Holder’s Parting Shot? Too Tough To Prove Racism!

Let’s just face facts, America. You’re a bunch of racists. Oh, we can’t prove that. There’s no way to bring charges against you because it’s too difficult, but damn it! We know you’re a bunch of racists!

Well, that’s basically Eric “the racist” Holder’s view on things as he gets ready to leave his post as attorney general. I guess he’s pissed because he wasn’t able to bring racial charges against Darren Wilson in the Ferguson, Missouri case. Maybe it was because after all the hype, all the shouting, all the demands for justice, state, local, and federal investigations all found that Michael Brown was a criminal who tried to attack a cop, and got shot and killed for his stupid actions.

And then there’s Eric “the racist” Holder, who went into the office of attorney general hell-bent on making every single case he could a “race case”. Because he knows down deep in his soul that YOU America, YOU are racist.

What Eric Holder needs to do is look down deep in his soul (along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Bobo Obama), and realize that THEY are the racists. They see racism everywhere they look because the whites in this country (in their view), are always trying to stick it to the blacks. And Eric, you’re just plain wrong.

Oh…and Eric? I don’t think race has anything to do with it. I’d still think you were a lying sack of shit if you were white. I’d still think you were this liberal piece of animal dung that was thrust upon the American public, much like Janet Reno was 25 years ago…and now you can go and crawl back under the rock whence you came. Because America is finished with you, Eric. We don’t appreciate your politics, we don’t appreciate you lies, we don’t appreciate you calling us racists when you are the one that deserves that title. So, pack up you little bag, and get your ass on a plane to Chicago or wherever the hell you want to go. I would advise you not to come to Arizona. I don’t think you’d like the heat out here. And I’m not talking about the 115 degrees it gets in the summer. I’m talking about the political heat. Your kind doesn’t really fare very well out here. And I’m not talking about race either…I’m talking about liberalism. Oh, if you want to, you can try Flagstaff. They’re pretty liberal up there. Just stay the hell away from Phoenix. You’ll be calling us all racists by the end of your first day here. And frankly, we don’t care for that.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


What Congress Needs To Do Moving Forward

Congress sent a bill to the president regarding Keystone XL Pipeline, and they finally (after 6 years), got Obama to do something about the project, other than stall and obfuscate. They got him to reject it with a veto and show the American people where he stands on it. They got Obama to show the American people who there were 45,000 American (UNION) jobs out there that Obama cared nothing about. And don’t think that’s not going to have an impact on those unions in 2016!

Congress has been locked in a battle over what the hell to do with the Department Of Homeland Security all week. It’s made Jeh Johnson, the smug secretary who soon is going to be the smug volunteer secretary, a media star. Certainly much more than he ever deserved to be. And if congress is smart, they’ll continue to pass bills that they want to see passed, regardless what veto threat Bobo throws at them. Think I’m wrong? That’s the findings of the latest Rasmussen poll.

And that’s exactly how congress should act going forward. Because quite frankly, that’s not only how the American people want them to act (by a large margin), that’s the way the Democrats acted when they had control of congress. So, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell need to come together and decide what to do, and then pass it. Show the Democrats for what they have been for the last six years…the true obstructionists. See, most people who read my blogs understand Harry Reid was running interference for Bobo for the past six years and they knew that the Democrats in the Senate were the problem. Now, they can see it when the Dems don’t allow things to be voted on (because the GOP doesn’t have 60 seats to end debate). It becomes abundantly clear now.

So, get those plans out there. Get a plan for healthcare in the works just in case the Supreme Court doesn’t find for King in King v. Burwell. Get a comprehensive immigration plan ready to roll and make it happen. Show the country that you’re serious about getting things done and that it’s Obama and the Democrats that are the true obstructionists here. THEN you’ve got something to run on in 2016. Not just for congress, but for president. And complain to high heaven that you’re not getting a chance to vote because the Democrats are stone-walling you. Every single issue they block needs to be brought out that way.

Oh. One more thing. Don’t cave. As we’ve found in the Keystone deal, if you start caving, you’re going to lose. The Democrats are only interested in one thing. Get more and more concessions from you. That’s what Harry Reid did on the “clean” bill for DHS Funding when he wanted assurances the House would go along with it, AFTER he got the concession to get a clean bill. Show some leadership, show some man-hood, and be leaders. You do that and the American public will think more of you than you know!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

We Won’t Help Israel Against Iran…But There ARE Others Who Will…

Politics makes strange bedfellows. Sometimes your closest friends become your worst enemies, and other times your worst enemies are ready to hop into bed with you. That’s what Israel is facing today.

The United States, under the feckless leadership of Barack Obama, who’s demonstrated a) no negotiation skills what-so-ever, and b) no desire to help Israel protect itself against a terrorist nation like Iran getting a nuclear weapon, has basically decided he’s going to cave to Iran and allow them to have nuclear weapons in 10 years without the threat of any sanctions. That means, the terrorists will be sporting the latest in nuclear warfare in a scant decade. And you’ve got Bobo the Clown to thank for it all.

Of course, they will first target Israel. And once that country has been decimated, ISIS and other terrorist offshoots will begin targeting the west…especially the United States.

But there is a strange bedfellow as I said in all of this. It’s Saudi Arabia. The Saudi’s are willing to help Israel target the nuclear program of Iran and bring it to its knees, going so far as to allow Israel to use Saudi airspace, and they may even aid in sending a few F-16’s to help in the fight. But it won’t be cheap!

In order to gain the help of the Saudi’s, according to the Jerusalem Post, Israel is going to have to make some concessions regarding the Palestinians. Saudi Arabia wants to see that problem taken care of. And when faced with certain annihilation or help out the Palestinians a little bit, the choice becomes relatively easy.

And thus, because Bobo Obama doesn’t have the balls to help Israel. Because he’s not man enough to stand up and fight with our long-time ally in the region, they’re going to turn to whomever they can find to help them in their fight. And they will use the Saudi’s help. And they will defeat Iran and the nuclear program. And Bobo the Clown won’t have to get his precious hands dirty.

Obama is so short-sighted in this arena that he can’t see a year down the road. Granted, he doesn’t care a lot about foreign policy, but he probably should. It’s going to shape the last two years of his presidency and the 2016 presidential campaign. He’d damn well better spend some time on it. But that would be asking too much for a guy that “doesn’t start wars, he ends them”. He has no idea that HE is going to be the cause of one of the biggest, most costliest wars in world history. And it’s all because he wasn’t man enough to make the correct decisions when he had a chance. No, Bobo…you’re no leader…that’s for damn sure!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Do Voters Agree With Giuliani? Depends Whom You Ask!

I really like Rudy Giuliani. The former mayor of New York City has guts, and I always admire people with guts. Even if I don’t agree with them politically. The one thing I can’t stand is a chicken. Rudy Giuliani is NOT a chicken!

So, when Rudy said that he didn’t think Obama loved America like you and I do, I stood up and applauded. I mean, I did. Got out of my chair, stood up in my great room, and started applauding. There wasn’t anyone at home at the time…and yes, it felt a little foolish, but I did it.

The question is, does America feel the same way? Answer: Depends on whom you ask! As a nation, no. We don’t. Only 35% of people surveyed by Rasmussen agreed with him. 51% said they didn’t. Now, before you get down on Americans, let’s break this down.

62% of Republicans think along the lines of Giuliani. 77% of Democrats and independents don’t agree. That’s where the disparity comes in. Oh, by the way…57% believe in “American Exceptionalism”…even though Bobo doesn’t. 71% of Republicans, 50% of Democrats, and 52% of Independents feel that way. Bobo is out of the loop on that one. Surprise, surprise.

The fact of the matter is, nobody but Bobo knows for sure if he loves this country or not. Judging by his actions, I’d have some severe doubts, but I can’t say for sure, and neither can Rasmussen. The problem I have is more systemic. It goes much deeper. The mere fact that we’re even asking that question in the first place is very troubling to me. The fact that Rudy Giuliani has to even talk about it makes it an issue. And there-in lies Bobo’s problem.

If he loves America, or if he doesn’t, he was elected (twice) to lead this nation. So far he hasn’t done that. Oh, he’ll tell you he’s changed America and that his policies are all working just fine. In fact, he’d most likely put himself in the top ten of all time great presidents. Even though I had him listed dead last, below even Jimmy Carter and Millard Fillmore on President’s Day.

That one is called “ego”, and it’s something most presidents have an abundance of. They have to. They can’t read this blog, or listen to a newscast and get down on themselves. They’ve got to have resolve deep in their soul that they’re doing the right thing, and Obama is no exception. It’s just that most Americans think he’s wrong on just about every single issue he’s ever tackled. His foreign policy sucks, his domestic policy sucks, and his taxation policy sucks. Of course, if you ask people whether or not the rich should be taxed more, they’re always going to say yes. Tax anybody and give me the break, right?

Does Obama love America? Dunno. But I’d say his definition of love and mine are miles apart.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obamacare Is In Major Trouble!

The Supreme Court will hear 2 1/2 hours of oral arguments on the virtues of the subsidies that the IRS has wrongly granted to all Americans signing up for Obamacare, not just those that have signed up on their state’s websites. It’s a little case called King v. Burwell, and it’s going to possibly be a lynch-pin in the Obamacare train wreck.

Those arguments come up on Wednesday of next week. But in the meantime, there is a major problem with Obamacare that the administration doesn’t want you to know about. It’s failing badly.

You can tell without them telling you. On February 15th, the “open enrollment period” for 2015 was supposed to shut down. Leading up to that date, Health & Human Services was reporting only 9.9 million of the originally targeted 13 million people who were supposed to sign up for Obamacare this year had actually done so. WAY short of where they needed to be. So, Bobo Obama does his clown act and just happens to mention tax penalties to those that aren’t signing up for healthcare! But because people “were probably in the process of signing up, and just didn’t have the chance to finish”, the federal government was going to give them an extra 30 days to get it done. How nice of them. I wonder if the IRS would be that nice to me come April 15th?

There’s the dirty little secret. It was announced that the Obamacare enrollment period snagged 11.4 million people who were either new to the system, or had automatically renewed from last year (once you’re in the system, it automatically renews you…you have no choice!). That was still 1.6 million short of the number the Congressional Budget Office said was supposed to sign up. And if last year was any indication, that number will shrink significantly. Last year it went from 9.1 million to 6.7 million. And then it was learned that 400,000 of the 6.7 million had been counted twice. Oops. And when you count the fact that 6 million people lost their healthcare BECAUSE of Obamacare, the number of “new” enrollees was actually 300,000. And we spent a trillion dollars to get those folks. Hell, I could have done that on my own for half the money!

Want to know the really BAD secret? Let’s say the Supreme Court has a major brain fart and finds in favor of Burwell. Next year, they’ve got to sign up 21 million people. Almost double what they got this year. Think that’s going to happen? If you do, I’ve got a bridge in Lake Havasu City I’d like to sell you.

The really REALLY bad news is that most states saw either no growth or a decline in the number of people who signed up this year. That doesn’t bode well for the program. And if it were to continue, it would collapse under its own weight…just like the GOP said it would. Was anybody listening?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

We’re Losing The War On Terrorism.

According to a new Rasmussen Poll, we’re losing the war on terror. And it’s not just by a little bit. For the first time since the poll was taken over 11 years ago, fewer Americans think we’re winning the war on terror than ever before. Not only that, more Americans than ever before think that the terrorists are winning the war on terror than ever before. The results are absolutely stunning and very telling!

Only 19% of the respondents in the survey said that they felt we were winning the war on terror, while 37% felt the terrorists were winning. The numbers when Obama took office? 62% felt we were winning. We are now at the highest level of pessimism since the 9/11/01 attacks. 86% say that “radical Islamic terror is a threat to the United States”.

So, while Bobo Obama is off playing word games and using semantics to define a war he doesn’t want to fight, Americans pretty much have this one nailed down.

Obama is losing the war. The blame is squarely on his shoulders.

For the first time in a LONG time, over half of the people surveyed (52%) say we should send troops back into Iraq to deal with ISIS. 61% say that Christians living in the Muslim world are treated unfairly, while 20% say Muslims living here are. 39% now believe that Muslims worldwide are our enemies.

72% feel that Muslim leaders aren’t doing enough to quell the tide. And 52% no longer view Islam as a “religion of peace”, but as one of violence.

So, what does this all mean? It means Bobo’s assessment of the situation is, as usual, dead wrong. It means that regardless what he wants to believe, he’s once again on the wrong side of the issue. It means, Americans are blaming him once again, for failed policies, for failure to lead, and for once again, being a laughing-stock.

And it also means we, once again, aren’t buying his rhetoric or his lies.

This is a Bungler In Chief that has continually balked at doing his constitutional duty of protecting America. Obama continues to believe that if he obfuscates long enough, if he waits it out, it’s only going to get better. He’s been proven wrong every single time. He’s an inept military leader. He’s an inept political leader. He’s an inept man, who lacks courage and honor and discipline…and the American people know it.

Which is why he is going to go down in history as the worst president this nation has ever had. And folks, I have news for you… more people today would rather have Jimmy Carter in the White House than Barack Obama. At least Carter served in the Navy! He has some semblance as to what a war is like and how to prosecute it. And he was viewed as the biggest bumbling idiot in the presidential line ever…until Bobo the Clown showed up.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

GOP Caves On Immigration…No Cojones To Be Found!

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The only thing that’s different this particular issue is that we don’t have to see that bandaged cadaver of Harry Reid at a microphone explaining that he was happy the GOP saw things his way.

No, Mitch McConnell did it for him.

And if this is any indication of things to come up the road, it’s going to be a slam-dunk-hole-in-one for Bobo Obama the rest of the way. It appears the GOP in the senate has no cojones after all.

And that means you can welcome Obamacare with open arms…welcome your new neighbors…all five million of them…welcome the Iranian nukes…welcome ISIS to the neighborhood. Because frankly folks, the party is over. The game is lost before it’s even started. Apparently WE sent in the JV team, and they’re not able or capable to get the job done.

Mitch McConnell announced yesterday that he was going to get a “clean funding bill for DHS through September 30th”, when the federal budget expires. Oh…and as a consolation, McConnell will hold a separate vote on Friday to defund the executive action alone…without holding DHS hostage. So, we’re going to send in the toothless old lion to fight the war apparently.

Basically, Mitch McConnell caved on this one like Bobo Obama is caving in giving the Iranians nukes. It couldn’t get much clearer. I really don’t believe it could have been a worse outcome for the GOP had Allison Lundergan Grimes defeated McConnell last November. That’s called the “way to piss away a victory”!

And this is exactly what pisses me off about the Republican party. I’ve said it before. They have the greatest ideas out there. They have no idea how to lead once they get the job. McConnell just proved that. He was so excited to get a deal, a deal at any cost, that he totally threw his party, the House of Representatives, and conservatism under the bus. In an effort to show the world that the GOP can actually move things through the senate, he’s totally lost his ability to keep his morals in tact.

Now, here’s the interesting question. Will the House of Representatives go along with a “clean” bill? My guess is they won’t. My guess is they’ve got balls over there and they’re not afraid to show them. So what does that mean? Gridlock. And what does gridlock mean? It’s the same thing as Bobo vetoing a bill. Nothing gets done. And what would my answer be to Obama when the House won’t pass a clean bill? My guess is not.

However, after Reid got the concession, while McConnell was still grabbing his ankles, Reid wanted assurances that the House would pass a clean bill. He didn’t get it. But I give him credit for having the balls to ask. I’ve never accused Harry Reid of not having balls. I’ve saved that one for the GOP!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!