What Will Cause Trump To Drop Out?

So, I’m reading a bunch of articles this morning about how Donald Trump is now in a feud with the “GOP Network”, Fox News. He’s pissed because Bret Baier called him out for not being loyal enough to the party to be a good loser if that eventuality occurs. He’s pissed because he got into it with Megyn Kelly, and she got the better of him. He’s pissed because he wasn’t treated like royalty. So, he’s going to go on four different Sunday shows later this morning (or maybe he’s already been on them back east). And Fox News’ own Sunday show with Chris Wallace isn’t one of them. I doubt Chris lost much sleep over it last night.

And I’m reading about all the comments…the other GOP candidates are starting to pile on because of Trumps rather lewd comment of Kelly after the debate. And I’m wondering…what is it going to be that causes Donald Trump to drop out? Is he going to leave because of dwindling support? Is it going to be because he WANTS to run an independent campaign and forego the GOP altogether (he could do that at any time…he doesn’t have to wait until the nominee is determined). We can assume with a $10 billion net worth, it isn’t going to be about money, since he’s self-funding the campaign, and he basically is willing to spend 10% of his net worth on this boondoggle (which really makes me questions his business acumen!).

I think it’s going to be something he says. It may already have been said, I don’t know. But I think Trump is going to prove to America what he proved to 24 million people watching last Thursday night.

He was too good to be true.

And that when you have someone out there that always speaks their mind…and they fly off the handle with comments one right after the other, and they’re good zingers, it makes for fun banter and debate, but really lousy politics, especially when you’re dealing with world leaders and you’re looking to try to get back the respect Obama has lost. You become nothing more than a bad comedian at that point, and I don’t think that’s what America wants.

Will it be enough to run an independent campaign and ruin the GOP’s chances? I’m starting to think not. I think that Trump is going to flame out somewhere up the road. The bombastic candidates usually do. There’s a reason all of the pundits that cover politics as a profession didn’t give this guy any shot of winning when he announced, and are stunned today that he’s stayed on top so long…they know what it takes to win the White House, and they don’t see it in him.

I think at some point, Trump is going to realize that an independent run becomes uber-expensive. And that’s something that Donald Trump pays attention to. I think when he is going to have to have a complete do-over when it comes to organization, campaign strategy, and paying for it all (which ain’t cheap), then he’s going to find it’s easy to go back to NBC and beg to have The Celebrity Apprentice put back on the air.

Unfortunately for The Donald, I think he’s burned all the bridges he can see from the top of Trump Tower. He’s pretty much going to be confined to playing golf at Trump National!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “What Will Cause Trump To Drop Out?

  1. Good comments, but Trump was ambushed by Fox from the first question to the group and Kelly was not a virgin who asked an innocent question. It was a power question to embarrass Trump. Then after the show when Kelly had the female from the NDC on and asked her questions. Fox lost credibility for being “fair and balanced.”

    • I think Trump was asked a fair question. The problem has been in the past these moderators tossed softballs all evening long, and all you heard was a bunch of garbage from the politicians. Hey…they want a job that pays $400,000 plus perks. I think they can answer some tough, pointed questions during their job interview in order to get it! BTW, every candidate on that stage received tough questions…not just Trump.
      As for Kelly, she’s a tough reporter and she always has been. That’s part of the reason she was on that stage to begin with. I do agree that there was no need to have Little Debbie there. What was she going to say? These guys are putting fear into us?

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