America’s “Racial Divide” Cure?

Remember when Barack Obama was elected as America’s first black president (with apologies to Bill Clinton who still claims that title)? Remember how the seas were going to be calmer? Remember how life was going to get rosier? We were all going to get down on our knees and bow toward Washington for Barack Obama to solve all of our problems, right? That included race relations. He was set to heal the racial divide. Well, how’s he done so far?

Not too good.

It’s been one set of black vs. white confrontations after another. It didn’t start with Ferguson, Missouri last year. It culminated with it. It’s been boiling and roiling in a large pot for the past six years. Obama, and his lap-dog Eric Holder were doing everything they could, not to heal the divide as the great Martin Luther King Jr. would have done. Now THERE was a hero! No, Obama and Holder were out to make sure that blacks got retributions for all of the injustice they’ve suffered over the years. Every time a white cop pulled over a black motorist and harassed him or her, there was going to be payback ten times over.

Ferguson was just the start. Any time a white officer shot a black criminal (and they all WERE criminals…except for the kid in Cleveland who was playing with a toy gun and got killed), there would be hell to pay. Baltimore, Atlanta, Phoenix, it didn’t matter where, it didn’t matter when. Al Sharpton earned a free flight to Japan with all of the frequent flyer miles he got leading protests. And Obama and Holder sat back and demanded that there be healing with one side of their mouths, all the while the other side was stirring the pot, making the blacks realize they were on their side, and there WAS a side! Obama would explain to the press that he understood the black angst out there. It was real, and it wasn’t imagined. And it wasn’t the blacks’ fault that they were looting and rioting…after all, one of their own was shot.

The problem with this president is he sees things in terms of black and white, and he wants black to win. The difference between Obama and a real hero, like a Martin Luther King Jr. was King didn’t see color. King saw people. It didn’t matter the color of the skin, it mattered that all people were being treated equally. Obama wants to see all blacks oppressing whites. You never see him come out when a black officer shoots a white criminal, do you? Of course not. Oh, he feints remorse for the shooting, and may even come out with the line that gun violence in this country had GOT to stop. But he’s not saying that he understands “white angst”.

What a REAL leader does is heal. What a REAL leader does is solve problems. What our current president does is create problems, and worse things. He doesn’t heal. He doesn’t lead. He doesn’t solve problems. He’s a racist through and through. And don’t ever get caught thinking that blacks can’t be racist. Just look at Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Bobo Obama. You’ve got all the proof you need.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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