A New Spin On Trump

Watching the news last week, and the “talking heads” shows on Sunday, I’m reminded by the pundits in Washington that there is no way in hell Bernie Sanders can win the Democratic nomination for president…it’s still Hillary’s to lose, even with all of her troubles. I’m told that there’s no way in hell someone like a Dr. Ben Carson, or a Carly Fiorina, or, dare I say it, a Donald Trump can actually win the Republican nomination.

What we’re witnessing is the “Wallace effect”. It gets its name from Governor George Wallace who ran as a third-party candidate back in 1968 against Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey. He was the “anti-establishment” candidate. And you’ll remember, he was actually shot (and put in a wheel chair for the rest of his life!) during the campaign. Wallace at one point, was actually leading both Nixon and Humphrey, but in the end, the masses went back to the established parties and forgot all about him… he finished a distant third.

Well, apparently, according to the pundits, that’s what we’re seeing in the rise of Trump, Carson, and Fiorina, three people with absolutely no experience in politics. They say that it’s this “Wallace effect” that is taking place this summer, and by December, people will have it out of their system, and we don’t need to worry…none of the three “inexperienced politicians” will be around.

Until today.

Then I read a post in Breitbart this morning that says “WHOA!!!!” Apparently, all of the “mainstream” candidates really do think that someone like Donald Trump COULD actually not only win Iowa, but win the nomination. There are some that say if he wins the nomination, he actually could be elected president given the right set of circumstances. That’s basically that Hillary or Bernie get the nod for the Democrats, and are so wounded or so left-wing that they make Trump seem normal by comparison.


Look, I’m not one that usually questions the pundits. They do this stuff for a living. I just sit here surrounded by cacti and sun strong enough to cook a steak on the sidewalk every day. What the hell do I know?

I do know this. People are fed up with the feeling that regardless which party gets sent to Washington, they ignore our wishes. They do whatever it is that has been done and they don’t change. It doesn’t matter if the GOP runs the congress, or the Democrats do. Government keeps getting bigger and bigger and more intrusive. And it seems that the only way to change that is to put someone in that is going to change things around. We were promised “hope and change”. All we got was an upset stomach and flatulence.

Does that mean Trump could win the whole shooting match? I’m not there yet. I’m not there that he can do more than win Iowa and maybe New Hampshire. Somewhere up the road, he’s going to say something that voters find repulsive. Like Howard Dean’s infamous “EEEEEEHAAAA” after winning Iowa a few years ago. But I could be wrong. It’s rare, but my wife reminds…I have been wrong before!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


10 thoughts on “A New Spin On Trump

  1. This is what I remember most about Wallace: “There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the parties.” Maybe The Donald can prove otherwise.

  2. The establishment, those in power will see to it that one of their’s is nominated, not an outsider, not a non-politician. It will be someone that follows directions. It will be more of the same, it is why nothing ever changes. The only way for change is a revolution and all are removed.

  3. I remember George Wallace “Segregation today, Tomorrow, and forever. I do not think trump moves in that mind-set and I do think even though I had counted him out he may have a chance to make history and win the white house. Is it a long shot? Yes but people in this country are sick and tired of the so called Liberal Utopia. People are broke, out of work and seeing our borders flooded by illegals more than happy to take American jobs. I believe there is a deep seated anger over Obama and the democrats who after close to eight years are still trying to blame the prior president. Accountability is dead in our Capitol and perhaps just perhaps more people are interested in no longer squeaking by an they want the real America back. For these reasons I believe Trump has more than just a chance

    • I’m beginning to agree with you more and more. I think the media is also starting to think that Trump could win the nomination, and the White House…especially if it’s against either Clinton or Sanders. The reference to George Wallace had nothing to do with his politics, only the rage that some people (mostly southern whites) felt at the time.

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