It’s Getting Worse

Hillary Clinton has to be asking herself the simple question, “Why?” Why in God’s name is all of this happening to her? After all, hasn’t he been able to manage an impeachment of her husband, countless bimbo eruptions, total marital infidelity, a US Senate campaign, a poorly run presidential campaign, being secretary of state, and still come out of it a multi-millionaire?

And yet, here is the Arkansas Princess finding herself in a morass that seems to get wider and deeper as the days go on. The “vast right-wing conspiracy” thing isn’t playing anymore. The people, she complains aren’t asking her any questions at all about emails or servers or classified documents, so why in hell is the press so enamored with that topic?

It’s very simple. When you run for president, you can’t lie. Oh, you can lie apparently once you get in. But while you’re running? You’d better tell the truth. Especially when you already have the character flaw of wanting to be put above everybody else on the planet, and think that the laws don’t apply to you. Now, it’s getting worse.

John Yarmuth, Kentucky’s only Democratic representative in DC is coming out in an interview on WHAS-TV, saying that he thinks that the email/server scandal could derail Hillary’s chances to win the White House. Oh, he still thinks she’ll get the nomination, but this could be serious enough to cost her the election.

Monica Crowley writes in the Washington Times, echoing what I’ve said for two months. All of the negative press is coming out of the White House. Bobo Obama is driving the bus on it because he wants somebody that’s going to carry on with his legacy items…not erase them all with the swipe of a pen on the January 20, 2017. Hmm…seems like I’ve heard that somewhere else before!

And Democrats are worried that this investigation, now in the hands of the FBI is only getting wider. Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, it was recently learned have trashed their government issued Blackberrys to the point you can’t pick up any emails from them. As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

Donors are getting nervous, seeing how they’ve already committed to a campaign that is tanking faster than the Washington Senators did when they were around. And poll numbers are reminiscent of the Titanic.

Now it comes out that the Clinton campaign admits there were classified documents on the email server she kept in her house. Oops. So, they are now admitting that she broke federal law??? You know what they admit to is about 1% of what actually happened, right? And why would they do that?

My hunch is still that Bill and Bobo struck a deal on that golf course on Martha’s Vineyard last weekend. Hillary knows that before she has to actually go to jail, she’s going to have to be pardoned. And for the first time in months, she’s appeared at rallies and answered questions from the press and looked relaxed. Not funny…but more human than before. Is it because she realizes that she doesn’t have to do this for another 15 months? She won’t have to face the GOP arrows that are going to pierce her heart during the big debates next year? Look for Hillary to drop out of the race and blame “health issues” somewhere up the road…not sure when…just sure of it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “It’s Getting Worse

  1. Good call. I think it will be her health she will blame but The People are not as stupid as she thinks and know the truth. Wonder how this will all be written about in the history books…. I’m sure there will be one hell of a spin, unless justice actually prevails.

    • I really think if it happens like I think it will happen, she won’t be written about at all. How many former secs of state do you learn about in school? How many people that ran for pres…but never got the nomination do you learn about?
      Answer for both? Zero!

      • That’s sooooo true! Unless you are specifically researching a particular vice-president-fail you really don’t read or hear much about them…hmmm.

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