Left Goes Ballistic Over TV Shooting

Aw, come on. You would have guessed it, wouldn’t you? The tweets from Hillary, Obama wringing his hands and asking, “When is it going to stop”? The left waits for moments like what happened in Virginia yesterday. They salivate for the chance to bring up the need for more, stricter gun control laws. And they didn’t disappoint.

Don’t get me wrong. The tragic shooting death of the reporterette and her cameraman (who turned out to be the hero in the whole thing), and a Chamber of Commerce official who was shot, but will pull through, wasn’t the fault of not having enough laws. It was the fault of not having enough screening for mental illness. Huge difference, folks. And a huge difference as to whether we should be allowing the mentally ill to own guns.

This was a case where the gunman, 41-year-old Vester Flanagan, was a ticking time bomb. He was fired from a station in Tallahassee, Florida because he couldn’t control his temper. He sued the station and settled out of court on a racial charge (he was black). Then he was hired at the station in Roanoke, Virginia, where his temper continued to be a problem. He filed a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission, only to have it roundly rejected. And he was fired there because of his temper. In fact, police had to be called to come and escort him out of the building. You don’t think that’s a problem waiting to happen?

Unfortunately for the left, calling for stricter gun laws is not going to solve this case. Though Flanagan only purchased a gun a couple of months ago, and did it legally, the problem here was no one checked into his mental state. Had they done so, there’s no way he would have been given a permit.

Which leads us to the question, “How can we stop this senseless violence?” The plain answer is, you really can’t. The fact of the matter is, when someone is hell-bent on killing another person, they are going to do it. Take away the guns, they’ll use a knife. Take away the knives, they’ll poison them. There have always been ways to kill them. Hell, Cain did in his brother with a frigging rock!

I’m not one that believes you should have a lot of gun control laws to begin with, but I DO think you need to make sure that the people who get guns (and as they have guns) are sane. The problem is, in this country the left decided a while back to open the doors of the insane asylums and let these guys roam the streets. You can’t get committed to an asylum anymore without wanting to go. Thank you liberals! That has become more of a problem in situations like this than whether or not handguns should be legal.

Just another example of how the left, in their attempt to be do-gooders for the world has screwed it up.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “Left Goes Ballistic Over TV Shooting

  1. Cain killing his brother does not matter. They were from the same racial/ethnic stock. The double standard is this. When a deranged white youth killed those people in church. He was a monster hateful white racist. And black lives mattered. When this nut job black gay guy killed. No one has called him a black hateful racist against whites. No one said white lives mattered. This gunman was presented as someone with a troubled past. There has been no call to educate blacks on racism or discrimination towards whites. No call for the police to be more aware of blacks that might harbor some grudge against whites. No calls for additional police training. In the new America. Today white Christian men, especially we veterans. Are responsible and not given the benefit of the doubt. Any other racial, religious, ethnic group or organization are constantly given a pass on their antisocial or misbehavior. Whites are responsible. Others do not receive the attention they deserve. The narrative is almost always the same from the mass media. We can never stop the good, the bad or the ugly from getting guns. Guns are not the problem. It is how responsible people are who have the guns. Criminals care less and there is little control over how mentally unstable people act with guns. There can never be enough gun laws to prevent reckless violence.

    • Could you imagine what would have happened had it been three blacks gunned down by a white person? The whole US would have imploded! Where is the outrage right? No, it now ends up coming down to ‘gun control’ with no one in power addressing the REAL issue which has NOTHING to do with race or guns at all but everything to do with mental illness.

      • Speaking of which…where the hell IS Al Sharpton? Where IS Jesse Jackson? Where the hell IS Eric Holder? I was SURE those guys would be heading to Virginia to protest and throw trash cans through windows or something… maybe start up #TVReportersLivesMatter?

    • But bale, you have to understand, we already KNOW white lives matter. We don’t need to have slogans to tell that. Blacks apparently think we don’t believe that their lives matter (which is a huge falsehood), so we get all of the mainstream liberal media jumping on this #BlackLivesMatter crap. You and I know what the problem is…it’s the other side that molly-coddles and frets over every little slight.

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    Time to ban the Rainbow Flag. Symbol of murder and oppression. Militant gays causing death and destruction. I am so upset and offended that flag still stands.

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