Hillary’s Next Problems…

It just keeps rolling downhill for Hillary Clinton and it’s out of her hands to stop it. This time, a federal judge has ruled twice against the Justice Department who wanted stays granted in two separate cases regarding Hillary’s emails.

US District Court judge Emmet Sullivan issued a refusal to stay the case in the Citizens’ United case against the government to release a whole bunch of emails and documents involving Hillary Clinton. These emails are going to be a different batch, because they aren’t from her server. They’re from several companies and her foundation, as well as from Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. The government had agreed to be able to release these emails back in May at a status conference. They said hitting a September 13th deadline wouldn’t be a problem, and according to Sullivan, the government has failed to prove that it would be a problem. Well, it would. It’d be a problem for Hillary. What this will show are email trails between Hillary and the foundation, Hillary and Abedin and Mills, and Hillary and Teneo, a lobbying firm. While Hillary probably erased all of the emails from her server regarding those folks, they still have them on the other end! Ooops!

Sullivan also issued a refusal to stay a case brought by Judicial Watch. This one says that the government needs to produce the documents pertaining to Huma Abedin getting permission from Hillary to work three or four different jobs while she held her job at State Department. Usually, holding several jobs like that is considered bad manners and a big no-no…but Hillary decided her rules were better than federal law, so she gave Huma the ability to work for three or four different companies at once. No conflict of interest there because it’s what Hillary wanted.

What all of this means is that in the coming weeks, we’re going to be besieged with even more email news surrounding Hillary that we hadn’t heard of before. So, even though we have a more humor-filled, and heart-felt Hillary out there on the campaign trail, we also have a lot more documents to pour through that will show the true side of her…think of Cruella de Ville.

Hillary’s problems stem from the fact she has lied about her emails from day one and hasn’t been forthright. Now, voters are clamoring to hear about them. Focus groups that have been held by the Clinton campaign are telling the staff she’s toast if she doesn’t come clean…hence the apology she offered back this past week on TV. It wasn’t very contrite…and it really didn’t sound like an apology, more like a brush off. Oh, she said the words, but there wasn’t much of that sought after “heart” in the tone.

Somehow, I don’t think anything Hillary can do now is going to help her. Americans have seen this side of her before (remember Whitewater? Cattle Futures?), and have decided that she’s really not for them. Even Democrats are starting to jump ship on her. She had a big ship, and it’s going to take some time, but I seriously doubt when the rats start leaving the ship it means anything but the ship is going down. And Hillary is going down with it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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