Even Obama’s Staff Has To Cover For His Lack Of Leadership

We’ve all probably worked for a boss that was, well, somewhat incompetent. Somebody that may have been nice, or hell, they may have been an ass. But we covered for their inability to do their job for whatever reason. Seems that five and 3/4 years into an Obama presidency, that’s exactly what is happening inside the Obama White House.

Josh Earnest, the president’s press secretary has been really busy ever since the president addressed the media in the briefing room the other day. That was when Bobo said “we don’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIS in Syria yet”. And of course, every single member of every single media on the planet jumped on that. Earnest has spent the last three days backtracking, re-wording, re-thinking, and trying to explain to the media exactly what Bobo meant. And it wasn’t that we don’t have a strategy. Of course we do. It’s that Bobo just hasn’t made a decision as to what to do yet.

Remember…we’re dealing with one of the few presidents in US history that has a problem reaching a decision. That’s usually a problem left for underlings. Bobo however, is a breed apart. He can’t make up his mind what he wants to do when it comes to anything to do with the foreign policy part of his work. Hell, he can’t make a decision about Keystone XL Pipeline, he can’t make a firm decision about Obamacare, he can’t make a decision about what to do about the immigration problem (other than  make all illegal aliens legal). He just has a problem because he has very poor leadership skills. Always has. But then again, they don’t ask for proof that you can actually make decisions when you get into presidential debates. That’s something people usually take for granted. Maybe we need to start asking for proof from now on.

Another thing that Bobo has had a problem with is campaigning. He likes to leave Washington, and fly around on Air Force One. Who wouldn’t? But the problem is, the staff at the White House has to be very careful not to schedule anything in any red state (that’s a state where the GOP outnumbers the Democrats), or a state where you’ve got a Democratic US Senator running for re-election in a red state. That would be states like North Carolina, Arkansas, Alaska, New Orleans, Colorado, and West Virginia. Of course you can also eliminate Montana, Georgia, Kentucky, and South Carolina to the list as well, as those senate races are leaning the GOP’s way…and the incumbants don’t want Bobo screwing up their campaign.

I have to actually admire a staff that is so loyal to an incompetant boss that they would spend six years trying to make good on all of the screw ups. These guys have really earned their money. And it shows! More staffers have left the White House in the last 5 1/2 years than any other 5 1/2 year term in history! That means people are tired of trying to save a sinking ship. The only real question left to answer isn’t if Bobo will make it past this election cycle…that’s a sure thing. The question is, will any Democrat be able to right the ship in time for 2016?  Americans like to rotate their presidential parties ever two terms historically. Usually you have to be in a really good economic place to grant a third term. It has happened just once in 60 years. That’s when George H.W. Bush took over from Ronald Reagan. Oh…yeah, you had Lyndon Johnson serve out the remainder of Kennedy’s term, and then one more, but that was really only two terms. Three terms are a real rarity. And Hillary is going to have her hands full if she thinks she can win in 2016! There may not even be anything left to run for if we’re not careful.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Think Obama Has ANY Popularity Left?

Any president goes through cycles. Some days they’re hot, some days they’re not. And any president will tell you that if you watch the polls as a judge of how well you’re doing in office, you’re going to be driving yourself crazy. Having said that, there IS something that can be measured about a president’s popularity over time. And of course, as we’ve all learned with presidents like Harry Truman who was wildly unpopular when he left office, it doesn’t mean that history will judge you that way.

So, when Gallup comes out with their annual (actually it’s more than annual…it’s like constant) poll on Bobo’s job approval ratings, but it’s snapshots of 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2014, you can get a picture as to how he’s doing with the American public over time. What I find interesting about this poll and the results is, you can see the public trust in him just die away as time goes on. He’s been the most disappointing president in history, even among his own party!

With that in mind, let’s look at the numbers, shall we? In 2009, 32% of all people “strongly approved” of his job, while another 23% “approved”. 11% “disapproved”, and 30% strongly disapproved. A year later, in 2010, 27% strongly approved, 21% approved, 14% disapproved, and 34% strongly disapproved, making him almost as unpopular as he was popular in job approval. Move ahead another year, 26% strongly approved, 15% approved, 15% disapproved, and 34% strongly disapproved, relatively unchanged from 2010. Move ahead 4 years. We’ve heard the healthcare lies, the “lines in the sand” over Syria, Benghazi has taken place. And he’s been re-elected. Today 17% strongly approve, 27% approve, 14% disapprove, and 39% strongly disapprove. That’s 53% that think his job approval sucks.

Think it’s all the Republicans? Well, 90% of the GOP disapprove, with a whopping 75% strongly disapproving. But that’s not the clincher. You’d expect that. He’s gone from 9% disapproval with Democrats in 2009 to 20% disapproval today. Strongly approved among those identifying themselves as Democrats went from 65% in 2009 to 38% today. That number has been cut almost in half!

You think this guy could get elected dog catcher somewhere? He certainly couldn’t get elected president again, even if it was legal (which obviously wouldn’t stop him from trying!). My point is, that Obama started out his presidency with the “Hope and Change” he talked about in 2008. And a year into his administration, he still had it. That was WITH the passage of Obamacare by the way. The luster hadn’t worn off yet. But slowly over time, and certainly in the last year or so, he’s seen the gild come off the rose. Now, he’s trying to figure an exit strategy for himself. It’s been rumored among his staff that he actually hoped congress WOULD impeach him and he would be convicted so he could leave the presidency 2 years early.  Well, that’s not going to happen.

The GOP isn’t going to fall for the bait this time. Fool me once, shame on me….you know, that sort of thing. Actually the GOP wants him in the White House so they can basically tie Hillary to his administration if she runs in 2016. Just like they’re doing in 2014 with the senate races. If you can run against a guy everybody hates, you’re going to win more times than not. And trust me, even dyed in the wool Dems don’t like this guy. He’s out fundraising to beat the band, but he’s not out there campaigning for Democrats in red states trying to win re-election. Or even win elections! The guy running for senate in South Dakota on the Dems’ side has even called the White House and said, “Don’t send Obama to South Dakota. I don’t want him here, I don’t need him here”. Of course, to the guys’ credit, Harry Reid has even written the guy off. And he’s happy about that. He’s down 20 points in the polls. He doesn’t need either Obama or Reid to give him the kiss of death.

No, I’m afraid this Hope & Change ride is almost over. Oh, Bobo will still have some tricks up his sleeve. He’ll goad the GOP into shutting down the government (which they won’t), or to impeach him (which they won’t). Not that they shouldn’t, but they won’t. They’ll let him remain as unpopular as hell and ride that to victory in two years….just like they’re going to ride it to victory in two months!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obama’s New Twist On Climate Change…Still Illegal…Still Won’t Work

I have to laugh at the climate change terrorists. If you’re one of them, excuse me, but you’re a fool. Is the climate changing? What the hell do you think the definition of “climate” is? Yes. It changes. Don’t forget how we got to calling it “climate change” in the first place. They used to call it “global warming”. Only something interesting happened. The earth started cooling, and they figured that if they were going to continue to try and lie to the American people, they had to change the name and include every type of weather. So, if it’s too cold, or too warm, or it rains too much, or not enough, if there are hurricanes, if there aren’t hurricanes, if there are tornados, if there aren’t tornados, if the sun shines, if the sun doesn’t shine, it’s all because of climate change. The debate is over. The science is settled. Period. Another of Obama’s famous lies. Except is isn’t over, it isn’t settled, and there’s no period. Yes, there is climate change. That’s the definition of “climate”. But the question isn’t whether the climate is changing, it’s whether or not mankind is MAKING it change. The answer to that is an unequivocal NO! There is more damage done with one volcanic eruption than what mankind can do to hurt the climate in ten years. How do you explain the ice age? How do you explain the melting of the ice? It all happened long before Henry Ford started cranking out Model T’s in Detroit!

So, what’s a lying climate changer fan to do? After all, if you give up on this, the earth will be lost! We can’t be wrong, and even if we are wrong, we’re doing something good for the planet and that’s good for everybody. And in Obama’s case, we’ve got to get people thinking about something other than Obamacare, and ISIS, and Syria, and the middle east, and Ferguson, Missouri, and how big a failure he is. Anything to save the Senate. Because if the Democrats lose the US Senate, then all hope is lost. Armageddon starts. The skies will turn black, and fire and brimstone will rain down upon the land. The economy will turn south and grandmas will die for lack of healthcare, and babies will have food taken right out of their mouths by that evil Mitch McConnell! How DARE he?!

Actually, Obama has decided to get people talking about something other than his terrible performance in office, and how the Democrats actually are blowing chunks at campaigning and exciting the base this time around, Bobo has decided to do something about it. He’s going to get a few nations together and have an “agreement” about global warming….er….climate change. Now, it can’t be a full-blown treaty. Nothing like the Kyoto Accords that eco-terrorist Al Gore wanted back in the 90’s. Because we all know, that would have to get ratified by the US Senate, and there isn’t time to do that during this Senate, which means it would be laid over until next session, and the GOP would probably control it, so it would go down in flames. Hell…you need 2/3 vote (which is 67 votes for those of you that are “low information voters”) to ratify it. So, he doesn’t want to go through the trouble of selling it to the world, only to have his own Senate blow it up. That wouldn’t look good. But if it’s just “an agreement”, he doesn’t have to go to the Senate. He can make it happen then. There’s only one problem. If he does that, there are no teeth in the “agreement”. He basically has to arm twist any other nation into signing an agreement that isn’t a treaty and isn’t enforceable. It just looks nice. But that’s been his entire presidency, hasn’t it?

To get a real treaty passed requires congress. Actually the Senate. And even if he could get it through this year, he doesn’t have anywhere near 67 votes. I doubt he’d get 50 votes, and that’s with Biden chipping in. Because West Virginia, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alaska aren’t going to go along with it. That takes your 51 votes down to 47. Epic fail.

So, to bypass the Senate on the “treaty” idea, if it IS a treaty is illegal. To bypass the Senate and make it an agreement…has no teeth. To send a treaty to the Senate for ratification will only get you laughed at. Gee. What’s an eco-terrorist to do if he can’t save the world?

He can try doing his job. He can try listening to the facts and try to get the middle east tensions from over-boil to a low simmer. That’d be nice. He can try to stop lying to the American people about everything he’s been talking about. Because he has not a shred of credibility left in him. Not one. Big ears are flapping in the breeze, and nobody’s listening.

And you world…can carry on…you’re dismissed!

Rand Paul: Hillary To Blame For ISIS

Well, you gotta admit…it’s a new spin on things. Rand Paul is certainly not viewed as a leading authority on foreign policy, primarily because it’s his number one view that we stay the hell out of other countries’ business. But his theory is interesting, if not a little bit out in left field.

Hey, I wouldn’t mind if this thing got legs and ran for a year or so, damaging the Princess’ nomination hopes. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. Here’s what did happen. Rand Paul was on the Sunday Shows this past weekend, and he mentioned that he felt had Hillary Clinton not been such a hawk in Syria and Libya, ISIS wouldn’t have been able to get a toe hold there. He said that because we got rid of Saddam Hussein, Moammar Ghaddafi, and are trying to get rid of Bashar al Assad in Syria, we’ve created vacuums in those countries that had to be filled. And what they were filled with were worse than what was originally there. We gave no thought to that, we just wanted to eliminate Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad, and we figured anyone who replaces them is better than they were. And we were wrong. It was Hillary Clinton, according to Paul, that pushed so hard to get Ghaddafi and Assad eliminated. Of course, it was George W. Bush who got rid of Hussein.

Now, to follow Rand Paul’s argument, you’ve got to believe that a) these guys wouldn’t have been toppled by themselves or an internal force and b) that the force that ended up taking their place was the same force that ended up as ISIS. Both a) and b) are tough sells in my book. You just don’t know. All three dictators had been in power for a really long time and have withstood a lot of attempts on their power. Secondly, and more importantly, you have to buy the connection that the fall of Ghaddafi and Hussein was a direct cause of the rise of ISIS. While I’d like to believe that, I really think that’s a stretch.

al Qaeda was going to have to morph into some other group as it was. It had developed into such a cancerous term that it couldn’t stand on it’s own. So to think that a splinter group wouldn’t form and split off, and be more radical than al Qaeda was foolish. ISIS just happened to be that spinoff group, and frankly al Qaeda has been morphing for decades. al Qaeda itself is a morphed version of a terrorist group. So, while I think I follow Paul’s argument, I don’t see the logical connection between three leaders attempting to be taken down by the United States giving direct rise to ISIS. It just doesn’t stand to reason.

That said, I think that Hillary Clinton did indeed play a large roll in the world-wide tensions that are out there now, and she bears a great deal of responsibility for the state of the world. Remember, it was Hillary Clinton who pushed for and got the “Russian Re-set”. That turned out to be an abortion even Planned Parenthood would have been against. And the overthrow of Moammar Ghaddafi was again, a Hillary Clinton move… and had her fingerprints all over it. You could say, that it was that move that led directly to the Benghazi attack. I can’t believe that attack would have taken place if Ghaddafi were still in place. So, yes…that one also probably was Hillary’s fault. Syria was a place that Hillary pushed for more and stronger responses than what we saw. But she didn’t get them. Bobo Obama went his own way on it, so I don’t think you can blame the rise of ISIS directly on Hillary for that one. She was a lousy Secretary of State, but let’s not go overboard and blame her for stuff she couldn’t even accomplish! That’s just not fair.

End analysis is that Rand Paul isnt’ going to be the GOP nominee for president, so it really doesn’t matter what he says. His dad wasn’t ever going to be the GOP nominee either. Oh, he’ll attract a strong libertarian following. But some of the libertarian ideas involving drugs, abortion, and foreign affairs, just aren’t going to wash with this party. And the more Hillary gets close to running, the more she’s going to find herself in a boat load of manure. I think if she really and truly ends up running for president it’s because of two reasons. First, Bill has her convinced that it’ll be a cakewalk. And second, her ego won’t let her turn down the opportunity to run again. Whoa to be around her though if she loses the nomination like last time!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obama: “We Have No Strategy For ISIS”

We heard it from the president’s lips yesterday. It was a “read my lips” moment if you will. For years, pundits and critics of Bobo Obama have been saying the problem with this guy’s foreign policy is he doesn’t have any foreign policy. There’s no strategy. There’s no cohesive decision making based on ideals. That’s partly Hillary Clinton’s fault because for the first term, that was really her job, which she failed miserably at. But we see now, that it was compounded by the fact that her boss is a buffoon when it comes to dealing with anything outside the border (we’ll leave the buffoonery inside the border for another blog!).

And yesterday, while dressed in a dapper looking “better wear it before Labor Day” beige suit, Bobo in a packed briefing room told reporters that he didn’t have a strategy for ISIS. Of course, his press secretary, Josh Earnest, quickly tweeted to everyone sitting 10 feet from him that he DID have a long-term strategy to deal with ISIS and any terrorist group, but the damage was done and the cat was out of the bag.

He went on to say that as he got “in news reports, folks are getting a little further ahead than where we currently are”. Translation: The news pundits have said we’re going to have air strikes in Syria, because of what Chuck Hagel and John Kerry have been saying in the last week or so…but that’s not really ture, because we really don’t know what we’re going to do yet. We haven’t thought that far ahead.

Sounds to me like all of this airstrike and war talk is cutting into Bobo’s golf game too much, and he is hesitant to do anything that would further impede his game. Now, don’t get me wrong. As someone that plays over 150 rounds of golf a year, that’s usually where you’ll find me most mornings. But then again, I’m not the quasi-leader of the free world. And I’m not being paid what Bobo is being paid. If I was, I wouldn’t be out golfing every morning. Though I’d still probably play more golf than Tiger Woods.

Part of Obama’s problem right now is the fact that we’ve been at war for 13 years, in both Afghanistan and Iraq. And the country isn’t about to rally behind Obama’s call to action without a really good reason. He’s going to have to come up with clearly defined goals and objectives, lay them out before Congress (who must approve), and the American people, and let them know exactly what he intends to do, how he intends to do it, and what his exit strategy is going to be.

The last part is the tricky part. Democrats don’t do well when it comes to exit strategies. The GOP is much better at that. Bobo has shown time and time again that his exit strategy is based on a calendar, not on beating an opponent. So, for him to want to go into Syria, whether it’s with airstrikes or boots on the ground, he needs to define what victory looks like. It doesn’t look like a page on a calendar with Miss September attached.

Democrats and Republicans are calling for the president to lay out his plan for Congress to give authorization. However that’s a tricky kettle of fish. Bobo doesn’t have many friends on the Hill. And he has pissed enough people off, that he may not get an authorization through. Don’t forget, Senate Democrats are in the battle for their very lives right now, and they don’t want Obama anywhere near them. As one Deocratic aide put it, “I think it’s dumb (coming to Congress). The less the president is in the news with anything right now, the better”. He’s right of course. But try telling that to a megalomaniac. Bobo still sees himself as the saviour of the world…right along side of Jesus Christ. Only problem is, I didn’t read anywhere in the Bible where Jesus was sharing top billing on his return!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Burger King Un-Patriotic For Buying Tim Horton’s?

Well, the Canadians probably think so. You gotta understand. Tim Horton’s is a Canadian landmark. It’s the largest franchise in Canada, and Tim Horton himself was a national hockey hero. So, to lose the franchise to an American company? That would be like losing Anheiser Busch to the Belgians. Oh…wait….that already happened. Well, you get my drift.

But the question is, is Burger King, currently based in Miami, being un-patriotic for moving the base of their operations to Canada to avoid the United States’ high corporation tax of 35%? Absolutely NOT! First and foremost, as much as you’d like to believe differently, Burger King is owned by a Brazilian interest. It’s headquarters are run out of Miami, but it’s not an American company. It’s a Brazilian company. If it’s not paying Brazilian taxes, then yes…it’s un-patriotic. Otherwise, it’s a mute point.

Even the IRS has said (of course, you can’t believe a word they say anymore), that every single American has the right and duty to pay the least amount of tax legally owed. Burger King found a way to do just that. I mean, if you or I could do the same thing by buying a house in Costa Rica or Mexico, and avoid US taxes without giving up the right of citizenship, wouldn’t you do it? I know I’d be in Tijuana or Nogales in a heartbeat!

Instead BK is having it their way by avoiding an unfair Democratically imposed tax on corporations. I might add, it’s the highest corporate tax in the world. They could have gone to any other country in the world and saved money. They’re saving about 20% a year…from 35% to 15%. If I offered you 20% more income without doing much more than moving to a different state with the same benefits of living where you are now, wouldn’t you do it? Of course you would. If you wouldn’t you’re not that fiscally smart!

I can’t blame Burger King. I can’t blame any company that wants to leave the US for a lower tax zone. It’s not the company’s fault. It’s the government’s fault. For years, the US had one of the, if not the absolute lowest tax rate in the world for corporations. Now, it’s the highest. See what 8 years of Democratic rule got you? Hope and change? Nope…just change.

What the US needs to do is wake up, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Bobo Obama, addressing the American Legiona said that Burger King leaving meant that either their tax burden would have to be picked up by “hard working American middle class workers, in the form of higher taxes, or the loss of services”. How about this Bobo? How about you cut the waste out of government, and I bet you can lower EVERYONE’S taxes? And if you don’t think you can do it, or if you want to shuffle it off to Congress “because it’s their job” (when you seem ready to do their job about immigration reform), give it to me to solve. I’d fix the problem in a weekend. I’d save the country a trillion dollars guaranteed, WITHOUT shutting down any national park or Washington tour site.

Of course, Bobo wouldn’t do that on the biggest bet ever, because he’s afraid I’d do it…and he knows it can be done. It doesn’t even take a CPA or even an accountant school dropout to figure out how to do it. Want to save a trillion dollars in tax savings? It’s easy. Show me a list of all of the federal grants that are out there. Show me how much we’re paying in foreign aid. I’ve just cut half a trillion dollars and haven’t hurt one child, one old person, one single parent in the country. It’s easy Bobo. You just have to resign yourself that the government is too bloated and TRY to do it!

Without Bobo’s largess, we can cut a few billion. Hell, cut out one Michelle Obama trip to Europe and save 10 billion just like that! This is a piece of cake.

Carry on world.;..you’re dismissed!

What The US SHOULD Do In The Middle East

Martin Dempsey and Chuck Hagel, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense respectively, told us how big a threat ISIS was to our country last week…and they didn’t hold anything back. Then our stumble-bumble president came back from his golfing vacation, and everything seemed to change. ISIS wasn’t a dire threat to our way of life anymore. Just having Bobo back in the saddle was enough to relegate them back to “JV status”. Of course, anyone that believes that is a low-information fool that probably voted for Obama not once but twice, and are still holding their hands out for some of that “Obama money”.

Actually, Dempsey and Hagel were right initially. ISIS is a threat to our way of life. It’s already threatened our way of life, and will continue to do so unless we stop them. There is only one army in the middle east capable to stopping this force from occupying eastern Syria and northern Iraq, and it’s not Syria or Iraq. It’s not Saudi Arabia or even Iran. It’s us. Hate to say it, I know…but it’s us. Once again, the world’s policeman is being called to the scene of the crime to clean up the mess. Look, Russia isn’t going to do it. They’ve got so many problems with their economy right now, and their army is stretched thin along the Ukraine border. China doesn’t give a rat’s ass what happens with ISIS. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if China isn’t helping to fund them. We know Qatar is. NATO forces have been beaten around for the last decade and are just looking for a breather (as are we!).

I’m no war hawk by any means. I’d much rather see peace than war. And if you look at it, the United States has never once invaded a country without provocation first being laid upon us to do so. Even when we went into Grenada for God’s sake, it was to rescue people. We’re just not an aggressor nation. We’re the friggin’ knights on white horses riding in to save the day. And the bad guys know it. In this particular case, we have a mission. It’s not going to be a fun one, hell, the last mission that we’re still fighting hasn’t been a fun one. But to defeat this band of Islamic Terrorists, here’s what we have to do.

We say good bye to Afghanistan. We pull all of our troops out. Instead of bringing them home, we send them to northern Iraq and eastern Syria. No, I know Bobo doesn’t want to put boots on the ground in Syria, but he’s going to have to. If he doesn’t he’s going to be fighting the next fight in New York City. We hit ISIS with every ounce of firepower we have. We don’t hold anything but the nukes back. We chase them down, and put them down. We take no prisoners, we interrogate no one, and if we do, we kill them as soon as we’ve gotten the information we want out of them. It’s that simple. This time, we fight a war with one objective in mind. We are going to destroy the enemy. Not make them surrender. Not get them to cross some stupid line in the sand. We are going to do to the Islamic fundamentalists exactly what the crusades did to the Islamic fundamentalists in the middle ages. We are going to set you back 700 years. We’re going to teach you a lesson and that lesson is, you are not going to defeat our way of life. Not now, not ever.

Now, it’s easy to talk a good game. But as the world leaders have all learned from Obama, talk is one thing, action is quite another. I would never expect our current president to do what I have just outline above. For one very simple reason. He’s not a leader. He can’t make decisions decisively, and he has no willpower for fights. In other words, Obama is a wimp, or to use John McCain’s word…feckless. Same difference. But that’s what the US needs to do. The left in this country has always felt we could just “talk our way out of war” and that “world peace” was just around the corner if only we’d put our guns away. The left has been wrong on this one from the start. You don’t win wars and settle conflicts in this world by talking nice to other countries. Didn’t Obama prove that in his “apology tour” when he was first elected? No, you win wars by killing and decimating the other side. This time, you can’t let the other side cry “uncle” and stop. You keep going until you’ve killed each and every last one of them. Personally, I’d go after the madrasas as well. They are nothing but a festering pool of filth that is feeding this frenzy. I’d hit every single one of them I could find, including in this country. It’s not a religious school, don’t be fooled. It’s a terrorist training facility and needs to be treated as such.

If the Saudi’s and the Kuwaiti’s, and the Qatari’s don’t want us doing this, I say we call them enemies and go after them as well. They do not have the power to defeat us. Remember, Saddam Hussein was supposed to have the world’s fourth or fifth biggest and best army. We beat it in 100 hours. I don’t think ISIS is quite that strong yet. But unless we do something on Obama’s watch, they could grow to be that strong. Or, we could just roll over and learn Arabic. It’s your choice, America.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!