Smooth Move Ferguson!

Officer Darrell Wilson quit the Ferguson police force yesterday. He didn’t do it because he felt guilty about shooting Michael Brown. He didn’t do it because he had received death threats. He did it because the Ferguson police department had received threats against their officers if he returned to duty.

As Wilson told the St. Louis Dispatch, “I’m not willing to let someone else get hurt because of me”.

Way to go, Ferguson!

It wasn’t enough that you destroy your town. You have to destroy the police officer that was protecting it (and himself) by shooting a guy that was charging at him like a bull and had already broken his eye socket. You rioted in favor of “justice” for a kid that was an out and out criminal, because you felt it was racist. You screwed up big time…and I hope you’re happy living in your new town…you know…rubble?

Al Sharpton, who is scheduled to preach this morning in Ferguson at the church Brown’s parents attend, deserves nothing but the best. Al, you should live in the rubble for being the biggest racist of all. Calling for “justice” for what Brown did? Were you calling for jail time? And aren’t you the guy that accused a white guy of raping Twana Brawley back in New York State quite a few years ago? You went on quite the rampage then…only to find out that she made the whole thing up. I don’t remember you ever apologizing for that one, Al. Is that what you’re going to be speaking on today?

You know, our country would get along a whole lot better without people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama in it. These holdover wannabes of Martin Luther King Jr.’s era are absolutely disgusting in my book. They stir the pot causing more racial tension than they ever settle. They don’t fight for equality and freedom as Dr. King did. They fight for racism and inequality. They fight to punish anyone that’s not black, regardless of the situation, regardless of the place. Without knowing the facts, Al Sharpton has raced into a situation, once again where he was dead wrong. And a grand jury proved it. And he is once again, stirring the pot, calling for justice after it’s already been served.

Why aren’t Sharpton and Holder in Chicago, where black on black killing is at an all time high? Why wasn’t Sharpton in Utah, where a black cop shot a  white criminal (who by the way deserved it!). It’s because Al Sharpton and Eric Holder are racists, all the while they scream racism.

I’m not against blacks at all. I think blacks are fabulous, just like everybody else. The people rioting in Ferguson, Missouri (which is not all of their residents by any means!) are scum. But they’re scum not because of the color of their skin. They are scum because of their actions. Al Sharpton is a racist scum. Not because he’s black, but because of his words and his deeds.

No, Darrell Wilson’s job was really never going to be waiting for him after his administrative leave was over. There was no way this man could work in that town, certainly the state of Missouri, and possible in that career ever again. All for doing nothing wrong. Smooth move,  Ferguson, Missouri! Enjoy  Al Sharpton. You deserve him.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Want To Know What Your Future Holds?

I enjoy dabbling in looking ahead to the future. I think it’s fascinating. And after having spent my adult life in radio and television broadcasting, on both sides of the microphone and camera, I am amazed at how quickly the jobs I had and did for so long have changed so much.

And it’s about to get even weirder. Had you told me 25 years ago that local radio stations would become a thing of the past, I wouldn’t have agreed with you. Of course radio would be around! If you had told me that newspapers and magazines would be dead as doornails, I would have agreed with you. After all, there were so many ways to get news, even back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Everybody knew it was a matter of time before those media would fold…except of course, those media. But had you told me television would be gone as we know it? I think I would have flipped. Who could have imagined a world without television? It’s coming. Believe me.

Radio is disappearing because of the availability of listening to any radio station in the country at the touch of a button. Who cares if you work for a 250 watt radio station in a small market or you’re national, like Rush Limbaugh. Every station is national these days with the likes of I Heart Radio. I can sit here in Arizona, and listen to my old station in Ohio plain as day. No static, no drift. It’s amazing. I can even listen to YOUR favorite radio station…assuming I knew what it was.

But hearing that television is going to become a thing of the past in the next fifteen years? Really? Yup. I believe it. Right now, you can pretty much do without cable TV or satellite TV. No one I know watches TV the old fashioned way anymore… off the air with rabbit ears or a big antenna on the roof. The kids are all watching TV show by show, not station by station, or network by network. You want to watch “Scandal”? You can start with Episode 1, and follow it all the way up. You can binge for a week or a month on a series if you want. Websites like Hulu are making broadcast TV irrelevant.

Network news on ABC, CBS, and NBC has long been irrelevant. Oh, it’s watched by the 60 and older crowd because that’s where they got their news for decades. But anyone under 60 is on cable, watching either Fox News Channel, CNN, or for the dying breed, MSNBC (which has fewer viewers nationally than I had locally in Toledo!).

And the networks know it. Already CBS has a subscription plan where you can watch any of their shows on computer, or smartphone anytime you want. Costs about $7 a month. That’s how we’ll be getting our shows up the road. Want NBC or ABC shows? Pay ’em $7 a month and you got total access. No more cable. No more long term satellite contracts. No more commercials. Maybe a few…but no where near what you see on TV now a days. And if you still are stuck to the tube, you probably have a DVR and never watch a commercial now anyway. My wife and I never watch live TV anymore. Even sporting events are taped and watched later. That way we can watch without having to sit through a bunch of commercials. We can watch a six hour golf tournament in an hour.

And wait….there’s more! Somewhere up the road, the internet will die. I don’t know when, or where, or how, or what will replace it, but it will die…just like every medium before it has. It’s the nature of life in the entertainment world. Get ready… the future starts tomorrow!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Ferguson Riots Hurt Those That Have Helped The Most

Pastor Carlton Lee is a good man by anybody’s recollection. He’s the pastor of the Flood Christian Church. It just happens to be the church Michael Brown’s parents went to…you know…the guy that got killed in Ferguson, Missouri back in summer? He spent a good deal of time calming the community, and helping the Brown family through their loss. And what did the good pastor get in return for his help, his time, his wisdom and guidance?

They burned his church to the ground.

The church where Michael Brown and his family worshiped. Where Carlton Lee derived his income was gutted by people that were more interested in showing “the man” that they weren’t going to take a rational and legal decision not to charge a police officer with murder after he’d been bull-charged by Brown, called a “pussy”, and hit the officer, breaking his eye socket. The grand jury had the sense to figure that was enough to qualify for “self-defense”. No, this crowd in Ferguson, Missouri, some of whom called this community their home, would rather burn their hometown to the ground and boast to their friends and neighbors how they scarfed a free TV out of the local business who they shopped for years, rather than try and change the system from the inside, as many of their community have tried to do.

They thought that listening to the ramblings of racist old men like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and following the role model set up by socialist racists like Barack Obama and Eric “the racist” Holder gave them the “right” to destroy their town because they were unhappy. They felt put upon. Well, they weren’t put upon. They are law-breakers, just like Michael Brown was a law breaker. Just like Trayvon Martin was a law breaker. You can riot all you like. You can smash windows, and take free TV’s and destroy other peoples’ livelihoods all in the name of “justice” for the black man, and you are nothing more than a common criminal and a law breaker. Oh, today’s society won’t punish you because you have had ancestors that 150 years ago were slaves…that’s about 12 generations ago. Yeah, I don’t think I’m buying that one.

You want to know why blacks don’t get treated the same as whites in this country? You want to know why blacks feel they get less favorable treatment than Hispanics in this country? You want to know why blacks feel that Asians get treated better than they do in this country? Ferguson, Missouri. Period. You see whites and Hispanics protest. They march and carry signs. They shout out stupid slogans, and demand that congress do something about their plight, be it abortion (either side), the war (either side), or the economy. Hispanics protest too. They carry signs. They shout out slogans, pretty much on immigration reform. Asians? You never hear from them. They’re too busy working. Blacks? They burn things to the ground and loot, and riot and steal. It’s not racist…it’s reality.

If the black community wants to get treated like the rest of society, they need to start behaving like the rest of society. And that means they need to shape up their family lives first, as Bill Cosby, and many others have said. Then they need to tone down their behavior. Then they need to stop the rioting. THEN we will all feel we’re one and we have nothing to fear from each other. It’s such a simple solution really.

So simple, I wouldn’t expect Barack Obama to be able to come up with it. Instead, it’s easier to say that they’re anger is rooted in reality. So is their future. And the way to a good future is to get with the program, and stop the insanity!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obamacare: Doing Great Job At Getting Americans To Avoid Healthcare

There are so many reasons to hate Obamacare. It’s really low hanging fruit for anyone that cares about quality healthcare. Oh, the promises that were made by Bobo and his staff were undeniably terrific. This thing was going to make us all healthier, happier, holier, and wash our cars to boot. We were going to save so much money, we could construct the Bobo Obama Presidential Hood in the south side of Chicago for just a pittance of what we’d be saving. We’d be erecting statues to him, We’d be singing praises to him every night before we went to bed. It’d be like we lived in North Korea!

Alas…that’s all fallen by the wayside. A new poll out by Gallup shows that about a third of us have actually put off getting any type of healthcare in 2014 because of the increase in the costs. How much has healthcare gone up? Well, that depends on who you ask. If you ask Bobo and his Posse, it’s gone up very little, and they’d be right. The cost of getting an MRI in 2014 versus 2013 rose at a very slow rate, which is good. But if you ask me, or you, or the average Joe walking the streets of Anytown, USA, it’s gone through the roof.

We’re spending more per month on our healthcare insurance. We’re also spending more on our co-pays when we go to the doctors’ offices…when we’re lucky to get a co-pay. Most of us have such high deductables, that insurance doesn’t play into our picture. It’s kinda like insurance the way it was in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but with pre-Obamacare premiums. You don’t get much coverage for what you pay for. And trust me…it’s only going to get worse in 2015!

Prices will be going up, as you know by now. The average is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 25%. But that could change because insurance companies were promised that for the first three years of Obamacare, they wouldn’t lose money. The federal government would pick up the tab on any losses. Except of course, that those losses have been much worse than anyone writing the bill imagined, or planned for. So, Congress is going to have to approve the greater federal expenditure, and that’s probably not going to happen. That means you and I will be paying more in insurance rates. Look at it as not a rate increase but as a surcharge…like the airlines and cruise lines threw at us when the price of oil went over $100 a barrel.

No, Obamacare has so many holes in it right now the Supreme Court would do us all a favor and put it out of it’s misery this next year. If they kill the subsidies for the 36 states using, they effectively kill the individual mandate since most people that use the would no longer be getting subsidies, and therefore, wouldn’t be able to afford insurance. They’d qualify for a “hardship exemption” and could opt out of insurance coverage. That’s where the plan falls apart. And then we can get real insurance reform. Not Pelosi Reform, which we all know by know doesn’t work.

I just want a bill I can read before it passes so I can see what’s in there.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

First Hillary, Now Smilin’ Joe Biden Disses The President

Remember when Hillary Clinton disagreed with Obama over his policies in Syria? She was rather blunt, rather scathing, but not so much as to appear to be disloyal…just enough to have a differing of opinion. Well, Smilin’ Joe Biden, who’s also thinking of throwing his hat into the ring for the Democratic Nomination is undergoing the same transformation from being an “Obama Team Player” to a normal person, who distrusts and dislikes the president.

What threw Joe over the edge? Was it Obama’s lack of treatment against Vladimir Putin? Nope. Was it his buddying up to the Chinese? Nope. Was it his inability to fight a war with the simple goal of winning it? Nope. So what was it already? How about the way Chuck Hagel was fired. He thinks Bobo is micromanaging the defense department. Well, he’s right on that front, but how can you be so wrong in backing a guy in the important stuff, and come out firing on all counts against the guy over the firing of a guy that wasn’t doing that great of a job anyway? The answer my friends….politics.

Smilin’ Joe may be dumb but he’s not stupid. He understands that this is one of the more unpopular presidents in history. Being Bobo’s vice president for not one but two terms means he’s been in bed with the guy for a long time. He’s had to back him to a slew of criticism, and he knows he’s going to have to answer for it up the road. So, Biden had to choose something Obama did that he thought was “enough” that it threw him over the edge. He can’t really walk back six years of backing the guy. Hell, Hillary only has to walk back four years. And she’s already basically come out and said that she’s not agreed with much Bobo did in the foreign policy world even then, but she went along with it because it was her job.

Both realize that at some point, they’ve got to play Allison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic Senate candidate that got swamped by Mitch McConnell in Kentucky at the start of the month. They don’t want to appear to be bad Democrats, but they don’t want to admit they voted for the guy either. That’s a tight rope walk nobody in politics wants to play.

Truth of the matter is, neither Hillary nor Joe are qualified. Oh, they may have held high offices before, but not really successfully. I mean, Hillary’s mis-steps are well documented here and elsewhere. What has Biden done? He’s railed against the GOP when he had to in election cycles…and he’s played the heavy when he had to…but he’s not been a team player in the true sense of the word. He’s another of Bobo’s clown corps. He was the big guy that got out of the clown car last.

No, the Dems are woefully short in candidates when it comes to presidential timbre this year. Hillary, Joe, Martin O’Malley, who actually has the most experience, and Bernie Sanders, the socialist from Vermont, and I don’t think anyone is taking him seriously yet. Nor should they. I think there’s some tree hugging idiot in Idaho who wants in, but nobody knows him.

I’d distance myself from Obama too….I think I already have. And I don’t run for anything anymore. Not an elected office, not a train, not a plane….not even dinner!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Calls For Obama’s Impeachment Growing…NOW Isn’t The Time!

I think if you’ve read one of my posts before, you realize pretty quickly I’m not a fan of our current president. I don’t think he’s qualified to be in that office, I don’t think he has the decision making capacity in his brain, and I think he’s dishonest. There are only two people close to that position that would be worse presidents than he is. The first is John McCain, who lost to Obama in 2008. The second is the sitting vice president, Smilin’ Joe Biden.

I believe with all my heart and all my soul that Obama is the worst president this country has ever had. I’ve done the research. I know the biographies of every man to sit in the office as president. We’ve had scoundrels, we’ve had cheats, we’ve had liars, we’ve had nepotists, we’ve had incompetents. We’ve had two presidents that committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” and have been hauled up before Congress for impeachment (actually three, but one quit before he could be impeached). That said, Obama’s total incompetency is not alone. He’s got plenty of company. But amid all the growing calls for impeachment (I read three blogs on it just this morning), now is NOT the time for impeachment.

First of all, and probably the easiest reason is, it wouldn’t work. You’re going to need 67 votes in the senate to convict. You may get the votes in the house to impeach, but why impeach somebody just to later have them walk away. You don’t do that in court with criminals. Why would you do it here?

Secondly, look who’s sitting in the wings to take his place? Somebody that’s probably just as bad of a leader, if not worse. The one thing Bobo Obama did right when running for president in 2008 was choose someone that would insure that nobody would want to impeach him. Well thought out, and well played, Bobo!

Third, is the stupid reason of politics. I always believe you do what’s right, even if it hurts you in the short term, because what’s right is always right. In this case, as the saying goes, the GOP tried to impeach Clinton, did so, but the senate failed to convict. The theory was that it hurt the GOP more than it hurt Clinton. I don’t see how. Who followed Clinton as president? Was it Al Gore or George W. Bush?

Finally, I think the GOP needs to make sure it doesn’t screw up this leadership of the congress. They’ve traditionally done stuff after obtaining power that is stupid. They are on the wrong side of issues, they pass inane laws (though not as bad as what the Dems are doing!), and they don’t rule with their heads. They try to do too much too fast. Impeaching Obama would fall into that.

Look, the guy’s a pathological liar, he’s  a cheat, and a swindler. He gets things done by any means possible, legal or not. He  pushes the boundaries of what he can and can’t do legally, and then laughs when he gets caught. He’s a guy that never should have been taken out of the ghetto’s of Chicago. But he was, and enough low information people were drawn to him in 2008 and 2012 that he got elected. He’s our president. We need to keep him in check. We need to sue him time and again for these foibles but we don’t need to impeach him.

Congress learned the other day that they can legally defund the immigration reform executive order…and they probably will. That means that once January 6th gets here, they can legally send up bills to Obama to fund the government one department at a time. He’ll veto them, wanting an omnibus bill or at least a continuing resolution, and congress can keep sending up individual bills. That way the government won’t shut down…but things that congress doesn’t like, such as Obamacare and immigration executive orders can be defunded. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s how you need to play ball with this guy.

If the IRS isn’t sending the proper requested information to congress…defund them. If EPA is trying to kill the coal industry…defund them. If education insists on “common core”, defund them. It’s really easy. Congress holds the purse strings. Use them. But don’t shut the government down.

By the way…did you get enough to eat yesterday? I’ve got plenty of leftovers!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What I Don’t Respect About Ferguson, Missouri

I go in to any releationship with respect. You and I meet for the first time, and there’s a certain amount of respect that I have for you out of courtesy. Where it goes from there is up to you. Either I respect you more, or less because of your actions. And it’s with that in mind that I must say, I have very little respect for the people I’m hearing in Ferguson, Missouri.

Michael Brown’s step-father is the leading contender for the “Poor Excuse For A Human Being” award in my book. “Burn this bitch down”???? Really? That’s what you think of your hometown? That’s how you feel when the rule of law is applied? You have no more respect for your fellow man than that? You sir, are a major ass and a racist. You think that evertyhing that goes against you is because of the color of your skin, and that’s not only wrong it proves your stupidity.

Let’s  be very clear here. I don’t care what color you are. I don’t care about your ethnicity or race. It matters not one whit where you come from. I don’t care how smart you are. I care how you treat others. I care how you follow the rule of law and the basic rules of society. If you can’t follow basic laws and basic societal rules, you are scum. The people that are rioting in Ferguson, Missouri are pure scum. It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with your ability to accept the jury of your peers when they rule in law. If you’re not able to do that without inhumane behavior, I have no room for you.

When you start threatening police officer Darren Wilson and his family for doing nothing more than his job, you not only lose all respect, you lose all creditiblity. And when you support the felonious acts that are occuring, like our totally inept and racist president is doing, you have no business opening your mouth. You have lost the ability to respect the rule of law, and you have lost all credibility. Obama is nothing more than a world-=wide joke. It has nothing to do with his race. It has everything to do with his racism.

The people that are making these statements, whether they are in government, the media, or thugs on the street, they are defying our society and should be punished. For the NY Times to print Darren Wilson’s home address is irresponsible and unprofessional. As a former member of the media, it’s sad to see this “grand old lady” of journaiistic grandeur become nothing but a gutter-snipe…but that’s what the NYT has become. They’re nothing more than the National Examiner with more expensive writers.

The actions of these idiots (and I use that in the clinical sense of the word) is offensive to me because it shows just how far America has fallen. This is what happens when you allow breakdown of the family unit. It’s no longer a race question of white versus black. It’s become a question of right versus wrong. And these people protesting in Missouri are dead wrong. I have no compassion for them, and no desire to deal with them. Let them burn their bitch of a city down. Then make them live there. That’s what they deserve.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!