“Hillary Meter” Sinking Like A Rock

Still think Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination? Not so fast! According to Rasmussen Reports, they’ve been asking whether or not the Arkansas Princess is going to get the Democratic nod for president in 2016. Just a month ago, 78% of all respondents, and 93% of Democrats felt Clinton was going to get the nod. My oh my, how that can change overnight….well, at least in a month.

According to the latest numbers, only a month later, only 63% of all respondents now thinks she’s destined to get the nomination, and just 74% of Democrats. That’s a 15% drop among all voters, and a 19% drop among Democrats in one month! When the latest of the email scandal hits the meter, it’s sure to plummet even farther.

Hillary’s problem is the death knell of politics. You can’t lose your credibility and have the public view you as untrustworthy and dishonest and still win elections unless you are up against a major loser. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen with the GOP this time around. It might, but I’m thinking probably not.

Hillary’s other big problem has to do with what the Democrat elites are thinking right now. The last thing they want to do is put a wounded duck on the stump for a general election that is going to be tough to win anyway. Though, that may just be the best thing for them at this point. If you’re going to lose an election, and it’s pretty clear history is on the GOP’s side, the last thing you want to do is damage your best and brightest stars. Unfortunately for the Dems, they really don’t have any “best and brightest stars” out there. But I really don’t think the DNC wants to put Joe Biden out there as a sacrificial lamb after his service to their cause.

Hillary, though, may be different. If it becomes evident that none of the Democratic candidates are going to rival the GOP, it may just behoove the Dems to let Hillary take the arrows, hoping that one of them goes right through her heart and puts her out of her misery. But somehow, I don’t like that theory.

Here’s what I really think is going to happen.

Bill Clinton reached an agreement with Barack Obama on the golf course this past weekend. Hillary will campaign like mad through the rest of this year, and Joe Biden will get into the race in September. Rarely has a president not supported his vice president’s run for the White House, and Obama couldn’t turn his back on Biden at this point. So, Hillary backs out sometime before the convention, and in exchange, Obama will pardon her of any and all wrong-doing she committed during her time as secretary of state, virtually ending the investigation into the email scandal and Benghazi. She gets to walk away free, and a millionaire, and the Dems get a chance to have Joe Biden run as their nominee without Hillary’s interference. Think about it… it just might work. Of course, Biden then has to come up with a reason for a 3rd Obama term… that’s something nobody on God’s green earth wants!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on ““Hillary Meter” Sinking Like A Rock

  1. Start to sharpen those knives. Especially the butcher knives. The AK princess probably won’t survive the e-mail scandal. At best bubba could have asked your president to hold off until early next year. Bubba may have told O his wife will pull out due to health reasons and to spend more time with their granddaughter. If O would only promise the FBI report was inconclusive.

  2. I don’t think Hillary will sink much more. Those that support her now would support her if regardless. She could be in an orange jump-suit behind bars and they would still support her. I hope I’m wrong! 🙂

    • I really think you’re going to see more of a slide. We’re not at that point yet. She’s now under 50% in the polls, and Trump is within 6 of her nationally…plenty more room to slide my friend!

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