Southern GOP States To Trump: Pledge Or Get Lost!

I guess it rankled a few folks that Donald Trump has hinted that if he wasn’t “treated well” by the GOP with his candidacy, and if he didn’t win the GOP nomination, that wouldn’t stop him from running an independent campaign. And when Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier asked all of the candidates to raise their hand at the last debate if they wouldn’t pledge to support the eventual nominee, Trump was the only person to raise his hand of the ten onstage. It pissed off Trump, but apparently it pissed off some state GOP’s as well.

In Virginia and North Carolina, they’re deciding whether to change the rules of the Republican primary. They are not going to allow you to get the delegates for the convention if you don’t pledge to support the eventual nominee and that you won’t run an independent campaign. The move is designed to thwart Trump in both states.

Now, each state can set its own rules as to how candidates can run, what they have to do to qualify for their party’ s primary, etc. But this one is designed to get Trump off the ballot. Actually, it’s a pretty stupid move. Because while it may achieve the objective of trying to deny Trump the delegates needed to win the nomination, it forces him to an independent candidacy. That’s not a good move, especially when at this point, he’s bringing new people to the party that are pissed at the establishment candidates.

Frankly, I say, just let the guy run his campaign. At this point, he’s beating everyone in the field, and no one is able to come close to him. If he stumbles up the road, it’s because of something he’s said or done, then it’s his fault. You don’t need to help push him over a cliff. Let him jump on his own, or let him win the damn thing outright. Somehow, I don’t think as people drop out, and I’m surprised that they haven’t started dropping out already, their supporters don’t automatically go to the front-runner. They’ll start spreading out, and every one of the survivors will pick up a percent here or there.

My point there is that if Trump picks up 25% of the GOP vote and that’s his ceiling, as it kind of appears to be at this point, it’s enough to keep him in the lead with 17 candidates. But when the field is narrowed to four or five it’s not going to be enough. He’s going to need to expand his base if he wants to win the nomination. And frankly, that’s the unknown here. I don’t know it, you don’t know it, the Washington pundits don’t know it. Oh, Trump THINKS he knows it, but he doesn’t. We’ll have to wait and see if he can break through the 25% barrier. If he can, he can win it all, if not, he’s a has been. And that’s the way politics works. Let the system work and stop trying to muddle it up!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Yup, he will have to do it I believe if he will stand a chance. Now, he is at least considering it. I read somewhere that he had actually agreed to do it…might be wrong.

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