Renaming A Mountain? THERE Is A Legacy Item!

Here is my disclaimer: I spent a good part of my adult life, from 1983 to 2011 in the great state of Ohio. While it wasn’t my “home state”, it was what I considered home. So it is with that in mind that I write the following:

Bobo Obama just blew the 2016 election for the Democrats. He probably didn’t even think of it when he decided to re-name Mt. McKinley, the highest point in North America “Denali”. But what he did was piss off one of the most important swing states in the country. And it’s a state that any Democrat that wants to win the White House next year is going to have to carry. And now, all any Republican is going to have to do is point out the fact that Bobo, the world’s second most famous clown, re-named the tallest peak in this part of the world, which was named after one of Ohio’s favorite sons. Big mistake.

This guy that thrives on politics, who believes life itself is a political game, screwed his own party (and the continuation of his legacy). Even staunch Democrats are pissed as hell at him for trying to take the name away from McKinley. And why? So he could appease the Aleuts? Actually, I personally think he did it because he is replacing the name of a Republican president, assassinated in office, with he original name that the Aleuts used for centuries. Now THAT’s progress!

So, why is this such a big deal? Actually it’s not to most Americans. For most people it won’t matter a damn bit. If you’ve ever seen Mt. McKinley/Denali it’s an extremely impressive sight. The curvature of the earth dictates you can only see 12 miles before you go over the horizon. Driving from Anchorage to Talkeetna, where the Mt. McKinley base camps are located, you see this HUGE mountain for about 75 miles. It grows and grows the closer you get. THAT is one big mountain to see it from that far away! And it’s breathtaking. So, why is it such a big deal? Because to Ohioans, McKinley was THEIR president. Look, we’ve had a total of eight presidents from the Buckeye State.¬†William Henry Harrison, who died after a month in office; Ulysses S. Grant, who was a much better general than a president; Rutherford B. Hayes, who succeeded Grant, and was plagued with corruption; James Garfield…who was assassinated; Benjamin Harrison, who had the distinct honor of being in the middle of Grover Cleveland’s terms; McKinley (also assassinated); William Howard Taft, known for his size rather than anything else; and Warren G. Harding, who served two years in office before dying of a heart attack.

So, of the eight presidents we had, half of them died in office, including three of the five presidents that have been assassinated. McKinley was probably the best of them. Ohioans are proud of the fact, and yes…we’re also ones that hold grudges. Don’t think this won’t hurt the Dems when election day comes around next year!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Trump’s “Character” Portrayal

I’m not a big fan of Big Time Wresting…or I guess the proper way to put it is, “Professional Wrestling”. Oh, I guess I was back when I was growing up and they had the Shiek, and other guys like that. It killed a Saturday afternoon when it was raining outside. But I’ve never been a fan really. I knew it was fake, and if it was fake, why was I wasting my time on it? If I’m going to watch a “fake sport”, I’d rather be watching the women of Roller Derby!

But there was a great article in the latest issue of The Weekly Standard that does a pretty good characterization on Donald Trump. He’s not being Donald Trump. He’s being a character in wrestling circles known as “The Heel”. He’s the bad guy that hates the crowd, hates good, hates his opponents, and usually wins. Jesse Ventura actually was the first “Heel” that won political office when he became governor of Minnesota.

And Trump’s character is straight out of professional wrestling. Loud, obnoxious, never apologizes for anything, always calling out his opponents, always saying stuff that nobody else would be caught dead saying…it’s a character. And right now, it’s the character that America wants to hear. Bernie Sanders is also doing a pretty fair job of playing “The Heel”.

When I read that, I wondered if it could be true. But then I saw a picture of Donald Trump with Vince McMahon, the president of World Wrestling Entertainment. They’re friends. And the whole thing came into focus.

They said that Ronald Reagan became a great president by playing the role of a great president in real life. He was an actor, and he just acted the role of a great president. Well, it worked. And Donald Trump may be playing the role of a great professional wrestler to stir up the emotions of the country. And it’s working as well.

So what do we get when the REAL Donald Trump gets to the White House? I mean, can you see Trump calling Vladimir Putin a pussy? How is it going to sit with him to say, “Yeah, the Pope? I know that guy. He’s a liar. I hate him. I’d eat his lunch for him and spit him out all over the basilica.” Somehow, talking tough has run its course in this country. Somewhere up the road it’s going to require some action.

Talking tough about immigration is one thing. But when the pylons go in the ground in San Diego and Brownsville, and we start building a mile-high fence (and a deep sucker too!), then I’ll start to believe him. Right now? Nope. Hot air isn’t worth much in my world. But then again, you have to remember, I was a talk show host. I was as full of hot air as Donald Trump ever was. Show me action, show me what you’re going to do and then do it, and I’ll start listening to you. Until that time, you’re just a bad copy of The Undertaker.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden Better Than Hillary?

As Smilin’ Joe Biden ponders whether or not to get into the race for the White House, a new Quinnipiac poll suggests that while Hillary would still lead the Democratic field if Joe got in (at least for now), every other qualifier goes to Biden in a big way. Biden beats every single GOP candidate in a head-to-head contest. Hillary is now losing to the top four candidates. Biden is viewed as likeable by 83% of Democratic voters. 76% view Hillary favorably (somebody check their drinks, please!), and 54% view Bernie Sanders positively.

Biden comes in with a 48% favorability rating among ALL voters, Hillary is second with 39%, and Bernie has 32%. So, what does this all mean?

Biden hasn’t joined the race yet. You are never more popular than that day before you get into a political race. Given time, his numbers that are elevated now, will fall. And the mere fact he’s at 18% in the Democratic polls (compared to 22% for Sanders and 45% for Clinton), tells me that he’s not the “save-the-day” hero that the left is trying to make him out to be. Actually, he’s not ever been the hero. He’s been the amiable, smiling, groping, uncle that gives you money, as he’s squeezing your mother’s boobs.

And when Biden decides to get in, which is about 80% right now, he will do a couple of things. He will stick his foot in his mouth, and we are already seeing the pictures, and there are several of them, of him groping females, including Hillary (eeeww!).

The overall problem that Biden will have is that he is tied to Obama. Most of the country doesn’t like Obama or his programs, and so while Hillary is going to have to combat four years of being tied to Bobo, Joe gets to take credit for all eight years of an administration that’s been called the most corrupt, worst presidency in the history of the Republic. How’s that going to fly?

There is no doubt in my mind that if you put Joe Biden in a debate with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, he will chew both of them up and spit them out. He will appear much more mainstream and appealable to the Democratic voters than either Clinton or Sanders. Oh, the Dems would LOVE to have Hillary be the next president, but she is…and there are have articles written about this…she is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of president in the country’s history. That’s a lot when you think of all of the scandals the sitting presidents of the past have been involved in (the current one has been involved in over 25 of them!).

And I have no doubt Joe would fare much better against the GOP than Hillary. She’s a shrieking cow. He at least can put on the smile, and be a friendly liberal. Biden can give Bush, or Rubio, or Walker a run for their money. Not quite sure about Trump yet…we’ll have to wait and see on that one. But one thing IS for sure. He’s a hell of a lot better candidate than Hillary Clinton! Which is why I’d much rather see Hillary get the nomination!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Minimum Wage Conundrum

Democrats will tell you that we need to keep raising the minimum wage, that artificial barometer that they say helps working families get into the middle class. And it keeps screwing up the economy because it violates one of the most sacred principles of a free-market. The market will find the price at which workers should be paid.

There. It’s been said. Minimum wage jobs are not that common. The last time I was paid minimum wage was the second job I ever had…cleaning Berhndt’s Jewelry in the morning before school, and then after school. I think I made $1.40 an hour. I spent Saturday mornings mopping the floors. It was good, hard work, and I was happy for the spending money. Since that time, I’ve been fortunate enough to make considerably more than the minimum wage.

All the minimum wage does in reality is create inflation. It’s a vicious cycle. You give everyone on the bottom a raise, an owner has to continue to make a profit margin, so he raises prices to cover the cost of the wage increase, and/or he decides to do with one less person and that person loses their job. Everyone adjusts, and then a few years up the road it’s the same thing all over again. That’s not the way the free market works, and it’s not the way it should work. Now, we’ve reached the point of ridiculousness.

In Seattle, they’ve got a $15 an hour minimum wage…for ALL employees…even waiters and waitresses. Even for burger flippers. And that is bringing about some creative thinking on how to deal with it. No longer would someone need to be tipped because they’re only making $2 an hour “plus tips”. Now they’re getting the full $15 an hour. There is no need to tip…and a lot of restaurants are going to a no-tipping strategy. It’s a way to raise prices by up to 21% and really keep things kind of reasonable.

Figuring that the average person is tipping between 15-18% anyway (the push in some places is to go to 20%), it’s like you’ve always been paying that much, it’s just included in the bill now. And of course, the wait staff actually takes home less pay because they’re having taxes, social security, and medicare taken out. And of course, they’re also having Obamacare taken out now too, whether they want it or not.

The solution to this problem is simple. Do away with minimum wage. If you are a low-income person because you can’t do anything but low-income jobs, you needed to spend more time paying attention in school. If the marketplace dictates that flipping a hamburger, or delivering pasta Primavera is only worth $5 an hour, that should be your wage. And if someone is willing to up that to $7, you’re free to go there, because that’s the open market. Of course, if you’re getting $5 and no one else is willing to pay you more than $3 for the same job, you could lose some money. That’s the way it goes.

When will Democrats ever learn? So smart…yet so stupid!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Following Is A Paid Commercial Announcement…

OK…I’ll admit it. I’m an infomercial junkie. I love those half-hour long TV commercials. I hate the 30 second kind, but I love all of the new, latest, greatest gadgets that these companies come out with. I used to spend a lot more time than I currently do watching them…it was weekend staple around my house, and with only one TV back then, my wife absolutely hated it… but she put up with it.

Now we have two TV’s. And she works during the day…so I look and see what’s interesting and actually DVR it so I don’t miss it. I did it the other day. We were sitting there talking, about cooking (I do all the cooking in my house), and one of the things I have never made for her is Swiss Steak. It’s not that I don’t know how to make it. It’s that her mother used a pressure cooker to make it at home when she was growing up and she has fond childhood memories of her mom’s Swiss Steak. How could I come close to competing with that, especially since we don’t own a pressure cooker!

And then I saw the infomercial. The super-duper pressure cooker that slow-cooks, and fries, and bakes, and makes rice, and soup, and does it all in thirty-eight seconds! I can make mounds of mac & cheese, enough to feed an army, is what the guy said (I don’t have an army). I can make 100 meatballs at a time (I’m the only one in the house that eats meatballs, and I can’t eat 100 of them). It makes six quarts of chili in just 20 minutes (when I make chili, it takes us two weeks to eat it all). But all the while I was watching this thing…I wasn’t thinking of that stuff. I was thinking of Swiss Steak. NOW I can finally compete with my mother-in-law, who passed away a few years ago, may she rest in peace!

I told my wife about the infomercial. She said she used to love her mom’s Swiss Steak. I decided to order it. I went online, and started through the checkout procedure…but stopped. I never finished it because I figured I’d wait. Then I went back to life.

That night, my cell phone rang. It was a number that I don’t recognize, but that happens all the time. I sit on the Recreation Center’s Board of Directors out here (kind of like a city council since we’re unincorporated)…and I get calls from people I don’t know complaining about stuff almost daily. Whoops. It was a woman from the website calling to tell me that I hadn’t completed my order. I told her I knew, and she told me that if I gave her the go ahead to process the order right then and there, she’d take an ADDITIONAL $25 off the already low, low price! Hell, I reached for my credit card. I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night!

So now we wait patiently by the door, waiting for either that big brown truck, or the slightly smaller white one to stop in front of the house and deliver this humongous box, with the super-duper pressure cooker, and the bonus gifts of cookbooks, and the special bonus gift of the magic chopper! I can’t wait.

Now, I have to go to the store and buy a chuck steak or a chuck roast. We usually don’t buy that many chucks. FINALLY, we’re going to have pressure-cooker Swiss Steak…can you taste it?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

July Hottest Month On Record? Nope!

It’s getting to the point that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Air & Space Agency (NASA) are becoming as good of liars as the commander-in-chief! Both have reported in a joint report that the month of July, 2015, was the warmest month on record, since they started keeping instrument data back in 1880. The only problem with that is, it isn’t true.

The temperature in July of this year supposedly beat July¬† of 2011 by two one-hundredths of a degree (0.02). But what the agencies fail to tell you is that their accuracy is only fourteen hundredths of a degree (0.14). So, the “hottest month ever recorded”, was in the margin of error and really could be well below that.

But they didn’t bring that up in their assertion. Why? It doesn’t serve a liberal agenda, and they’re being run this year by a bunch of do-gooder, eco-terrorist, tree-hugging liberals that want you to believe that they were right all along in telling you the seas were going to boil, and polar bears were going to be seen in Jamaica because they got trapped on ice floes.

In short…it ain’t happening, and they’re panicking. That’s the problem with the eco-terrorist types. They latch on to dates (like they do in pulling troops out of a country), and that ends up committing them to timetables that they shouldn’t be tied to. It’s like Sean Penn saying that New York City will be under water because of the melting ice caps by 2000. And here we are 15 years later, and wow! New York City is still there! How in hell did that happen? Could someone with as much meteorological and geological experience as Sean Penn be wrong?

Then you’ve got the liberal politicians who are in it solely for the “carbon credits”, which are meaningless taxes that companies (and they hope individuals) are forced to pay to offset our “carbon footprint”. Actually, they’re the ones screaming the loudest these days. Because they see all of the scientists that they thought they’d paid off with grant money switching sides, and recanting earlier testimony that no…the world may be heating up, just like it cooled down in the ice age, but it isn’t necessarily our fault. We’ve been fudging the numbers for years. Europe has been fudging the numbers. South America routinely still today fudges their numbers, and we learned this summer that NOAA has also joined the fudge club.

Is the world warming or cooling? Could be. Is it caused by you and me driving to the corner store instead of getting the oxen hitched up to the wagon? Nope. I’m banking that Mother Nature knows how to take care of herself, and regardless what these little beings called “mankind” do, earth will survive. We’re just not THAT important in the overall scheme of things…regardless what Al Gore says.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

ANOTHER Apology?

Imagine my surprise when I get on my computer to scan the daily news this morning and there it is…the lead story on one of the sites that I visit frequently…OBAMA APOLOGIZES TO JAPAN! What went through my head was, “Didn’t he do that, like six or seven years ago when he was on the Obama World Apology Tour?” Nope…something new

Seems that we’ve been spying on Japan. Should that Japanese be surprised? If they are, they haven’t been following this administration at all. We spy on the Germans. We spy on the Venezuelans, we spy on the French, we spy on the Israelis, we spy on the friggin’ English. We spy on everyone EXCEPT Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

Is it just me, or does this clown parading as a world leader, have it totally backwards? And he’s calling US crazies because we don’t like the fact he a) lied and b) gave the bomb anyway to Iran?

I keep asking myself, just how much more damage can a buffoon like Barack Obama do before his ass goes to Hawaii permanently. I am astonished day in and day out with the audacity, and total lack of national security, and disregard for America that he displays. I’m wondering if this were Bill Clinton and this were 1998 all over again, would he have been convicted if THESE were the crimes that he’d be facing. I mean, we impeached a sitting US president for lying about screwing women. I wonder what we’d do about a president that lied about policy, lied about laws, lied about his intentions, lied about bills, lied about deals he was making with foreign leaders, and lied to congress. Are those impeachable offenses?

So, let me get the air back in the room, and let the big elephant out. Are we NOT impeaching him because he’s black? Actually I don’t think so. I think it’s more political than racial. I think we’re not impeaching him because we don’t have the votes to see it through, and to just impeach him, as Clinton so aptly demonstrated, doesn’t mean squat.

We’re a much different nation than we were 17 years ago. We are much more divided. We have a congress that is much more blatant, at least on the liberal side, at flouting their beliefs and sticking in the face of their opposition. And I think that is the reason why we would never impeach a buffoon like Obama. Does he deserve it? Absolutely. He deserves to have his lazy ass booted back to Somalia. But Democrats would have to have video of him shooting someone in cold blood, and then they’d probably argue that it was edited, and start an investigation on the person that was doing the filming.

It’s the world we live in. There is no Tip O’Neill or Harry Truman on the Democrat side that are honorable men that would reach across the aisle to get things done. Instead we have Harry “I look good in sunglasses” Reid and Nancy “Is this Venus?” Pelosi leading the Dems in congress. They’re two steps away from not being classified as humans.

Another apology? What America needs right now is another president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!