing the Obamacare law? What about enacting the Dream Act illegally? And all of the other things he’s changed or written to suit his needs?  Wouldn’t it be interesting if SCOTUS decided that Obamacare was now unconstitutional because the changes made to it weren’t passed by congress? Same for immigration?

I don’t have any proof for this next statement, it’s purely my opinion, and not backed up anywhere other than common sense. But I have the feeling this court is getting a little tired of Obama’s “little crybaby antics”. He’s about ready to lose the Senate. When that happens, because of Harry Reid’s nuclear option, Obama is done with any appointments during his term. The GOP won’t allow any of them through. It used to be you needed 60 votes to get an appointment through. Reid unilaterally changed that. And if the GOP can take the Senate in November, it will most certainly come back to bite Reid in the ass.

There is so much talk in DC brewing about Obama’s abuse of powers when it comes to domestic matters, the “I” word has been bandied about. Personally, I wouldn’t go there. Let him be the ass he’s become for the remainder of his term. He’s already solidified the position of “worst president in history”…so I say let him serve out his term. Funny thing is, Obama doesn’t abuse his powers when it comes to foreign matters. He WANTS congress to be involved. Look at the debacle in Syria. He was waiting for congress to do something about it. But when it’s something domestic, like Obamacare or Immigration? He’s chomping at the bit to take control. This is a one trick pony who played his trick a long time ago. What we’re witnessing is someone that can’t make an executive decision because they’re not an executive. Let’s just hope we learned our lesson from the last two terms, and don’t make the same mistake again… the “front runner” on the Dem side has no executive experience either.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!