Robert O’Harrow Jr. and Tom Hamburger are writers for the Washington Post. Over this past weekend, they published a piece on Jeb Bush, questioning his business practices from…are you ready for this?…1989!

Apparently, Bush took a trip to Nigeria just after George HW Bush was sworn in as president, and he helped represent a company that was pushing some business to the Nigerians. But Bush was the star and there were a lot of people that came out to see him, and hear him because….well, he was the son of the president of the United States! And they wanted to hear what he had to say.

So, fast forward 26 years later (yes…that would probably be termed a generation to you and me), and these two nimrods from the Washington Post decide they’re going to publish a hit piece on Bush. What’s the problem with it? Hmm…let me think. Can you think of another political candidate for president that possibly had questionable business practices since 1989? Is there someone in the race you can put your finger on and say that particular candidate probably shouldn’t have done what he or she had done in the last quarter century?

My question to Misters O’Harrow and Hamburger are, were you asleep for the last 26 years? Did you not hear of a couple called the Clintons and hear of the audacity of selling nights in the Lincoln Bedroom for a fundraiser for the DNC? Did we not just hear of a current presidential candidate that was basically selling favors to foreign governments so that her husband could make over a half-million dollars per speech and her “foundation” could get a multi-million dollar donation? Does any of that ring a bell with the Washington Post? My, Ben Bradlee must be spinning in his grave about now. How the mighty newspaper of Watergate fame has fallen from its lofty perch.

I don’t have a problem with a newspaper going after any political candidate if they can prove there was wrong-doing. Let’s just make sure that we can go after ALL candidates. And frankly, every candidate has a skeleton or two in their closet. If they don’t, they’re not qualified to be president. But to dredge something up from 26 years ago…what are you going to do? The statute of limitations has run out on everything you could possibly charge Bush with. There is no sense in even writing this article in the first place unless it’s to try to blunt Hillary’s many foibles. And that’s exactly why it was written. And that’s why you’ll see something written about whomever becomes the GOP candidate…even if they have to go back to 1960 and the candidate cheated someone with change from their front yard lemonade stand.

The fact of the matter is, there is one person in this race that has enough baggage she would need every porter in New York City to carry it. To try to waste time bringing others into the mess…especially from over a quarter century ago is ludicrous.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Iran Talks Fail Shows Obama’s True Colors

When I think about it, you would have to expect that any president, regardless how feckless, and inane they are would eventually have a good week or so. Bobo Obama, the world’s second most famous clown (behind Bozo) had such a week at the end of June. He won the Supreme Court case for obamacare when John Roberts decided to once again become an ass-kisser on the subject, and then the next day, had to sober up to re-celebrate the gay “marriage” issue, after Anthony Kennedy tried on the dildo.

But in the end analysis, the event that really solidifies Obama’s lack of leadership was his failure to stop Iran from getting the bomb. The talks had until June 30th to wrap up, and though both sides were screaming how it could go past the end of the month, both sides decided to walk away without an agreement. That, in a nutshell is the Obama legacy. We try real hard to get something passed, something agreed to, something substantial, but in the end, we have to either give away the store to accomplish it, or we fail. And this was a prime example of both.

Obama was determined from the get go to get out in front of the Iranian Nuclear issue, and get an agreement. He wanted…no… he NEEDED to get this agreement so badly to preserve his presidential legacy that he was willing to sell out America… and had the Iranians actually agreed to everything he had given up as concessions (like lifting the sanctions right away, like the myriad of concessions on the number and type of centrifuges that could be used, and the amount of uranium that Iran could have enriched), they would have had the bomb and no sanctions in place in short order.

But the Iranian parliament decided that they needed a law to protect their sovereignty around their military bases. Actually, I could see that. We’d probably demand the same thing wouldn’t we? And in the end analysis, that was one of the things that nuked the deal (pun intended).

So Obama’s victories in the Supreme Court were short-lived when it came to the victories he needed to secure to anchor his place in history. And while I had predicted the high court would rule in favor of gay “marriage” because as in the Texas immigration case, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, obamacare is something that will end up proving to be a hollow victory. Once out of office, and if the GOP were to hold congress and gain the White House, obamacare will be done away with in short order.

Though the president may have been able to finally celebrate something this past week, his victories are so out-paced by his losses, mis-steps, and mistakes that he has firmly cemented his position as not only the first black president in American history, but the worst president in American history. And that is something that should be an affront to every black American out there.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


All I can say is THANK GOD that insipid and stupid rainbow is gone from the WordPress site! Somebody in management at WordPress must have actually come to work Monday morning and been as pissed as I was to see it, and they had the authority to take it down. To that person, I say thank you. To the rest of you…here’s my rant on the whole ordeal:

I have nothing against gays. I don’t care if you’re into people of the opposite sex, people of the same-sex, I don’t even care if you’re into your cat. That’s up to you and the object you love. But there is a limit, and you step over the line when you bring minors into the picture. Kids are kids and are allowed to grow up to become adults. They are not to be sexual objects. Period. Now, that’s not to say that I want to see a gay couple (of either sex), or a transgendered couple showing PDA in public. Let me be clear on this point. I don’t think that the public is a place for ANYONE to make out, or show that type of affection. Save it for when you get home. My wife and I respect the rights of others not to have to watch us and I would appreciate the same in return.

As to why I had the boycott in the first place, the reason is simple. I’m a Christian. I’m proud to be a Christian, and I know that puts me in the minority in today’s society. I don’t care. God created me. God created you. God created earth, and God created people who are gay too. That being said, there are two points worth making. The first is, when your creator explains to you how it is you are to live, then you listen. And God has said in the Bible that a man is not to lie with a man, and woman is not to lie with a woman. I believe He called it an abomination.

Second, God has defined the word “marriage” as one man, one woman. It’s not two women, two men, a dog and a girl, or anything else. It doesn’t matter how you want to define the word. It doesn’t matter how congress or the president wants to define the word, and it doesn’t matter how the Supreme Court defines the word, because they are below God. When God defines the word, God can change the definition anytime He wants. But the Supreme Court saying that a gay couple can “marry” is wrong on the basis it is not logical, nor is it legal in the overall Christian sense of the word.

If gay’s want to form a “union”…if they want to live together…if they want to get nasty in the privacy of their own bedrooms, I’m totally fine with that. It’s still a sin, and they’ll have to answer to it some day, but I’m not the judge or jury in that one. I believe we love our neighbors. It just doesn’t mean we have to love what they do. We all sin…even me. And we all will be judged for our sins. I don’t want that job and thank God, He hasn’t given it to me! Trust me…a higher power will sort that out!

And that is why I boycotted my blog this weekend. There are beliefs that are beyond the Supreme Court. And they over stepped that boundary line last week. To celebrate a sin is of itself a sin. I don’t care what the Supreme Court calls it, I refuse to call a gay couple joined together to be “married”. That’s something they’ll have to talk to God about. I don’t think He will approve.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed! And it’s good to be back!

Get Ready America!

The Supreme Court has opened the door for what’s most assuredly going to be a run through unchartered territory. By approving gay “marriage” in all 50 states, the high court has begun a slippery slide that won’t be reversed in our country’s history. It happened in Rome too in its waning days. Romans were prone to homosexual relations, bestiality, pedophilia, and other perverse actions…all sanctified and blessed by the Roman senate and their emperors.

Let me be very clear why I’m opposed to (and will NEVER call it) gay “marriage”. Marriage is not a word in my belief system that mankind developed. That was a word that is in the Bible, and that God defined. It IS between a man and a woman. Since the word is not of man, it cannot be changed by man. Period. There is no debate. You can call it something else if you like, and that’s fine. You can’t call it “marriage” because it’s not.

Again, being very clear. I’m not against two people who love each other being together. That’s not for me to judge. BUT, you don’t call it something it isn’t…and mankind doesn’t have the right to call it “marriage”. That’s what God calls it. And He defines it as between a man and a woman. No Supreme Court can over-turn God. Case closed.

That being said…now what you’re going to get is a steady decline in morality and values. If it’s ok for two people of the same-sex to be “married”, why isn’t it ok if I “marry” my dog? Why can’t I “marry” my dog and my brother’s dog? And while I’m at it, why can’t I “marry” six women, a horse and a sheep? If I “love” them…aren’t you discriminating against me? What’s the difference, from the “marriage” point of view of “loving” a person of the same-sex, or “loving” an under-aged child? Yes, one of them was against the law…and 50 years ago, they were both against the law. In some states, I believe they still are.

Now there is a move a foot (already) to make all public restrooms “gender neutral”. Is that really what you want? Do you really want to go to the Phillies’ game, walk into the “men’s” room, and see women at the trough? Not a picture I relish seeing. I think we’ve gone over the edge on this thing, and again, not judging here on the actual act because that’ll be done by someone of a much high stature and quality than I can ever hope to achieve (but rest assured…it WILL be done!), but how far is too far?

And we can thank Anthony Kennedy for that. Let the sex-circus begin!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

In The Midst Of Liberal Push…Hillary In The Cold

I would say that judging by initial response (by the way…I’m sorry…this dumb-shit “rainbow” thing across the top is very annoying!…just sayin’, WordPress!), Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in worse trouble than anyone thought. There are a couple of reasons why I say that.

First of all, she’s been caught in another lie. She said back in March that she had turned over all her emails to the State Department that could be at all considered “work emails”. Then Sidney Blumenthal turns over a batch of HIS emails. Some were from Hillary, and oops! They weren’t included in the “work emails” Hillary turned over to State. Hmmm. An oversight? Probably not, since one of the reasons she wanted her own server was to protect the fact that she was using Blumenthal as an advisor (paid through the Clinton Foundation as well as other places) when Obama had specifically told her NOT to hire him!

Second, Hillary is going to be making her first foray into the Commonwealth of Virginia this coming Friday night to speak at the annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraising dinner. It’s a big affair and looks to bring in millions every year. But oops! A week out of the event, they’ve got 8,000 empty seats (selling at either $30 or $125). So what are they doing? Well, to avoid embarrassing their big speaker for the night, who probably is wishing she’d been charging them $300,000, but isn’t… they’re going to GIVE AWAY 8,000 tickets to anyone that wants them.

Now, I know it’s early in the campaign cycle. I know that this is the time when candidates meet with smaller groups of people, and meet one on one with folks in their homes, and diners and the like. But when you get invited to a big state-wide event to be the big speaker for the evening and you are 8,000 seats short of filling the hall? That, my friends, is a sign of trouble.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders’ crew is scrambling. They were booking venues of 2,000 to 5,000 and they’ve got to find larger venues. That’s for Bernie Sanders! We’re not talking BARRY Sanders here…but Bernie Sanders!

Here’s why this should be extremely troubling to Hillary. She’s a moderate to slight liberal dancing around with a bunch of liberals in a country that has taken a great swath to the left recently. She’s holding the door for the folks moving to the left and is standing there with her red “doorman’s” coat on ushering people through. The thing is, they’re not going in the door to hear her…they’re going in the door to hear people far to the left of her. And if SHE goes to the left, she runs the risk of never getting the independent voters that are going to be the ones to determine the outcome of the general election!

And thus, Hillary is in a world of hurt. Wrong place on the spectrum at the wrong time. Now, the question is, is it because of a couple of weird votes the Supreme Court has taken? Has Bobo Obama succeeded in his push to make us socialist? Or is Hillary just coming across too old, dumpy and frumpy for America to embrace? Personally, I think it’s all of those reasons.

Hillary isn’t the same Hillary she was in 1992. She was younger, perkier, in a LOT better shape, and had a LOT less baggage. Today she’s frumpy, grandmotherly, and dowdy. She is totally out of step with what the Democratic Party wants to portray. Oh, she may still win the nomination, but she’s like Ben Franklin showing up at a dance club wanting to do an Austrian Waltz.  Too little….way too late!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Just a heads up to all the faithful. Desert Musings won’t be publishing any more until this insipid “rainbow” is gone.
Wordpress must be comprised of a bunch of gays, who felt it happy to shove some Supreme Court decision in the faces of those of us that still know it’s wrong…so until the time they get their act together and take it down, I’m not writing any more.

See you when WordPress gets their heads screwed on straight (NO….not THOSE heads!)

The Fallout From obamacare Begins!

You KNEW that there would be fallout from the Supreme Court’s ruling on obamacare this week, right? (It’s no longer capitalized…but that’s not the fallout) The House of Representatives has begun to send a bill through congress that would require members of the Supreme Court and their staff to be on obamacare.  The move comes a day after the high court decided that words on a paper don’t mean what they say, but can mean whatever the author decides later that they should have meant.

Now, comes the fun part. What the high court did without probably realizing it was give the GOP a massive campaign issue for the upcoming election. And with over 50% of the country unhappy with obamacare, and wanting to see it either totally repealed or replaced, versus some 45% that say they don’t mind it, it’s going to be a huge campaign problem for Democrats who’ve backed it.

Here’s the problem the GOP is going to have. They are going to have to come up with an alternative. It’s going to have to get government out of patients and their doctor’s relationship and it’s going to have to be cost-effective without being overly weak. That’s really the problem with the current healthcare law. Yes, the premiums were made affordable, but millions of people who had never had to worry about high deductables and co-pays before are all of a sudden realizing that yes, they’re spending $200 a month on insurance per person, but that person needs to accumulate $10,000 in medical bills before the insurance pays dollar one. That is one major problem that has to change.

The other thing that is coming is that there will be a bill upcoming that will require all members of the executive branch, meaning Obama on down to the lowliest broom pusher at the IRS to be a part of obamacare, whether they like it or not. And the move should be expanded to all branches of the federal government eventually. Currently Democratic members of congress who wanted to show the country that if it was good enough for us it was good enough for them put their staffs and themselves on it. Of course, since that time, a lot of them have opted out of the monstrosity.

And with fewer and fewer doctors actually accepting obamacare insurance, it’s becoming a nightmare for anyone that actually has it. Those folks have learned the hard way over the past year that just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you have access to healthcare. Those are two entirely different things.

The GOP needs first and foremost to come up with a healthcare plan that fixes all of the problems of obamacare without causing more problems. Basically that means the GOP needs to give the insurance industry the mandate to come up with a plan that is cost-effective, effective itself in terms of coverage, and doesn’t leave gaps while bankrupting the country. That is the problem the GOP is going to have.

In the meantime, I hope John Roberts enjoys his new healthcare plan. He’s earned it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!