July Hottest Month On Record? Nope!

It’s getting to the point that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Air & Space Agency (NASA) are becoming as good of liars as the commander-in-chief! Both have reported in a joint report that the month of July, 2015, was the warmest month on record, since they started keeping instrument data back in 1880. The only problem with that is, it isn’t true.

The temperature in July of this year supposedly beat July  of 2011 by two one-hundredths of a degree (0.02). But what the agencies fail to tell you is that their accuracy is only fourteen hundredths of a degree (0.14). So, the “hottest month ever recorded”, was in the margin of error and really could be well below that.

But they didn’t bring that up in their assertion. Why? It doesn’t serve a liberal agenda, and they’re being run this year by a bunch of do-gooder, eco-terrorist, tree-hugging liberals that want you to believe that they were right all along in telling you the seas were going to boil, and polar bears were going to be seen in Jamaica because they got trapped on ice floes.

In short…it ain’t happening, and they’re panicking. That’s the problem with the eco-terrorist types. They latch on to dates (like they do in pulling troops out of a country), and that ends up committing them to timetables that they shouldn’t be tied to. It’s like Sean Penn saying that New York City will be under water because of the melting ice caps by 2000. And here we are 15 years later, and wow! New York City is still there! How in hell did that happen? Could someone with as much meteorological and geological experience as Sean Penn be wrong?

Then you’ve got the liberal politicians who are in it solely for the “carbon credits”, which are meaningless taxes that companies (and they hope individuals) are forced to pay to offset our “carbon footprint”. Actually, they’re the ones screaming the loudest these days. Because they see all of the scientists that they thought they’d paid off with grant money switching sides, and recanting earlier testimony that no…the world may be heating up, just like it cooled down in the ice age, but it isn’t necessarily our fault. We’ve been fudging the numbers for years. Europe has been fudging the numbers. South America routinely still today fudges their numbers, and we learned this summer that NOAA has also joined the fudge club.

Is the world warming or cooling? Could be. Is it caused by you and me driving to the corner store instead of getting the oxen hitched up to the wagon? Nope. I’m banking that Mother Nature knows how to take care of herself, and regardless what these little beings called “mankind” do, earth will survive. We’re just not THAT important in the overall scheme of things…regardless what Al Gore says.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!