Hillary’s Emails: Mistake After Mistake

There are many Washington pundits who have already proclaimed Hillary Clinton on life support. I’ve gone a little further and declared her dead. It didn’t have to be that way, but that’s the way it is. And the once-vaunted New York Times can’t believe that something as small and stupid as email could be at the center of something that would bring down the most powerful woman in the world…or so she thinks. But the Times says it’s not the scandal…it’s how Hillary is handling it that is the critical problem. I think for once, the Times is right.

Hillary could have diffused this whole thing in any number of ways…want to see how?

  1. Never get the private email server in the first place. You KNOW this had to happen one morning sitting around her Georgetown house with Bill. He was extolling his scheme to become uber-wealthy, and that’s something she’s always wanted. He says, “If you could just be secretary of state, and sell some government favors to these foreign governments in exchange for million dollar donations to the foundation, or speaking fees to me…we’ll be richer than Barbara Bush! She agreed, figuring she could get a private email server, and if anyone ever caught on, they could just throw the damn thing out and deny it ever happened. You KNOW that’s what happened, right? And it would have solved this whole problem if she would have said, NO!
  2. Never, EVER have put anything illegal on that server in the first place. Barring the fact that she wasn’t going to do the email server at all (which any smart person would have done), she never should have used it for governmental business. That way, she could have sent her “official” email on a .gov address and everyone would have been happy, and no one would have known about the private email server. Even if they had, she could have brought out the story about Chelsea’s wedding and yoga routines.
  3. She wiped the server of her “personal” email. Why would you do this if you have nothing to hide? Nobody wipes 30,000 emails! Nobody! I’ve got over 2,000 sitting in one account’s garbage folder. I will keep it there until it needs to be emptied because I’m out of space. Who keeps 30,000? Hell, who sends and receives 30,000 personal emails?
  4. She should have come clean back in March. Lesson one in political scandals is the cover up is always worse than the scandal. Didn’t Nixon teach us that? Lesson two is, the truth will ALWAYS come out, regardless what it is. If you lie about a potential scandal, and then try to slam those that are calling you out, you don’t win. You delay the truth getting out, but you don’t win.
  5. Making jokes about it is a bad thing…When you start making jokes about opening up a SnapChat account, or wiping the server clean with a cloth, you show the world you aren’t taking something that has the FBI involved seriously. And those guys are serious dudes. This is not a laughing matter, Hillary. You may want to show that you’re not concerned, but you need to respect the authority that’s going to bring you down.

Overall, she really screwed up. In fact, according to two highly placed sources at the Justice Department, no, it’s not a criminal investigation yet…but that’s coming very soon. And while she hasn’t been targeted….yet…she may be very soon. She’d better break off her relations with Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin very quickly because those two are going to be on the underside of a bus for all of their loyalty. And we though Abedin’s husband was the one going to prison?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


9 thoughts on “Hillary’s Emails: Mistake After Mistake

  1. I think Mills and Abedin could posssibly be tapped to turn on Hillary and spill the entire story to keep from being thrown to the wolves. It is my hope that Hillary is having to watch her last chance at the top job surely avoiding her grasp. She brought this on herself and she is nowhere as slick as Willie was. Of course Obama’s DOJ may give her a pass and frankly it is pretty much expected. Obama has nothing to lose other than a pass at this point in time for Hillary could mean tons of trouble for Biden if he gets in. I believe everybody is going to be pissed off if she is allowed to skate away on this.

    • Oh, I don’t expect Hillary to go to jail…I expect her to be pardoned as part of the deal to let Biden get in the race. And I never thought of Mills and Abedin as the John Dean of this scandal…you could very well be right, if it saves their asses!

      • Whatever happens it will play out for all of us to see, especially if the rats get a scent of cheese.

      • I don’t think she will see a second behind bars. I do, however, relish the thought of her worrying about it! Not because I am a mean spirited person, actually quite the opposite, but I do think that the reality of it would do a lot to bring the Queen to earth. But, alas, it would undoubtedly never cross her mind. I can dream…

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