War Is The Only Alternative?

You know, I wish I had been keeping a list of Barack Obama’s lies while in office. I think they’d fill a book by now. Instead, I’m left, just like I was with Bill Clinton and his sex partners…wondering how many, when and where (eeew!). But with Obama, it’s getting to be common place. The man learned one thing from Hillary Clinton. He learned how to lie.

Didn’t Obama tell us repeatedly that he would “walk away from a bad deal”? Was it just my imagination that we weren’t going to get a bad deal in all of this…that’s why we extended the deadline over and over and over again? And then once it’s revealed we not only got a bad deal, but we basically surrendered to Iran, we get the next lie…”If we don’t do the deal, war is the only alternative”.

Let’s examine that for a minute, shall we?

If we don’t give Iran the capability to produce nuclear weapons as they want, war is the only alternative. Am I the only one that sees this as a Nancy Pelosi “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill” moment? If we give Iran the bomb, (or more accurately, let them produce it), are they going to sit on it like we have since 1945? Or are they going to launch it against Israel, or Saudi Arabia, or America? What do you honestly think the odds are that they are going to be “responsible” members of the nuclear community?

So, we allow them nuclear weapons…and that’s NOT going to lead to war, right? And if we deny them the bomb, we go in and make sure we destroy the centrifuges, and confiscate all of the nuclear material, we go to war with them, but they don’t have the bomb. Hmmm. Tough choice. On one hand, they get the bomb, and we end up having to fight them, and on the other hand, we go in and stop them from having a weapon of mass destruction (in fact the mother of all weapons of mass destruction), and we still have a war with them.

Why doesn’t Bobo just come out and say it. He and John Kerry were cowards that didn’t want to waste time negotiating with the Iranians and that it took away from Bobo’s wanting to take money from the wealthy people in this country, grow the size of government and re-distribute that wealth to the poor? Why didn’t he just say, he wanted a legacy item to put in his billion dollar presidential library besides normalization of relations with some piss-ant country 90 miles off our shore, that doesn’t have the means to buy newer cars than 1950 Chevy’s, and a healthcare plan that forces everyone to buy it, but once they’ve got it, it’s worthless. Yeah…I’d probably want to get something else in that library as well! It’s still looking pretty barren. But at least Bobo gets to claim HE was the one that was the cause of World War III. I hope you’re happy, Bobo!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “War Is The Only Alternative?

  1. My friend, the only thing his library will be full of is foolishness. There will be book after book about each lie he told. Then there will be book after book about ‘Then Little Engine That Couldn’t.” Then there will be book after book about how he got rich in the WH, then about their vacations, then about…… On and on, but what there will most likely never be (unless history gets rewritten, and it could) books about the wars he did not win but that he helped create. The best books may be about the shape he left us in… Wonder where he plans on living after the elections? Think he will stay in this country or go back home? 😉

    • I think he’ll probably move to Hawaii…at least that’s what I’ve heard. And I’ve heard Michelle and the girls want nothing to do with Hawaii…a break up is certain (now I’m a gossip columnist???). I would say his library is going to be more about empty shelves and large pictures of himself…maybe the selfie he took of him and that prime minister from Norway at Mandela’s funeral???

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