Isn’t There ANYTHING Hillary Can Do?

The Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Poll has come out with its latest iteration of who’s leading and who’s sucking wind in Iowa. Need I go into it? Hillary, who once had over 60% of the Iowa Caucusers, is now at 37%. Bernie Sanders has closed the gap to 7%. If you count Joe Biden in the race, he’s third with 14%. That leaves 19% either undecided, or backing one of the three stooges. Basically, the thing to take away from that poll is that the Clinton Freefall continues.

And the question is being asked all over Dem land, “Isn’t there anything Hillary can do to reverse this?” The answer is not really. See, Hillary is suffering from three major problems in her bid to become the first major party nominee in history, and the first female president. And it’s reached critical mass, meaning that there really isn’t anything she can do. It’s now got a life its own. She had tried to ignore it in the early stages, a typical Clinton strategy. She tried to pooh-pooh it away, another Clinton playbook item. They tried to destroy the people who were spreading the news about her, but it was the entire press corps. And she’s about to come clean. If you look back and compare this fiasco to Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, it’s following that playbook to the letter. Now we just wait to find out what the definition of “is” is.

The three big problems Hillary is facing are:

  1. Over 60% of Americans now think of her as a liar. That’s a tough one to beat. When you’re not truthful, it means you are untruthful…and that is the one thing people in either party hate…someone who lies to them. The press hates someone that lies to them. Because that means you can’t be trusted. And Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted. Her words mean nothing anymore, which means she can’t convey any new ideas on how she’d fix the mess the country is in. It’s actually the worst position a politician can be in. It’s the death-hold of politics. She’s got just over a year to change that feeling and frankly, I don’t know how you change that feeling. Obviously, neither does she.
  2. The second problem Hillary Clinton has is herself. And THAT is a big problem. She’s not a politician. Bill could get away with the stuff he did because he understood how people worked and how to win them over to his side. He was likeable. Hillary is not. She doesn’t understand how people work because she doesn’t care about people, only policy. And it shows. She looks like she’s going through the motions during a campaign stop. It looks like she’d rather be in a dentist chair getting her teeth yanked out by a failing dental student. And she has no political savvy. She doesn’t understand how and when to be funny…when to be serious, and worst of all, when to admit she made a mistake. And by the way, saying, “In hindsight, I could have done things differently”, is not admitting a mistake.
  3. She’s losing the donors. Oh, she says she has them. She says she has the “super-delegates” locked up…you know, the uncommitted delegates that cost her the nomination last time around. In 2008, there were 825 “super-delegates”. Hillary had about 300 of them. She’s vowed that it’s all about the delegates this time around. At least that’s what she told the DNC meeting in Minneapolis on Friday. The problem is, she had a lock on them as well at this time in 2008. They flipped on her when Obama picked up the steam. And the same thing is starting to happen again.

No, Hillary Clinton is in implosion mode…and it’s her own fault. Can anything be done at this point to stop it? Doubtful. Just sit back and enjoy the meltdown. It’s going to be epic!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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