Why So Much Hillary?

I had a chance to chat with a buddy of mine who’s out here in the desert with me, and he reads this blog all the time. He asked me why I write so much about Hillary Clinton, when it looks like Donald Trump is the real story….or at least Donald and Bernie Sanders are. It’s a fair question, and I’m sure the old adage that we used in broadcasting holds true. If one person is asking the question, there are probably 1,000 people thinking it. So here goes.

It’s an easy story to write about.

Let’s face it…everybody loves to watch the train-wreck. Oh, we don’t always admit it, but that was the appeal of soap operas for 60 years. Someone else that was of higher stature than us was getting the crap beat out of them. And the same thing is happening here. You’ve got one of the “most powerful women in the world”, or at least she thinks so, and she’s getting hammered. Because no one believes anything she says anymore, she tries to explain away the email scandal, and it’s just digging her a deeper hole. And she’s taking an incredible hit in the polls, an even bigger hit in favorability, and now for the first time, Donald Trump is within the margin of error of beating her. We can’t look away.

To be honest…it couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Look, I hate the fact that any Clinton, who I actually thought lied and cheated their way through two terms in office, could even think of running for the White House again. They are immoral and unethical. They are unprofessional and unqualified. They are scheming and conniving. They are to use a vernacular I’d prefer not to use, but will in this case, white trailer park trash.

They are reaping what they have sown for so many years, and it’s actually fun to watch the chickens come home to roost. There. I said it. Yes, I think the real story of this election is Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump’s rise in the polls. I think it’s an anti-politician type of election cycle where we as a voting public are just plain fed up with “normal” candidates, and we are looking for someone who is going to transform Washington in a way that Obama promised in 2008, but not in an illegal way.

And yes, the story is about the pendulum swinging back the other way. It’s gone way to the left over the last six and a half years, and it has to swing back to the right. It always does. And it swings back with the same motion it went to the left. If it went to 9 o’clock going liberal, it will go to 3 o’clock going conservative. It’s nature. Just watch it happen.

Why so much Hillary? Because it’s fun to kick someone who famous when they’re down. And it’s fun to watch the front-runner in at least one of the races fall to pieces after starting out with a virtual lock on the presidency….for a second time. as I said…it couldn’t happen to a nicer person!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Why So Much Hillary?

  1. Tell your friend to stay indoors. Too much sun has clouded his thinking. You need to keep hammering at the princess. This cat is in her 9th life and needed to be stopped. Superman is not around with the silver bullet. You are the voice of reason on the one who wants a coronation without earning it. You are kicking her not because it is fun, but because it is your patriotic duty to stop her.

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    Dire consequences if either Hillary or Sanders, were elceted president. The serious nature of any president lacking integrity and character, assures a troubled path for America.
    PS: What the devil do all the liberals think is going to happen if, a president, such as Obama, does in fact, have Sharia or other influx group declare themselves sovereign, such as Michigan, and then start killing gays, blacks, liberals, etc.? HIllary by nature is corrupt. Huma is Muslim Brotherhood, and most likely brokered funds through her parents via a bevy of jihad radicals and supporters. Hillary works for the enemies of America as does Barrack Obama.

  3. I comment and write about her directly as well because I want to keep the focus on her record of lies, the blood thats on her hands and her inept political career and most of all I want people to remember these things lest we forget that her leadership got Americans killed in Benghazi a fact that she willingly covered up. She is bad and by bad I mean she claims to care about a lot of things but her words amount to empty rhetoric and outright lies. This country is reeling from nearly eight years of Obama and we cannot handle any more liberal pipe dreams and wannabe Marxists taking the top job in this nation. People need to open their eyes and slam the door shut in Hillary’s face.

  4. All of your commenters above are correct. And you know I face the same situation as you do. For a satirist, Hillary is Christmas, 365 a year. I started writing about her so much that I created a “Hillary” tab just for her stuff! Keep hammerin’!

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