Hillary’s Inconsistencies Are Hurting Her

Say what you will about Hillary in particular and Democrats in general…they’re an inconsistent bunch. Oh, I know, you can probably point out inconsistencies on the right as well…but being a consistency nut, I try to avoid that. I know for instance, conservatives tend to be pro-life, yet pro-death penalty. To me, that’s an inconsistency. If you’re not willing to take the life in the womb, why in the world would you be willing to take it later in life? You shouldn’t. Yes, I know the criminal has done something wrong, but we’re not the judges of this world, and they’ll have to answer for it with a much higher power.

Well, Hillary has a lot of inconsistencies of her own. She swears up and down that same-sex “marriage” is the now the law of the land and that the poor county clerk in Kentucky doing time for her religious beliefs (and also a Democrat) needs to realize that. Yet on the other hand, she’s openly talked about having a litmus test to send justices to the Supreme Court that would overturn Citizens United. Wait a minute. Isn’t that ALSO the law of the land? Since when did we get to pick and choose what laws were good and which laws weren’t?

Democrats have traditionally done this. Oh, they love the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in this country. They hated the fact EPA got slapped down a little bit earlier this year. They love the first amendment that gives them the right to say whatever they feel they want to regardless how idiotic it is, and yet they want to do away with the second amendment, saying that the founding fathers couldn’t have imagined what it has led to.

And when you put someone in a position of a candidate for the highest office in the land that holds those beliefs as well as is a pathological liar, untrustworthy, immoral, and unethical, those qualities add up to trouble. And it’s starting to show. There’s a reason why just a scant six months ago, Hillary was up around 70% among Democrats to win the nomination and had a sizable lead over any GOP contender nationally. That has slipped. In fact, today, Bernie Sanders, a socialist, is within seven points of her in Iowa, is actually leading her by nine points in New Hampshire. That one I understand. Sanders is from Vermont…right next door. So it’s kind of like a “favorite son” type of thing playing out.

But lets face it…Hillary’s numbers are in freefall all over the country. It’s because of the reasons pointed out. And there really isn’t anything she can do about it. She’s made her impression on Democrats (who still back her in most cases), and independents that aren’t backing her any longer. Once you get to that point in a presidential primary…it’s very difficult to come back from it. In fact, I can’t think of anyone that’s had the huge lead she had, lost it, and come back to re-take it. Reason? There are just too many options in a primary. I’m just surprised it was Bernie Sanders that was there to take the mantle. I was sure it would be Martin O’Malley. But make no mistake…Hillary Fatigue has caught on big time!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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