How Close Is Bush To Dropping Out?

Hillary Clinton is not the only candidate out there with problems this week. Jeb Bush has problems. Lots of problems. And really, Donald Trump is just the start of his problems. He has a lot of internal issues that are only now starting to show.

A campaign goes through various phases on the way to a nomination. There are highs and there are lows. And Jeb Bush is facing a lot of lows right now. He had three top fundraisers quit his campaign on Friday. He had three others that were let go because “we didn’t need them during this phase of the campaign”. That’s six big bundlers that were working for Bush and now, they aren’t. Usually that doesn’t bode well.

Face the fact that Jeb’s latest numbers in the polls have shown him slipping, his crowds are dwindling, and so is the contribution situation, and he’s in a triple threat situation. That was precisely why he went to the border and called out Donald Trump. That was precisely why he’s picked the fights with Trump. He figures he has to someone claw his way back into this field, and he’s not doing it being Jeb Bush, the nice-guy former governor from Florida.

It’s only a matter of time before he faces the truth of the situation. He’s not going to become president. He’s not going to face off against Hillary because she’s not going to become the nominee. He’s going to have to find something else to do. This is not the year for politicians and former politicians of the GOP to win the nomination. Apparently, it’s the time for the rookies to shine. And they are.

The latest Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll shows that Trump is expanding his lead in the early states, and right there next to him is someone else that has never held elective office before…Dr. Ben Carson. Both have surged recently. And at this stage of the game, you expect to have a massive shift as people get to know the front-runner and decide that person isn’t for them, and switch allegiances. But that’s not happening this time around. Trump has been at the top of the field since he announced. And Ben Carson, who started off at 1% is now in double digits and growing. The question is, does he have enough “Trump” in him to beat the Democratic nominee if Trump stumbles? Make no mistake, I love Ben Carson! I think he’d make a terrific president. But I’m not sure if he’s angry enough.

As far as Bush is concerned, he comes across as too meek, too quiet, too thoughtful, not forceful enough for what America seems to want. Even the Democrats are opting for someone that’s a screamer…look at Bernie Sanders and his campaign stops compared to Clintons. You get the idea.

It’s way too soon to be calling the nominee (other than the fact Hillary won’t be it). And while I have some favorites in the GOP field, it’s WAY too early to be betting on the horses at this point. They haven’t even left the paddock! But I doubt when they do their parade in front of the grandstand, if Jeb Bush will be one of them!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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