Cammille Paglia Nails It.

I think Cammille Paglia is usually off in left field somewhere. Oh, she’s a smart lady. She went to college. She did well in life, and for that I give her credit. But she’s far too liberal for my tastes. Except she’s hit Hillary Clinton right on the head. Here is an excerpt of an interview she did in

“I have constantly said that Senator Dianne Feinstein should have been the leading woman presidential candidate for the Democratic party long ago.  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is a very deft and clever behind-the-scenes legislator and dealmaker, a skill she acquired from her political family–her father and brother were mayors of Baltimore. Both of these women, to me, are far better politicians than Hillary Clinton. Hillary has accomplished nothing substantial in her life. She’s been pushed along, coasting on her husband’s coattails, and every job she’s been given fizzled out into time-serving or overt disaster.  Hillary constantly strikes attitudes and claims she’s “passionate” about this or that, but there’s never any sustained follow-through.  She’s just a classic, corporate exec or bureaucrat type who would prefer to be at her desk behind closed doors, imposing her power schemes on the proletariat.  She has no discernible political skills of any kind, which is why she needs a big, shifting army of consultants, advisors, and toadies to whisper in her ear and write her policy statements.  There’s this ridiculous new theme in the media about people needing to learn who the “real” Hillary Clinton is.  What? Everything they’re saying about what a wonderful person Hillary is in private tells us that she’s not competent or credible as a public figure! A politician, particularly a president, must have a distinct skill or expertise in communicating with the masses.  It’s the absolutely basic requirement for any career in politics.

If you don’t have an effective public persona, if you’re not a good speaker, if you don’t like to press the flesh, if you’re not nimble enough to deal with anything that comes along, then you are not a natural politician!  And you sure aren’t going to learn it in your late 60s!  Get off the stage, and let someone else truly electable on! All this silly talk about how wonderful Hillary is in private.  Oh, sure, she’s nice to the important people and the people she wants or needs something from!  Then she’s Pollyanna herself!  There are just too many reports stretching all the way back to Arkansas about Hillary’s nasty outbursts toward underlings when things aren’t going well.  The main point is that the ability to communicate with millions of people is a special talent, and Hillary pretty obviously lacks it.”

Gee….it’s like I’m writing for Cammille Paglia now! I don’t think I can disagree with a word she says. And who does she like on the GOP side? Well, it ain’t Jeb…and it ain’t Ted. And it certainly ain’t the Donald. She likes Scott Walker. I’m beginning to like this woman!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


What’s Trumps Appeal?

Donald Trump has been atop the GOP field for a couple of weeks now. It’s not an insurmountable lead as polls go. It’s way too early to consider him a serious contender for the GOP nomination, and you have to think back to eight years ago. Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in at this point to be elected president…nobody had ever heard of a guy named Barack. On the Republican side, the guy leading was Herman Cain. He was going to be the first black president in US history. It’s been that way throughout history, and it’s that way today. Too early to judge who is going to win based on these polls.

But still Trump has appeal that even I am stymied about. The question is what is so interesting about this guy that people want to support him? It’s not his hair, I know that. So, what is it? And the answers aren’t going to surprise you.

The did a focus group of GOP and independent voters in New Hampshire to ask them what it was about Trump that got them all hot and bothered. It was his honesty and the ability to take a position whether it was popular or not. It was the fact he comes from business, and knows how to make decisions. He’s been successful. He tells people not what they want to hear, but the way he thinks it is. And he expresses their rage and disappointment at the current situation America finds itself in.

In a paragraph, that’s it. And yes, he appeals to a small, but vocal group of people. He’s the Harry Beal of the political world. Beal, you remember from the movie “Network” was that apocalyptic newsman that got on TV and ranted and raved and screamed “Bullshit” over the airwaves. Remember “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”? If not, head to Netflix and get the movie. You need to see it. That is, in essence, Donald Trump.

And like Harry Beal (and even though I’ve got a lot of folks out there saying I’m wrong), Donald Trump will flame out. As sure as I’m sitting here in the desert under cloudy skies and 85 degrees at 6:30 in the morning, I can tell you Donald Trump will indeed stumble. I can’t say for sure who the eventual nominee will be, but it won’t be a guy with bad red hair.

The GOP voters love his bashing. Even when he’s bashing other Republicans. And don’t think for a minute Trump is going to run a third-party candidacy. That’s not going to happen. He’s self-funding, which means he’s spending is own money on this campaign. And if you think he’s going to spend a billion dollars (that’s 10% of his net worth) on a failed third-party bid, you’ve got another thing coming.

As I sit here today…and look into my crystal ball…I have a feeling that it’s going to be Jeb Bush versus Hillary Clinton. As much as it pains me to say it (and it does pain me greatly), that’s your two choices for 2016. And the crystal ball says that Hillary implodes after the convention after somebody throws water on her and she melts…just like the wicked witch of the west.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Obama’s Economy Weakest in 75 Years

Barack Obama would like you to believe that he has the answers when it comes to everything plaguing America. Our friends in other countries don’t trust us anymore? Back away from leading the world events and follow from behind. Too many people from Mexico and other Latin American countries sneaking into the United States? Make ’em all citizens!

He has a plan for everything. Except it seems, how to get the economy going. There, he’s as hopeless as a teenage girl at the Gap. Our economy continues to plod along at a 2.0% growth rate…at least that’s the latest iteration of the GDP…from 2012 to 2014.  By the way, that was a downward revision from 2.3% earlier. That’s not a very healthy economy. Especially when we lost growth in the first quarter. Second quarter 2015 numbers show the economy growing at a 2.2% rate…not much better at all. And that’s before the downward revision that always seems to follow. The administration is going to bend over backwards to make sure they goose that number. After a first quarter loss in growth, if they had another loss in the second quarter that means an official definition for a recession…something that the Democrats can’t afford to have happen at any cost. So, the books will be cooked pretty much from this point through the election next year.

No, it’s not a good sign, and frankly, the Obama administration isn’t quite ready to throw their hands up and say, “No Mas!” just yet. Unemployment is down, which is good, but at the cost of having the lowest employment participation rate in over forty years. The economy is so bad that if you happen to lose your job and you’re over 40 years old, you will not find another job, even if you wanted one…unless you’re willing to train others to flip burgers at McDonalds for minimum wage.

Want some further good news? The recovery is now officially the weakest recovery in the past 75 years. And just to add some salt to that already gaping wound we’ve got, one in three adults are now living with their parents. Now, my wife and I are not living with either of our parents (hers have passed away), so that means you’re living with yours, right?

And the kicker in all of this bad news is that it’s got Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the FED in a tizzy. He’s warning that if the government continues spending money on entitlement programs (that would be stuff like unemployment, food stamps, welfare, social security, medicare and Medicaid), that we were headed of a financial cliff of cataclysmic proportions!

It just keeps getting better and better with these guys, doesn’t it? And what’s amazing is not only don’t they know what to do, they’re doing just the opposite of what any idiot that flunked out of Econ 101 freshman year of college knows. You don’t raise taxes in a recession or a weak economy. You don’t expand spending programs in a weak economy…you pull in…you contract.

And that is exactly what this guy is proposing. He’s telling the world that we’ve been living so lean and mean for the last six years that it’s time to open the pocketbook and spend a little more green. Only problem is, when he opens the pocketbook, two things happen…moths fly out, and the Chinese start smiling!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How Hillary Beats Server Scandal

Hillary Clinton’s numbers are in free fall. America is turning on her like that dentist turned on the lion he killed. And I gotta tell you…she doesn’t have a clue how to fix it. Because to fix it means to lose the chance at the presidency. To not fix it means to lose the chance at the presidency. What’s she going to do?

In a word…she’s going to stall.

Stalling has been the one thing Hillary Clinton has done well during this campaign. What does she feel about the TPP? Well, she stalls until it comes out and passes, then she’s against it because most Democrats in congress were against it. How does she feel about Keystone XL Pipeline, a topic she should have intimate knowledge of because she spent four years working on it? Well, she’s stalled on it and won’t be taking questions on it because she doesn’t want to second guess Bobo Obama and John Kerry. You’ll find out how she feels about it, but you have to elect her to the office of president first. Sound familiar?

She figures that it worked for Nancy Pelosi during the Obamacare fiasco, it might as well be tried here. Only, I don’t think it’s going to have even the slightest tinge of credibility here either.

No, Hillary cannot beat the email scandal server. It’s going to dog her until she turns it in. And if she turns it in, she loses. But the longer she stalls, the worse it gets. In New Hampshire, in a just released poll by Quinnipiac University shows that she’s now tied with either Jeb Bush or Scott Walker (though she kills Donald Trump) in a head to head battle. Oh, she’d win the Democratic primary still, but even that race is tightening. It’s still a 55% to 17% lead for Clinton over Bernie Sanders. And his rocket ship ride to the moon appears to be waning a little as people get a better look at him.

What are the reasons that Hillary is slipping? Clinton fatigue and untrustworthiness are right at the top of the list. Add to that the fact that she just isn’t very exciting. People have seen her and heard her for so long, that they aren’t excited by anything she has to say anymore.

Add one more thing to the mix. Most Americans are disgusted by the whole Planned Parenthood debacle of selling fetus body parts for profit. Hillary originally backed Planned Parenthood (she had to), but since then is trying not to walk it back, but soften the support somewhat. She says she’s sickened by the videos, but doesn’t blame Planned Parenthood…no…she blames the “right wing group” that actually did the filming. Of course. Kill the messenger, not the message.

Look, it’s been abundantly clear that Hillary’s campaign has never taken off. It’s like a giant 747 lumbering down a runway, unable to get up to speed to rotation. Eventually, she’s going to run out of runway. And all the Chipotle restaurants in the world aren’t going to save her!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Moderate Republicans Need To Take A Step Back…

Bruce Bartlett had an interesting article in Politico. I don’t agree with a word of it, but it’s his contention that moderate Republicans need to have Donald Trump run as the nominee for the GOP, so he can lose in a landslide to Hillary Clinton, and then the moderates can pull the party back toward the center…or as he puts it…back to sanity.

Let me be clear. I’ve never been a fan of losing an election in order to right the ship. That in my mind is like saying, we’re going to throw the Super Bowl to get the number 31 draft pick. It doesn’t make sense. You run your best candidate in every election. That candidate should represent what your party believes and let the American people decide for themselves which is the best way to go.

Besides Bruce…if you’re telling me that John McCain and Mitt Romney, two moderates if not out-and-out RHINO’s could give the moderates more of a say in the GOP, then I don’t think Donald Trump is going to help either. No…what the moderates have to understand is that both parties have swung in opposite directions, and by moving toward the middle, as the GOP tried to do the last two presidential cycles, you are leaving the base at home. McCain’s problem was he didn’t want to engage Obama at any turn. Romney’s problem was he wasn’t exciting enough to draw out the voters. The GOP base stayed home and didn’t come out to vote for him.

It’s really interesting to me that people would come up with a theory like that, which would say we need to run a less-than-desirable candidate and have them lose big so we could win up the road. That was kind of what the GOP was saying eight years ago. Both McCain and Obama agreed on a lot of issues, like a national health insurance. They just disagreed on how it should be done. But if you think that four more years of a liberal-based leadership is going to yield anything positive, I think there are some rocks rolling around in your head.

The GOP needs to nominate a person that is intelligent and has the executive leadership skills to run the White House. They have to have conservative values, which differ from that of the Democrats. And seeing that the Dems are falling all over themselves trying to run farther left then the next guy, any GOP candidate out there is going to seem conservative compared to what we are hearing from Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and Martin O’Malley. If you think running more to the left of where the GOP is currently is going to be the solution to winning the White House, you aren’t going to attract a base that’s active and ready for a change. In other words…you’re never going to get Democrats to move right, and independents aren’t going to swing that far left. If you stay to the right of the middle, it’s a much easier step for the independents to come the GOP’s way than to move all the way to the left-hand side of the page. It just won’t happen.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

NOAA Forges Weather Data

There are certain things that we all hold as truths. We all want to have faith in our government. We all want to believe that our government, regardless who is in charge, is looking out for the best for the American people. Sadly, that faith has been shattered by the Obama administration.

I can’t recall a time since Richard Nixon that I felt so let down by government. Republican or Democrat, I always felt that regardless if I believed in the policies being put forward by a president and his administration, that they truly felt in their heart of hearts that it was the right thing for the country. I can’t feel that way about Obama. Here’s a shining example.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, better known as NOAA, has apparently over the last six years, been fudging the weather data that they’ve reported to scientists all over the world. The reason? They wanted to show global warming WAS happening. In truth, it wasn’t. In truth, the United States has been getting colder, not warmer.

The pressure put to bear on this department by an administration so hell-bent on trying to prove that man-made global warming was going to kill us all was incredible. Want proof? Here’s a chart that I copied from a blog called “Real Science”. It shows exactly what was reported, and the trend versus what really happened:

NOAA Weather Data

What this chart shows is the red line of the actual temperature and the straight red line, the linear movement of the temperature from 1930 through 2000. It shows a downward movement of about .75 degrees.

The blue line is what NOAA reported as happening. It shows an upward movement of about 1 degree. In scientific terms, that’s a lot.

I’ve said before that desperate people do very desperate things when they get right down to being backed into a corner, and this is proof of it. Al Gore, Bobo Obama, and the eco-terrorists that want us to believe that what’s really happening is that man is causing this incredible warming of the planet because of pollution and driving around in SUV’s is ridiculous. Is the planet warming? Nope. Not according to the actual data. And if it’s not warming, do these idiots have a leg to stand on? Nope. Not even a stump of a leg.

The reason people like Gore and Obama lie over something like this is because they need to sell to the American public that we are ruining the earth. That way they can tax “carbon” which is basically the single most important building block in life. You by the way, are made of carbon. So is everything you do. So basically, these guys want to come out and tax you every time you exhale (carbon dioxide), or drive a car somewhere, or (gasp) take a private jet, like they do.

Scientists that had jumped on board all over the world have, over the last five years, been recanting their doom and gloom testimony. Why did they jump on board in the first place? Funding. Governments provide scientific funding for their research. Without it, they’re out of a job. So, they go along with the lie for a while. But the good ones realize they can’t tie their reputation to something a fourth grader with a laptop can disprove. So, they’re now coming out against the eco-terrorists and the whole global-warming-climate-change fraud.

The sooner we realize this movement for what it is, the sooner we can dismiss it as a power grab and a money grab, and move on to solving some of the world’s more pressing problems. Something like a really good condiment for a hamburger other than ketchup and mustard!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trusting A Liar

The thing I can’t get over with the Iran Nuclear Arms Deal that’s in front of congress right now after having been unanimously approved by the UN Security Council is how easy it has been for John Kerry to lie about this stuff.

In his testimony last week, Kerry said that the White House is “guaranteeing” that the Iranians are not going to get a bomb.” HUH?

Yup. That’s what he said. And that’s a remark that he’s going to have to walk back. It’s like when he said that the 24/7 anytime/anywhere inspections were never part of the negotiations. But back in April of this year, Assistant National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes is on video saying that was EXACTLY what we were going to get.

And when John Kerry said that dismantling the Iranian nuclear arms program was never part of the deal from day one, he forgot that back in December of 2013, that’s EXACTLY what he said during a testimony to congress.

So, why in the world should we believe John Kerry when all he does is make stuff up? Doesn’t he have the sense to know that in this day and age, when every news network out there has videotape on everything he utters, something is going to come back and bite him in the ass? And why isn’t somebody playing that back for him and holding him to his word?

Doesn’t what you say mean anything anymore, or have we regressed to the point of being dogs and whatever is said is just fodder for the masses? Doesn’t John Kerry realize that when he lies in front of congress, it does several bad things. Number one, first and foremost, he’s committing perjury. He’s lying to congress and that’s a federal crime and he could be serving time for that…especially if he lies today and within the next seven years (when the statute of limitations runs out), he’s face with a Republican administration who calls him on it. Second, doesn’t he understand that the rest of America will think he’s nothing more than a pathological liar that can’t be trusted with anything? Or does he even care?

Somewhere we have got to get back to having people in positions of power that speak the truth. We’ve strayed so far off the path that we’ll accept whatever a politician of either party says as truth and fact and even when it’s proven that they’ve lied, we automatically forgive them because, well, they’re politicians. Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do?

When Bobo Obama lied about obamacare…when Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi…when Susan Rice lied about the Democratic talking points five times on a Sunday morning…when John Kerry opens his mouth…when Lois Lerner says she never did anything wrong…are we supposed to forgive their dalliance into falsehood and turn the other cheek? Why isn’t anyone calling them on this and not holding their feet to the fire until they repent?

It’s not just the Democrats…both parties are guilty. Just this last week, Ted Cruz called Mitch McConnell a liar on the floor of the US Senate. McConnell said he wasn’t going to push for approval of the Import/Export bank, and then a week later that’s exactly what he did. And Cruz called him on it. Now, I think Ted Cruz is a muckraker and in it for the publicity, but he’s right on this account. McConnell should hang for his remarks. But I’ll let him stand behind Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and Lerner (throw John Koskinen in that line as well). They all deserve to hang.

Carry on world… you’re dismissed!