Pope Francis Needs To Stick To Religion

Imagine a world in which I, a former member of the media, decided I was going to be the czar of all things engineering. Now, I have never studied anything regarding engineering. I’ve got a sister-in-law who’s a civil engineer, so I guess I could ask her a few questions if I needed to, but other than that, I’m pretty clueless. The same thing would be true if you took me to Marysville, Ohio, to the Honda plant and said, “Run it”. Nope. Couldn’t do it. I’m not expert in automobile building to accomplish such a feat.

But if you told me to interview a celebrity, call the play-by-play for the Super Bowl in February, host a three hour long talk show,  put together a marketing plan for a business, sell advertising to various businesses, I’d be in my wheelhouse. Those are things I can do with my eyes shut.

When it comes to religion, I view myself as a religious man….but I leave the theology to others…those better trained. Yes, I’ve read the Bible several times, I’ve even taught Bible study…but I don’t consider myself an expert in the same vein that my pastor is. Or the Pope. So, why does the Pope think he’s an expert in climatology all of a sudden?

Pope Francis, in case you’ve been too busy between the holidays to notice,  has said his number one priority in 2015 is going to be dealing with climate change. Not helping the poor. Not bringing more lost souls to Christ. Not preaching the gospel. He’s going to calm the seas, make the sunshine less dangerous, and save New York and Los Angeles from sinking into the oceans. He’s going to save the polar bears floating on those ice bergs out there. What a kind and Jesus-like gesture. Don’t I remember Jesus doing something like that in the Bible…saving polar bears?

Pope Francis needs to forget about losing his waning years on climate change and stick to what he’s supposed to do…be the Vicar of Christ. The world doesn’t need another uninformed do-gooder running around telling us that we’re going to blow up if we don’t sign the Kyoto Accord. We’ve still got Al Gore, and one Al Gore is more than enough thank you!

What is it about these people that once they get a high position of respect, they go all ape-shit on us? Bobo Obama did it. He believed the grandiose things that people were saying about him in Denver back in 2008. Where did it get him? Our worst president in history. 23 scandals with 2 years left…plenty of time to double that number if he really tries. And what does Pope Francis seem to think he’s going to do regarding something like global warming that doesn’t even exist? Pope, in case you missed it, the earth is cooling. Man is polluting, yes…but that’s not what’s causing “climate change”. The climate changes. It’s a natural phenomenon of earth. God was wonderful when he created the earth. It can basically look after itself. You’re forgetting that there IS a higher power than you. God wouldn’t and didn’t create something we could and would destroy. Sorry. Not the God I worship. Maybe the God you do, but I thought Catholics worshipped the same God I do.

We need a Pope that is going to see to the spiritual needs of the people. I can’t believe that job has already been accomplished. After all, there’s a bunch of Islamic terrorists out there thinking THEY worship the one true God. Hmmm. Seems Pope Francis DOES have his work cut out for him after all!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Thanks, Lorra B!

I give full credit for the idea for today’s blog to Lorra B. She’s a great lady that has a lot of smart ideas. I’d suggest you check out her blog and start following it because she knows what she’s talking about!

OK….we were talking about how Barack Obama, better known to those around here as “Bobo” was getting ready to get a “resurgence”, and she asked the very salient question, “How did we get to this point?” Very good question and it deserves and answer. So, in my humble opinion, here’s how America became Obama’s bitch for six years.

We can start by thanking the welfare system. We have taught several generations now of poor, uneducated people that it’s ok to sit on your ass and watch shows like Oprah Winfrey and The View all day. You don’t need to work. You don’t need to be a productive member of society. All you have to do is crank out babies and we’ll take care of them. In fact, the more babies you have, the more money we’ll pay you. Now, we did this for one reason…to show compassion to those less fortunate. Unfortunately, we also showed them how the system works and they became experts at it. These are not particularly smart people, but they’re not stupid either. They’ve traded a life style that you and I probably know for one that is a few rungs lower on the ladder of life, but one they don’t have to be productive at. A lazy man’s (or woman’s) way out.

We can thank the education system. It’s been decades in the making, but slowly and surely the teachers unions in this country have whittled the intelligence down to where we’re no where near as smart today as we once were. You go back 50 or 60 years ago, and you actually had to learn to read and write in school. And “write” meant cursive writing. Reading meant you had to improve every year. Now, the NEA and AFT have slowly dumbed down the education system. No longer do you need to “write” your name…printing is fine. No longer do you need to read anything because when you go to McDonalds, they have pictures on their menu. You don’t need to come up with the right answer in math because it’s not about being right, it’s about trying. And history? Don’t bother. It’s getting re-written anyway. When I was in school, Christopher Columbus was a hero. Today he’s a villain. How does that happen?

We can thank the unions. I know a lot of you are fans of unions, and for some industries I think they’re probably still needed. But for 99% of you out there, you’re probably better off negotiating your own deal and leaving the union dues in your own pocket. All unions really do is lower the bar so that the weakest link in the chain is protected. That’s the standard everyone else is measured against. And see what it’s done to our industry? Take a look at Detroit. Look at the auto industry. Bailout after bailout, with good years followed by a decade of bad. GM recalled more cars in 2014 than then entire auto industry made. Why? Poor workmanship. Why? Because of unions.

We can finally thank the media. Yeah, I’m eating my own here. The media in general have made life in this country about attaining greatness without having to work for it. They show us actors who seem to make it their vocation to go out and get plastered every night. They have no consequences to their actions, so we mirror them. And we get caught, and we have consequences. We see football players beating up on their wives and think it’s ok. We see baseball players doing drugs, and figure “Hey it couldn’t hurt”. It does hurt.

You want the short answer? We can thank the liberals in society who don’t want to make any of us feel bad about ourselves for the mess this country is in. They need to realize, there are losers in sports…not everyone deserves a trophy at the end of the season. There are winners and losers in life. The winners are the ones that go to school, learn something, and make something of themselves. The losers are at home watching Oprah or The View. They let the government take care of them, and will continue to do so as long as the government is willing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Biggest News Stories of 2014? You Decide!

As 2014 comes to a close, all of the major news sources like to publish their list of what they feel was the biggest stories of the year. In an effort to save you a lot of time, I’ve compiled a couple of them… them, fully attributed, so you don’t have to go searching. Then I’ve given you the REAL Top 10! Don’t agree? I’m listening!:

ABC News:

1. Ebola  2. Malaysian Airline Disappears  3. Ukraine & Crimea fighting  4. Israel/Hamas War  5. Rise of ISIS. 6. Sochi & Rio Olympics/World Cup  7. GOP Takes Over Congress  8. Robin Williams & Joan Rivers Die  9. Fatal Force By Police On Blacks  10. First Landing On A Comet.

New York Daily News:

1. Ebola  2. Michael Brown Shooting  3. ISIS Beheadings  4. Brinsley Shoots Two NYPD Cops  5. Eric Garner Death  6. Derek Jeter Retires  7. Malaysian Airline Disappears  8.Israeli/Hamas War  9. Germany Wins World Cup  10. US Restores Ties With Cuba.

PBS: Newshour:

1. Ferguson, MO  2. Midterm Elections  3. Political Polarization  4. Obamacare  5. US House Sues Obama  6. 28 “classified pages” from 9/11 Report  7. Immigration  8. Obama’s Unpopularity  9. Taxes  10. Federal Debt Over $18 Trillion

Here’s Mine:

1. Obama Care Rollout Fails  2. Illegal Immigrant Children Flood Border  3. GOP Wins Congress  4. ISIS Goes From JV Team To NBA Champs  5. Russia’s World Influence Grows  6. Racist Treatment of Police Doing Their Jobs  7. Eric “the racist” Holder Resigns  8. Bowe Bergdahl Swapped For 5 Taliban Leaders  9. Andrew Tahmooressi Jailed/Freed In Mexico 10. Ebola Scare

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8. Immigration Reform This Year? Don’t Bet On It!

9. What I Don’t Respect About Ferguson, Missouri

10. A Quick Comment About Ferguson, Missouri

Happy New Year!!!

Now….Carry On World…You’re DISMISSED!

Have Blacks Fared Any Better Under Obama?

One would think, listening to the president, that racial tensions in this country are a thing of the past. His election was, pretty much as it was portrayed, with Bobo being a Greek god of a sort, here to quell racial issues, calm the seas, and bring peace to the world. I guess that shows how distorted of a view this particular president has of himself. Maybe you want to call it “rose colored glasses”? I would tend to lean a little bit more toward a psychotic view of himself.

Let’s be honest here and look at the facts. If you ask most Americans about race relations, 66% of blacks say that it’s as good now as it was at the beginning of the 21st century. No better. No worse. If you ask whites the same question, they’ll respond in kind with 72% in agreement.

If you look at the data, more blacks are living in poverty now than before 2009 when Obama took office. More blacks are unemployed now than before 2009 when Obama took office. More blacks are being killed on our streets now than when Obama took office in 2009. The standard of living of most Americans, regardless of color, has pretty much dipped a little bit, though income has remained virtually the same. The income for blacks has fallen precipitously.

Now the question is, was it Obama’s fault? I don’t think all of it was, but I won’t buy his theory that it’s all George W. Bush’s fault either (and yes…he’s still blaming Bush for a weakened economy, even though it’s been the slowest recovery in history, and his “fixes” for the economy have yet to really take hold. The economy has a mind of it’s own. If you leave it alone you will have periods of growth and periods of contraction. And it will right itself and correct itself in both directions without government interference or help. What Obama’s “help” has done was prolong an aching economy to the point that we could have been done with the “Great Recession” in about a year or so…like most recessions. Instead, for most of us, it’s dragged on for six years. THAT is the part you can blame Obama for.

To answer the question have blacks fared any better under Obama, the answer would be no. In fact, they’re faring a little worse than they were under his predecessor, except for Bush’s last three months in office when all hell broke loose. And if you take Obama’s first three months in office, and discount that, you’d still have blacks worse off today. In effect, Obama has been worse for his own people than he has been for the rest of us.

But I don’t think he’s done anything economically speaking with race in mind. He was out to show the world that socialism was indeed the way to go forward. And it’s failed. Miserably. And because of that, not only have blacks not fared any better under Obama…whites and Hispanics and Asians haven’t fared any better either. About the only ones that have fared better are the 1%’ers out there. Imagine that!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hillary Clinton Is NOT A Serious Candidate

I was talking to a friend the other day, who was afraid that the 2016 presidential election was already over and Hillary was going to be coronated Queen. I told him that was entirely wrong. Hillary isn’t going to be president, here’s why.

She’s not a serious candidate…even if she decides to run.

There are several reasons behind my thinking. First and foremost, is her waning popularity. Oh, she’s popular among Democrats who think “it’s her turn” (which by the way, is never a good reason to run for president…just ask Bob Dole or John McCain). But Hillary isn’t popular with the rest of what I call “real America”. She’s not a likeable person. Now, if this were an election for high school student council or something, maybe she’d have a shot. If it’s an election for a senate seat from an uber-liberal state like New York, ok…I can see it. If you’re running a national election for president? Nope. No way she gets it. She’s not popular enough. She’s polarizing…and not in a George W. Bush way. She’s polarizing in an “anti-Christ” way. And the more she’s in the public eye, the less she’s popular. When people get to know Hillary again, they’ll start not liking her.

Second, she has no positions on anything. Oh, she talks about equality in her speeches, and she applauds Bobo Obama for this move or that move, and chastises him for other moves he’s made, but she doesn’t really come out and give any position on anything. We know she’s pro-abortion. We know she wishes she were as black as her husband. But where does she stand on the FED? How would she fix the economy? What’s her position on fixing Obamacare? Where does she stand on Russia? On ISIS? On Afghanistan and Iraq? On Syria (we know that one…she would have bombed them already).

Third, and I think most importantly, she has never, ever succeeded at any position she’s ever held. She’s never made a difference anywhere. She’s been a total failure except for the fact that she married the right guy (at the time), and rode it to fame and fortune. Other than that, her law career was a failure…she was fired by Rose Law Firm in Little Rock. Her attempt at healthcare was a failure…it died a miserable death in congress even though her party controlled both houses. She was a junior Senator from New York for a while, and didn’t do anything during that time. No bills had her name on them as the lead sponsor. She didn’t even know HOW to write legislation. And her time as secretary of state was an abysmal failure culminating in the death of four Americans, including a US Ambassador. Nothing really glowing to run on there. Of course, her predecessor also didn’t have any experience, and look where it got him!

Hillary Clinton may run for president, but not only isn’t she qualified, she’s not a serious candidate. And if she’s the best the Dems have, then it should be a cakewalk for the GOP. I’m just sayin’.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obama’s resurgence? To What???

There has been a lot of mainstream media buzz in the last week or so about Barack Obama’s “resurgence”. The fact that he’s ending 2014 on a high note and is poised to make 2015 the best year of his presidency. And I laughed…and laughed…and laughed.

Let’s get one thing straight. Obama’s best year as president was 2009. He had a good approval rating, people listened to what he said and believed him, and he was able to get a piece of legislation through congress…Obamacare. Since that time, he’s struggled. He’s dealt with over 23 separate and distinct scandals that have tarnished an already bruised reputation. He’s lied to the American people, and has admitted to doing so several times. He has no credibility left. He’s become a clown on the world stage to the point that third and fourth rate countries that wouldn’t think of taking on the United States before, are lined up to take their best shot at us…and they’re doing a lot better than expected.

He’s had one positive action in six years. He happened to be in office when a Navy Seal team killed Osama bin Laden. Of course, by four  year old grandson could have given that order. That’s not what I would call a command performance.

So, what is causing this resurgence? It’s basically media blather. There is no resurgence. Bobo isn’t rebounding to anywhere. He may be bouncing off the walls, but that’s not a rebound. It’s the media’s failed attempt to get Bobo to feel like he matters. Let me clue you in on history. Very little gets done in years seven and eight of a two term president. He’s basically got nine months of this year to get things done, and next year is all about the 2016 election. And he isn’t going to be on the front pages to play much of a role in either. Bobo’s problem is he’s a lame duck. He really was a lame duck in 2014, and didn’t like it, and the media is trying to help out in 2015. But I don’t think that changes the dynamics…you know…if it walks like a lame duck and quacks like a lame duck, it must by Obama?

There IS one thing that could happen in 2015 that makes Obama a factor again…and I doubt he’d welcome it. That’s war. Typically, if a war starts, people do have a tendency to rally around the president and the flag. At least in the short term, which is all Obama wants. It’s really the only thing out there that could happen that would make him important again. Legislatively, he’s done. The GOP held congress isn’t about to pass anything he wants in the way of immigration reform, and he’s not about to sign into law what they want passed. Same would hold true for Obamacare repeals or fixes, and I doubt they’ll really see eye to eye on tax reform. Social Security reform and Medicare reform are off the table. And he’s not going to fix racism through legislation…didn’t Johnson try that already?

Obama has become what most 7th year presidents have become…a lame duck. No media hype is going to change that.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Jeb Tops New GOP Poll…

It’s started. We couldn’t even make it through the friggin’ holidays…and it’s started. The media is THAT excited about the possibility of a Clinton/Bush rematch, some 24 years later, that they are itching for Jeb Bush, son of George H.W. Bush, against “princess” Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton. Ho Hum…OK…if we must, we must.

Bush has been leading in the polls since November. He was at 14% then. Now he’s surged to 23%, with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in second with 13% and Dr. Ben Carson in third with 7%. Ironically, no one has even announced their candidacy yet, though Bush has formed an “exploratory committee”, which basically means he’s either running or he won’t run because a) he’s out of money or b) he has found out he doesn’t have a chance.

What Bush’s announcement does is basically change the playing field. Those of us (like me) that thought Mitt Romney was poised to get in again for 2016, had to walk back our comments. Mitt will NOT run as long as Bush is in the field. And I really do believe that Bush will be like his brother when it comes to the primary. He wouldn’t have entered it unless he’s already won it. You’re going to see the GOP drop by the wayside very quickly in this one. Oh, Christie might hang on, but I doubt you’ll see people like Scott Walker get involved. Mike Pence is now an after thought. John Kasich won’t go, Rob Portman already said he likes it in the warm & cozy senate…especially now that the GOP is in control. Dr. Carson might throw his hat into the ring as might Rand Paul, but I doubt Marco Rubio will. Paul Ryan probably won’t. So, there will be a lot less people vying for attention on the GOP side. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

You NEED to have opposition when you’re running to get you “battle-tested”. Look back to the last time the GOP didn’t have anybody in the primary (it was 2000 with George W. Bush). Bush barely beat a really bad candidate in Al Gore. I mean, it was like 500 votes…against someone of Gore’s caliber. That should have been a manslide.

So what are Jeb’s chances in the general? I think pretty good if he sticks to the game plan. He can’t be afraid of calling Hillary names…and slamming her for her non-record. He has executive leadership experience, and a lot of it. The Dems will try and hold his banking experience against him. Of course, he should hold Hillary’s lack of any credible experience against her. It would be great to hear the line…”We’ve made the mistake of hiring someone with no experience to run the country once already this century…that’s enough”. Or how about…”She was there to answer the call at 3am alright. The result was Benghazi. Do we really want to go through that again?” Oh, Jeb! You should have a cakewalk!!!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!