Obama’s Biggest Mis-Step

Could it be that Barack Obama stepped in a mound of feces so large that even he can’t extricate himself? More and more people believe so. The Iran Deal is going to be something that sticks with this president for the rest of his life…or at least until the next president over-turns it.

The problem isn’t that it’s just a bad deal for America, something Obama himself, along with Secretary of State lapdog John Kerry said would never happen (apparently they use a different dictionary than most of America to define “bad”), it’s that Obama can’t leave well enough alone.

After he gets the deal done, after the congress is up in arms over the deal, after all of the crap has hit the fan, Obama still finds the need to go out in public and berate Republicans (and I’m assuming Democrats like Chuck Schumer?) and call them basically no better than the radicals in Iran who have also thought this was a bad deal because “they want the status quo”.

Well, Bobo gets it wrong again. Actually, the radicals in Iran love this deal. Actually, they are laughing at America for making such a stupid move. And actually, the GOP IS taking the side of the radicals in poking fun at how totally inept and feckless this president is. That’s not what he said…he said that the GOP was basically against Israel (who also hates the deal by the way).

This is going to prove in the long run to be the worst mistake Obama has made. It’s a terrible decision to sign this deal. It was a treasonous decision to go to the United Nations before the congress of the United States had a chance to vote on it. And it’s totally insane to think that we no longer have video tape of John Kerry telling us that this deal is going to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program, only to come out later and say he never said it. It’s crazy to say that we were never promised 24/7, anytime, anywhere verification on Iran’s compliance, and that it was never on the table, when just three months ago, Assistant National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said that’s exactly what would happen. Can I get a four-story, “OOPS!”?

This isn’t a bad deal because, like Obamacare the wrong decision was made. This is a bad deal because once you cross that threshold, you welcome Iran into the nuclear community, and that’s something you can’t get back. It’s a step off of a cliff. And you will fall because of that. That’s what Obama fails to realize. Kerry, I understand his reluctance to say it was a bad deal. He’s been a loser his whole life, and I understand that he wanted to prove to the world he could succeed at one task in his life other than win a senate seat from the most liberal state in the country!

End analysis? It was a bad deal. It was a terrible deal because you went to the UN. And to call the Republican house and senate members basically Iranian thugs because they called you out on what was a bad deal (and I’m assuming you’re throwing Chuck Schumer under the same bus), is just plain wrong. Obama has over-stepped his bounds once again. This time it will cost all of us…even him.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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