I Have Only One Question…

So it comes out late yesterday afternoon (at least where I live) that the UN’s IAEA…the group that does all of the atomic inspections around the world… had made a side deal with Iran. That side was…Iran can go ahead and do its own inspections. They can use their own equipment. They can video tape it, or take photographs of it, they can use their own inspectors, and their own devices. Huh? Now THERE is a really novel approach to the Iranian nuclear problem!

And I have one question, and only one question.

What in hell was John Kerry doing in Switzerland all year-long, besides falling off his bike? This deal is no deal unless you want to call the German surrender to the Allies in World War II a “deal”. This is as much of a deal as the Japanese surrender in the Pacific during World War II. What in hell happened to “if it’s a bad deal, we’ll walk away”? I think it got mixed up in the file folder of “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor….and if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan”. Basically, it was an out-and-out bullshit lie by Obama and Kerry.

Worse than that, the White House, and the state department (no longer deserving capital letters) actually had the balls to defend the side-deal…and they knew about it all along. National Security Adviser, and part-time talk show guest screw up, Susan Rice said in July that the “side deal” was not made public, but the administration was briefed on it, and was aware of what it contained. Well, if they were aware that it contained that Iran could do its own inspections, and that this whole deal wasn’t about trust, what in hell are we doing pushing this deal for in the first place?

Sorry. That was three questions.

I hope you understand how important, how dire, how treasonous the actions of John Kerry and Barack Obama are. If John Boehner had any gonads at all, he would be calling for the impeachment of both on treason charges. Obama and Kerry have just handed out most serious enemy nuclear weapons, and a billion dollars in cash to play with and said, “Go ahead…have at it.”

Barack Obama and John Kerry’s names will forever be indelibly etched into this fiasco. And like Nevil Chamberlin, who basically gave away Europe to Adolph Hitler because he didn’t want war with Germany, these two will go down in American history as the biggest cowards this country has ever seen.

Any Democrat that has the stones to support this in congress needs to have their head examined. There is absolutely no basis in fact for any person of any legal definition of santiy to vote for this. There is NO reason. And if they have a reason, I’d LOVE to hear it, but as for Kerry and that fool Obama, they have ceased to hold any power over me as of this day. Barack Obama is no longer president in my world and does not hold any power over me. John Kerry has never succeeded in anything in his entire life, and he proved it once again here. And with that I say…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


14 thoughts on “I Have Only One Question…

    • Well, it is a deal crafted by democrats, the same party that said “We have to pass this to see whats in it.” I would like to say this is shocking and unbelievable but Jesus Christ this is what has become of leadership in this nation. If fearless leader is not punting the ball he is outright fumbling it by sending idiots to negotiate this type of Bull Crap. We all knew once John Kerry was tapped for Sec of state we were going to see things that boggle the mind and fly in the face of common sense. Allowing Iran to inspect themselves is probably the most idiotic thing I have heard come out of this administration since Barry O has been in office. Iran is enjoying a good laugh at our expense. Barry O says this is the best deal we can get. This is not a deal holy crap Iran just won the equivalent of the Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes all thanks to a couple of inept idiots pretending to know what they are doing. The Three Stooges could have negotiated a better deal than this and they have been dead for years.

  1. My friend as your older brother, it is naive on your part to think for one second that any Team Obama inner circle member including various Republicans would be honorable on any issue concerning and confronting these United States of America.

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