Open Mouth, Insert Feet

It seems that every time Hillary Clinton opens her mouth, her socks get wet from all that saliva. You would think the presumptive Democratic nominee would think before engaging the mouth, but that could very well be yet another problem in this scandal plagued campaign.

Yesterday, Clinton was addressing a group at Columbia University and was talking about the riots and problems in Baltimore. She said, “We must urgently begin to rebuild the bonds of trust and respect among Americans.” This, coming from a lady that according to Rasmussen Reports, has 51% of the public thinking she’s not trustworthy. So why speak of trust? A whopping 89% of the respondents said that Hillary’s actions as secretary of state were influenced by the donations governments were making to the Clinton Foundation. 77% say she’s either as ethical (38%) or less ethical (39%) than other politicians (not a great group to be compared to. Only 19% thought she was more ethical than politicians.  By the way, in the middle of the “Bridgegate scandal”, Chris Christie only had 66% saying he was as ethical (46%) or more unethical (20%).

Every day, the tsunami of information of what Hillary did to help the Clinton Foundation instead of the American people seems to get wider, bigger, deeper, faster. And every day her approval numbers, and trust numbers seem to shrink just a little more. Never in the history of presidential politics has someone with such poor approval numbers on trust and ethics even tried to seek the office of president, much less won. And there is no end in sight. Hillary Clinton is a time bomb waiting to explode. Oh, she’s calm and cool, and collected now. But she’s only a couple of weeks into the campaign. And she’s the only candidate on her side so far. Wait until Martin O’Malley gets in. What happens if Elizabeth Warren say’s “Screw it!” and jumps into the fray? You’re going to see a massive revolt of Hillary supporters.

And all the time, Hillary will be there shrieking, “But this is just a political distraction. I want to talk about the issues” as the crowds, and the dollars, and the media lights all break down and head to the next politician in waiting. A reporter even had her on video yesterday as she was leaving a fundraiser in New York, talking to herself as she was getting into a van. Reporters were shouting questions, Hillary never stopped her monologue, waved to the crowd, and got in the van…never stopping her one-woman show.

Look, I can see this becoming a major melt-down moment up the road. Somewhere when things get rough, and Hillary HAS to answer the calls of her opponents, she’s going to have to face the fact that she’s lied…Bill has lied…and then she loses all trust.

It’s like i said months ago. The way to end her campaign is with one question: “Have you ever lied to the American public?”

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


I Thought Obama Was Supposed To HELP!?

Think back to your ancient history. No…I’m not talking about the Romans and the Greeks. I’m talking 2008. Remember during the campaign, all the political pundits from the drive-by media all said that Barack Obama being president would bring an end to racial tensions in this country. I think it was right after them agreeing with him that the seas would calm, the polar bears would go back to eating fish through the plentiful ice, and dogs would sleep with cats…something like that?

Anyway, what the hell happened? Our race relations are worse now than at any time since 1967. Remember that far back? In case you don’t, let me bring you up to date what happened leading up to that point. Malcom X had been shot and killed at an event he was scheduled to speak at…a block away from a hospital. Martin Luther King had been shot while standing on a second story walkway outside of his Memphis Hotel. Watts, a Los Angeles suburb was ablaze as was the city of Detroit. It wasn’t a good time for race relations.

Fast forward to 2015 and you’ve got black criminals being killed by white police officers all over the country. You’ve got riots in a little town in Missouri, and in Baltimore, Maryland. And you’ve got a black president that wants to blame the police for all of our problems. Oh yes, he gave a cursory nod to things like the black community not having father figures, which is primarily the cause in this case, and black on black violence, which far outweighs any white on black violence in this country. In fact, black on white violence far outweighs white on black violence. So what the hell happened, Obama?

In a nutshell…he lied….again.

He has no cure for racial violence and racial tension. The only person I’ve heard come close to a reasonable solution to this problem in the past decade was Bill Cosby. And he nailed it. You put the blame where the blame is due. It’s on a class of people who would rather not work, not take responsibility, and blame all of their woes on people who have stuff. That’s not the cause of it, folks…sorry. It’s because people don’t take responsibility, want to become slaves to whatever meager living the government doles out to them on a monthly basis, and the fact they’ve grown up with generations of laziness and welfare-parents. I’m not limiting that to blacks, by the way. There are plenty of whites and Hispanics in that group as well. It’s not a cultural thing. It’s a socio-economic thing. And there’s one way to break the chain…but we’re too weak of a society to bring it about.

You use tough love. Cut off food stamps. Cut off welfare. Cut off ADC. Cut off aid. If someone needs something, allow families and churches to do what they do best and come to their aid. I frankly don’t think America has the balls to do it anymore. You want to stop black criminals getting killed by white police officers? Stop having black criminals. The rest takes care of itself. You want to stop all of this lack of responsibility? Force it on them. You want to stop the lack of black fathers in their community? OK…I don’t know how you’re going to do that one. But it’s the society that has to change…not the police. Obama got it wrong. Again. Gee…knock me over with a friggin’ feather!

And carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hillary’s Benghazi Emails

They’re coming! The long-awaited, finally-approved, Hillary Clinton emails on Benghazi. CNN has already seen them. We can be expected to see them, hear about them, read them online, etc. for the next week. And if you think there’s anything earth-shattering in any of the 300 emails…you’re going to be sorely disappointed. But since Clinton herself released these, what did you expect?

We did learn a lot about Hillary Clinton however!

About the biggest thing we learned about Hillary’s release of her own emails was, she was happy she didn’t go on TV in place of Susan Rice right after the Benghazi attack hit. She felt she wouldn’t have enjoyed it much. Duh! Really Hillary?

Look, I’m sure she got rid of a bunch of damning emails. Why else would you scrub a server unless there was stuff on there that you didn’t want anyone to see. But the feds have a great way of retrieving emails. Look what they were able to do with Lois Lerner’s…and even though Eric Holder was too partisan and too chicken to actually charge her with anything (yeah…he’s NOT partisan…right!), the GOP learned of the situation. And because of the mess, they basically destroyed Lerner’s career.

Here’s the big deal with all of this. Hillary Clinton lied about what was in those emails. If you don’t believe that, you’re living in Candyland. She’s lied since she before she left Arkansas. And she hasn’t stopped. The Clintons have a great way of trying to wiggle out of any tight squeeze their in. Oh, it worked for Bill…but he could bite his lower lip and women everywhere would come running ripping off their panties on the way. I don’t think the same thing happens to Hillary. She’s a great liar, to be sure, but she’s not Bill. Not as a politician…and not as a public speaker. She doesn’t have a friendly personality. And that, in the end is what is going to do her in.

To be sure, there will be a huge investigation, and Trey Gowdy may or may not be able to actually get his hands on the emails, but you know what really interests me? It’s when the Democrats were trying to ruin Clarence Thomas during Senate confirmations hearings for the Supreme Court, and the Anita Hill thing came up it was the “hint of impropriety” that was so important…the charges themselves were so serious they were deemed to be damning enough to deny him the job. With Hillary running for he highest office in the land, that doesn’t seem to be the case…and that’s what drives me nuts about liberals. Now, forget about the hint of impropriety (it’s more of a stench). Forget about the seriousness of the charge. It’s all about “It’s old news” and “It’s a distraction stopping her from attacking the real problems of the day”. Well, she’d better get used to it. My hunch is, if she’s elected president, she’s in for four years of this type of treatment!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Could Obamacare Die On It’s Own?

There’s a saying that “As California goes, so goes the nation”. It’s true in a lot of areas. When California adopts a new state law, a lot of times, that law is adopted elsewhere around the country. A lot of trends seem to start in California.

And that’s why Obamacare detractors are hoping that this latest trend is going to spread like wildfire. See, “Covered California”, the Golden State’s nickname for Obamacare, is dying on the vine. 2015 is the year it has to become self-sufficient…and it’s not going to. The state has already extended the deadline to sign up for their insurance twice…and it really hasn’t helped. Most Californians are saying no to healthcare out there. And it could have a devastating impact on Obamacare, both in California and in the rest of the country.

California has already blown through the $1.1 billion it got from Washington DC to help get Obamacare up and running. Except it’s nowhere near ready to be up and running. And with a GOP-controlled congress, there won’t be any more money on the way.

The real problem is that California is facing an $80 Billion dollar shortfall for fiscal 2015. Adding an Obamacare nightmare to that isn’t going to help things…especially since it’s against the law for a state to run in deficit mode. It doesn’t help that California only signed up 1% more people in 2015 for Obamacare than they did in 2014.

So, what happens if come April 30th (the third deadline), they don’t have enough money to run the program? It has to shut down. It’s out of money. And frankly if you have ever looked at the numbers nationally, the same thing will happen in every state in the union. It has to. Because it takes too much money from the governments (state and federal) to make it run. So, after another five years, you won’t need a Supreme Court decision to kill Obamacare. It’ll be dead on it’s own. The states can’t afford it, and the GOP-controlled congress, though looking for a short-term bailout in the even that the Court disallows subsidies for states using, won’t back the massive supply of cash it needs to survive long-term.

Obamacare’s problem has always been that it was too expansive, too expensive, and too cumbersome to last. That’s the way it was described when it was being passed, and as California is proving…that’s the way it’s going to be in the future.

Once again, the land of fruits and nuts predicts the future. At least they’re good for something besides wine and water shortages!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

San Francisco Shows Why You Can NEVER Trust A Liberal

I’m a big consistency nut. I think that if you’re going to have a belief in anything, that’s fine, and frankly, I don’t care what side of the equation you’re on…just be consistent with it in your life. As I’ve said here before…I can’t get how a person can be against the death penalty for someone who’s committed murder…but be for aborting a fetus. That makes no sense. You’re willing to spare the life of a condemned and convicted killer, but you’re also willing to kill an innocent yet-to-be-born baby? Where are your ethics?

So it’s with that in mind that I take you to the city by the bay…the city that never sleeps….(sorry…a throwback to Jefferson Starship days). San Francisco. As most of you probably know, and if you live in California you certainly know, they have a bit of a water problem out there. And Governor Moon Beam has thrown some extreme measures to save water. Like, everybody has to cut their water usage by 25%. That’s a lot.

Well, tell that to San Francisco. The uber-socialist enclave has continued to use DRINKING WATER to heat City Hall. Yes… in a time that they are in a severe drought situation, the city of San Francisco takes drinking water…heats it up to boiling, and uses the steam to heat City Hall. They then take the used water that’s been heated and turned to steam, and send it right down the sewer. And apparently, in the midst of people not being able to take showers or wash their clothes, this is acceptable.

They figure it to be about 250,000 gallons of water a day. That’s 1.75 MILLION gallons of water a week. I don’t care how you slice it, that’s a lot of wasted water!

And what does Tyrone Jue, who’s with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission have to say about it? “The system has been set up in the city for many decades, as far as this steam loop. It doesn’t rely on fossil fuels or natural gas to heat these buildings. So in that sense it’s good!” Huh?

Ty, buddy….we’re talking about water here…not fossil fuels. We’re talking about your city wasting almost 2 million gallons of water a week and THAT is your response? Tell the farmers just outside your city that grow some of the best grapes in the world that you’re wasting 2 million gallons of water a week and see if they give a rat’s rear end that you’re not using fossil fuel. My hunch is you’d get lynched.

And that, my friends is why you can never trust a liberal. Consistency doesn’t mean anything to these people. If it did, they wouldn’t be backing Hillary Clinton for president.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Paid Income Taxes In Ten Years!

It’s one thing when you see a politician that you like, and follow them, maybe even donate to their campaign, see them at a campaign stop, and of course, vote for them. Hell, you may even want to volunteer for the campaign. Take some neighbors to the polls, or burn up the phone lines urging undecided voters to pull the lever for your candidate.

It’s quite the other issue when your candidate hasn’t paid their income taxes in a decade and wants you to still believe they are the person for the job.

And when that person is running for president of the United States, it’s even more embarrassing than when IRS workers (and there are scads of them) haven’t paid their taxes. It’s not just embarrassing. It’s a damn shame. And the person ought to be thrown in jail.

So, did Hillary Clinton really not pay taxes for the past ten years? Well, I’ll go back to what our very good friend and former majority leader, Harry Reid said on the floor of the Senate back in 2012 about Mitt Romney. “I have it on good authority, from a confirmed source, that Hillary Clinton has not paid her income taxes for the past 10 years. If she has, why hasn’t she made them public?”

Now…between you and me, I’m not as snarky or as much of a lying fool as Reid is. I have no idea if Hillary Clinton paid her income taxes for the past ten years, just like Reid didn’t have a damn clue if Romney paid HIS income taxes for the past ten years when he was running for president. The difference is, I just told you. It took Reid three years to come clean. But I must admit something to you…I feel as guilty saying it as Reid did. I don’t feel a shred of guilt. Because the hint of impropriety with that woman is that strong. It’s something you would believe if you heard it.

That’s Hillary’s biggest problem. She’s not believable. Oh, she can tell you she’s for immigration reform, and abortion and gay marriage, and all of the other liberal stuff. But do you really believe her? Can you really trust anything that comes out of her mouth? And so, when you hear a rumor that Hillary hasn’t paid her taxes in ten years, it’s easy to believe. You will readily associate A with B. And she’s brought it on all by herself.

Do I feel guilty for saying that? Nope. After all the crap the Democrats pull on Republican candidates during a campaign, I’m sure as hell not going to feel guilty. And Hillary is ripe to fall and fall hard. By the way…if you haven’t read “Clinton Cash” yet, and I’m guessing since it isn’t out until May 5th, you haven’t, you probably need to reserve a copy. Something tells me this is going to the top of the NY Times bestseller list. And if you haven’t watched Bret Baier’s special from last Friday night on the Clintons…a lot of which was taken from that book, you’d do yourself a favor if you found a copy of it somewhere and watched it. Hillary would appreciate it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Heat On Michelle Obama Isn’t Letting Up

School kids all over the country are getting antsy. They can feel that summer vacation is just about here. Out here in the desert, they let the kids out early…they’ll be out by Mother’s Day…but will have to be back in class in August. And those that eat in the schools’ cafeterias will be exceptionally happy. They won’t have to eat the swill Michelle Obama has approved for them to eat.

Need some proof? A girl at Salmon High School in Idaho recently sent a pic of her school lunch which was a hamburger with a bun. the bun had numbers in ink stamped onto it. The girl’s message? “Is this safe to eat?”

There are literally thousands of examples of really bad food being served in our nation’s school cafeterias because of this law. If you want to see for yourself, all you have to do is go on to Twitter, and look for the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama. You’ll see more pics of crappy food than a third world food fair!

And that’s the problem. That’s what happens when first ladies delve into areas that they have no expertise in, have no real interest in; they’re just picking a topic because they feel they HAVE to pick a topic, and they have no concern for the welfare of the people it effects. I guess Eleanor Roosevelt started it all way back in the 40’s. Jackie Kennedy wanted to re-do the White House (and actually became the first and only first lady to win an Emmy for a TV special she did). Then came Lady Bird Johnson trying to save a tree…a shruuub…or a bush (not the political family I’m sure!). Betty Ford started the Betty Ford Clinic. Nancy Reagan said, “Just Say NO To Drugs” (didn’t work). Hillary tried healthcare overhaul, and when that didn’t work, she decided lying would be her best talent…I think she was right.

And so it goes. No, Michelle…you have no business sticking your nose into school kids’ lunches. Most of them stop by McDonalds on the way home anyway because a) they can and b) they’re starving from the poor lunch you were responsible for. Think about that next time you go on those $10 million vacations!

All Michelle Obama has accomplished, besides pissing off a bunch of middle school and high school kids, and turning them against voting for Democrats in the future, is making poor kids hungrier than they already were. Something I’m sure she’s eternally proud of. That’s a nice legacy for you to have Michelle. It fits in real nicely with your husband’s legacy of “Worst President Ever!”

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!