Sanders Takes Lead In Iowa

You knew it was coming, right? I mean, you saw it coming months ago. Bernie Sanders kept looking for larger venues to meet and greet people, and espouse his socialist policies on them, bashing the right, bashing Barack Obama, bashing congress. And then you had the Arkansas Princess laying down her law on who she would meet, for how long, in a nondescript location that the people would be driven to, and they couldn’t ask anything that wasn’t scripted, had to leave their cell phones and cameras, and video recorders at the door. She met with people six at a time…not to try to win their votes, but to try to make TV commercials for future use.

And the email scandals just plagued her. They wouldn’t go away. She wouldn’t admit she was wrong. She wouldn’t admit she broke the law, she wouldn’t apologize…and even when she did, there was no real contrition. I mean, hell, anybody can say the words, right? So it grew. It festered. And it took a focus group in New Hampshire where Bernie Sanders was eating her lunch to tell her that she had better fess up on the email front.

And it’s costing her not only New Hampshire, but Iowa as well. Bernie Sanders, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll released just today, has taken the lead over Clinton. Oh, it’s 41-40, with 19% being split between “Undecided”, and the other three stooges in the race. But it’s there. In black and white. And while it’s within the margin of error, that insurmountable lead that Clinton enjoyed four months ago is gone… erased…POOF!

Hillary Clinton will lose Iowa. She will lose New Hampshire. She may still win in South Carolina, but the real battle ground is going to be Nevada and beyond. She already had her sights set on sweeping Super Tuesday on March 1st. That may be in doubt now. And there are things to watch for in her campaign that will tell you she’s not going to be the nominee.

Watch to see campaign staff leaving. She has enough money in the bank to pay the people she needs to pay, that’s not the concern here. But nobody wants to be on a sinking ship. If the staff…I’m talking the senior staff start leaving the campaign, then you know there’s trouble in Clinton land.

Watch to see if she stops going to Iowa and New Hampshire. See if she makes more trips to South Carolina and Nevada. If she does, she’s given up the first two states and is trying to stem the tide by getting a win in the third or fourth state. She needs some momentum going into Super Tuesday. If she loses three of the first four states, she’s toast. She can’t come back from that.

Watch Joe Biden. If he gets into the race before the end of the year, you can tell Hillary is in trouble. He’s the under-study in this off-Broadway production. He’s ready to go in as the relief pitcher if the starter gets shelled…and right now, she’s getting shelled.

Those are three keys to see whether Hillary Clinton has given up the ghost. Oh, she’s going to lose. If not the nomination (which continues to tighten), then certainly the chance at the White House. The Dems best chance now rests with Biden. And for a two-time loser going to the White House only as a VP, that’s saying something!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!