Dems Furious Over Little Debbie’s Firewall

Hillary Clinton may not have many friends these days, but she can still count Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as one of them. The head of the DNC is backing her buddy by throwing her own career pretty much under the bus. Wasserman-Schultz has become the target of some rather vicious infighting in Democratic circles over the past week because she’s schedule a whopping four debates between now and the Iowa Caucuses. The reason? That’s what Hillary wanted.

Think back to 2008. Hillary was making her first feeble attempt to become president. And Barack Obama proved to be a much better debater, a much smarter debater, and a much better candidate than the Arkansas Princess. So, he mopped the floor with her. They had 19 debates back then. Of course, they had more than five candidates too, but that’s besides the point. It was too many debates for Hillary who isn’t seen to be a very good candidate, a very good politician, or a very good debater.

So, Hillary tried to make sure that this year was going to be different in so many ways. She got it set that in this election cycle, there would only be four debates scheduled, starting in October. In fact, Little Debbie actually pushed the first debate back a bit in order for Hillary to try to distance herself from the email scandal she found herself embroiled in. But to no avail.

Now, Martin O’Malley is calling foul. He addressed the DNC in Minneapolis last week and blasted them for scheduling only four debates before primary season kicks off in February. And Little Debbie was really pissed at him. You could see in the news clips, after she introduced him to the Democrat big wigs in attendance, she just glared at him. Oooh! Tough little lady!

O’Malley happens to be right on this one. You need to have an open exchange of ideas, and debates are a fair way of doing it. But they haven’t always been a part of the political scene. Oh, on occasion there have been debates. We all remember the Lincoln/Douglas debates from school, right? Oops. That was for an Illinois Senate seat, not president. And then there was a lull. In fact, the next presidential debate didn’t take place until Kennedy/Nixon. There were a couple of primary debates, basically on radio in 1948 between Harold Stassen, and Thomas Dewey, and then the Democrats got into it 1956 with a primary debate between Estes Kefauver and Adlai Stevenson. But debates between the presidential candidates did not get underway in earnest until 1976 between Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

So, while debates have been around for a generation or so, it’s not a long-seated process in our political system. Still, it IS a part of today, and Hillary needs to join the fray sooner or later and get her hands dirty. After all, you can’t do all your dirty tricks behind the scenes!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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