Obama’s Long-Term Legacy?

You might think that Barack Obama’s long-term legacy would be Obamacare, and that it probably wouldn’t be that great of a legacy. Actually, I’d beg to differ with you. I don’t think Obamacare is going to get out of this decade. Oh sure…it’ll make it to 2017, when Bobo leaves the White House, but I really can’t see it lasting much past that. The reason is simple. It costs too much. It doesn’t deliver what everyone was told it would deliver, and it’s unsustainable. Once we get down the road, everyone will look at the old insurance plans as “the good ol’ days”. Nope, Obamacare isn’t going to be his legacy.

His total disregard for the constitution and following the law will be. Obama has been slapped around 13 times by the US Supreme Court on 9-0 votes for over-reaching his powers. It hasn’t stopped him from trying it again and again. He’s going to be sued by the House for over-reaching and it will end up in the Supreme Court. Maybe not soon enough to matter, but it’ll end up there. I see Obama’s total disregard for the constitution as his undying legacy. Unfortunately for his party, it’ll probably bite them in the ass.

It’s not the first time that a president has disregarded the constitution…or written their own laws, or not worked well with congress. Andrew Johnson went against congress quite a bit during his term. Of course, it ended up not turning out well as he became the first president impeached. He escaped conviction by one vote. And Teddy Roosevelt may very well be Obama’s hero. TR, a Republican, issued over 1,000 executive orders because he refused to work with congress. It’s been done before, and it will probably be done again. It’s just we really haven’t seen this much abuse of power since Roosevelt’s days, which ushered in the “progressive” movement that lasted through Wilson’s term.

We’re in a very interesting age of our democracy. There have been times when congress couldn’t get anything done. There have been times when congress wouldn’t work with the president, but we’ve basically since Warren G. Harding, been in an era where congress and the president have respected each other and worked together for the most part. That hasn’t been the way this president chose to work. From the minute he lost control of the House in 2010, Obama decided to ignore congress. Again, it’s been done before, and yes, it’s an over-reach of his powers, and he probably will be slapped on the wrist for it, but you can’t point to other presidents that have done it. Where the Democrats are going to go into a tizzy and bitch before anybody holding anything that looks remotely like a camera is when the Republicans try the same outlandish stuff the Dems have been pulling.

What do you think the Democrats reaction is going to be next year if the GOP takes over the Senate and decides to keep the necessary vote total to approve a presidential nominee at 50 votes plus one? Do you think Harry Reid is going to say, “Well, we did it, it’s only fair they do it?” Nope. He’s going to be hanging from the dome of the Capitol screaming from the top of his lungs how unfair and undemocratic this is. Forget that he was the guy that proposed it in the first place! And do you think that the Dems are going to go along with it if say, in 2018, after a Republican gets elected president, the Dems take back the House, and the president decides not to work with congress…do you think they’re going to idly sit by and not say a word? Nancy Pelosi will be having a baby up there crying and screaming so much. It’s what the Dems do. They love to bitch. They’re fun to watch because they feign disgust and horror better than anyone I’ve seen before. They must teach a class in it in their candidates’ school because they’re all really good at it.

No, Obama’s long-term legacy isn’t going to be healthcare. It’s not going to be the fact he was a very poor leader on domestic issues. It’s not going to be the fact he didn’t lead at all on foreign policy issues. It’s going to be that he’s set the precedent that we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. A president that doesn’t have to work with congress to get things done. A president that can issue executive orders and totally ignore the constitution, implementing laws he writes through executive orders, ignoring parts of laws he doesn’t like by telling his AG not to enforce them, and not addressing congress at all unless he has to (which technically he doesn’t at all…he doesn’t HAVE to give an oral State of the Union speech. He can send it up to the Congress in written form). It will be fun to see if this is his legacy. If it is…remember…you heard it here first!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


George Will Is Flat Out WRONG About Border Crisis

So, I’m watching Fox News Sunday this past weekend. Call me strange, but I enjoy those panels. I like Krauthammer, and I like Steve Hayes. I even think Kirsten Powers is cute (though she needs a tweek in her ideology). But I think George Will got it totally wrong this week. Oh, it brought tears to the eyes of America, but George, you blew it. Sorry.

They were talking about the border crisis. Will says with over 3,000 counties in America, it comes out to each county taking 20 kids to take care of the 60,000 kids from Central America illegally. Here’s where he gets it wrong. George, you are missing the last word of the sentence….ILLEGALLY. You don’t reward people for breaking the law. That’s exactly why you don’t grant amnesty to illegal aliens. I don’t care if they are “refugees”, which by the way, Brit Hume so rightly pointed out, these kids are NOT refugees according to the 2008 Wilberforce Law that everyone is citing these days. That law had to do with smuggling kids into the US for an illegal sex trade. This has nothing to do with that. These people do not qualify as “refugees” by the definition of the word. Sorry. Doesn’t hold water.

No, George was way off base in wanting to keep these kids. I understand they’ve gone through hardship. I understand it’s not fun living in a country where the drug lords run everything and your government is scared of the cartels. No, I’ve never been threatened with my life on the line in a situation like that, and yes, I do feel for those kids in that regard. But, it doesn’t make it right. It’s illegal. It’s wrong. There are ways to deal with it and letting them stay in this country is not the way to deal with it. You send the message to these mules and coyotes by sending the kids back to where they came from. When the parents that spent upwards of $10,000 each to send these kids across to the US realize they’ve wasted their money on nothing, they won’t be so quick to do it again. THAT is how you send a message. THAT is how you stem the tide in this thing.

You don’t solve immigration problems by letting everyone in the world in. We tried that with the Mariel Boat Lifts from Cuba, remember?  Didn’t work. All we got were criminals and thieves. And it’s not going to work in this case either. Yes, we need immigration reform, but we need a secure border. We need to send the message to these people that are coming across our border illegally that there are going to be consequences for them coming here without going through the proper channels. And those consequences have to be worse than the situations they left in their country. You have to tighten the border to stop people from coming in illegally. You have to make it extremely risky for them if they attempt it. You have to make sure they understand that the punishment for coming across illegally isn’t amnesty somewhere up the road. It’s long and arduous work on chain gangs…living in the desert in tents in a barbed wire city, while you build roads or pick up garbage. And then after serving a sentence, you’re sent back with the threat of a harsher sentence if you ever return. You let these people know that if they don’t come across using proper channels, they’ll never, ever become citizens of this country. They may sneak in time and time again, but they’ll be jailed for longer and longer periods in worse and worse conditions. In the end they’ll get the message. If you allow illegal aliens to come across and live a much better life than what they left, they are never going to get that message.

I know. It sounds cruel. But look what they do down there if you come into their country illegally. There’s no amnesty. There’s jail. In a dirty, rat-infested cell with crap for food. You want to solve the border crisis? Don’t listen to George Will. He’s way off base on this one. Listen to Joe Arpaio instead. He’ll set you straight.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

John Kerry’s Major Bungle In The Desert

It’s a play on Jethro Tull, ok? Bungle in the Jungle? If you aren’t aware of it, I suggest you go to youtube and enter it in the search. Nice song. Anyway, John Kerry spent this past weekend in the middle east pissing off everybody he could. He went to Egypt and pissed off the Egyptians. Then he went and talked to representatives from Qatar and didn’t really piss them off. Then he went to Hamas and kinda pissed them off. Then he went to Israel and REALLY pissed them off.

Here’s a guy that we can only get down on our knees and thank God that he lost to George W. Bush in 2004 for the presidency! He is such an incompetent when it comes to negotiations and interpretations of what differing sides are telling you, that we probably would have been in World War III by this time had Kerry been in charge. I can’t think of a worse choice than Barack Obama for president….but John Kerry could have taken over the bottom spot. And he comes back to this country all hauty like he did nothing wrong? Really?

John…here’s what you did wrong. You talked to the guys from Qatar and Turkey and found out what they wanted. You went to Hamas and found out what would be their ideal solution to the whole crisis if they could wave the magic wand. Then you took that ideal solution to Israel and presented it to them as if you were some damn attorney looking to settle a law suit. Israel, took one look at it and voted 19-0 to reject it. Now, understand John, Israel NEVER votes 19-0 on anything. They don’t vote 19-0 on if the sun is going to rise in the east tomorrow morning. That’s how off-base your proposal is.

Yes, the rest of the world is coming to the aid of poor, little ol’ Hamas. Yes, the United Nations is getting ready to slap Israel with a resolution for invading those nice people in Gaza. But no, John. You’re not on the right side on this one. In fact, John, you haven’t been on the right side of foreign policy as long as I can remember. Can we go back to when you got home from Vietnam (did I ever mention John Kerry served in Vietnam???)? Remember, you were such a coward that you “fought” over there, then came home and threw your medals over the White House fence (maybe that’s why he wanted to become president…so he could get them back?). Remember you testifying before congress of how bad it was over there, and how wrong we were for being there? Remember how un-American you were, John? You haven’t changed.

Israel is our friend, John. You don’t piss on your friend and tell them that you’re washing their feet. They know the difference. You were in such a hurry to get a cease fire in Gaza that went about this the entire wrong way. Why did you go to Hamas? They’re terrorists, and frankly, Israel isn’t going to negotiate with them for anything. No…what you should have done John is go through the Palestinian Authority. See, they are a lot more moderate. Israel has a history of talking with them. And they could have taken the proposal to Hamas, while you went to Israel with it. But you had to be the hero. And now you’re the goat.

I’m amazed, that sitting out here in the western part of our country, 2,360 miles from the White House, I can know this stuff and the Secretary of State…the guy that’s supposed to be on the ball when it comes to foreign policy, doesn’t have a clue with whom to talk to in this situation? Really? Is he that out of touch. I’m not THAT smart. I’m sure there are thousands of people that could have told Kerry the same thing. Even some in the Obama administration. So why didn’t Kerry listen? Because Kerry has a problem with authority. He’s got to be able to go out and do things himself, rules and regulations, and protocol be damned! To make this deal, Kerry turned to the two countries that support Hamas. He was so hell-bent on getting a quick deal so he could take a bow and look good to his boss, that he screwed the pooch. Hell, he couldn’t have done a worse job if he’d sent Marie Harf to do the negotiating for him…and she’s pretty much worthless.

There isn’t an easy solution to this problem. These people have been warring for a long time. No rich kid from Boston is going to stop this war. No community organizer from Chicago has the hutzpah to step in and get the job done. This takes leadership, brains, a total understanding of the area and the geo-political history involved. Unfortunately, no one in this administration (past or present) has that experience of knowledge. And the beat goes on…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How Washington Can Save A Boatload Of Money

When people talk about saving money in DC, it usually involves cutting programs. I think they’ve got it backwards. Of course we’ve got a bloated bureaucracy in our federal government that can be pared quite a bit. And of course, we’ve got tons of programs in our federal government that are wasteful boondoggles that don’t do what they were intended to do and should be killed. Hell, we could probably save a trillion a year just in that. And yes, we’ve got problems with Social Security going broke, and Medicare going broke because Democrats promised way too much to the American people without figuring out how anything needed to get paid. But in all fairness, let’s save a LOT of money. It’d be relatively cheap to set up, it’d be easier on our elected officials, and it would be something the rest of the world can learn from.

Let’s take the elected government out of Washington, DC. Now, think about it for a minute. I was online doing a panel discussion the other night. There were fifteen of us online and we could see everybody if we wanted to, or we could zoom in on just the person talking at that particular point in time. It was terrific quality, we didn’t have a problem with it at all, and it allowed all fifteen of us to participate in a national discussion going on. For a couple of hours, we got to know what people in other parts of the country were feeling about various issues, and it worked. So, it got me to thinking. Why not run the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch, the same way we’re running this meeting? If you can get fifteen people on, why not 434? Why not the Senate? Why not all nine justices of the Supreme Court? Think of it! Now, because of the internet, you could be sitting at home in your underwear and vote on all of the bills in Congress! No more flying back and forth to wherever the rep or senator is from. No more needing two houses, two offices, two staffs, two of everything. One staff, one office, one location. If you represent Las Vegas, you’re in Las Vegas, close to your constituents. If you’re in Bar Harbor, Maine, that’s where you hold court from.

Let’s face it. Congress takes a lot of breaks as it is. Hell, they’re going to shut down for the entire month of August at the end of this week. What if we had to cram everything they were going to do into four day weeks, four hours a day, for four months a year. You can spread the months out, and make it one month a quarter, that would be fine. Nothing gets done in government unless Congress is in session, and if there’s something really pressing, the president can call an emergency session to get everybody back together. But nobody has to leave their office, or their homes, or where ever they do their business from. Need to go to a committee meeting? Fine. Hold one on Go To Meeting. Have witnesses testify, depose other witnesses, etc. It can all be done on the internet. Oh sure….you could still get together in DC every two years if you wanted to swear in the new session of Congress, and the Supreme Court could still hold sway the first Monday in October if it wanted. But now you’ve got options. And think of the money you’d save!

So, what do you do with the Capitol, the Supreme Court Building and the White House? Same thing you’re doing with them now. Open them up to tourists. Make DC a huge historical tourist destination. Hell, there are four million busses going through there filled with school kids every day of the week anyway. And you’re still keeping the bureaucracy there. You’re just moving the actual government out. Hotels would be cheaper, flights in and out of Reagan and Dulles would be cheaper. Train tickets on Amtrak would be cheaper. And it wouldn’t be so crowded. Where’s the downside?

Oh, I’m sure, that visiting heads of state would rather be shown a great time in DC with all the trappings than say, go to Bobo’s place in Chicago, or George W.’s ranch in Crawford, TX. But you get the idea. It’s there when you need to go back to DC to entertain the dignitaries. I mean, Air Force One gets used almost every day now anyway.

I know where I am, we vote online. Not in national elections, but for our local stuff. And it works just fine. I can help elect a new board sitting in my den. I never have to leave my house. That way, we wouldn’t have to pay the congressmen and senators so much. Or the president. Or the Supreme Court. And I’ve noticed one other thing…when you work from home you a) get a lot more done, and b) work longer hours. Maybe this will be more efficient. Schedule congress to meet from 9am-12n and from 2pm-5pm four days a week, and on the fifth day you can schedule committee hearings. Close to the people that elected you, no travel involved, all done in your office or den. Who wouldn’t love that? I know… the lobbyists. That’s the other reason to do it. Make the lobbyists travel to 534 different sites to meet with their targets. That makes it worth it right there!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obama & Kerry Huge Fails in Israel/Gaza Conflict

Look, I can respect the fact that Barack Obama and John “I Served In Vietnam” Kerry are trying to find a solution to a problem that’s older than the hills. They’re trying to end an Arab/Israeli struggle that’s been going on since Israel was founded in 1948. I get that. It’s not easy. But for cryin’ out loud people, you gotta realize that when you fail, you shrug your shoulders and let these guys battle it out. You’re not going to find a solution. Nobody has.

And therein lies the crux of the problem. Obama is so desperate to be seen as worthy in the eyes of the world, as is Kerry, that both are grasping at any straw they can to try and bring a peace to the Middle East, regardless how long-lasting it is. Both are so determined to show the world that they are serious leaders, when the world gave up on both of them a long time ago. And both are making stupid arguments now that just aren’t helping their cases at all.

Obama called Benjamin Netanyahu the other day and told him that he should embrace an “immediate, unconditional humanitarian cease-fire”. Netanyahu, speaking on Fox News Sunday’s show with Chris Wallace basically said that wasn’t going to happen. He said, “Hamas is a terrorist group. They proposed the last cease fire, and they didn’t even follow that. How can we trust them when they don’t even follow their own cease fire proposals?”

What Obama and Kerry don’t get is that Israel has taken over 2,500 rocket attacks from Hamas since this thing started over three weeks ago. And Israel has a history of responding in kind. If you’re going to send rockets into my country to kill my people (civilians), I’m going to come into your country and make it safe for my people by killing the people that are trying to harm us. So, what’s wrong with that? And the fact that Hamas is hiding their rocket batteries in schools, and mosques, and in peoples’ homes and then using them all as human shields, which by the way, is a violation of international law, is preposterous. You don’t set up your own population to be killed, and then complain when they are. Sorry. Doesn’t hold any mustard on the hot dog.

No, Kerry and Obama need to realize that this is an argument much larger than them. They aren’t going to be able to do anything to solve the problem, because they don’t understand the problem. Hamas wants the destruction of Israel and will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Israel would like to hang around for a while longer, as I think most of us would. They’re going to defend themselves. They have a right to defend themselves. Just as we did after 9/11. I say you let Egypt try and broker a peace on this one if they want to, sit back (like we’ve been doing for the last six years), and look at solving the border crisis. Either that, or you could call Hillary Clinton to see if she has one of those “reset” buttons she gave the Russians a while back. Have her go over to Gaza and give one to Hamas and then go and give one to Bebe Netanyahu. That might work. Oh. Wait. Bad idea. It didn’t work in Russia did it? But wait….didn’t Hillary said this past week that it DID work? Hmmm….now I’m confused!

Either way, there isn’t enough smarts, and enough leadership in this administration to solve this problem. Don’t even waste the jet fuel trying. John Kerry couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag, and Bobo is worried about the mid-terms. They don’t have their head in the game, and probably have already written off the last two and a half years of this presidency. So, why even bother trying to tackle something in the Middle East. I mean, if you’re a failing student, do you sign up for Calculus or Basic Math? Why tackle the tough problems, when you can’t handle the simple ones? It’s time these guys at least made an effort to understand that they aren’t players on the world stage, they’re in way over their heads, and while the rest of America feels we have something left to contribute to the world, we’re all in the mode of trying to run out the clock on these fools.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What’s Behind Obama’s Call For Impeachment?

It’s one thing when you’re screwing up as president, or you’re embroiled in a huge scandal and your opponents are throwing out the dreaded “I” word. It’s quite another thing when you send out a top advisor to do the same thing. About you. That’s what Bobo Obama, the world’s second most favorite clown did when he sent lapdog Dan Pfeiffer out to warn that when Obama gets done with his executive orders on immigration this summer, the GOP will be demanding his impeachment. I detailed that in a separate blog today….go ahead and read it, then come back. I’ll wait.

OK…so what in hell is Obama trying to do? We know one thing. It’s all about politics. That’s why this guy can’t seem to get it together. It’s all about politics, and he’s losing badly. He has lost all of his credability. He’s lied to the American people, and we don’t believe him anymore. He’s lied to Congress and they don’t want anything to do with him. What should be a busy summer of campaigning for at least six senators that are in for the fight of their political lives, has turned into Bobo playing a lot of golf. A lot of golf. I play 200 rounds of golf a year, and I think he’s closing in on me.

So why is he doing this Impeachment thing? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that is gins up the Democratic base for the mid-terms. It’s an election when Dems aren’t particularly excited about going to the polls. Part of that is because they’ve lost faith in the guy that promised hope and change and lower ocean levels. He was going to walk on water by now. And of course, they’re ennthusiasm for their Senator isn’t very strong. Congress is only pulling 13% approval ratings. Slightly lower than Bobo’s. So, he’s gotta do something to get his people excited and he doesn’t have much time left. Saying that the GOP are going to take over the Senate and then impeach him might excite a few people. Probably not enough to make a difference, but Bobo is doubling down again. he’s going to keep going until he gets told by the Supreme Court to stop, or until he is allowed to leave DC.

See, while I think this IS a political ploy, I don’t think Bobo would be all that upset if he got impeached and convicted. It would mean that he could leave DC and start his next life. He’s too young to sit on the front porch in a rocking chair. He’s not smart enough, or in enough demand to go on the lecture circuit like Clinton did. He’s not as publicly minded as Jimmy Carter who had to manufacture a legacy away from the White House. There’s not a lot of options for him. He could be like George HW Bush, and his son George W. and just lay low for a while. Play a lot of golf, and shoot baskets. That’d probably suit Obama very nicely. Because he doesn’t have the guts to make his legacy outside the White House. And he sure as hell doesn’t have the ability to create a different legacy in the short time he has left.

Many presidents, starting with John Adams, have hated being in the White House. But they all served out their terms. Those that didn’t enjoy being president were grateful that they served, and were done with public service. I think Bobo may be looking for any way out. Somehow, I think he’d accept impreachment if it meant he could move to California or Hawaii, or someplace where the sunshines, and he can golf every day. I don’t think this time it’s just about ginning up the base. But that’s a side benefit. I think Obama has checked out. He has been laughed at by every world leader out there. He has no guts, he has no leadership skills. And every single move he makes draws the ire of the American public. They haven’t said he’s done something right this entire second term. He should just resign and let Biden take over…but that would hurt the country. It WOULD make Obama look better, having Biden following him. And I think that’s the only way he’s going to get away with escaping being something other than the worst president in history. If that even matters to him anymore.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How To REALLY End The Conflicts In Gaza & Ukraine

There are three basic rules of thought when it comes to engaging in battle and how to get out of it (better known as an “exit strategy”). The first is you make the other guy put the white flag up and say “No mas!”. That’s the preferred way because when you defeat the other guy, and he gives up, there’s no doubt as to who has won. The second way, we’ll call the “Nixon Strategy” since it was first done by Richard Nixon in Vietnam, and it was also done by George W. Bush in Iraq, and Bobo Obama in Iraq and Afghanistan. That strategy says you say to the other guy, “we’ve defeated you enough for one war”, and you go home. the final way is what the French are particularly good at. You wave the white flag yourself signaling that you’re done with the war and you’re unequivocally going home.

Obviously, in war, the first scenario is the best. But we as Americans forget that. We like to think the world will think better of us in the future if we allow them to save face and fight another day. The problem is, they usually do. So, Israel and Ukraine are sides we’re backing in these skirmishes going on in the Middle East and in the Balkans.  And of course John “I Served In Vietnam” Kerry, our much maligned and totally out of his league Secretary of State thinks that the world can be a peaceful place by just talking if everyone would just stop shooting at each other (which hasn’t worked more than 4% of the time in world history).  I mean, who wants to go to war? Not us. We’ve been at war with al Qaeda and all of the Islamic fundamentalists for 13 years now. And we’re going to continue to be at war with them, because we’ve opted to follow the Nixon Strategy when it comes to war.

The Israelis understand how to win a war. They’ve done a very good job at winning wars in their 66 year lifespan. And they don’t take crap from anybody. In fact, if I had a nation and needed an ally, I’d turn to the Israeli’s first. They understand what it’s going to take in Gaza to win. It’s the same thing that’s going to take for Ukraine to win. Israel needs to go into Gaza and beat them bloody until the leaders wave the white flag and surrender. And Ukraine needs to do the same thing to both Russia, and the Russian Separatists that are fighting in the eastern part of that country. You either commit to waging the war, or you don’t get involved.

History is full of examples of countries that decided to stick their big toe into the water, but failed to fully commit to war. And it never ends well. They always lose. Like the Nixon Strategy, which he called “Peace With Honor”, it’s a fallacy. You go into the war, then you beat the living crap out of the other side until you have nothing left of them or until they give in, and then you extract your pound of flesh. Sound severe? Sound harsh? What do you think sending young men (and women) to get killed and getting their limbs blown off is? To send people to die without a) knowing WHY you’re fighting in the first place b) going there to friggin’ win the damn thing, and c) giving it everything you’ve got does a total disservice to your armed services and the people that are putting their lives on the line for you (are you listening Bobo?).

For Israel to win in Gaza, the answer is simple. You keep your ground troops there. You escalate the fighting until Hamas gives us and is destroyed. Then you take half of the territory and raze it to the ground. That becomes your buffer zone, your own little DMZ if you will. And you don’t listen to people like Bobo Obama and John Kerry who don’t have a clue how to prosecute a war.

Ukraine has a much harder job ahead of it. Russia is infinitely larger, much better armed, and could sweep in and take over the country (and probably will) in days, not weeks or months that this thing has gone on. They need the help of their neighbors and allies. And it’s not coming any time soon. Europe is too wimpy to get involved in a war with Russia…and besides, with all the trading going on between Russia and Europe, they’re not about to turn their back on that. The US has been involved in 13 years of war, and we’re tired of conflict, and we’re not prosecuting wars the right way anymore. It makes no sense for us to even send advisors in there because all they’re going to do is get over run and killed. No, what Ukraine has to do is come up with a strategy where they defeat the Russian Separatists without getting Russia any more involved. They’re making headway, as long as Putin stays out of it. If Russia gets involved more than they are, there’s nothing Ukraine can do really.

And here’s a note to Obama. No commander in chief in the United States has ever had a successful presidency once they’ve made the decision to turn tail and run. You have to learn one thing. As Rush Limbaugh has made abundantly clear on his radio show, the purpose of an army is to kill people and break things. When you get that through your thick skull, and decide that sometimes you’ve got to stand up to bullies and thugs, then and only then will you become a man. Until then, you’re nothing but the ball-less wonder the world thinks you are. I’m not saying this whole thing in Iraq and Afghanistan has been Obama’s fault. He inherited the war. And I’m not saying Bush wasn’t right in going into Afghanistan. Iraq is a different story altogether. I think he did that to pay back daddy and finish the job George HW Bush started in the 90’s. But Obama inherited the war, and it was his job to end it. He chose the wrong way to do it. You win the war by eliminating your competition. Even in a country where attacking armies have failed for centuries. And we just haven’t done that. They’re living to fight another day, because we have a wimp as president.

Carry On World…you’re dismissed!