Trump’s “Character” Portrayal

I’m not a big fan of Big Time Wresting…or I guess the proper way to put it is, “Professional Wrestling”. Oh, I guess I was back when I was growing up and they had the Shiek, and other guys like that. It killed a Saturday afternoon when it was raining outside. But I’ve never been a fan really. I knew it was fake, and if it was fake, why was I wasting my time on it? If I’m going to watch a “fake sport”, I’d rather be watching the women of Roller Derby!

But there was a great article in the latest issue of The Weekly Standard that does a pretty good characterization on Donald Trump. He’s not being Donald Trump. He’s being a character in wrestling circles known as “The Heel”. He’s the bad guy that hates the crowd, hates good, hates his opponents, and usually wins. Jesse Ventura actually was the first “Heel” that won political office when he became governor of Minnesota.

And Trump’s character is straight out of professional wrestling. Loud, obnoxious, never apologizes for anything, always calling out his opponents, always saying stuff that nobody else would be caught dead saying…it’s a character. And right now, it’s the character that America wants to hear. Bernie Sanders is also doing a pretty fair job of playing “The Heel”.

When I read that, I wondered if it could be true. But then I saw a picture of Donald Trump with Vince McMahon, the president of World Wrestling Entertainment. They’re friends. And the whole thing came into focus.

They said that Ronald Reagan became a great president by playing the role of a great president in real life. He was an actor, and he just acted the role of a great president. Well, it worked. And Donald Trump may be playing the role of a great professional wrestler to stir up the emotions of the country. And it’s working as well.

So what do we get when the REAL Donald Trump gets to the White House? I mean, can you see Trump calling Vladimir Putin a pussy? How is it going to sit with him to say, “Yeah, the Pope? I know that guy. He’s a liar. I hate him. I’d eat his lunch for him and spit him out all over the basilica.” Somehow, talking tough has run its course in this country. Somewhere up the road it’s going to require some action.

Talking tough about immigration is one thing. But when the pylons go in the ground in San Diego and Brownsville, and we start building a mile-high fence (and a deep sucker too!), then I’ll start to believe him. Right now? Nope. Hot air isn’t worth much in my world. But then again, you have to remember, I was a talk show host. I was as full of hot air as Donald Trump ever was. Show me action, show me what you’re going to do and then do it, and I’ll start listening to you. Until that time, you’re just a bad copy of The Undertaker.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!