Immigration Plan Hits Chord

Donald Trump is a lot of things. But he’s most especially blunt. When asked what he’d do besides build a wall between the US and Mexico (making Mexico pay for it), he said he’d solve the immigration problem easily…send ’em all back. To some folks in San Francisco, and other “sanctuary cities”, that was akin to making abortion illegal. But to others, especially along the border, it struck a chord that somebody was FINALLY talking  about doing something positive.

Not that I personally want to send all 17 million illegal aliens in this country back to where they came from. But I think they should certainly be made to wait in line like everybody else. Trump takes it a step further basically in doing away with the notion that you’re a citizen of this country just if you’re born here. Let’s face it…that’s a ship that sailed a LONG time ago!

And that’s just one problem in the immigration debate. If mama bear is pregnant, and the family heads north to America, and mama has her child here in this country, even though mom and dad and the kids are all illegals, the baby is an American. And that means that the baby stays. Traditional thought has been that you keep the family together, so you need to keep the illegals in this country with their legal baby citizen. Trump disputes that notion by saying, yes…we have to keep the family together. Send them all back. They all have to go!

It’s something that was maybe discussed twenty or thirty years ago on Capitol Hill, but not since. It was very un-PC to try to ship all of the illegals back…besides being very difficult. I mean, you’ve given them work visas, driver’s licenses and social security cards…how do you tell the illegals from the rest of us? Somehow, Trump seems to have an answer. And while that position probably won’t win him the Latino vote, I bet it wins him a lot of people who are sick of hearing about the Democrats plans to flood the country with illegals, make them legal and sign them up to vote Democratic.

Just for the record…the EASY way to solve the immigration issue is this: You build a wall. You build it high, and you build it deep so you can’t climb it, and you can’t tunnel underneath it. You tell the illegals they can have a path to citizenship, but it’s going to cost them. For one thing, they are going to have to serve 10 years in the military or if they are too old for that, they are to perform some other community service for 10 years. They owe the government a $50,000 fine for coming into this country illegally. If they are EVER caught breaking the law, they are subject to life in prison. No chance for parole, and no deportation…and it will be the ugliest prison ever built. It will make the Mexican jails look like Disneyland. After all of that has been accomplished, the illegals must learn and speak English fluently…and then they take the citizenship classes and exams. If they pass all of that, they become citizens with two exceptions. They will NEVER have the right to vote, and they will NEVER receive social security or food stamps or other government welfare. You want to be legal? Those are the rules.

Somehow, Donald’s solution is a lot easier, isn’t it?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Immigration Plan Hits Chord

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    Citizenship disputable in court, as child was born during the commission of a crime (illegal entry into US). Very much so a legal leg to stand on to ship them back and birth, not having merit as deemed the proceeds of a crime.
    Or am I six steps ahead of everyone?

  2. Reading this post I was struck by a couple of thoughts, I could visualize the backlash if abortion was to be made illegal and the effect Trumps policy would have on sanctuary cities.Both thoughts are disturbing because they highlight the liberals open willingness to take losses of human life and never change course. Are they fulfilling Margaret Sangers dream? I probably took this post in a whole different direction bur sometimes thats how the words inspire thought.

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