A Haunting Halloween For Democrats!

I’ll give Barack Obama this much. He sure is making history. And on this Halloween Day, he’s about to set yet another mark in history.

Obama is the first African-American president (I don’t say “black” because he truly IS from Africa). He is the first president to be re-elected in the middle of a recession (I’m sorry Bobo…it WAS a recession even though you declared it over!). And he’s the first president since Harry Truman to suffer two incredibly bad losses in off-year elections. According to Roll Call (not your typical conservative rag!) Truman lost 83 house seats in the two mid-term elections. Following him was Dwight D. Eisenhower, who dropped 66 seats. Obama lost 63 seats in the 2010 mid-terms, prompting his, “I get it” speech that conservatives just laughed at (he didn’t get it at all!). He’s poised to lose anywhere between 5 and 12 more seats. That means his two mid-term losses will be in the 68-77 seat range.

And the Senate isn’t going to fare any better for Bobo. Everybody is now comparing Obama to George W. Bush and his low approval numbers in his second term (Bobo’s are worse). Well, let’s compare Senate seat losses, shall we? Bush lost a total of 5 mid-term seats in the US Senate. Ronald Reagan lost 7. Bill Clinton lost 8. Eisenhower lost 13. Democrats are pretty close to breaking that record. They lost 6 seats in the Senate in 2010, and could lose anywhere between 6 and 10 seats Tuesday…though we may have to wait until January to finalize the count because of run-offs in Louisiana (in December), and Georgia (in January). That would give Obama a 12 seat net loss over two mid-terms at best, and a 16 seat loss at the worst. Of course, the worst, was Harry Truman again (he really wasn’t well liked during his terms), who lost a total of 17 seats. That record probably will remain intact.

So why the losses? This one looks as if it can be pinned directly on Obama. He’s told the world, much to the chagrin of his colleagues in the Congress that he is not on the ballot, but his policies are. He’s screwed up pretty much everything he touched this year. It’s certainly been one of the worst presidential years on record, if not the worst. Obama hasn’t had an easy time of it. I can’t recall one thing he’s done in 2014 that was basically hailed as a crowning achievement. While 2013 will go down in his legacy as the “year of the scandal”, 2014 may very well go down as the “year of the indecision”. It’s appearing that this one time Greek god is afraid to pull the trigger on anything anymore. He can’t make up his mind on what tie to wear.

Democrats are loathe to be seen with him. Even the Governors of blue states are getting antsy when Bobo shows up. He’s almost guaranteed to lose half the assembled crowd during his speech. And the problem is that Bobo hasn’t ever had a very successful record campaigning for people. I remember back a while ago in 2012 during the primaries, Obama was backing one candidate, and Bill Clinton was backing another. Obama’s guy got waxed. It’s been that way more often than not. Let’s face it…America just doesn’t think much of this president. And they’re taking it out on him Tuesday at the polls. Of course, I’m looking into my K-Mart crystal ball when I say that, and I could be wrong. I may be wrong. Nah, I doubt I’m wrong.

With all the media hype and build up to a “Republican Wave” this term…pollsters all over the country are going to find themselves looking for a new line of work if they miss this one. First, it would take a massive ground game to reverse what is happening in the electorate. Second, it would take some massive sampling errors on the part of the pollsters. And third, there isn’t any excitement among the Dems this cycle. It’s all on the GOP side. I’m finding that very interesting. I’m also thinking that it is going to be very interesting to watch come Tuesday night!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Here Comes Obamacare….Round Two!

The first round of Obamacare saw the beleaguered and beguiled healthcare overhaul badly beaten, bruised, and fighting for life. It’s only savior is in the White House, especially if Harry Reid is relegated to the back bench in next week’s election. But regardless of all that…it needs to get ready for “Round Two”. Where the stakes are actually higher, the margin of error lower, and the public more wary of the many pitfalls and foibles that are included in the monstrous bill.

That all said…be ready. Be ready for massive delays in obtaining not insurance, that part will be easier, but healthcare itself. That’s because a grand total of 214,524 doctors have now officially, as of November 1st backed out of Obamacare altogether. That means you can’t use Obamacare to go see them. They’re not going to follow the protocol. It’s kinda like Kaci Hickox in Maine. It’s ok if you have Ebola….go take a bike ride. That type of thing. Except in this case, the physicians are in most cases the better known, better educated, better doctors who you’d probably like to see if you could. The only problem is, you’re not going to be able to see them. Unless you bring your checkbook.

And that isn’t going to be your only problem…seeing a quality doctor is the tip of the ice burg. Let’s say you get signed up through Healthcare.gov. You get your payments sent in, and there’s no glitch like there was last year. You actually get your insurance card from the company you choose. You go to their website and you find out that you’d like to see Doctor Smith. You have less than a 50-50 chance that Doctor Smith is actually going to see you. That’s because over half of the doctors listed in that catalog of doctors are accepting new patients. Oh, they may TAKE Obamacare insurance…but they aren’t going to be taking any more NEW patients…and you’d qualify as a new patient.

I recently had my doctor that I’ve had since moving to Arizona decide to leave the practice she was in. She wanted to spend time with her ailing mother, certainly something I can accept as a reasonable request. When I picked out a new doctor from the same practice, I was told I’d have to go through a “new patient” appointment all over again (at a cost out of pocket of about $100). The reason? Because I was a new patient to the doctor…not to the practice. Needless to say, I’m no longer an old patient of the practice either!

2015 will start to see some more of the cracks in the ugly façade that is Obamacare. Yes…you’ve gotten used to driving 50 miles to the nearest doctor. And yes, you have already dealt with the specialist not being available in your state, or the hospital is four towns over. Well, this year, get ready for the unavailable doctor. It’s coming. Partly due to the doctors that have quit Obamacare, I told you that was going to happen last spring…and partly because there are a lot of doctors that are realizing they’d rather spend time with their families and are leaving the practice all together.

Thanks Obama! Another screw up you’ve gotten us into!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Ebola Update: What’s Good For The Military Isn’t What You Get!

The Ebola crisis continues to press forward with some rather interesting developments in the past twenty-four hours. Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel signed an order that any military personnel returning from the hot zones in Africa are to be subjected to an involuntary 21 day quarantine. That, even as Bobo addressed the nation saying now that “there may be an isolated case here or there…it’s the nature of the world we live in”. OK Bobo. Why in the world did you lie to us then and tell us that it a) wasn’t going to come to our shores, and b) that you had this one and we shouldn’t worry?

Well, the answer is, he’s afraid that you and I are going to see that he’s an unfit leader and that he shouldn’t be given control of the US Senate for the last two years of his term. He’s again, playing politics with health and peoples’ lives.

Kaci Hickox, that nurse that was quarantined after landing at Newark Airport in New Jersey for a day, has broken her “voluntary” quarentine, saying that she was treated inhumanely and isn’t going to follow any guidelines for staying at home or out of the public. Of course, she’s in Maine now, and health officials in Maine came back with the comment that if she is seen in public, and vilolates her “voluntary” quarentine, they will see to it that she IS quarantined, whether she likes it or not.

In Massachusetts, a seven year old girl went to a wedding in Africa, but not near any of the hot zones. When she came back, she was told by her school that she couldn’t come back to class for 21 days. Her parents are suing for discrimination. I don’t have the foggiest idea what they’re being discriminated against, but that’s the call.

And so it goes. This is what happens when you send mixed messages. This is what happens when you lie to the public regarding something that is as potentially deadly as Ebola. This is what happens when you don’t trust your government, or the CDC in Atlanta to make the right calls. This is what we get because we elected and re-elected someone who is not a leader, does not posess the skill set necessary to get the job done…and I’ll just go ahead and say it now. This is what you’ll continue to get if Hillary Clinton is elected president. She also has no leadership skill set, and that’s a proven fact.

Now the latest twist of irony to all of this. Rather than sending doctors to west Africa to aid in the treatment of those with the disease comes word from the State Department that, “Hey, what the hell, let’s bring ’em over here!” While we’re thinking of quarantining all of the people that’s ever traveled to west Africa for 21 days, Bobo and his crew have decided that it’s best to bring people here for treatment. Sorry Bobo…but I think I’m going to NIMBY this one (that means Not In My Back Yard!).

Actually, I think we need to be more like Australia. Our kangaroo loving friends at the bottom of the world have banned anybody that has traveled through or is from the three west African nations from entering their country. Smart move Aussies! Now THAT is the way to protect your people! Why is Bobo, the world’s second most famous clown even thinking of doing something other than this?

So…we wait for Ebola to die out. The government can’t even agree with itself whether or not people should be quarantined. Volunteers don’t have to be, but the military does? Where’s the common sense in that logic? If you’re a volunteer, you are worth less as a person than the military? Sometimes I just don’t get this government. It is way past time for a change!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Israel A Coward? Sorry Obama…YOU Fit The Bill Much Better!

Frankly I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’m not Jewish, but I respect the people of Israel. They are under constant attack either verbally or physically almost every single day of their lives. They live there for one reason. God gave them the land. That’s a pretty convincing reason to live some place….even if your neighbors don’t agree.

But to call their prime minister a coward? Well, that’s what the gutless Obama administration has done. Actually, let me be totally fair and honest. It wasn’t the whole administration. It was one snivelling weasel of a coward who used an anonymity to hide behind his or her statement. That is purely childish, gutless, and yes…cowardly.

The piece appeared in The Atlantic, and was just plain stupid as far as political moves go. Yes, Obama has had very cold relationships with Israel since he took office. It stands to reason that when you stand with Muslims 90% of the time, when you fail to call a spade a spade in the war on terror, and you want to refer to Islam as a “peaceful” religion that you cherish and admire, you’re not playing right into Israel’s hands. But for Obama to allow this type of language coming from inside his own White House is inexcusable. It smacks of total disregard for our allies around the world, and shows the world that you can’t trust the United States to stand by you. Forget in a time of crisis. You can’t trust us to stand by you period. Unless you apparently belong to a Muslim country.

The snivelling idiot said that Benjamin Netanyahu is too chicken shit to attack Iran, and isn’t capable to negotiate with either the Palestinians or the Sunni Muslims. Of course, this is coming from an administration that is also scared of Iran, scared of Syria, scared of ISIS, scared of Russia, scared of their own shadow. They don’t want to do anything to upset the Iranians, who have threatened to blow Israel out of existance. And frankly, I believe that Netanyahu has shown extreme patience and resolve. His ally in America has turned their back on him, and it’s Obama’s fault. This “senior administration official”, who obviously doesn’t have the courage to name themself should be fired. But don’t expect that. Lap dog Josh Earnest says that the White House isn’t going to try and find out who the “leaker” is. That after spending months pouring through Associated Press telephone records, and going so far as to threaten to arrest James Rosen of Fox News because he was talking to a source about something that was leaked. NOW they turn their back on trying to find a leaker? Only when it suits them politically. Bobo…you’re as big a failure as president as any we’ve ever had. You’re a clown and you have the clown ears on to prove it!

Obama is such a chicken that he is afraid of ISIS, and won’t dare send troops into Syria because he might offend the mighty Bashar al Assad. But he will allow an anonymous nobody in his administration to call their prime minister a coward? Bobo… you are not only a coward, you’re a damn liar. You have no right to call that man anything. You are not a leader. You are not presidential. You’re a scumbag from the streets of Chicago. You’re about as corrupt a politician as we’ve had in the White House in at least a century. You have no…absolutely no defining moral character. If you did, you wouildn’t be putting up with this garbage. You already have lost credibility…which is why every single Senator in the US Senate wants you to stay away from their state. It’s why people in both Maryland and Wisconsin walked out on you when you began to speak, trying to get Democratic gubernatorial candidates elected. You sir, are trash. And your kind isn’t welcome here.

Carry on world…I’m disgusted…and you’re dismissed!

Forget The Senate…Dems Afraid Of Losing More House Seats!

The attention this election cycle has been on the Senate. Especially the six seats that are almost all going to be switching from Democrat to Republican if you can believe the polls. Very little has been said about the other half of the legislative branch. And it’s got Democrats worried from Maine to Hawaii. Because it’s there that the Democrats are just as vulnerable if not more-so than in the Senate.

There are about 30 House races that are extremely close to flippling right now. Democrats hold the seat currently in 23 of those races. And the location of some of those seats may surprise you! Places like Nevada, which Obama won handedly thanks to the heavy union support in Clark County (Las Vegas). Places like Hawaii, which is always a lock for a Democrat to win, but not this year. In Hawaii’s first district, a GOP challenger actually is leading in the latest polls. Places like Santa Barbara, California, where eight term Congresswoman Lois Capps is fighting for her political life. She’s always considered the safest seat in the Democrat arsenal. This year, the DCCC is throwing a $99,000 radio ad buy into the last week of the campaign hoping to get her over the hump.

What difference does it make if the GOP increases their lead in the House? They already have control of it. Well, that’s a good question, but if the GOP pick up ten seats, it pretty much makes the Democrats a very minor player in the legislative branch. If the GOP were to pick up more than ten seats, it would be like standing on the neck of the Democratic party. Not a pretty sight if you reside on the left!

And the Dems know that if they lose ten or more seats, their chances of re-gaining he House, even with Hillary running for President in 2016 diminish greatly. In fact, the chances of them actually taking the House back in the next cycle become a daydream.

But…stranger things have happened in the past. One thing I always see in politics is that it’s a pendulum. It swings one way for a while, and then it swings back the other way. In 2008, when Obama took the White House, it was a heavy swing to the left. Maybe to 10 o’clock. Now it seems to be swinging to the other side….maybe 2 o’clock. Because that’s what pendulums do. If it’s close to hanging to 6 o’clock, it doesn’t move much. But when it swings wildly to one side…it swings just as wildly back to the other side eventually. And that’s what’s happened to Obama’s presidency.

You think that Obama has hurt just Senate candidates? Nope. Places that have been in Democrat hands for decades are switching to the GOP this cycle. The hatred for Obama is so intense that die-hard Democrats are switching parties.

So, it’s not just the Senate races that are going GOP this year. It’s the entire congress. And that is going to add to the weird landscape that is Washington DC. If you believe for a minute that Obama is going to sit by and not do anything if he loses the legislative branch, you’ve got quite another thing coming! His modus operandi is to double down. You think he’s writing a lot of executive orders how? Just wait until after the new year. You’re going to think that Napoleon Bonaparte has been named Emperor of the United States!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why America’s Love Affair With Obama Has Soured

Think back to high school for a moment. Remember when you first laid eyes on that person? The one that made your heart skip a beat? You’d sit there in biology day dreaming about them rather than slicing up that frog? You’d think about them at lunch. You’d talk to them after school. Maybe you had enough courage to ask them to the dance on Friday night after the football game. And then, somewhere between that dance and prom, something happened. That love affair turned sour. You lost all feeling for the person. Not because you no longer cared about them, it was probably because you actually got to know them and realized you had nothing in common.

Welcome to high school all over again. That above paragraph just explained America’s love/hate relationship with Bobo Obama. Oh, we saw him as Saviour back in 2008. He was the guy that said, “Yes we can!”. It sounded like he meant it. We pledged our hearts to him. Well, I didn’t. I couldn’t stand the guy back then, and it’s gotten worse over time. But America did. And he took it all in stride. He was going to lower the sea levels. He was going to give that woman in Florida a new kitchen (she’s still waiting by the way). He was going to hand out “Obama Money” to those black women in Detroit who were dancing the day after the election. We had nothing to worry about. Obama was going to fundamentally change the way we ran government. Well, that was certainly one promise that he kept!

It started going bad for him right off the bat. Rather than fix the economy, he pumped almost a trillion dollars into it. Money we’re still paying off today. And how many jobs did it bring to us? They did a study on that. It got a total of one full time job that’s still out there. Where did the rest go? Union coffers. Teachers’ unions…UAW, IBEW, SEIU, Teamsters, AFSCME, they all got to gird their bank accounts at the expense of us.

Then there was Obamacare. Oh, it was meant to carve into the “31 million” uninsured in this country (Obama’s numbers, not mine). It was going to be transformative in the way we looked at healthcare. And most Americans detested it from the start. Nancy Pelosi kept telling us “we need to pass the bill so we can see what’s in the bill”. Huh? She said that after Americans had Obamacare for a year, we’d never want to go back to anything else. And the public backlash continued.

And the economy stumbled. Instead of putting America back to work, Bobo was more interested in putting more of your money in the government’s pocket. Control of the economy was what he was after. Oh, he declared the recession over after just six months in office. But it would be six years until it looked like anything was turning around. And even Bobo had to admit most Americans weren’t feeling better about the economy.

We had started to see the chinks in his armor. But in 2012, we still decided to give him four more years. Why? Because Mitt Romney seemed too “out of touch” with the average American. He was rich after all. Obama was your next door neighbor. And then the scandals started. 21 of them in all. Oh, they started right off the bat…but they grew in size, in number, in stature. You couldn’t trust the government to prosecute anyone connected to the scandals. They were up to Eric “the racist” Holder’s eyebrows in scandal themselves. Holder was the very first Attorney General in US history to be found in contempt of congress. We started seeing just who we had all elected. It wasn’t pretty.

Even the Supreme Court, with two members that Bobo himself had placed there, turned against him. A total of 14 times the Court found in 9-0 votes that Obama had over-stepped his legal authority. He didn’t care…he kept marching down his path. And we became more and more leery of him. The lies started to mount up. We lost faith because we couldn’t believe anything that he was saying anymore. “Yes we can” became “Trust me please!!!” And we didn’t.

Jay Carney, former presidential lap dog, er…White House Press Secretary, got tired of the lies he had to tell day in and day out, and he left. His replacement, Josh Earnest isn’t as good at lying as Carney was. He has a tell. He looks down at his notes before he tells a lie. And all the reporters in the room know it.

No…America’s love affair with Bobo Obama has soured because we’ve gotten to know the the REAL Obama. The Obama that Michelle knows. The Obama that Valerie Jarrett knows. And it’s not the Greek god we though we were electing. It’s the feckless, scared little boy trying to convince his mother to love him. And we’re ready to kick him to the curb.

Let’s just hope and pray that we’ve learned our lesson and actually elect somebody in 2016 that has real leadership abilities… not just a desire to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

One Week Out…Who’s Gonna Win?

We’re 6 days out from the “BIG election” (since when did we have BIG and small elections? Now it seems that every election is a BIG election). And the polls will indicate that the GOP should start celebrating next Tuesday night. How accurate they’re going to be is the only question. If the Democrats “ground game” are anything like they were in 2008 and 2012 then it could be a LONG night. But if they stumble in exciting their base, as they did in 2010, the GOP will be partying hard. Here’s where we are:

SOUTH DAKOTA, MONTANA, WEST VIRGINIA: These three states are GOP pickups and will be firmly in the GOP win column.

NORTH CAROLINA: I wondered why the Dems were throwing millions into this state. Kay Hagen had a huge lead a month ago. It looked like a lock. Not so any more. Thom Tillis has closed the gap and this one is dead even. A momentum swing by Tillis has made this a race again, and he closed a 7 point gap. If he can continue the momentum on more week, Hagen will be out of a job.

IOWA: Jodi Ernst has run a remarkable campaign. She trailed Bruce “don’t call me BAILEY” Braley earlier this year. A month ago she was up by two in a tight race. Still tight, but she’s now up three. This seat could swing.

COLORADO: A month ago it was all Mark Udall. Mo Udall’s son looked like a shoo in, but Cory Gardner has done a remarkable job, erasing a six point deficit in a month and now leads Udall by a point. Didn’t help Michelle Obama came in and while campaigning for Udall, got confused with Gardner. She really needs to stay at home and learn to bake cookies.

ARKANSAS: This one was Tom Cotton’s to lose. And he really tried. He’s still up by two after being up by five earlier in the month. Mark Pryor has a lot of baggage. Most of it is spelled O-B-A-M-A!

KANSAS: No one saw this as a race until the Democrat dropped out. Greg Orman then owned a 10 point lead over incumbent GOP senator Pat Roberts. Now the lead is down to one and shrinking. Toss up anyone?

LOUISIANA: Heading for a run off in December. When it gets there the GOP challenger will have the definite edge because he’s going to force a run off with another GOP running. That means he should beat Landrieu in December.

GEORGIA: Too close to call right now. Although Michelle Nunn is doing everything she can to force a run off as well, and this one will be held in January. At that point, Perdue should have the advantage dropping off the Libertarian candidate. He’ll pick up about 8 points over where he is now.

So, out of the 10 seats we discussed…the GOP could pick up 9. And that doesn’t count New Hampshire, where Scott Brown is closing on Jeanne Shaheen.

Hang on to your seats friends…it’s going to be a bumpy finish!