Uh Oh…Here Comes Bernie!

Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders is doing the unthinkable in a very short period of time. He’s dethroning the Arkansas Princess before she’s gets her coronation. According to the Boston Herald, and a new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll, Bernie Sanders is now beating Hillary Clinton (as predicted here) in New Hampshire. The spread is 7 points, with Sanders getting 44% of the vote and Hillary just 37%.

The poll comes amid even further scandal related news for the Princess. Clinton had to turn over her private email server to the FBI, and her attorney David Kendall, had to turn over the thumb-drive back up of all of the emails she had given to the State Department, after it was learned that two of four recently looked at emails were stamped “Top Secret”. While Clinton had authority to view such emails, Kendall did not have the right to have them in his possession, and Clinton allegedly violated federal law by keeping Top Secret classified emails on a personal, non-governmental server.

Sanders is also gaining strength in Iowa, where he still trails Clinton, but is picking up about 17 points a month. At that rate, by October, when she testifies at Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi committee hearing, she will most likely be in a neck and neck race. That means that Clinton will have to try to win her first primary in South Carolina…not a pretty place for the Arkansas Princess. She may have to wait until either Nevada the week following, or Super Tuesday in what’s being referred to as SEC Tuesday, because of the fact most of the South East Conference schools are involved in primaries that day across the south.

The Sanders surge comes amid renewed calls for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the race. Biden hasn’t made up his mind, and is currently on vacation. Biden lost his son, Beau to cancer earlier this summer, which had “Smilin’ Joe” actually considering leaving the Vice Presidency and retiring from politics. But Beau had told Biden he wanted him to run. Whether that will be enough to get Biden in the race is anybody’s guess…but the longer he waits to make an announcement, the stronger his chances are of beating Hillary.

I am thinking it would be very interesting for Biden to get in the race, because most of his support would come from Hillary, eroding her lead even further. In fact, it could be such a blow to her campaign, that she actually finishes this marathon in third place behind both Sanders and Biden. It’s also the contention of many, myself included, that the push to get Biden into the race is being orchestrated by Barack Obama, who sees his entire legacy going down the tubes if the GOP wins the White House, and maintains control of congress. Such a move would most likely result in the revocation of all of Obama’s executive orders, the “executive agreement” with Iran over their nuclear program, and the death knell to Obamacare. Since Hillary appears to be in free-fall mode with no idea of how to stop it, Obama is trying to figure out who could actually win the nomination, and beat the GOP come next November. Those are pretty slim pickings from a field that includes “someone with no common sense and a guy in a wheel chair” to paraphrase a quote an old Seinfeld episode.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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