Media Trust Looks Like Hillary’s Trust

Do you happen to remember about 50 years ago? If you do, you remember first hand names like Walter Cronkite, and Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. That was before Brinkley ended up doing the Sunday morning gab fest. Those guys back then did network news and America watched. I mean, we stopped what we were doing to watch the news. I was only a kid back then, but I remember my grandparents having to have dinner at a certain time so they could watch the “Huntley/Brinkley Report”/ One guy in New York, one guy in Washington. Today, you’d think nothing of it with live reports around the world beamed to us in a matter of seconds. But back then, it was a big deal (and of course, it was in black and white).

Today, we’ve lost touch. The latest Gallup Poll shows that only 40% of Americans have faith in the media. That means 60% either think the media is full of Hillary, or they don’t have an opinion one way or another (which is just as bad really). That is an incredible loss in just 50 years. Back then, Walter Cronkite was the most respected and trusted man in America. He could tell you Martians had landed in Peoria and you would have believed him. Today, the media is laced with people with political bias and agendas. Both sides are well represented, though the right will swear that the left owns TV (which it does). What the right fails to tell you is they own talk radio (which they do).

So, how did we get to the point where we don’t trust anyone in Congress (most of us think it’s corrupt), don’t trust anyone in the media, don’t trust the president, and don’t trust the leading candidates for president in either party? In a couple of words, I think it’s called “political bias”. We’re not about ideas anymore. We’re about name-calling. We’re about bashing. We’ve lost the great statesmen of the past that used to debate issues and not sling mud.

Do you really think that Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy threw mud at each other in their debates? Go back and listen to them. These were statesmen. So were people like Dwight D. Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson. Tell me you think that either Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Jeb Bush fit into that category today?

America simply has lost its way. It’s not Hillary’s fault…and it’s not The Donald’s fault. It’s OUR fault. We are the ones that have put trust in them to lead. WE were the ones that elected Obama. WE got what we deserved. It’s We The People that made the bad decisions. It’s not the bad congress. It’s not the bad media. It’s us. Do you think the media would be more trustworthy if no one put up with the crap that’s on the networks today? No way! Viewers wouldn’t watch, advertisers wouldn’t spend their money and that type of behavior would go the way of the dinosaur.

The problem is, America doesn’t want the Walter Cronkite’s and Huntley/Brinkley’s of the world back. We got rid of them because they were too boring. They didn’t excite us. Neither did Richard Nixon (except in Watergate), or Jimmy Carter, or George HW Bush. No, we went for the brash young candidate that was likeable…that we could have a beer with. And we got a brash young candidate that we could have a beer with and didn’t know how to lead.

No, the media isn’t trustworthy. Washington isn’t trustworthy, and our candidates aren’t trustworthy. Who do you think we should blame?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Bill Clinton Has Lost His Manhood

I was never a fan of Bill Clinton’s while he was president. It took a while of not seeing him on TV everyday to gain some sort of admission that he had done some good things in office. Not a lot, mind you, but some. I know the Democrats still today look at him as their “Ronald Reagan”, primarily because they only have him and Jimmy Carter to choose from (and soon to be Bobo Obama) and that would be no contest.

But Bill Clinton has entirely lost his manhood.

He’s out on the trail now, blaming the Republicans and the media for the fact his wife is embroiled in an email scandal of Watergate proportions. He’s blaming the other side because his wife chose to use a private email server instead of do what everyone else in DC does…use a government server for their emails. He blames the media and the GOP for the fact that his wife lied to the world on March 10th at the United Nations, when she said she never received or sent emails from that server that had any sort of classified documents or materials in them. Basically, he’s dumping on others because he and his wife got caught in their scheme.

And now, he’s blaming the GOP saying that the only reason the email scandal exists today is because they want to trash her chance to become the first female president in history. It’s like we were taking Jesus Christ down from the cross before he was dead and denying him a chance at resurrection. Bill…I have news for you…

This was your wife’s doing, and she needs to accept responsibility for what happens because of it.

For Bill Clinton to want to back up his wife in her times of trouble is admirable, I get that. For him to start to blame others for her self-inflicted problems, poor choices, and lies is quite another. This isn’t the virile, studly, guy that was president. This is some weak-assed, mamby-pamby who’s trying to pay his wife back because she stood by him during Monica. He’s totally lost his manhood. Here’s what Bill Clinton SHOULD be saying if he still had a pair hanging between his legs:

“My wife made a lot of mistakes. She never should have used a private email server. Had that happened, the rest never would have followed. Hindsight is always 20/20 and she screwed up in that regard. Still, there hasn’t been any indictment, or anything that would say she’s done anything illegal. With that in mind, while she may have misspoke the truth a few times, not realizing that some of those emails contained classified information, she is still the most qualified person to be president. And I stand by her and support her. She’s apologized for having the server. She WILL be apologizing for the rest. She accepts the blame, and accepts the consequences. She hopes that like Richard Nixon back in 1952, she can win back the trust of the American people. I’d just ask that the media give her some time to do that before rushing into any conclusions on this matter.”

Now, THAT is what a supportive husband would say. THAT is how a MAN would answer these questions instead of bitching to the world that his wife is being treated unfairly. Obviously, Bill has forgotten how he was treated during the Lewinsky scandal and impeachment. And obviously Bill has no idea how Hillary will be treated if she were to ever ascend to the throne!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

America Shrugs Responsibilities, Someone Else Takes Over

It’s like this in life usually. If you decide to wake up this morning and do a real crappy job this morning at whatever vocation you’re in, someone somewhere will most likely step up and cover for you. They’ll make up for your short fall. I personally think because they would feel that if it were them that were lacking, maybe we would step up for them. It’s not just something that happens at the workplace. Look around, it happens every day on the street. The little old lady that can’t mow her yard anymore, and the kid down the street who’s just trying to be nice by mowing it for her.

It’s that way with country’s too…except sometimes, there’s an ulterior motive.

And that’s what is happening in the Middle East. The United States, and more importantly, the Obama administration, has decided to turn it’s back on the responsibility of finishing what was started. Oh, there could be five million excuses why. But Obama has decided that he is going to shun that responsibility that was left to him by George W. Bush. Right or wrong, we were involved in the Middle East, and it was Obama’s job to finish the job. He failed. And like the guy at your job that was going to cover for you because you didn’t feel like working today…someone else has decided to cover for the US. Only, they aren’t doing it to be kind. They’re doing it for a toe-hold in a region they’ve had trouble getting into for a long time. That someone is Russia.

Vladimir Putin has decided that since the US is too weak, too undecided, too tired for war in Syria and with ISIS, HE is going to do something about it. So, he’s sending ground troops in to finish the job the US is too feckless to conclude. HE is sending in fighter jets, tanks, troops, his navy, all to help out Bashar al Assad. Remember, Assad has long been a Russian ally, and Russia does have skin in the game. They’ve got a naval base in Syria.

So where Bobo Obama is too chicken to send boots on the ground because that is what it takes…because he is too feckless a leader to be able to convince others in the region that they really need to do this instead of the United States…because he’s much more concerned with the hoax of global warming than fixing real, man-made problems like ISIS, and Iran getting nuclear weapons, Russia is going to step in and do it for us. The only problem with that is that when the conclusion comes about, Russia is going to be the one to have the foothold in the Middle East. When Russia decides that only Iran is to get nuclear weapons in that region, then it won’t be the United States or John Kerry trying to negotiate things. It will be Russia leading the charge. All because Bobo Obama was too involved with funding Planned Parenthood, and stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline, and putting an end to the dreaded Global Warming! Yes…this has been a wonderful presidency. Too bad he forgot to do something good for America along the way!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Does DOJ Have Guts To Indict Hillary?

Hillary Clinton has committed perjury before a Federal Court. She has lied, legally and as such should certainly be punished for her actions. Now, the question is, will the Department of Justice and Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, have the guts to do anything about it, or will she act like her cowardly predecessor, and sweep it all under the rug telling the American public, “Nothing to see here folks…move along”.

Hillary Clinton signed an affidavit with a Federal Judge saying that she had turned over all of her emails to the State Department. That was false. The Obama administration has found a chain of emails with then head of the US Military’s Central Command, General David Petraeus. Now, there doesn’t appear to be anything classified in the emails. According to My Way News, the chain started before she took office as secretary of state, and crossed over that date, dealing mostly with personnel issues. But it IS a violation of that affidavit she signed, and she DID commit perjury.

Let’s add to that, shall we? The State Department has found additional emails that were classified at the time she wrote them, and at the time she received them, meaning that the March 10th statement that she made at the United Nations while declaring that she fully understood what was classified and what wasn’t classified, and she didn’t have anything classified on that server, was false. In fact, it also shows her lying later when she changed that remark to include “at the time they were written or received”, to of course, give her more leeway. That statement also appears to be false.

There really is only a couple of questions I have for Hillary Clinton in all of this mess. Frankly, I think she was stupid for using a home-based server. Frankly, I think she’s lied through her teeth throughout the whole process in order to protect her candidacy for president. And frankly, I think she’s still hiding stuff. But the questions I would have to have answered by her and proven to be true by facts, since we can’t trust her words anymore are:

  1. Did you have any emails regarding the Clinton Global Initiative either sent or received on that server?
  2. Did you send or receive any emails from foreign governments on that email server that discussed CGI in any capacity?
  3. Did you at any time, agree to, imply, hint, or state that you would give any sort of favors or favorable outcomes from the State Department to any foreign government in exchange for donations or speaking engagements for anyone connected to CGI?
  4. Why, if you had previously said you had turned over all of the pertinent emails to the State Department are they now finding more emails you sent through other sources that you did not include in your material handed over?
  5. If any of the answers given to any of the above questions are proven to have shown that you have lied while answering them, are you willing to step down as a candidate for President and never run for elective office of any kind ever again?

Go ahead Hillary. Take your time and answer those questions. I can wait.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

More Vast Right-Wing Conspiracies

If you were following politics at all 25 years ago, you may remember Hillary Clinton eschewing that her problems stemmed not from her lying, not from her untrustworthiness, not from her mistakes, but this “vast, right-wing conspiracy” that was out to get her. Remember that? Well, it’s a quarter of a century later, and apparently nothing has changed. Hillary Clinton was on Meet The Press this past weekend, and was telling Chuck Todd that the Republicans are up to the same old tricks that they pulled back in the 90’s. They’re attacking her with this vast, right-wing conspiracy.

I have one question to ask. Does America really want to elect anybody, Republican OR Democrat, that doesn’t take the blame for their own mistakes in life?

In 25 years, Hillary Clinton has learned nothing. It’s apparent from her interview, as Todd tried to get answers out of her regarding her email scandal, that she’s dusted off that grimy old playbook that she used back then, and is trying it all over again. The thing is, it didn’t work then, what makes her think it’s going to work now? Answer: It’s the only thing she’s got in her arsenal.

And of course, the mere fact that Hillary has changed positions and tacked hard left to try to compete with Bernie Sanders, by going back on positions like same-sex “marriage”, the Iraq war, and Keystone XL Pipeline are signs that she has “evolved” as a person, not flip-flopped to react to the liberalization of the Democratic party.

So, what can we take away from this interview on Meet The Press? Well, a couple of things. First thing I took away was Chuck Todd is a lousy interviewer. Do you think someone like a Geraldo Rivera would have allowed Hillary Clinton to strap on a pair of skates and diddy bop around the studio like that? Nope. Real reporters, real interviewers sometimes have to ask, re-ask, and box people into corners in order to get answers. That is what Chuck Todd was hoping to do. That’s not what he did. He let the fish off the hook because he didn’t reel it in. He let her take the bait and swim away.

The second thing that I took away from this is that Hillary Clinton still can’t admit when she’s done something wrong. She couldn’t in the 90’s and she can’t today. In her mind, it would be a sign of weakness, and that’s something she can’t afford to let the American public see. After all, she’s a woman, and she’s trying to become the first female president. And America feels that all women are weak to begin with, right? Again, she’s dead wrong.

Look, I’m positive there is not “right-wing conspiracy”. I can prove it. One of the most liberal newspapers in the country is the New York Times, and they are going after her tooth and nail on this email server scandal. Are you telling me that if this were a “right-wing scandal” that they New York Times would be involved? Or Chuck Todd? Or NBC? That I find very difficult to believe. Fact of the matter is, Hillary Clinton has lied, has shown her untrustworthiness, and is stuck in the past on every issue. She is willing to change her “public position” of issues so she can beat a rival candidate. Does she really feel that way? Who knows. I’m not inside her head, and that’s one of the last places on earth I’d ever want to be!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Was Ben Carson Right?

Ben Carson has been taking a LOT of heat when he was asked the question if he would support a Muslim for president and he said he wouldn’t. He’s back-tracked, side-tracked, and danced more than Mr. Bojangles trying to get out of the mess. In the end, most Americans agree with him. THEY wouldn’t vote for a Muslim either. And I think Ben Carson was dead-nuts on right in saying what he did.

In this election campaign of brutal honesty, that’s exactly what Ben Carson was. I know it pissed off people like Omar Ahmad, who’s the founder of the Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Ahmad has been calling for Carson to withdraw from the presidential race ever since he said that. But frankly, Ahmad can go pound sand. Carson was dead-nuts on right in saying what he did.

And it appears that America agrees with him.

About 70% of the “likely voters” out there say they’d never vote for a Muslim for president. And here’s the astonishing fact. 51% of American Muslims say if they had the chance, they’d replace the US Constitution with Sharia Law. Do you need any more proof that this is a dangerous group? I guess it begs to ask the question that everyone in America is asking, but not publicly, and since I have no shame, I am going to ask it…

Is it time to “decertify” Islam as a religion?

At what point do you say that a “religion” isn’t a religion? I don’t think that the Supreme Court has answered that question. Oh, they may have of the one guy in Oxnard, California who thought he could marry his French poodle because of his own religious beliefs that he just made up. But at what point do you point to one of the top four religions in the world and say, “Nope. Not going to grant you religious freedom on that one”, because they are out to destroy us, and Christians and Jews around the world?

It’s a fair question. It begs being debated. Frankly, I have always put religious freedom at the top of the heap in the freedoms God gave us when this country was started. The right to worship as we pleased was top of the list as to why this country was formed in the first place. But when there is a religion that professes to end this country as we know it? Well, that’s when I stop calling that religion a religion, and say, “Game on”. Yes, it will piss them off. Yes, it won’t be popular, but it’s the right thing to do, and it’s time that mainstream American media stop dancing around the question. When MOST AMERICAN Muslims feel that Sharia Law is better than the Constitution, I would give them the options of a) converting, b) leaving the US and giving up their citizenship, and c) being taken care of in a more painful, less humane manner (think of how the Islamists in the Middle East are treating Christians).

If they want war, I say we give them war. If they want a Caliphate, I say we stop them. If their religion teaches them to kill all of the infidels (as it does in the Koran), then I say it’s no longer a religion, it’s a cult…no better than the Branch Dividians.

Was Ben Carson right? Damn straight Ben Carson was right.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Boehner Leaving REALLY That Big A Deal?

You would have thought the Pope just died while giving his speech to Congress. It seemed like that big. Yeah, I’m aware… having a Speaker of the House resign not only his post, but his seat before his term is up doesn’t happen everyday, but how many different speakers have we had in this country’s history? Answer: 53. So, it’s an important post, but it’s not something that can’t be replaced for cryin’ out loud!

Listening to the media whine on TV and on the internet the last few days, you would have thought that they had removed Abraham Lincoln’s body from the 200 tons of cement its under, then dismembered what’s left and shot him again. My God people! It’s the friggin’ Speaker of the House! And by all accounts, most of the people in DC didn’t like him as Speaker anyway. Hell, half of the people in his party wanted to throw him out for being too liberal, and the Democrats thought he was too conservative.

My point is this. Regardless who you put in a position of leadership…ANY leadership post, there are going to be people who don’t like the leader. It’s just the truth. To his credit, John Boehner did some good things in the House of Representatives that were good for the GOP’s cause. To his discredit, he did an awful lot that weren’t. Was he a mega-god when it came to the House? Nope. He was just one guy. And he had some power. He was certainly better than Nancy Pelosi with his ideals, but she was a much better leader when it came to getting your side’s agenda passed. Hell, she was able to take a crappy bill like Obamacare and get it passed without having anybody read the damn thing. I’ll give her credit (actually discredit) for that!

Look, it’s pretty simple. Life moves on. No one on this planet is irreplaceable for anything. When I left my job and retired to the desert, I had all sorts of people wondering how I was ever going to be replaced. Guess what? I was. And if you went back there now and dropped my name, there’d probably only be a few people who actually knew me. That’s called life. Same thing will happen to John Boehner. I mean who remembers Jim Wright? Or Denny Hastert? Or Tom Foley? We all remember Tip O’Neill because he was the speaker for 10 years.

I guarantee it. In two years, you won’t remember John Boehner unless he does something in the meantime like hold up a convenience store or some stupid thing. He will fade into the history books, just like his predecessors have done. Washington will survive. The GOP will survive. The House of Representatives will survive. In fact, it just may improve. I’m not certain about that, but it just may happen. Life goes on. The guy quit. He’s not under indictment or anything (there have been quite a few that were when the left), and he can go home to Cincinnati and lead a normal life. I wish him well.

And as the Soup Nazi would say…”NEXT!”

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!