How Much Would YOU Pay?

Let’s say I had a magic wand…and for grins and giggles, let’s just say that for fun, I could wave that wand at you and POOF! Appearing before you would be 32,000 emails that Hillary Clinton wiped off her server. You would now be in possession of all of the “missing” emails. The yoga routines, the wedding plans, the Benghazi stuff, the State Department doing favors for foreign governments in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s girlfriends, etc. All of it. How much would YOU pay for that privilege?

Well, you get your chance. For a mere $500,000, a hacker of dubious background apparently had hacked Hillary’s private server, or at least has claimed he did. And they’re ready to make available to anyone who wants to see what she supposedly wiped off the server, all 32,000 of those emails, unredacted, for the low, low price of $500,000!

There’s no shipping and handling charge. You don’t have to order before midnight tonight, and I’m not sure if operators are standing by or not. And no, they aren’t going to send a bonus item to you if you order in the next 12 minutes. But this raises some very interesting questions about Hillary’s server.

IF Hillary’s server has been hacked, and IF someone is really in possession of the wiped emails, how do you know they’re authentic? There are enough emails already out there you can pick up her writing style, and her mannerisms, and probably make some pretty good forgeries on your own. Who’s to know?

The bigger question is, who wouldn’t spend a half-mil to see those emails? Reporters all over the world would certainly get a Pulitzer Prize for writing that one. Foreign governments wanting to do harm to the Arkansas Princess would also want a peak. And for the GOP to destroy Hillary once and for all? Seesh, a half-mil is like a collect call to the Koch Brothers!

This is exactly why you don’t go out and put a server in your house when you work for the government. When John Kerry says he’s sure the Chinese have read his emails, do you think they are smart enough to tap into Hillary’s private server? And now, the world may actually know (if this whole thing is true), what Hillary wiped off. Hell, do you think HILLARY would be willing to spend the $500,000 on it? A presidential salary is $400,000 for one year. That’s almost a bargain!

Look, the bottom line here is simple. IF this is true, not only is Hillary finished as a politician, not only is she most likely going to jail…but our nationals security has been immeasurably breached. And it’s all because she and Bill wanted to cook up a scheme to make millions while she was secretary of state. That in and of itself should be enough for the orange pant suit.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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