Latest Emails Show More Clinton Lies

How many lies can one politician make without exploding? Apparently the supply is endless. The latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails that were released from the State Department shows that Clinton, who swore up and down that she never had classified materials on the server, then changed it to she never had materials that were classified “at the time” on the server, lied on both accounts.

Hillary Clinton apparently actually SENT classified emails from her server.

So, we’re catching her in another lie. And the whole big thing about how the State Department is now classifying emails as “classified” when they weren’t four years ago is hogwash. Usually, classified materials become LESS classified as time goes on, not more-so. Apparently not with Clinton. One would think that the State Department is trying its damndest to support its former secretary.

When pressed how something that wasn’t classified when it was written can become classified later on (as several of this current batch of emails were) is something the State Department actually can’t answer. Their new spokesperson (who loves to ramble, but is MUCH better than Marie Harf!), couldn’t put two sentences together that made sense when pressed  on the subject. It had something to do with releasing the information to the public. Well, if the public can’t know about it now, the public certainly couldn’t have known about it “at birth” of the document, right?

That seems to be the conundrum for the State Department. And Hillary is throwing her hands in the air claiming that the National Security Agency and the State Department are arguing over the classified-ness of these documents, and she doesn’t know what’s going on with them. Which is total BS when it comes right down to it. Of course she knows.

Every employee in Washington DC that has any sort of classified security clearance goes through a MANDATORY class in learning what’s classified, what’s not classified, and how to tell the difference. Hillary Clinton basically has lied since her March 10th press conference at the UN. At that time, she said she was fully aware of what was classified and what wasn’t and how to tell the difference. Of course she knew…she had to go through the same training every other employee with the security clearances goes through. To say now that she wasn’t aware that things sent to her were classified is crap. She knows what constitutes “classified” or “top-secret”. And when you’re sending satellite photos of a foreign government’s military installations via email…trust me…those are “classified” emails…at birth and at death.

The problem Hillary has is, she can’t come clean now because if she does, she’s got to admit she’s been lying the whole time. That’s something she can’t do and still run for president. The country would turn on her and there’d be a brand new witch trial. And so, it’s become a lesson for the children of America…listen to your parents when they tell you not to lie. It only spawns more lies and gets you in deeper. And should you say anything the press really cares about, you’re going to get hung out to dry…and then you’ll never become president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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