The Death Of Hillary Clinton

Make no mistake about it. Hillary Clinton, former first lady…former senator from New York, and former secretary of state has died. Officially, the body is still warm, but she’s dead in the water. Stopped breathing. The coroner is arriving, and the priest has already given the last rites.

The email scandal is not going to go away. Every day, more and more is being learned about how many more hundreds of “classified” emails were found among the 55,000 pages of emails turned over to the state department. And every day, more emails are turning up at various locations around the country. Yesterday, we learned that the company that hosted her email address (and all of those emails) was located in a loft in Denver. Yeah…real secure. The server was in a bathroom closet.

The FBI is not a bunch of JV basketball players trying to pick up Suzie for the dance Friday night. These are serious dudes. They don’t screw around. I don’t know if you’ve ever known anyone in federal law enforcement…but the guy that is the number two guys at the US Marshall’s office used to live down the street from me back in Ohio. His wife in fact, used to babysit my kids when they were growing up. He was a nice guy…but when it was time to get the bad guys, he was all business. You don’t fool around with these guys, and politics be damned. They will investigate and gather all of the information out there.

The other thing I’ve learned a while back is these government law enforcement types typically don’t waste their time. If there’s nothing there, they determine that very quickly and move on. It’s not like they’ve got a ton of time with nothing to do. When they start investigating, they are doing it because they realize there is some serious shit going on. And in about 99% of the cases, they find it. And Hillary is going to end up in that 99%.

Now, that’s NOT to say that the Justice Department, which HAS become politicized particularly under Democratic administrations (like Janet Reno???), will actually do anything with the information, but will that matter? If the FBI finds that Hillary Clinton is hiding something, has lied, or has committed a crime, they will be arresting her.

That was all about what that round of golf on Martha’s Vineyard was this past weekend. Bill was trying to get Bobo to agree that he would pardon Hillary for any crimes she may have committed while secretary of state. And I wouldn’t put it past Obama to make a deal with Clinton, especially if Biden jumps in the race. Hillary drops out, say, due to health issues, and fades away, and he pardons her on his last day in office. That way Smilin’ Joe has a clear path to the nomination, and the chance to win the White House and continue Obama’s programs.

Oh…for you trivia fans, here’s a little something…the last secretary of state to be elected president? It was James Buchanan. He was elected 156 years ago. Somehow that doesn’t seem like a prudent path to the White House!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Just like in their redneck mafia of Arkansas government, files or emails wind up in trunks of cars in junk yards, or in some small time outfit in small town in Colorado. Clinton will have to transfer 500 million from his foundation stash into the Obama foundation for B.O. retirement.

  2. Good day DesertMan! Been a crazy week but here I am, LOL. Yes, I do believe you are correct sir. Hillary is toast at best. I can only imagine what is going through her mind right now. And IF she is truly just ignorant and ‘didn’t know any better,’ (ya right) then she has zero place anywhere near the WH anyway! I can hear the funeral march already….

  3. I like your assessment, DesertCoroner. I think (hope) before long we’ll be hearing that Huma and Cheryl Mills are going to be charged with things and then we’ll know we’re getting close. And I agree about the round of golf with Slick Willy. It’s to make sure everybody is on the same page before her obit is written.

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    Good post here, Clinton’s already talking pardon for Hillary…… know they are! The public should scream if that happens, would only show that they protect one another, while We the People would burn.

  5. I know the Federal Law guys don’t fool around. Several years ago, I had some info on our county Health Director (a local D0). He and his secretary/assistant, I felt were cashing in State assistance checks. The deposits weren’t showing up in the county auditor/accountant spreadsheets or in the budget. Baby formula cases were coming up missing, unaccounted for (the lady ran a mini daycare for friends, they found the formula at her home. A staff member suspected all this, contacted me, I started asking for records from the county/the budget, and expenses and deposit records. Things didn’t add up. I called our local FBI, faxed them what I had, they called me. They started doing some checking, ended up moving in to the Health Dept. office. Long story short, they didn’t have anything they thought they could prosecute the director on, but he knew what was going on, cut a deal and he retired from the office he had held for about 15 years. The secretary resigned as well, I believe she had to pay back the funds. The FBI had pulled records from the Bank the county used as well. Soon, the two were out of business. Not in jail but out!

    • Yeah…you don’t mess with the Feds. I tried telling that to a buddy of mine that was heavily into that Iraqi Dinar scam a while back. He’s sitting in a federal pen in Kentucky right now doing two years…claiming he’d done nothing wrong the whole time!

  6. This could end up being how the AK princess leaves the stage. And since both bubba and your president are such feckless fakes. They could agree as you have suggested then say Hamilton is off the Ten Dollar Bill, and the princess will replace him.

    • Well, she WOULD have to be dead first. Not quite sure I am ready for THAT to happen…I kinda use $10 bills and don’t want to get sick every time I reach into my pocket. I guess that would be the true definition of “mixed emotions”???

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