The REAL Race For GOP Supremecy Starting Up

For the past three months we’ve been like the Indianapolis 500 in early May. We’re leading up to the start, but it’s been slow. There’s been rain, there’s been days of sunshine where the cars got out and tested, and got tuned up. We’re almost ready now for the time trials so we can have a look at the starting positions. And by next January, the flag will drop and the race will start.

Up until now, none of it really matters. Oh, there’s been a lot of conjecture, a lot of speculation, a lot of talk. Actually, a lot of blather. None of it means anything. Because so far, the only thing that has meant something is that Ted Cruz entered the field officially. This month, it’s going to start getting busy.

Look for the names at the top of the polls to get in. Oh, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, they’ll all get in. And you’ll get a lot of the also rans throwing their hat into the ring as well. The Chris Christie’s, Donald Trumps (just kidding!), Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and maybe a surprise or two.

In the end, there are only going to be two or three names that matter. The first ones in rarely matter in the end anyway. Usually they are just there either as placeholders, or they’re newbies (like Ted Cruz), trying to get added name recognition for themselves. Overall, they don’t really matter.

What you’re eventually going to see I believe is probably fifteen or so of the twenty to twenty-five names that have been bandied about actually declare. I don’t expect Trump to do it, he’s got to disclose too much personal information, and it means that you won’t have Celebrity Apprentice anymore because of the campaign laws. I don’t think you’re going to see Mike Pence in. I don’t think John Kasich is going to get in, though he might be considered a vice presidential nominee because he’s from Ohio. Same would be said for Marco Rubio. While I like Rubio a lot, he doesn’t have the gravitas to pull it off himself. He’s much better as a vice presidential candidate. He can still help out with Florida (a swing state), and the Hispanic vote, but he doesn’t have to do anything to show his “executive leadership”, which he has none. And I think you’re already seeing Rand Paul’s support starting to ebb away from him. He talks a great game, just like his dad, Ron did, but in the end, people will not fall for the whole libertarian philosophy.

No, in the end  you’re going to have a battle between Scott Walker and Jeb Bush. If Walker gets the nod, look for Rubio to be his running mate. If Bush is tabbed, he should go with Kasich to be the VP nominee. That way you’re going to either flip Wisconsin altogether and pick up Florida, or you’re going to take Florida and Ohio out of play. Two very smart moves for the GOP this time around.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Foreign Policy Free Fall

We sometimes have to admit that we’re just not good at some stuff. I was never good at fixing cars. The first “new” car I ever had was a 1976 Chevy Vega. I learned everything I could about the engine, the way it worked, etc. so I could save money. I worked on the car in the driveway. Oh, I could change the oil, I could actually give the car a tune up (in those days you didn’t have cars with computers!). I could adjust the timing belt (which later came in handy when it broke on me). But that was about it. And I never really cared about it, so I guess that’s why I never really tried to excel at it.

I think the same thing can be said about Barack Obama and his view on foreign policy. He wanted us to believe that he was the guy that could fix the US view from around the world. All of these places like the Middle East hated us because we just never talked to them. We invaded them and ousted their leaders. Well, we’ve since learned that you can’t just talked to the Mullahs in Iran. You can’t talk to Kim Jung Un. And you probably can’t really even talk to Vladimir Putin. Even though you’re probably closer to his way of thinking politically than you are to most Americans. As a result, Obama has been an abject failure. The only difference is, I had to take my car to a mechanic to get it fixed. It still got fixed. The Middle East is in free fall because of Obama’s misguided escapades. And it may never recover. Neither may we.

His first mistake were his two choices for Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton? Really? She’s got no experience at all in negotiations. She’s never had a course in international relations, and she was in the senate for what? Eight years? That qualifies her to meet with world leaders and negotiate deals with them? You see what that brought. A Russian Re-set that was a total failure both in policy and in execution of the “reset button” and the killing of four Americans including an ambassador in Libya. All of that on her watch. You would have thought John Kerry would have been better. After all, he sat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for decades. They said he knew his stuff. Unfortunately, he was as skilled as a negotiator as he was a soldier in Vietnam (not much!).

Obama’s second mistake was he felt that just by talking he could get everyone to like us. How naïve is this guy? A world apology tour doesn’t do the trick. Even giving Iran the bomb, which of course will send the Middle East into the world’s largest arms race, is so far off course, it doesn’t even register with sane people.

And then you’ve got Obama totally throwing Israel to the wolves. Smart move. No…really. You’re going to have a war to end half of the Islamic religion between the Shi’ite and the Sunnis, and you’re causing it all. The winner gets to take on Israel for domination of the Middle East. Now, how smart is that? Pretty stupid if you ask anyone with an IQ higher than today’s temperature.

We’re in this mess because we elected a guy (twice) that doesn’t know, or care about foreign policy. That’s like making me the chief mechanic on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s car. He MAY get out of the garage…that’d be about it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Sorry Al Gore…You Lose….AGAIN!

Americans are a fickle bunch. One minute we’re thinking that we need to do something about immigration, like right NOW! Then ten minutes later, it’s the economy stupid! Yeah, we’re all ADD riddled, I know, but seriously, how many of us really do give a rat’s ass when it comes to global climate warming change?

Not very many.

It seems that Al Gore’s dire predictions over the last quarter century (tell me he really hasn’t been throwing away his life for the past 25 years!) has been totally false. Worse yet…Americans don’t care anywhere near what Gore cares about it. Maybe that’s why he spends so much time jetting around the world…he has to find a suitable audience for his message?

The Gallup organization just released a new poll. What do you think the number one ecological thing on our minds are these days? Global warming? Nope. Losing the rain forests (really they are jungles)? Nope. It’s the safety of our drinking water (which I think is really important…especially since I live in the middle of the friggin’ desert!

55% of us feel that safe drinking water is the most important environmental issue out there. That’s down about 5% from a year ago. It’s followed by pollution of lakes, rivers and reservoirs, which was down 6% from a year ago. Air pollution was third, down 8% since last year. Then came extinction of plants and animal species (sorry PETA!), losing the rain forests, and dead last with only 32% thinking it was important was global climate change warming.

It’s not something that we as Americans have really given that much of a hoot about ever. As much as Al Gore and Bobo Obama want to lie to us about the “science being settled”, it’s apparently not. Scientists every day are recanting their previous warnings about the seas rising, polar bears living in the Bahamas and the earth melting because we drive SUV’s, while the people telling us this crap fly around the world in huge 747’s and private jets. It’s called leading by example, people!

And so it goes for the likes of Al Gore…the guy that had so much handed to him from his Tennessee Senator Daddy. The guy that followed in Daddy’s footsteps right to the US Senate, but couldn’t take the big step to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It was such a crushing blow that he grew a beard, divorced his wife (ok, actually she divorced him), and became involved in this crazy Ponzi scheme called “Carbon Credits”. That’s what happens when you don’t measure up to daddy’s hopes and dreams for you…even after he’s been dead for 20 years.

No, we don’t care about global warming. We know in our hearts that the earth is just too powerful on her own to let a few million SUVs driving around do any  long-term damage. And the survey, by the way, is right. We SHOULD be more concerned with water, water pollution and air pollution, and less concerned about made-up science. But I really would have put losing the South American jungles up higher. We really shouldn’t be destroying them. That CAN screw up the ecosystem.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Net Neutrality May Be Dead Before It Starts

The Federal Communications Commission has a long and storied history dating back to 1934. Congress established it during the “Communications Act of 1934”, which, as every broadcasting student and employee in the country knows, was the beginning of regulation in the radio and then television industry. For years, the FCC basically minded their own business and used common sense to guide them. But it seems lately, the panel has gone off the rails with its uber-liberal bias and thinking. That’s what happens when you put four liberals together!

The FCC has been trying to get its hooks into the internet for a decade. They succeeded this past month by taking a secret vote on a list of over 300 new rules that everyone (yes, that means YOU) will have to follow. What are those rules? We still don’t know yet. We won’t know until it’s published in the Federal Register. When’s that going to happen? What day is hell supposed to freeze over?

Well, net neutrality may be headed for life-support. Two separate groups, one headed up by US Telecom in Washington DC that includes the likes of AT&T and Verizon, and another smaller group in Texas have both filed suit at the appellate court level to stop net neutrality before it starts. And why is net neutrality such a bad thing?

Well, depends on who you listen to. The FCC will tell you that it’s not fair to you and me. The big internet service providers are going to let the big boys…like Netflix, and Amazon, who chew up huge swaths of broadband get faster internet speeds than we can get…for a price. And you and I are going to plod along. Well, truth be told, I don’t need my email to pop up on my screen any faster than it does. I can hardly keep up with the four accounts I have already.

What the FCC really wants to do however, is add taxes to the internet. Congress will never do it, but the FCC wants to impose fees, like they did to your landline telephone bills and your cell phone bills. Those never seem to go away. In fact, they just took off one such fee that was designed to help pay for the Spanish-American War. The internet is going to get taxes up the road if the FCC has its way. Period.

And while I really think AT&T is a crappy company with crappy customer service, I’m on their side on this one. Keep the internet free from taxation, and keep the FCC’s hands off of it. You think it’s bad with porn sites now? Wait til you get fined for blogging “hell” or “damn”. Think I’m kidding? Ask Howard Stern or George Carlin (well, he’s dead, but you get the picture).

Anytime we can keep government’s stinky fingers out of something, it’s better for America. Government does three things well. 1. Maintain an army. 2. Print money. 3. Maintain infrastructure. Other than that, stay the hell out of my life!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hillary’s Attempt At Humor Falls Flat

Let’s see…Hillary Clinton is a very poor attorney. We learned that after she got fired from the Watergate investigation. It was also re-proven after she left Rose Law Firm in Little Rock. She was a terrible negotiator. We learned that from her inability to pass her healthcare overhaul that her husband put her in charge of. We learned that she was only a mediocre senator that was responsible for passing virtually nothing while in the senate. Oh, she did vote for the Iraq war invasion that took out Saddam Hussein. And then later she wished she’d never have voted for it. We learned she isn’t a very good politician when she was the odds on favorite for the 2008 Democratic nomination, and lost it to a first term senator who had only sat in the building 49 times. Let’s see…we also learned she’s a really bad Secretary of State by virtue of the “Russian Reset” and Benghazi.

Is there anything else I’m leaving out? Oh. How about a terrible author? Her latest book tour for “Hard Choices” was an abject failure in the eyes of her publisher. Way too many gaffes, terrible 2nd grader like interviews, and she didn’t happen to sell any books.

Well, you can add comedienne to the list as well. Hillary was addressing a liberal think tank the other day, and decided she was going to try to let the scandals that have plagued her non-candidacy roll off her back by utilizing humor. It wasn’t bad material, actually. Some of it was pretty funny. But then the delivery sucked. Just like everything else she’s done in her life.

Hillary’s attempt at humor jabbed fun at her needing a new email address…a new hairdo… and needing to be open with the press. Actually, I think she was trying to make nice with the press on that one, but it got a laugh as well. I think she really feels that the press can doom her candidacy before it even starts.

And she’s right. Look what happened to Obama after the incident with going after the AP phone records and the incident where they all but arrested James Rosen from Fox News. The press turned on him like an ex-wife turns on a dead beat dad who’s late with the child support.

But here’s Hillary, with her coronation in doubt after all of her scandals. Here she is, now being told the Martin O’Malley would be a good choice for the nomination IF she couldn’t pull herself out of the scandals she’s in (and you just know there’s a lot we DON’T know!). If it weren’t for the one things she’s got plenty of…ego…she’d be dropping out of this field fast and furious. But she won’t until she’s booted out. Or until she loses the election. But don’t wait up for a Hillary concession speech. It’ll be like Al Gore’s…a long time coming, and very short….if at all.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Who Would The Founders Say Is Responsible For Our Mess Today?

I’ve been watching the most fascinating lecture series lately. It’s called “Constitution 101” and its available online free from Hillsdale College. Now, I grew up a scant 32 miles east of Hillsdale College, and in fact, was pen pals for the longest time with one of their longest tenured presidents, George C. Roache. Hillsdale, in case you weren’t aware, is famous for being a very conservative college, with strong roots in the constitution. I’d highly recommend the 10 week course to anyone that wants to learn about how we got where we are today.

Trivia question: Can you name the most famous football player in Hillsdale College history? Chester Marcol, who was a kicker for the Green Bay Packers for years came from Hillsdale.

OK…back to the topic at hand. The Founding Fathers’ had a lot to say about whose fault it would be if we ever found ourselves in a mess where you had a president that disobeyed the constitution. Who’s fault is it? It’s congresses fault for letting him get away with it. And what do you do if congress doesn’t do anything about it (sound familiar?)? You vote them out of office.

So far, I think we’re on the right track with what the Founding Fathers’ had to say with it. But here’s the rub. Who’s fault is it if we don’t as voters rectify the situation in congress, or they ultimately don’t follow our wishes? According to James Madison in the Federalist Paper #57, it’s our fault. Yup. You and I are to blame ultimately because we’re the ones letting Barack Obama play with the constitution like it was a piece of scrap paper and he’s writing down a hot date’s phone number on it.

So what can we do? Well, the Founders basically said when all else fails, there’s revolution. Now, that wouldn’t be such a great idea today, because the government’s army has a lot more firepower than most of us have…even as a group we can’t match it. I mean, do you REALLY want to take on a tank on the streets of DC with F-16’s and F-35’s flying overhead dropping bombs?

The one thing I thought was fascinating was the fact that James Madison actually took time to think this through and came up with a scenario whereby we would ultimately face what we’re going through today. That’s some futuristic vision. That’s the type of person we need today!

Interesting concepts, and I’d highly recommend reading the Federalist Papers to anyone that really wants to know what they Founders were thinking when they were forming our country. It’s basically a bunch of newspaper articles and treatises designed to tell us where these guys thought we should be and why.

OK…commercial is over. Now,

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Weekend Musings From The Desert

Spring has blossomed in the desert. You know the hot days are just around the corner when the cactus bloom, the ball players here for spring training (and all of the fans) leave to start the baseball season, and soon the snow birds depart for Montana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and all points north. With that in mind…I give you my weekend musings:

The only thing I think I hate about spring in Arizona are the weeds. We have stone for our “yard” (which is nice because you don’t have mow stone), but every spring, if you don’t put down a pre-emergent in October, you get weeds. LOTS of weeds. Guess who forgot to put pre-emergent down last fall?

I think the oranges are pretty well off the trees out back. There are still maybe about a dozen of them left. Same for the lemons. Limes fell off back in October, so they’re pretty well done. I was pretty happy with being able to keep pace with them this year. I think I gave away over 400 lemons from one little tree (3 years old!).

So Harry Reid is retiring, huh? Thank GOD! I’m tired of seeing that bespeckled idiot saunter through the senate. He should have left in 2010, and he says he would have had the GOP not put such a push on to unseat him. Somehow I don’t believe that.

I’m watching a very interesting series on the constitution…it’s from Hillsdale College, called “Constitution 101”. It’s free, and every single American of both parties should watch it. You WILL learn something, I promise. I’ll tell you about some of it in tomorrow’s blog.

Is Obama really that vain that he’s willing to put the well-being of the whole world at stake so he can say he got a nuclear deal with Iran…one that virtually guarantees them the bomb? What planet is this guy from?

Guess I’m going to have to wait a little longer for my next “15 minutes of fame”. CBS News’ “Sunday Morning” program isn’t going to be airing my piece until probably late April now. Oh well…I can wait another month. Be sure to look for it! They were in town at the beginning of March and filmed for 2 days straight. All for a 5-7 minute piece. Can’t wait to see how they edited it.

Loving the life out west…my wife came home two weeks ago and said she needed a break from work, so we are going to drive up to Vegas for a couple of days. That’s one of the nice things about being our here. I can actually drive to Vegas quicker than I can fly there if you count the time it takes to get to the airport, park the car, get through security, fly, wait for the luggage, get a taxi and get to the hotel. A whole lot cheaper too…plus we get to see parts of Arizona, almost nobody gets to see!

Enjoy the weekend! Have a cookout…celebrate spring!

And carry on world…you’re dismissed!