One Reason You Don’t Feel It’s A Better Economy

When you ask Americans in polls whether they feel the economy has turned the corner, a surprising number say we’re still in a recession. Well, technically we’re not. At least not until we get the revised numbers from the government. You need to have two straight quarters of negative growth for that to occur.

So, why do so many people feel we’re in a recession? To put it bluntly, the Obama economic plan to prosperity has failed. You cannot lose jobs at the rate this country has lost jobs (and I’m not talking about jobs lost during Bush’s presidency), and have a good economy. Look, the numbers don’t lie. Yes…we lost millions of jobs back in 2008 and 2009. And yes, we’ve created enough jobs to get us back to the plus side of those losses. But the problem is, you’ve got a low unemployment rate not because people are working…but because people are leaving the job market in record numbers.

93.8 million Americans are no longer in the job market. That’s out of 320,000,000 people. In case you’re not a math whiz, let me tell you that equates to 29.3% of the adult population in this country are not working. Sure, some of them, like me, have retired. Personally, I retired early because a) my industry was being run by buffoons that didn’t understand how to manage it and I could see the writing on the wall (which has come true), and b) I realized that to try to move to a new part of the country at the age of 55 and get a job was fool-hardy. Businesses other than McDonalds and Walmart, don’t usually hire 55 year olds, regardless how many accolades they’ve got.

Most people are in the same boat I am. They’ve given up because they’re in their early 50’s and realize businesses just don’t hire people in their 50’s any more. It’s a lot cheaper to hire people right out of college and train them. What’s surprising is that Bobo Obama is able to pull off still being liked with women when of the 93.8 million people not in the work force, 56.2 million of them, or 60% of those not working are women. And want to know the dirty little secret the government isn’t telling you? Every single job that has been “created” since 2007 and filled by a woman has gone to foreign women. Yup. If you’re out there as an American woman looking for a job, forget it. Foreigners have taken all of the jobs that have gone to females for the past eight years.

Oh, there have been some instances of women finding work. My wife got a job in a heartbeat out here. But overall, women are getting the short end of the stick.

So you want to know why the economy is so bad? Because 30% of us can’t find a job (not that I necessarily want to!). And when you don’t have money coming in, you’re going to feel that the economy is in bad shape. Either that or you were smart enough to save up enough money (referred to in my industry as “F-You Money”) so you can sit on your butt and not work!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “One Reason You Don’t Feel It’s A Better Economy

  1. DesertMan, the numbers are STAGGERING! Yet, if you Google what the US unemployment rate is you will find it says 5.5%. REALLY?? On what planet?! Not to mention all the money our government is giving away to ensure that Americans stay home and receive hand-outs—after all, it is more profitable for them to stay home on the ObamaPlan than to get a job. Well, good for them since there are none that will pay them at the same pay scale the government will. Then, the folks who REALLY want to work get laid off or fired because they are nearing that great age of receiving great rewards for their years of hard work so ‘they’ can hire younger folks for much less pay. I mean, why would we want to give the old farts their well deserved pensions or packages when we can just let them go? Hell, they even do it in the military just months before the poor bastards are about to retire with full benefits! Yup, the economy is in a free-fall and folks should really try looking through clear lenses and take off the rose colored ones. They might just be amazed at what they see… On that note, have a great weekend my friend! LOLOL! 🙂

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