Is Admission Enough?

As Elton John so eloquently wrote, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”. Well, that at least seems to be true for Hillary Clinton. The Arkansas Princess FINALLY admitted that the whole server mess that has had the media in a panty-wad over the last six months or so was her fault, and gosh! She’s sorry for it! It’s an apology that sounded flip and hollow to me.

OK, so she’s apologized…is it forgotten? Can the FBI that just put 50 staffers on the email case, tell them to get back to their real jobs? Can Trey Gowdy stop worrying about emails and Benghazi and start worrying about congressional stuff again? Can the media look for a new lead story for this evening’s news? Sadly, the answer to all three is no.

What Clinton fails to realize is that saying you’re sorry doesn’t cut it. Contrition goes beyond uttering the words. Words DO mean things, which Hillary and Bill fail to realize, but they also fail to realize that you need to show contrition for your actions. You need to repent. Repent, by the way, means to “turn back from”. What that implies is, when you say you’re sorry, you vow you aren’t going to do it again. But Hillary’s apology about having a server in her basement isn’t enough.

What Hillary has to do to win back the American people is admit, apologize, and repent from lying.

Look at how all of this started off. Back on March 10th, at the UN, Hillary said, yes…she had a private email server at her house. It was done for convenience (how is that convenient?) and that there was never anything classified on that server. She went to great lengths to tell us that as secretary of state, she was well-versed as to what classified meant…and she knows there was nothing classified on that server. Oh, by the way, she happened to be bored one afternoon and erased all of the pertinent “personal” stuff from the server…you know, boring stuff like Chelsea’s wedding plans and yoga workout routines. Sure. We believe you. No problem.

Then the “there was never anything classified on that server” morphed into “there was never anything classified at the time it was sent or received on that server”. Subtle difference, but a major difference. I guess it depends on what the definition of “is” is…right? Now, of course, the FBI has found along with the Inspectors General and the State Department that yes, there actually were some highly classified documents on that server. Documents detailing military strength of North Korea. This wasn’t some email that the State Department later classified. That was classified from the beginning.

No Hillary…I’m sorry that your apology just doesn’t cut it. First of all, I don’t believe you’re sorry. Second, you’ve shown no contrition or repentance. If you want to do that, explain to us all of the lies that you have told and don’t leave anything out. Vow that if we ever catch you in a lie again, you’ll pay every single American a million bucks from the Clinton Foundation, and maybe then….MAYBE then…I’ll start to listen to you. Maybe. Doubtful, but maybe.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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