Handicapping the Democrats

Since we did the GOP field, let’s tackle the Democrats as well. It should be a lot easier. I can name the candidates on one hand!

HILLARY CLINTON: Well, she WANTS it probably more than anyone else. I think she feels she DESERVES it more than anyone else…but her campaigning shows she hates that part of the journey. Honestly, she’s the front-runner in a very weak field. My analysis of Hillary is simple. Scandal-ridden, inexperienced, incompetent, pathological liar, feels entitled. She’s a terrible politician, a terrible candidate, and a terrible person. The mere fact she’s even being considered after all of the crap that’s been thrown at her (and appears to be true) shows the Dems are really for a loss at finding anyone that wants to run for president this time around.

BERNIE SANDERS: Bernie Sanders knows how to stir up the base better than anyone in the field. That’s not to say the 73 year old socialist from Vermont has the ability to lead…nor is what he saying something that is going to play well with the rest of America. But Bernie Sanders has struck a chord with Democrats who don’t want to make another “Obama mistake” by putting someone in the White House who has no leadership abilities. He’s exciting…but Bernie has some real problems. He doesn’t do well with minorities that want special treatment. Blacks that are still looking for handouts or reparations because of slavery, and Latinos who want a free pass on their path to citizenship for anyone that can get here. Neither will clamor to Sanders, even though he’s for more of an open border policy than Hillary or even Obama is.

MARTIN O’MALLEY: This guy surprised me. I thought he was going to be the one to chase Hillary. A former governor with true executive leadership skills, and a chance to hit the big time. He’s proven he’s not ready. Nor will he ever be ready. First red flag was when he couldn’t even get his Lt. Governor elected to replace him…instead, the VERY blue state of Maryland, went with a GOP candidate. That’s not just a loss, that’s a blowout. He’s never regained steam from that, and sank very quickly to the bottom of the field.

JIM WEBB: I’m beginning to wonder if Jim Webb even exists. Yeah, I know he’s a former US Senator from Virginia. I have read his resume. But where is he? I haven’t seen any speeches. I haven’t heard any soundbites. I can’t really believe that the guy that’s pulling what, 1.3% in the polls is still in the race. What’s he doing there?

LINCOLN CHAFEE: Lincoln Chafee is known for a couple of things. He and one of the Kennedys were known as the only senators from the same state where both had done cocaine, and he’s been on every side of the political aisle that you can be on. He was a Republican…he was an independent, and he’s now a Democrat. He’s also pulling a whopping 0% in the polls. Get out Lincoln. Enjoy retirement. Take up macramé!

JOE BIDEN: I put Smilin’ Joe at the bottom because he’s really not a candidate yet…and may never be. But he’s doing better in the polls than everyone except Clinton and Sanders. IF he runs, he has his ass handed to him. Oh, he knocks Hillary off her perch, but he doesn’t get elected. Too many sexual things in that closet. Uncle Joe likes to touch girls is going to be the big story with him…he’s a nice guy from what I hear…but not presidential material at all.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Handicapping the Democrats

  1. Sanders…Good grief! That’s a big, fat, HELL NO. The last thing we need is a TRUE and confirmed Socialist. And Hillary…she really needs to turn in her roller skates. Biden, well….bad is better than worse I guess… not.

  2. The only way Hillary drops out is…….if she is cuffed, escorted to the back seat of an FBI vehicle and gets a free shower with some other crime girls. Wait, she might like the shower!! 🙂

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