And End Of An Era

Bob Schieffer was never what I would call a star when it comes to news. He was a grunt. He was one of those guys that always seemed to have a network job, but was never the “pretty-boy”. He never had the looks, nor the talent to be great…just good enough to avoid being fired. Bob Schieffer holds (or held depending on when you read this) his final session as host of “Face The Nation” this morning (it’s on about 8:30am out here). But I have to take issue with what Schieffer said recently.

“We now don’t know where people get their news”.

Wrong. We do, Bob. And it’s not on network TV any longer. Actually, people are getting their news in several different places. Some ARE still getting it from network TV. A few are clinging to newspapers. Most have switched over to the cable news channels like Fox News, or CNN. And those folks also get their news from the ever-expanding choices available here on the internet.

So, we DO know where people turn to for news. We also know that more and more people have the ability to get the spin they want with their news. Want it conservative? Breitbart is a great place. So is Matt Drudge’s place. Want a more liberal spin? Try Huffington Post, or The Hill. You can even decide what type of news you want. Do you look forward to political news, local news, national non-political news, celebrity news? It’s all out there, and we know where folks are getting it.

We also know where they’re not getting it anymore. No more Daily Show. No more Stephen Colbert. And they’re not reading magazines either. Oh, maybe the online editions, but very few in paper. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and see how inexpensively you can subscribe to a paper-issue of your favorite magazine these days. Or newspaper. Does “Free” ring a bell? These folks are doing anything they can, including giving away subscriptions, just to keep their circulation numbers up.

And network TV is falling apart. How many times have we seen network news anchors make stupid comments, lousy decisions, and credibility shredding gaffes? How many lies did Brian Williams actually tell? You don’t think that hurts your ability to tell the news to the rest of the nation?

No Bob, the days of Walter Cronkite and Huntley/Brinkley are over. They’re gone for good. The Mike Wallaces of the world have left this world…as have the Harry Reasoners. Where we get our news anymore isn’t as important as how we get our news, and THAT we get our news. That I’m afraid, will never change!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Denny Hastert’s Problems…

So former GOP Speaker of the House of Representatives, Denny Hastert has found himself in more than a bit of a pickle. And it’s sexual in nature, and it involves another man. Here is where the “consistency freak” in me starts to go crazy. Sorry.

If this were anyone but Anthony Weiner (who didn’t sext guys), the Democrats would circle the wagons, say that the person was a good person, and made a mistake, and they were sorry for their actions. Republicans on the other hand always seem to get handed the moral issue. Maybe that’s because the GOP takes moral issues more seriously than Dems do. I know this for sure. Based on being a Washington Watcher over the past 30 years or so, neither party is immune from the foibles of sexcapades. Both are guilty as sin, and frankly I think there is something in the DC drinking water that does it to you.

Denny Hastert has a lot of problems. Not necessarily because he had this ongoing relationship with a guy, but because he tried to cover it up. Didn’t we learn NOT to cover stuff up during Watergate? Weren’t we given a refresher course on it during Monica Lewinsky? Apparently the people we elect to Washington are slow on the uptake. It would seem to me that if you do something so stupid as have extra-marital affairs (Hastert has been married since 1975) then you need to stand up and take your punishment because you are an idiot.

Look, I’m not about to say what the former speaker did was right in any sense of the word. Frankly, when you’re married, and you have sex with anyone outside of marriage, I view that as wrong. I don’t care what party you come from, I don’t care what office, if any, you’ve held. It’s pretty cut and dry. The book I turn to for my moral guidance calls that adultery. And it also says that a man “laying with another man” is detestable. I don’t try to persuade you into my beliefs on morals, you need to find your own guidance, but that’s what my book says.

As far as covering it up…that’s the real crime. We all sin. We all make mistakes, and we all seek forgiveness in some fashion. Had Denny Hastert decided to come forward, admit the mistake and ask for forgiveness and repent (which means to turn away from the mistake you’ve made…and not repeat it), then I think we probably would have forgiven him without incident. But we as a society are so ingrained with the notion that we can avoid problems by keeping them secret. Let me share a secret with you. There are no secrets. Everything gets out eventually.

And that’s a secret that is going to destroy someone running for president right now! As I tell my wife all the time…the wheels of justice grind very slowly…but very fine.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed.

Ready For ANOTHER Recession?

Recessions cycle…so do presidents. Rarely, if ever, do the two run through two cycles with the same guy in office. But it looks like it may be happening with Obama now. You can point fingers any which way you can, you can blame George W. Bush for the first one (he really deserves some of the blame!), but you have to squarely blame Barack Obama if we have another bad quarter like we did in the first quarter. It would definitely be HIS recession.

And he wouldn’t really care a lick.

Oh, he’d feign misery. He has to, it’s part of the job. But for the most part, Bobo has checked out. Just look at the way he’s going through the motions. The only thing he’s really interested in at this time is doing something, anything that is going to give him a bit of a legacy. Anything negative? He’s already got rooms full of negative stuff to put in his library!

So, let’s look at this from a couple of angles. First, yes, I blame George W. Bush for part of the first recession…the one you and I probably feel we never really truly got over. The other blame goes to congress which really caused it by making banks give out loans to people who couldn’t afford them. And you’ve got to blame Obama for elongating it for months after it should have been over. Technically, the Great Recession lasted until Obama’s first summer in office. But his policies made it SEEM like it dragged on forever. He gets part of the blame as well.

But this one (if we have a decline in GDP in the second quarter) is squarely on Obama. The congress hasn’t been in GOP hands long enough to cause a recession. And he certainly can’t blame George W. Bush for this one.

Who’s it going to hurt besides normal Americans? How about Hillary Clinton? Does the line, “Do you want to go back to the failed policies of the past that put us in this economic malaise?” seem to ring a bell? It should. It’s the line Hillary currently uses. If we have another quarter in decline, she’s going to have to cede that to the GOP to use against her. And she can pretty much kiss her chances for the White House goodbye. No one from the same party has ever been elected to the White House during a recession, especially one that was started by that person’s party. Hillary’s chances of actually winning the presidency would be over. People vote with their wallet…and when there’s nothing in it, people have a tendency to look at someone else.

Don’t want Hillary in the White House? Want to avoid another recession? Which is the worst of two evils? That’s what America has to decide!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Become An Illegal Alien!

Have you ever wondered WHY the Democrats are all hot and bothered about allowing all of those illegal aliens to become citizens in our country? Is there really any debate why it is they’re fighting for this? It’s for one thing…they want their votes. If you take five million non-voting people and make them all Democrats, do you EVER lose the White House? Well, maybe in 2016, because you’ve got such a weak candidate as Hillary Clinton, but besides that, no you don’t.

As we’ve discussed here before, liberals, especially progressive liberals don’t view the government as a three-legged-stool. They see it more as two legs…the president and the administrators who make the rules. Congress gives a cursory wave of the hand at bills, and the courts are supposed to stay out of it until there are enough justices to keep the liberal philosophy from being overturned.

And now a poll by Rassmussen proves it. While only 35% of the people polled say that illegal aliens living in this country and paying taxes in this country should be allowed to vote in this country (60% say they shouldn’t, 5% aren’t sure), a whopping 53% of Democrats agree with that notion. Have these folks even heard of the concept of citizens voting? What would happen if the United States sent 30 million people to Canada and demanded the right to vote? We’d take over the country through legal means, wouldn’t we? And what do you think is going to happen if these illegals in this country are given the right to vote?

Of course, you know that was the Democrats’ plan all along, right? I mean, we’re not that stupid to think that this was just a notion that was floated recently. This has been the goal all along. Even back with the immigration “reform” that Ronald Reagan passed back in the 80’s. But if you recall, that was supposed to be the “last amnesty” that the United States would employ. We were going to fix immigration and not allow this to continue. Except the Democrats welcome illegals. They’ve promised them all the trappings of citizenship if they could only get here and keep their noses clean. The problem is the damn law. Only citizens are allowed to vote. And those Bobo Obama has tried to skirt the constitution, the fifth circuit has thrown ice water at him in his attempt to give five million illegals work visas and a promise of no deportation. Oops. He didn’t count on that one!

That is the one problem I have with Democrats. They’re hell-bent on trying to make sure that their side wins by hook or by crook. Politics is their religion…and religion is their enemy. Of course, that’s a generalization, but it’s often more true than not. And it’s time the true Christians in this country stood up and fought rather than passively lay down and be trod upon. After all… once conservatives are deemed illegal, I wonder if we are going to maintain our right to vote?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Your World Is About To Change Forever!

I have spent a lot of my life studying media trends. Not just which TV show or radio station is doing well, but why. And I’ve come up with the “Reincarnation Theory” when it comes to media. It’s happening again, except this time, I think we’re going to lose a member!

For our purposes, the “media” is going to include newspaper, radio, television, cable television, satellite television, and the internet. And we are going to be losing newspapers once and for all. These dinosaurs have been hanging on with both feet in the grave for 20 years, but it’s time that they’re actually going for good.

A quick look back to explain my theory first of all. In the very early days, before Guttenberg, there were town criers and they brought the news to the community. After the printing press was invented, newspapers became the rage, and they controlled the media for about 300 years. Then in the 1920’s radio became the rage. It could cover something NOW. It didn’t have to wait until the edition was written and printed and sent to the newsboys on the streets. Radio’s immediacy made newspapers re-think themselves. No longer did you hear “Extra, Extra, Read all about it!” Instead, you got it right from the source. So, newspaper went in-depth with their articles. Radio couldn’t afford to do that.

In the 1940’s, television came along. Now you didn’t sit looking at radio. You had TV to look at with pictures, and they made radio re-invent itself by playing music. TV was all the vogue until the first Gulf War. When CNN covered the war 24/7. And cable television showed it was better at TV news than TV was. Next came satellite TV with hundreds of channels the cable boys couldn’t match. And today, we’ve got the internet…which is threatening not only satellite, and cable, but TV and radio as well. You can get all of your news and your entertainment in one spot. Streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on demand.

So, what’s happening to newspapers during all of this? They’re dying. Ad rates have fallen 50%, and over 100 newspapers around the country have shut their doors for good. Circulation is at an all-time low and falling. And the New York Daily News just announced they’re going 100% digital. If you grew up reading the newspaper over breakfast, your world is about to change forever.

Don’t believe me? Can you name the last successful start-up of a daily newspaper in this country? I’ll give you a hint, there has been one since World War II. Give up? USA Today. That’s it. No other newspaper has successfully started up in that time. Why do you think it is your local paper will basically give you your paper for free? It’s because everybody is leaving them, and if they don’t have subscribers, they can’t charge advertisers the rates they are charging them. No ad rates, no money. No money, no newspaper. And that is why your world is about to change forever!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Problem With Congress

About six months ago, the American people threw their hands into the air, said, “We’ve had enough!”, and ousted a lot of Democrats in congress. Both houses of congress saw a surge of Republicans taking what had been Democratically held seats. The reason was pretty clear too. America didn’t like the fact Harry Reid was running interference for Bobo Obama, and was basically giving him and his party a vote of no-confidence.

That said, what has changed in six months? Pretty much nothing. Oh, there are some bi-partisan bills getting through now, primarily because Mitch McConnell is at least feigning like he’s an adult, and not some pre-pubescent 10-year-old with a temper tantrum. But beyond that, congress’ approval numbers haven’t risen much if at all. The question is why?

The answer is actually a little more complicated. While the GOP is actually doing what congress has been set up to do, what has changed is congress’ role in our society. No longer are they the law-makers. They are now the “visionaries”. It’s their job to come up with a vision, a grand picture of what the horizon should look like, and then turn the job of writing actual laws over to the administrators…the people in the various departments…EPA, FTC, FAA, Education, etc. That’s what happened by the way with Obamacare…and you can thank progressives, and especially Woodrow Wilson for coming up with the plan.

Wilson and the progressives of his era didn’t like the “three-legged stool” approach that the founders of our country set up. They really wanted it to be more centralized. So they basically made congress a “visionary group” that would outline what a law should look like, and then the titular head of the country, the president, would sway the people to his way of thinking because of his speaking abilities. But it was the bureaucrats, the administrators in the various departments…the TRUE experts that would actually write the laws, enforce the laws, and act as judge, jury, and executioner in sentencing violators.

The problem was congress couldn’t do what they were supposed to do. We’ve seen it time and time again. They’re short-view approach to problems doesn’t show vision. It kicks the can down the road. They don’t come up with solutions, they put band-aids on problems. And then it’s left to the bureaucrats to write the rules to fix whatever doesn’t work (in their eyes).

And that, in a nutshell is what’s wrong with congress. They need to take back their originally granted power, diminish the role of the bureaucrats and administrators in the various departments (run by the executive branch, by the way), and then get back to making laws, short-term and long-term. Only when that happens will America be happier with the job they’re doing. Because Woodrow Wilson, while a brilliant man intellectually, was a lousy founding father,, and even worse at setting up an efficient and working government!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Be Careful How You Treat That Chimpanzee!

No, this isn’t some bit of irony or made of story of monkey love. This is an actual court case being decided in New York… you had better be careful how you treat chimpanzees, because a New York judge is actually hearing a case this week that is meant to give chimps legal rights like you and I have. More specifically, the chimps are being held at SUNY Stony Brook on Long Island, and are research animals. The group that is fighting for their release says that they are entitled to rights, just like humans are. And they want the monkeys released to a reserve in Florida.

And my initial response is, “Are you friggin’ kidding me?” First of all, the judge ought to be stripped of her position on the bench for wasting taxpayer money to hear such a silly case. Second, it is not up to the judge to grant rights to anyone, human or otherwise. Granting rights, last I checked with the constitution was a God-given gift, not a legal consideration. And sorry, liberals, but even though you may be at best agnostic, you don’t have the right to create rights. No one ever gave YOU that right.

Haven’t we gone just a tad too far to start considering that animals deserve the same rights as people? Isn’t this a sign of how off kilter the really wacko-left has gone. They’re not in the ballpark any longer. Hell, they’re not even in the parking lot or on the drive home. They’ve left the planet. These are agruments I’d expect from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. These, feel-good-treat-every-living-thing-just-like-it’s-human do-gooders is one of the biggest loads of crap I think I’ve ever heard from.

I have to ask myself, have we as a society solved all of the pressing problems of our world to the point that the biggest bone of contention is we’re now trying to get animals human-rights? Wait a minute! Aren’t we still fighting a war on terror? Don’t we still have “racial tension” between cops and blacks going on in this country? What about Russia and their aggressive nature? Have we settled the immigration issue? I don’t recall there being built a big fence at the border. I really have to question the sanity of the attorney that was making the argument in favor of monkeys today. Are you honestly going to tell me that he can’t get any other paying client that he has to resort to monkeys for his clients? And are you honestly telling me that the state of New York has no further criminal cases to worry about that they’re able to jump down about 300 notches to start debating on whether monkeys (and soon other species) are due the same rights as us?

Are we next going to give them drivers’ licences? Are they going to be able to vote? And if a monkey¬†crosses the border in Nogales, Mexico illegally, are we going to have to treat them like illegal human aliens? God help us if we’ve slipped that far!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!