What’s Ahead For Eco-Terrorists

Barack Obama, fresh off what appears to be a win in accepting something he said he’d never accept, a “bad deal” in the Iran nuclear talks, is now going to pivot to climate change. And he’s got a rude awaking for America. Of course, he can’t do anything that’s going to have any long-term teeth, because congress isn’t going to go along with him on anything.

But that doesn’t mean that he can’t make it tough on the rest of us for another 16 months.

Part of what Obama wants to do is figure out a way that America pays reparations to “poor countries” in the world for screwing up their weather through our pollution. Of course, China, India, and Russia are left out of that mix altogether for some reason. It’s just a step toward the old Cap & Trade policy Bobo wanted when he came into office, but has been able to get anything done on.

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change, which is going to be meeting in December in Paris, and which Obama is going to be at in full-force, has already agreed that the United States should have to pay $100 BILLION per year into infinity because we’ve screwed up the weather for everyone else. On top of that, these guys want us to pay to “relocate” people away from poor weather zones. So if you live in a desert, the US would have to hire camels or some such mode of transportation and move you…to Omaha?

At least right now, the official US and western European position is balking at the payments…which shows that we haven’t totally lost our minds.

If anyone in this country is so addle-minded that they believe we need to kick into such a fund, which amounts to no more than a “Robin Hood Tax”, stealing from the wealthy nations to give to the poor nations, they deserve to move to Africa and live without electricity, running water, and sewer for the rest of their lives.

First of all, there is no climate change that man is responsible for. Let’s be clear. Climates change. That’s what they do. Any second grader that’s gotten a C- in science class can tell you that. Have you folks ever heard of a little thing called the Ice Age? Man wasn’t around then…you can’t blame it on us. Same thing today.

Mother nature does more “damage” to the environment with one volcanic eruption than all the people in the world driving their cars and burning coal and other fossil fuels causes over a century. That folks, is a scientific fact. For the UN or anyone else in the world to suggest otherwise is totally foolhardy. And to expect the United States and western Europe to fund a tax for the poor nations in the world (as defined by whom?) so they can improve their living conditions is right out of the Democrats’ playbook in this country. We’ve been doing that since FDR!

It’s time that the scientific community that has recanted their testimony on climate change hold their own conference, and tell the world it’s all fake. It’s all been a lie. It’s all because the governments were going to withhold grant money, and the scientists all wanted swimming pools so they went along with it. You aren’t going to get the politicians to go along with it regardless because they’d have to do something they never, ever do.

They’d have to admit they were wrong.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!